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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

About the Propaganda, the Pentagon, Peña. and El Chapo Guzmán's Infiltration in Europe

Borderland Beat
by Carlos Fazio

Directed by the U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne and the shadow of the Pentagon's Northern Command will continue to adjust the strategy and war times of Enrique Peña. The idea is to change some things so that everything remains as it is, deepening warmongering strategy of the previous administration under new alibis of propaganda
Borderland Beat-August 2012-Pentagon's Mission.....To Catch El Chapo or To Kill Him-AJ

So far the changes have been purely cosmetic demagogic verbiage. Wrapped in cellophane for human rights and the defense of national sovereignty. The new government policy, Peña is tied up and well tied to the guidelines of Washington, as an inescapable result of a former dependent and asymmetric bilateral relationship which crystallized  the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA, 1994) and deepened with the Alliance for Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP, 2005). With docility, in the last phase of the relationship, the Merida Initiative, 2007 - Felipe Calderon got caught up by the logic-gangster-imperial mercenary duo Bush Jr./Obama from the White House, which plunged the country into a savage violence and led to the current humanitarian catastrophe.

Based on the strategy of  peripheral chaos, fourth generation war that the United States has been promoting in Mexico combined actions of undercover agents and experts in destabilization and psychological warfare , with the use of drones and reconnaissance aircraft, and the intervention of local security forces  (Army, Navy, the various police), mercenaries, mafia criminal networks, and paramilitary death squads for the physical elimination of enemies, under media saturation campaigns under the  manipulative screen drug war.
With a dynamic openly criminal Bush anti terror war in Colombia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan and then by Obama in Egypt, Libya and Syria in the form of contingency overseas operations, blurs the boundaries between civil and military areas, and seeks to balkanize  nations,  deconstruct societies and organizations deemed hostile, hoping to retain strategic control of large areas possessing natural resources (oil, gas, water, gold, lithium, biodiversity) to predation by transnational private corporations.

Not without pressures, violent and wearing-down contradictions, oiled by media leaks (including  Gen. Moises Garcia Ocho, denial veto the murder of retired General Mario Arturo Acosta Chaparro and the imprisonment of several senior army commanders accused of providing protection to drug traffickers), the continuity of U.S. interventionist model in Mexico was secured by the appointment of the new secretary of Defense and the Navy, Major General of the division of Salvador Cienfuegos and Admiral Vidal Francisco Soberón, who by background and specific functions performed dragging links with the Pentagon's Northern Command and well attuned to the locks and commitments of the Merida Initiative, which in the short or medium term may change its name but not its essence.
According to Pentagon documents not denied in the United States or Mexico, since 2010 the Northern Command has been training soldiers, sailors and policemen in elite Mexican modalities of special operations, including covert actions, sabotage, espionage and surprise attack, and the location, arrest, abduction, torture and destruction of enemies, which, in the case of Calderon's war crime, were associated as potential terrorists.

On 3st of this past December, the U.S. defense secretary, Leon Panetta, signed a memorandum authorizing the strengthening of the Special Operations North Command , to improve the training of security forces in counterterrorism tactics Mexico contemplating the murder of traffickers as Joaquín el Chapo Guzman, the model for Pablo Escobar in Colombia and Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan, whose close predecessors in Mexico brought down Arturo Beltran Leyva and Ignacio Coronel Villarreal, by marines and Army, respectively. 

In the South American country, military strategy to kill the cocaine barons of the Medellin and Cali, developed, monitored and supported on site by special troops of the Pentagon and CIA, the DEA and the FBI, and deployed by the so call Bloq Search Army and the Colombian National Police, a member of the now-retired Gen. Oscar Naranjo (advisor Enrique Peña), involved the paramilitary United Self-Defense of Colombia (AUC) in a dirty war that pertains to  state terrorism.

According to media revelations, Pentagon personnel took( to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan and Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, at least three groups of Mexican officials, to observe and learn tactics of special forces operations command and beheading terrorist network structures, techniques of torture, assaults and surprise attacks, military intelligence and intelligence dissemination, and analysis of technological espionage protocols and personal targets.
The claws of Pentagon in Mexico  soon will close with the creation of the National Intelligence Center (CNI) and the National Gendarmerie, both under control of the  Interior supersecretaría Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong. At this juncture, Chapo Guzmán having risen to the status of public enemy number one in Chicago, resulting in media visibility, seems to be another propaganda move aimed at preparing future successes of state policy in Enrique Peña's field security.

El Chapo's Infiltration into Europe

BRUSSELS – One of Mexico’s largest and most dangerous drug cartels has expanded its activities throughout the world, including Spain, Italy and the Western Balkans.

“The reach of drug trafficking cartels, in particular the Sinaloa cartel, is one that is frankly global,” said the US deputy assistant secretary of state for international narcotics and law enforcement affairs, Brian Nichols, on Thursday (8 November) in Brussels.

American media cite the cartels as reaping billions in profits from hubs stationed only in and around the United States.

But the Sinaloa cartel retains a special status.

In 2010, it allegedly infiltrated the Mexican government, placing informants to secure territory inside the country and to take out rivals. Some, working in conjunction with local crime lords, have already been arrested in Spain and in Italy.

Speaking to journalists in Brussels, Nichols said the cartel is principally interested in moving cocaine but also has interest in marijuana, methamphetamines and ecstasy.
“In terms of their presence in southern Europe, I think they are looking for an entry point, they are looking for markets where they can move their products,” said Nichols.
The globalised nature of the drug cartels has pushed national enforcement authorities to work closer together.

Nichols said the US is engaged with the Dutch and the UK in the Caribbean. Agents from Italy, Spain and the UK in Central America are working closely with US rule of law and counter-narcotic experts to investigate and crack down on the networks.

“Most of the leads we follow up on in Europe are developed in the Americas, whether it’s Mexico or Columbia or Peru,” said Nichols.

The Mexicans are not the only ones with an acute business interest in the Western Balkans. Colombians and Peruvians are also making in-roads.

“People in Western Balkans are talking to their suppliers in Mexico, in South America,” said Nichols
The joint efforts of crime fighting units from across the globe is a relatively new phenomenon.

South American countries, for instance, are partnering investigations in the Western Balkans and sharing their knowledge and intelligence. “[It] previously is not something you would have seen,” said Nichols.

EU secret police
But in Europe, some elusive cross-border investigations and police networks have been in place for at least two decades.

An inquiry by a handful of members from the left-leaning group in Germany’s Bundestag received some insight into activities over the summer after pressing the government for information for over two years.

According to their research, the Dutch launched an International Working Group on Police Undercover Activities (IWG) in 1989. The group has grown.
Agents from all around Europe allegedly meet to exchange experience on all matters related to the covert deployment of police officers
A source familiar with the group told the deputies that one such meeting in 2007 included “police authority representatives from European states, as well as from Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.”

Germany’s federal government told the deputies in May that its own foreign agents are carefully selected and take on considerable risks “that put their lives and health in danger.”
German officials also stated they rely on the dedication and specialist expertise of the agents when it comes to combating the most serious of crimes like human trafficking, with some organised crime syndicates or networks are involved in murder and kidnappings.

“[This] can only be opposed effectively by the German state if there are such officers who express a willingness to undertake covert operations,” the federal government told the deputies.



  1. I would like to suggest a writing class for the author of this piece. Your ideas are there, you just need to learn how to articulate them better.

    1. This article isnt a grammar lesson.its about whats going on and anyone with an i.q over 50 can understand it

  2. Good read, Havana, and plenty of it to read. Look at what all that training has done to Mexico. Can we afford to just sit back and let Mexico self destruct-NO! Your posts, Un Vato's and Chivis's post's are thought provoking- thanks.

  3. 1:23-The article reminded me of articles suffering from the affects of too many cups of coffee by the author and also from a deep fear of the almighty period. I could understand his points better than many articles I've read. So, I went with it because it was interesting. Still I agree with you. whew!

  4. Reality at its finest. Is not a conspirary theory. Is conspiracy by many gov specially a super power with national interestt in controllig the profits for waging war so corporations can profit. Not to make a country safer. Criticallgy think people.

  5. Chqpo Guzman is 15 steps ahead of the chase. He escaped from prison simply by having a black caddy pick him up. The Cartel are just like the banks "To big to Fail".

  6. The AUC? Come on, man, get with the program. The AUC is yesterday's news, having been succeeded by new groups like the Rastrojos, the Urabeños, the Paisas and the Office of Envigado. He stirs up all this ancient history (Los Pepes?) and acts like it's current. Christ, do your job.

  7. Rambling on like this lost my interest fast. You may know what your talking about.
    To even seem credible you will have to put it together as so you dont come across like a paranoid meth head.
    I myself dont trust politicians . I am pretty sure they arrent all conspiring on the same thing.
    This terrible drug war is happening because there are a lot of evil people doing evil. I smoked mexican pot decades ago. Sure the ripple effect could have some play here. I think if I never touched it in my life there would still be a bunch of sorry animals wanting wealth and power running around doing the same sorry shit as they are now.
    It is possible but I refuse to believe had I never smoked a joint there would be less people dead

  8. this article sucks .. chivis great job on your info . oh yea un vato is cool to!

  9. Who pulled the strings to break him outa prison and line him up for such a role. He Did not pull that off alone.

  10. What we fail to acknowledge is the fact that drug war is more of empirical tactic being use for territorial subversive domination. For example if 100% of the precursors for meth come from asia (china) why is their only on attache DEA agent working out of the U.S. embassy. World wide, Latin America has 40 DEA posts the rest of the world 41 DEA post and of those 90% are embassy attache. This attaches are referred to as Country offices which are offices whit the least funding and at the bottom of the pyramid of goals and results.

  11. articles like this are nothing more than propaganda as well... youve got elements of the truth mixed with speculation. i wish ppl would stop overestimating the us govts capacity. the us is more wrong than right most of the time. the article is interesting but barely mentions the complicity of the mex govt or local govts, which is a very big part of the problem. as long as there was no violence in the streets, everyone was ok with the narco influence in mex daily life along the border because everyone benefited...until the cartels stop playing nice with each other.

    "media revelations"? "media leaks"? c'mon, i was born at night...not last night. you give the u.s way too much credit...remember, fast and furious was the brainchild of the us gov't. i would be interested in hearing more about the groups of mexican officials trained in afghanistan, iraq and gitmo... if mexicans were in gitmo getting trained, i think i mightve heard about it by friends that were stationed in gitmo...or maybe seen a few mexicanos when i was in gitmo, myself. how about more proof? "media leaks" dont cut it.

  12. Amen!

    I would like to suggest a writing class for the author of this piece. Your ideas are there, you just need to learn how to articulate them better.


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