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Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Look Into 'La Chucky's' San Diego Life

Borderland Beat

A $4.7-million house in a quiet cul-de-sac in Coronado Cays appeared empty Wednesday afternoon, its occupant far away in a Mexico City prison, facing embezzlement charges.

The arrest of Elba Esther Gordillo, leader of Mexico’s powerful teachers union, brought unprecedented focus this week to the labor boss’ lavish lifestyle — and to her San Diego connections.
Mexico’s attorney general has accused Gordillo of illegally funneling $160 million from the National Union of Education Workers into U.S. and European bank accounts and using part of that money to purchase two Coronado properties, pay for treatments at California hospitals, and pay off her Neiman Marcus credit card.
A longtime labor leader in Mexico whose influence reached into the country’s highest echelons of power, Gordillo drew little attention during her stays in Coronado Cays, where property records link her to a house that includes six bedrooms, a swimming pool, and a boat slip with a 30-foot Bayliner Yacht registered to Francisco J. Yañez and valued at more than $82,000.

Boat is hers as well as the 4.7M home on the right

Like other wealthy Mexicans with homes in Coronado, Gordillo kept a low profile. “They’re just like normal people, I see them, once in a while they go for a boat ride,” said Ken Allen, who maintains her neighbor’s yacht and said that for years he has observed the occupants of Gordillo’s residence.
“I think she liked to get away from the hustle and bustle of Mexico City,” said one Coronado resident, who did not want his name used to protect his own privacy. “I ran into her every now and then, she was always polite, normal and unassuming,” he said. But “when she took a call on her portable, she switched from unassuming to very much in command.”
One Coronado Cays resident said he would occasionally see Gordillo at the spa at Loews Coronado Bay. “She sometimes would be walking the treadmill with a helper who would be holding a phone, or a towel or water,” said the man, who also asked that his name be withheld. “There would be a driver outside.”
The Mexican newspaper, Reforma, reported that Gordillo was arrested Tuesday at Toluca airport outside Mexico City (photo above) after flying in from San Diego. Hours later, the front door of the Coronado Cays house was wide open, and the lights were turned on but nobody was answering the doorbell. Alerted by a U-T reporter, Coronado police stopped by the residence, and secured the property after finding no one inside.
Gordillo’s name is nowhere on the county property record for the residence, which identifies the owner as Comercializadora TTS, S.A. de C.V., a Mexican corporation. Mexico’s attorney general, Jesús Murillo Karam, said in a Mexico City news conference on Tuesday that the company is linked to Gordillo’s late mother, Zoila Estela Morales Ochoa. The company also owns the house under construction across the street.

Both Morales and Comercializadora are named in a lien filed against Gordillo’s residence by the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association in December, saying that it was owed $1,162.

Gordillo was involved in a traffic accident in Chula Vista in December 2006, after running a stop sign on Proctor Valley Road and striking another vehicle, according to court records.
According to a police report of the incident, Gordillo told officers that she had lived in Coronado Cays for 25 years, but admitted she did not have a California driver’s license, telling the officer “she had not bothered,” to get one.

A Humble Beginning in Chiapas (AP)

Elba Esther Gordillo began her career as a school teacher and became one of Mexico's most flamboyant and powerful political operators, displaying her opulence openly with designer clothes and bags.
For years, the 68-year-old union leader beat back attacks from dissidents, political foes and journalists who have seen her as a symbol of Mexico's corrupt, old-style politics. Rivals long accused her of corruption, misuse of union funds and even a murder.
But prosecutors had never brought a charge against her until Tuesday, when she was arrested and accused of embezzling $160 million in union funds to pay for everything from a house in San Diego, California, and plastic surgery procedures to her Neiman Marcus bill.

Gordillo was detained as she landed at the Toluca airport near Mexico City on a private plane from San Diego and whisked away by authorities.
Born in the impoverished southern state of Chiapas, Gordillo was just 15 years old when she joined the National Education Workers Union, then considered a sort of electoral army for the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, which governed Mexico for 71 years.
She followed the path of most Mexican politicians, rising through a series of union, party and government posts. She was a senator for the PRI and also served in Mexico's lower house.
When a strike by dissident teachers led President Carlos Salinas to oust the old boss of the teacher's union in 1989, the job fell to Gordillo, who was widely seen as a reformer.

The union post made her one of the most powerful figures in the PRI at a moment when democratic reforms were starting to erode the party's hold on power, as well as its unquestioning subservience to Mexico's president.

Even before the PRI lost the 2000 election to the National Action Party's Vicente Fox, Gordillo began hedging her bets. She was the guiding force behind the creation of the New Alliance Party, which was based on members of the teacher's union and was once headed by one of her daughters.

She participated in a high-profile discussion group that included prominent social activists and opponents of the government, including Fox, and her friendship with him infuriated some PRI officials, who managed to prevent her from becoming leader of the party in 2005. She was expelled from the party a year later for supporting other parties' candidates and for founding the New Alliance.

The new party, along with the vast spread of the teacher's union itself, has given Gordillo special leverage. Because it is large enough to swing votes from one large party to another, rivals have negotiated for its backing.
Her support was considered key in giving both Fox and Felipe Calderon the presidency, as well as blocking her rival, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, from reaching Mexico's highest office.
She maintained close ties to Calderon and was seen as the force behind the humiliating firing of Education Secretary Josefina Vazquez Mota in 2009. Officials said the firing was revenge for Vazquez Mota mocking Gordillo after it was widely reported that the union leader was going to offer Hummers to subordinates.

 In the middle of the Hummer controversy, Vazquez Mota jokingly offered a toy Hummer to one of her advisers at a private dinner and Gordillo heard of the incident and became enraged.

Witnesses recall seeing Vazquez Mota's legs trembling so much she had to sit down as Calderon announced her resignation.
Critics accused Gordillo of amassing more than a dozen properties worth millions of dollars. The newspaper Reforma once published a story analyzing one of her outfits and reported she was carrying a $5,500 purse and wearing $1,200 shoes.

She has acknowledged some of the wealth, saying part was inherited and part she earned through her job that paid her about $6,000 (80,000 pesos) a month.
A company that Mexican prosecutors said was registered to her dead mother's estate owns two multimillion-dollar homes in Coronado, a wealthy peninsular enclave across the bay from downtown San Diego. The homes are across the street from each other in a gated community that caters to retirees and people with second homes.
A modern six-bedroom home with a three-car was purchased in 1991 for $1.15 million and is currently assessed at $4.72 million. A boat was docked behind the house Wednesday.
Coronado police visited the home Tuesday night after a newspaper reporter called to report that the front door was wide open, said spokeswoman Lea Corbin. No one was inside, and police closed the door.
The company, Comercializadora TTS SA de CV, owns another property across the street that was purchased in 2010 and is currently assessed at $4.08 million. A wood frame sits on the property.
Lothar Kramer, 85, has lived next door to the six-bedroom home since 1985 and said he rarely saw anyone at the home and didn't know who lived there

And for you readers that noticed a similarity...I made this one just for you...........

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A Look into Mexico's Educational System (Same translation trick should work)

Source: UT San Diego, 777 of BB Forum, Twitter


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  9. OMG CHIVAS- This Sloath is so freaking EVIL, it makes me sick. You always amaze me with your insight and detail. Geez, I feel like I know her personally! What really freaking angers me is what her actions did too innocent teachers,which in turn effected their students. Too bad there is no death penalty. But, it's a given thid EVIL GREEDY B**CH will get toasted in HELL! Your amigo, Texas Grandma. Peace to all innocents.

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  14. Avion en Piedras:

  15. Nice to see unions in Mexico are as corrupt and evil as the ones in the US. Everyone pays their dues and then a few live like kings while they tell you how to vote and what to do. Good thing Right to Work legislation is spreading like wild fire and they are being choked out by those who don't want to join up and be controlled. Evil institution for sure.

  16. Thank you...yes me also, I can find nothing but zocalo and twitter. However, the mobilization I was able to confirm. The Z40 rumor is so persistent, I wonder if it truly is about his brother and not 40. anyway I will post a new article later today about the aggression of sangre....paz, chivis

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  18. @4:54am Don't feel sorry for the teachers. Because of this bitch they have jobs for life, need no qualifications and can inherit, bequeath or sell their jobs to anyone they like. Mexico is filled with incompetent teachers who kept or obtained their jobs by corruption and without qualification. The public schools in Mexico suck and anyone who has a few pesos to spend send their kids to private school. And the same corrupt teachers charge cuotas to students/parents to attend school so it really isn't free. The principal of the small elementary school in my pueblito in Nayarit drives an Escalade. The gap between public officials like this, and narcos, is very thin.

  19. Garrobo

    I have worked along with the state and federal systems for a decade. Teachers are not certified, qualified and only 30% pass standards. La Chucky says "One does not need to know the information to teach it".

    Teachers are not motivated, dedicated, and have no regard or concern for their students. they are shifted around and steal materials when they leave.

    It is a mess. A jaw dropping basket of incompetence and corruption. the "free" education is not free students are charged "tax" or "fee" even for the worse education in the Americas.

    and among the worse in the world. Pisa scores are the worse. And the results ordered destroyed, "to protect students".

    It is almost impossible to fire teachers. I know a director who is in Saltillo under house arrest for raping 12-15 year old girls and impregnating one, proven by DNA test. She is mentally retarded. yet he has been getting his pay for over a year.

    La Tuta was getting his pay though not in a classroom for over a year. when that was brought out into the public his pay finally cut last year.

    I could go on forever. and this grotesque witch did this.

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    N me in a rational thibking cannot live on g something is bothering me. I cant drink bad milk just because its just like that. I will fuckinf get sick. N thts whast happenned to mexiyco it ogpt sick. N corruption is the symptom. Mexico Speak the zxfuck Up!!!

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  27. I spoke with a Mexican friend who heard about this woman on the news, and she mentioned that "everyone here knows about her and has known what she's been up to", but that she was surprised to hear that she'd actually been arrested for it.


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