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Monday, February 11, 2013

2 more grenades detonate in Nuevo Laredo, 1 dead


By Chris Covert

Two more grenades were detonated in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Monday evening, -- one near a local college -- killing one unidentified individual late Monday morning, according to twitter reports, government press releases and Mexican news accounts.

A tweet issued by the US Consulate at around said that two explosions were heard, presumably near their offices.

A report released by the Tamaulipas state Procuradura General del Estado (PGE), or attorney general said that grenades were detonated in two separate incidents in the city starting at 1150 hrs.

The first grenade exploded near the intersection of Avenida Alvaro Obregon and Privada I. Tamez, near Johann Gutemberg college, wounding one unidentified woman.  Her wounds were originally characterized in the PGE press release as not serious.   However, late twitter reports said the victims wounds were labeled as grave. Two sedans also were damaged in the incident.

 The unidentified woman who was wounded in the attack later died in the attack.

The second incident took place near the intersection of  Avenida Juarez and Calle Bolivar.  That incident caused damage to the facade of a business, which subsequently closed.  An SUV also was damaged in the incident.

The grenade attacks are the second in a week.  An attack took place last Thursday near the US Consulate when two rival gangs exchanged gunfire.  Three grenades were detonated, but no one was reported wounded, nor was damage reported.  Mexican federal security forces intervened, forcing the armed groups to flee the scene.

The Tamaulipas PGE denied last week's grenade attack even took place.

Getting news from Nuevo Laredo has been problematic.  Local drug groups routinely intimidate local and foreign reports into not reporting incidents such as Monday's attacks.  Because of the threats and intimidation local government officials must resort to social media such as Twitter to spread the word about danger zones in the city as they arise.

A tweet released Monday said that bots were being use to suppress reports.

A late tweet posted just two hours before press time reported gunfire in Riveras del Bravo colony on Avenida Ruiz Cortez.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


  1. whats with nuevo laredo and pineapples...

  2. im sure the U.S is cringing trying their best not to get involved since these guys are attacking so close to the consulate.

    1. They aren't cringing. They are snooping in on everything. There are more drones over NL than birds. At night look up and say hi.

  3. Chapo left a msg to Z-40. Chivis might wanna take a look at tht in tierradelnarco. Looks like CDG and CDS are causing havoc in Nuevo Laredo. I believe they are taking over, but you can't defeat a cartel that easy.

  4. I checked it out. I am not understanding the message part because it was the message from last year(?)thank you

  5. Something is, happening in nuevo laredo over here in laredo tx u can hear gunfire and explosions those who live near the rio grande its all over facebook and our local news I heard stories from nlaredenses that they are calentado la plaza and killing all halcones and drug spots they are trying to wipeout the lookouts in the city so they can set up their men inside nuevo laredo so they can invade the city and take on top zetas in other words they want z40 to comeout of hiding so the millitary and politicians and officials now bought by chapo guzman can get to him thiz is the zetas most quiete and dangerous and favorite and moneymaking spot they own its about to pop like popcorn ay viene el chapo otra vez y esta ves ya no va aperder !!!! Att: el zombie!!!

    1. Por que no buscan a Los zetas en Los ranchos y breshas de Hidalgo‎ Coahuila
      Mexico. Contras desen la buelta para aya y de seguro encuentran lo que andan buscando

  6. Yeah....well hold fast Los Zetas,and kill all those Chapo's scum invaders.


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