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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Criminal Group Offers 46K USD Reward for Location of 'Valor Tamps' Administrator

Borderland Beat: posted on BB Forum by Poster “777”

Valor por Tamaulipas was founded on January 1, 2012 as a citizens reporting network, offering security news and locations of 'hot' areas of violence

An organized crime group offers a "reward" of more than half a million pesos to the person that identifies the administrator of a Facebook page: "Valor por Tamaulipas".

The flyer contains a Tamaulipas phone number where the information can be delivered: 834 104 XX XX and warns to not be "fucking around" if they appreciate the lives of their loved ones. The flyers were confirmed distributed in Victoria, Tamps, as for other cities nothing has been confirmed.  The flyer above was from Victoria.

The "Valor por Tamaulipas" Facebook page was founded a year ago with the aim of alerting citizens about the 'risky situations' that occur in the different cities of the state, such as kidnappings, shootings and extortion of cartels that operate in the state: Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel.

"Valor Por Tamaulipas" has more that 133 thousand followers and is fed information by hundreds of citizens that report the insecurity and violence that is the order of the day in all parts of the state.

Facebook and Twitter became a popular tool for Tamaulipas citizens to alert one another about the insecurity, since none of the local media outlets publish the constant violent acts related to organized crime.

There is also the incident in September 2011 when Los Zetas hung two young people and killed a woman identified as "La Nena de Nuevo Laredo" for denouncing the actions of the cartel through blogs.

                           Flyer Translation:
"600,000" [apx 46,000USD]  Pesos for the person that gives the accurate identity/location for the Administrator of the "Valor por Tamaulipas" page. Or in his case direct family members, be it parents, children, or wife.

This is just free speech, but in exchange for that, a good amount of money to shut the mouth of asshole pussies like these dumbasses. They think they are heroes.

Please refrain from fucking around. Value the life of your loved ones. The information shared will be confidential and be assured that the money will be given, if the information is correct, to the person that gives the exact identity of the Tamaulipas hero/pussy or family members".

The administrator of Valor por Tamaulipas issued a long response.  [translation by "777".
 Response Translation:"An organized crime group says they are looking for me or my family, I say to them that it is not necessary to look for my family… The problem for you ends with the root of one person that you should look for. I’m not even challenging you, I’m only making your job easier, I know that by starting this I decided that my end in this life would come before many others or that of a person who’s end comes naturally.

As a matter of fact I’m not playing the hero… I do my part as a citizen or member of a society before the challenge that organized crime groups represent for the stability of our state and our country.
I don’t play the hero, I play the believer that insists with all his being of hope that in some moment things change in us as humans and habitants of this country, that we shall say that’s it to abuses committed by the criminals that govern us and decide who lives or dies, to their liking.  

You criminals are the ones that are mistaken, in our state Zetas or CDG, you believe that the natural order of things is that we be governed by two organized crime groups, you think it’s right for them to control our authorities and that the justice in our state be the one they profess.

You believe that all of us have to surrender before you, and that is not the way it is. We don’t all surrender… there are countless cases in our state of those who have resisted you, in most cases the good ones are the ones that end up losing, but at least those people have more dignity than those that decide to put their head down and accept the tyranny and enslavement that you have imposed on us.

Even in that head that is down there is dignity, intelligence and valor, because besides all the fear or terror that we may have, we got to work, we strive, and earn our daily bread with the sweat from our forehead, the professional achievements or personal that make us feel proud of being righteous people, an example for the generation to come to collaborate and have a city, a state, a better country than when we arrived on this earth.

It’s intolerable yet its our reality that in these days good people have to hide from criminals that govern us, but I know that one day, something will move my people, the brave people, to demand by whatever means necessary, what belongs to us by right, libery, right to live. ...
continued on next page
Tamualipas, I have been conclusive with many, at times vulgar, I’ve lost my patience, I’ve risked people’s lives for being irresponsible, or for not having all the information I needed, I haven’t been able to defend myself nor defend the web page from people linked to organized crime, I ask for forgiveness from everyone good or bad, because all I have done has been done with good intentions.

And to the main ones, the ones that everyday of my existence since I created VPT, I ask for forgiveness is my family. For being hardheaded and not stopping when you asked me to, but you know me and know that I cannot stop when something is presented before me that is so wrong, and I know that we are obligated to confront it.  

On other occasions I have made indications when some type of threat has presented itself, today won’t be the exception, I want to leave you a few written things incase anything happens.

To all who that have followed the page and collaborated I say thank you, and I say I will continue to be with you. I ask that if one day I don’t return, if you see a picture or video of me, don’t believe them, and believe that I am far away in another country, hiding like a coward, and like always organized crime in general of all colors and initials are responsible of another injustice committed against our country, to try and intimidate us.  

I ask for you to look out for each other like you always have and that you continue to show the world that people from Tamaulipas risk themselves to publish on a Facebook page, Twitter, or forums and tell their brothers to be careful when being out on the roads, going to work, or coming back from school. 

To my civil heroes and Military I ask that you never give up and don’t succumb to corruption and don’t allow for that to keep ruining the institutions you are part of.  

I ask god to not abandon me, like never before, and that he accompany me to continue till I can’t  anymore, because I don’t intend on stopping voluntarily.

Don’t stop taking care of yourselves Tamaulipas, this page may disappear but not its heart an its worry for others, be it a friend or stranger.    

I believe that I’ve said it a few times but I’m VERY PROUD you all, the ones that contribute, the ones that follow, the ones that look for information to warn your communities. Just know that, its silly to say that I love you, but what do I do if that is how I feel."
Menny also reports this update:
Flyers were distributed at Lasalle College in Victoria, Tamps.  Interestingly the infamous mass killer of migrants "Kilo", has a relative that attends the college and was seen later handing out flyers.  One can surmise, if true, that this is the work of Zetas.
Menny Proceso, Facebook and Twitter


  1. Pretty intimidating. Mexico is run by terrorists of all kinds. I hope and pray there will be a massive "Ya Basta" uprising in Mejico to deal with shit like this. The Internet is the "only" real weapon the common citizen has left with which to organize to deal with the corruption, impunity, and violent criminality.

    Thanks to BLB for doing what you do to keep us informed about what goes on down there. Our US Media seems to willfully shy away from reporting the daily horrors. No, we get many minutes of coverage of Marco Rubio taking a sip of water from a bottle.

    Sheesh, things are way out of proportion.

    Mexico Watcher

    1. Well mexico watcher el chapo has just been listed as public enemy #1 in chigago by the dea and chigago crime one has held that title since al now hell be a bigger blip on their radar.but they will never stop the internet and what people have to say on here thats why they HATE annonymis that hacker group. I probably spelled that one wrong but oh well

  2. Let me guess they'll mail u a check !

  3. They ought to set up an ambush for these assholes. Tell them that they can find the admin at a certain address and when they show up, they get met with a shit storm of lead. The only good Zeta is a dead Zeta.

  4. Zetas letting everyone know who runs Tamaulipas..i feel sorry for this guy looks like he pissed off Z 42 or Z40 himself, because i dont think just any Zeta would be allowed to publicly offer a reward.

    This guy better hide if he values his life.

  5. right, lets see first they get upset because someone is being a "rata" then they ask for you to rat someone out for their purpose, i bet they kill the person too that would turn someone in for being a rata.

  6. Saludos to"Valor por Tamaulipas"This is a dude everyone can respect.The response he gave was unequivocal,he will not be intimidated.These fools have just made his account a lot more known and hopefully accessed by decent people to inform each other.These idiots thought by doing this they would shut things down?They may have done the opposite,given him even more energy and drive to continue.They only way they can find out who he is if someone close to him betrays him,and hopefully that will not happen.These dogs are actually making veiled threats against children,what kind of stinky scrubs are they?Keep this person safe whoever it may be,they are worth it.

  7. The insecurity of little men with big egos continues to corrupt and diminish the security of all who live here.

  8. is there not some way to support this man?
    set up 100 more sites with different adim for each site all shareing the same info all linked up??

    time to show the zetas "you cant take us all down"

    must be something other people can do to help?
    or a case of if they get him "oh well"

  9. You guys should have posted the phone number, so we could prank the shit out these assholes! We could have sent massive amounts of misleading and annoying phone calls...they would eventually have to drop the

  10. That's what ALL Mexico needs to start doing put the cartels business outhere .. I fucking hate all cartels.. they all claim to no lik innocent people,extort , rape etc.. but in reality they're all the same. They're a piece of shit.. citizens need to start arming themselves , see a cartel member then shoot him in the face Where he stands.. i hope the Mexican military kills them off...VIVA MEXICO LIBRE!!!!

  11. Why not do the same to these thugs. Many know who they are and who their families are. Do to their families what they do to others. An eye for an eye. Pablo Escobar was broken in very much the same way.

  12. Wait a minute..these assholes make millions of dollars (cartel as a whole) and they are only offering a meager 46k (USD)? And how did they come up with that figure...46k?

  13. Why don't they make a Facebook of Nuevo Laredo and put pictures of zetas from here. Like the one el bebo has and you can see all the zetas

  14. The people of "Valor for Tamps" should double down and pull together by offering a massive reward for the heads of the cowards threatening their and their families lives. No questions asked, waste the motherfuking cowards and collect the reward. These cowards are tough with civilians but they don't show their filthy faces with the Marina or the Army.

    ' El valiente vive hasta que el cobarde quiere"

  15. How stupid are these people to list their contact info, they must be on crack and semi retarted, pinches carteles jotos, solos valen verga, pero poco se estan acabando, Viva Mexico Unidos, y los del gobierno que nada mas roban a la gente tambien los quiero ver colgados de un puente.

  16. I think they fucked up offering that reward.i never heard of that i read must be causing problems.lf you rat the guy out the zetas arent going to pay you there going to kill you just for knowing this person.

  17. After scanning the FB page it looks like somebody from the government is running it. Probably AFI.

  18. as for escobar the us special forces combined with colombian military did covert and overt operations the killings were left to renegade colombians who had enough they called it eye for eye escobar killed family renegades killed some of his family comon mexican great people stand up bear arms at any means be on offensive not defensive use the methodology of country like israel not that i agree to everything they do brooklyn ny

  19. militares, porfavor marquenle al numero de esos pendejos, y partanles la madre....

  20. Surely its easy to trace that phone number?

  21. he might shut the page down, he posted about an hour ago that his wife and kids just crossed the border into the U.S. and that he might just shot the page down

  22. i called the number which is in ciudad victoria tamps

    it rings once and immediately the sound of beep for leaving message. no human voice

  23. Wow. The fb guy has balls of solid rock. He just told the zetas and golfos to go Fuck each other and then suck.him off after. Too shay good sir. We need ppl like this to lead the charge. Ooorah

  24. well ... I hate to say this BBB. But this kind of story must also send a chill up your own spine. You had better have a "Plan B" in case some fu**ed up cartel does something against this site in the future. It's not a laughing matter.

  25. Why certain it's Zetas not CDG? I think the Gulf has hung similar banners in the past, the Z's did too I guess when they were with CDG. I guess we have to know where the flyer was found or distributed.

  26. Hackers can hack his location, facebook has alot of flaws

  27. Again get the fact straight.. Its 60,000 pesos almost 5000 dlls but in any way good luck collecting reward... (:*!

  28. Hey genius (1:01) YOU get the facts straight it says 3X the amount is 600,000 including the flyer


    1. My bad.. I didn't have my glasses on

  29. Bottom line, even with the anonymity offered by speaking up through social media, some people, for example administrators, like the one(s) being threated take a FAR GREATER risk than just blogging anonymously at websites like this one. I think they are far more aware of the risk they put themselves into everyday than the average reader/blogger. It's not so much about having huevos as it is about having ganas. Ganas that accept the HIGH probability and finality of CERTAIN consequences. As long as someone is willing to be a silent target, then their reward is that they get the privilege of being what narcomantas refer to as the "innocents", who they always CLAIM will not be harmed. But WHEN that lie is de-bunked in brutal fashion, and IF they have the ganas to stand up... not a sheep, of course not careless, pero sin verguenza. Not an accidental target = "innocent". I don't want my obituary to read something like, "... another statistic of this ongoing conflict... ", in other words an ACCIDENT! The ganas to speak up? Being a threat to the narco-state's structural integrity may get you called a lot of filthy names, for example,"panochones".
    The only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for the good to do nothing. Yes, it is surely "safer" to trade in ganas for verguenza. Dare to dream, for your silence and cooperation the reward is the mafia will call you an "innocent" when they make mantas. Sometimes it is necessary to take up armas, but if the pluma is mightier than the espada, why not go for maximum damage with the one until it's time to pick up la otra? If words, ideas, and information wasn't so powerful, the mafia wouldn't be offering hush money, to silence these mighty information warriors. So keep up the good work, and of course you are careful, so mucha suerte y Dios le bendiga.

  30. J
    We do know that the flyers were passed out in Cd. Victoria and Lasalle College. interestingly a family member of "Kilo" was at the college handing out flyers...

    Must be letra

  31. I had thought that Los Zetas/C.D.G. had I.T. Specialists/Logistics working for them internally. Hacking into FaceBook shouldn't be an issue, should it? Unless FaceBook and/or Twitter have their own security system that protect their users. Any thoughts?

    133K+ followers and counting . . . That's phenomenom. Social Media is here to stay and will be the Mexican Citizens' weapon of choice!

    Please stay safe as always . . .

  32. "Hacking into FaceBook shouldn't be an issue,I had thought that Los Zetas/C.D.G. had I.T. Specialists"
    C,mon man,we are talking about crews here,you really believe they got people who specialize in this kind of tactic?The way he would be caught is by telling the wrong person,or simply someone talking about him who knows its him in all innocence,hacking into accounts to find an individual,i very much doubt it.If it isn't an issue,why are they offering an award and telephone number?Just ask their specialist's to hack into FB.

  33. Any Idea of a website where you can link a google map to the houses of these bad people?

  34. If the flyers were passed out in Cd. Victoria why put a picture of the entrance of another city?

  35. 4:13
    I am happy you asked that!

    I made the image at top from using the FB page header of VALOR TAMAULIPAS. If you go to the page you will see it is the exact duplicate. Then I resized the flyer and superimposed it in the corner.

    I know it may sound corny to you, but I just could not bring myself to giving center stage to the flyer and have it sitting proudly at top, so I did what I did rather than just copy and pasting the flyer. Even the flyer I reworked it for color balance but it was not much I could do with it.....

    BTW I updated the post a bit with the info update of KILO connection. I am going to put a hyperlink to his backstory in a minute...Paz, Chivis

  36. Maybe It' s the President of the USA or maybe a top US General. Go ahead Jerk offs go get them. Right you only go after the little ones with you reign of terror. How much money do you need? How about helping your country and making it a paradise rasther then making it a hell so you can be rich

  37. "Go fucking work if you want money.." Exactamente!! Great post I can understand the frustration my friend.

  38. Wow are these fools going to go down the list of the 147,000 people who have liked that page? This shit is so out of control it is hard to believe. Almost reminds me of the Wizard of Oz where this wannabe is behind the curtain all big and tough and in reality wasn't shit. Probably a friend of that bobble head squirrel who was giving thumbs up and smiling when he was presented. They hide behind masks and make general threats, but when someone really stands up and challenges them well you all get the point. If they were really smart they would not had advertised this flyer and did a stealth maneuver. This is their problem and will be their downfall by mapping out for all to see what they are doing. Even though it doesn't seem like the US is involved I get the distinct impression they are hiding in plain sight in Mexico. The saying give someone enough rope to hang themself rings true.

  39. Awesome info. I say keep up the Godly work everyone does and for the bad are and will always be hunted and tracked down!

  40. February 14, 2013 at 2:15 PM
    "How dare you tell my wife that she has to give you 50 dollars every time I send her money from "el norte.Go fucking work if you want money, we don't sit around waiting for somebody to leech blood from. Pinches lacras. Hijos de su puta madre"
    Here is a Mexican........Greetings my man,from a gringo

  41. Its time for Mexico to be known as a beautiful county with humble n hard working people come from n not drug dealers n low lifes

    QUE VIVA MEXICO!!!!!!!

    Lla llego el tiempo!!!!

  42. Lo que no entiendo, es que todos los comentarios estan en ingles, el lugar donde el problema esta pasando la mayoria no entiende esto "ingles", entonces que esta pasando, de que sirve las respuestas que estand dando si la gente local no entiende. Porfavor hagan sus comentarios en espanol para que sepa la gente del pueblo, de que estan hablando.

    DENUNCIA ANONIMA Y CONFIDENCIAL implica que no se requieren tus datos personales ni ningún otro dato que revele o pueda revelar tu identidad y que la información que tu proporciones no será dada a conocer a personas extrañas que puedan poner en riesgo tu seguridad personal.
    (01-229) 931-71-41, 280-57-93; (01-800) 627-46-21
    (O44) 229 – 131-20-51; (044) 229- 132-33-10
    (01-229) 923-93-61, 923-93-63, 922- 96-80, 922-96-96, 922-99-16


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