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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Twelve Sicarios Brought Down in Zacatecas and Some Border States' 2012 Statistics

Zacatecas- Elements of the 97 Battalion of the Mexican Army managed to bring down in a confrontation that began in the community of El Fuerte and ended up in the community of Francisco Garcia, 12 alleged members of organized crime.

In a military report, it was reported that the incident took place around 14:30 hours on Wednesday in the city limits of Rio Grande, 94 kilometers from the city of Zacatecas.

Also, they explained that the alleged gunmen traveling in a dirt road two kilometers from the federal highway 45, on board of several trucks, when attacked with heavy weapons to the military convoy. 

Besides the chaotic reduction, they achieved the ensuring of vehicles, ammunition, firearms, AK-47 and AR-15, as well as satellite radio equipment.

In 2012 there were three thousand executions in Coahuila, Tamaulipas and NL

Saltillo  -  Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas closed 2012 with about three thousand homicides related to organized crime and a similar number missing.
This region became the country's most violent. To cite an example, Torreón, Coahuila, replaced Ciudad Juarez as the most bloody of Mexico.  

The insecurity of the northeast poses a challenge to the government of President Enrique Peña Nieto, who proposed a 50 percent reduction in violent crime during their first year of administration.

Peña Nieto divided the country into five regions as part of its strategy to fight organized crime, these points will create 15 units of the new National Gendarmerie specialized to combat kidnapping, extortion and murder.

Statistics from the PGR of Coahuila says that in 2012 there were 1,123 intentional homicides which occurred statewide. This figure does not account for the month of December, as the latest current count ended with  November.

The region consists of the municipalities of Torreón, Matamoros and San Pedro de las Colonias that accounted for over a thousand of these homicides, nine percent more than last year
La Laguna is disputed by the Sinaloa cartel and "Los Zetas", and in the past two years the "drug war" provoked massacres in bars, taverns, drug rehabilitation centers and prisons.

The violence in Coahuila is compounded when considering more than 1, 400 are missing and recorded with the Deputy for Research of Missing People.

In these statistics, add dozens of people who disappeared during the first three months of 2011 in the municipalities of Allende and Nava, which are investigated by the Attorney General of Coahuila.

In Nuevo Leon, the figures of Attorney General of Nuevo Leon show that in 2011,  2003 intentional homicides were committed and up until November of  2012, homicides totaled 1,700 

Since 2010, Nuevo Leon, the most industrialized state in northern Mexico, has been the scene of the largest massacres in recent years: the 52 victims of Casino Royale, which occurred in August 2011.

In addition, 22 people died after an attack in the Bar Sabino Gordo, 44 prisoners were massacred in the Apodaca prison and 49 dismembered bodies were abandoned in the town of Cadereyta.

Conservative figures of missing persons in the last three years total more than a thousand. Currently the Office of Nuevo Leon investigates about 240 cases involving forced kidnapping where transit police participated against organized crime.

In Tamaulipas, where organized crime imposes its law, figures-of-the prosecution aren't credible, they say that until September 2012  only 787 violent crimes occurred.

In addition, there were 236 illegal kidnapping sand 88 kidnappings reported to the Attorney General of the State.

The makeup of missing figures contrast with those reported to the Attorney General's Office (PGR), where Tamaulipas recorded the largest number of persons deprived of their liberty in Mexico.
The PGR statistics had more than 400 cases of disappearances, of 1,020 reported before to that office in the last year. 

Unlike other northern states of the country, local media in Tamaulipas will not publish the violence and insecurity that prevails in the state. 

Just recently, dozens of families organized themselves to use the social media tools offered by new technologies to spread news of missing people who were deprived of their liberty by the organized crime groups that dominate the state: the Gulf cartel and the Zetas.They created the Facebook page "Hope for Tamaulipas" Esperanza por Tamaulipas where they have exposed 117 cases of missing persons, mostly between 2010 and 2012.

Families are also organizing to demand that the Army and the Navy remain in the streets of Tamaulipas. Others propose arm themselves to defend against organized crime.

In December, the "drug war" did not stop and it did increase: In the last days of the year ended with six people hung from a Coahuila bridge, the discovery that Los Zetas had buried four women in a narcofosas with four more waiting, and a Torreon gunmen attacked the Oasis Rehabilitation center, killing one person and injuring three.

In Monterrey, organized crime members broke into a celebration of a Quinceanera, killed the godfather of the quinceañera and wounded eleven guests. Hours later, gunmen with assault rifles gunned down six young men, killing two and leaving four seriously wounded in Tierra y Libertad neighborhood.

Nuevo Leon authorities assume credit for the reduction of "executions" in 2012 without talking about the increase in extortion and kidnapping. 

In Tamaulipas two trucks were abandoned with dismembered bodies: one in Ciudad Mante, with five bodies, and one in Soto la Marina, with eight bodies. Furthermore, in Nuevo Laredo  in a Wal Mart parking a vehicle, they located an abandoned vehicle with a number of corpses.  The number was not specified by the State Attorney, but eyewitnesses claim to have counted many more than 8 bodies.


  1. Ah thanks- i'm sure feeling like Mexico ended on a good note and is sure starting off on the right foot for a peaceful '13? NOT! There are some cliches for you. Seems pathetic as usual.

  2. Its gettin really naughty in Zacatecas.Is anyone on deck there now?Are the Z still runnin it,or are they in a war with United Cartels?The convoy of Z getting chased and shot up?

  3. January 3, 2013 6:33 PM Get real dude, the cartel members are Mexican citizens. Mexico is a narco society and all the people who want guns have them believe me. I have to laugh - "innocents"? There are no innocents.

  4. Better be glad i live in tx and not mexico cuz i stay strapped up n i will shoot a mufucker! i Dont give a fuck! what cartel they from!

  5. The lazy and the foolish should not prosper at the expense of the diligent and thrifty. Mexico needs to burn.

  6. Zetas arent as strong as they used to be in Zac. Im not going to say how I know what I know but Im not here to do anything other than to inform... Since Chap's people came in thanks to Taliban and Coss..They are now controllin most of the major cities. They payed Taliban enough to turn on Lazcano and Trevino, so they bought the SLP plaza. Which goes to show 40s loyalty to Lazcano..Rumors began along time ago that Chaps ppl were comin in, 40 somehow got to thinkin Taliban was letting them in..and boom boom..niggas start but Chapo is strategic..Isnt it obvious that he bought Coss and Taliban, then turned them in once the plaza was his. It doesnt take much knowledge to see that Chapo buys people then turns them in.. FRESNILLO USED TO BE LAZCANOS MAIN HQ.Until they got el ALEMAN, that alerted Lazca that there was a snitch in the group. Thats when he left and and head up North to Coauhila. And he was know for hosting the infamous, deer hunts..except they werent deer...SUPER EXOTIC ANIMALS, like lions tigers zebras girrafe..all sorts of African zoo pets..This guy was the shit..and had more Radio towers in Couahila than in all of mex..So as for him being "Dead" I strongly disagree..If anybodys dead its Chapos bitch ass..When Lazca bought Guatemala he basically beat Chapo hands down...Juarez Cartel had Costa Rica..Tijuana had/has Venezuala which is why they still in business..But I forgot what I really wanted to say anyway...If you guys know any real cartel ppl, stay the fuck away from them..Thats why I left Mexico, it used to be good until they broke the truces..Now its literally every man for himself...LOL and if you look at the jewlry Coss got caught with...some of the watches belonged to La barbie..makes you think...its all snitching and betrayal..DTA. I may make an account on here soon...Id love to give you some more info..I just gotta wait and be more secure...I've been following BB since January 2010..but been following the drug war long before then...

    ATTE: La Cabeza

  7. I feel like the zetas are getting pushed out

  8. this is good ,Mexico needs more violence fast. the worse it gets the faster something will have to change. (believe it or not) Mexico it is far from hitting rock bottom."the Nazi"s were rock bottom" so Mexico has a long way to go.(so get busy Mexico). just stay the f*** out of Texas .because we're going hunting rabbit anymore!!!

  9. @ La Cabeza
    Been hearin that Z losin their hold in Zaca?
    Ey man,we need more dudes who know whats up on here.
    Keep yo head down,but keep postin and don't bail on us.You straight if you keep your mouth shut to folks round you,no one knows who the fuck you are here,so you keep postin if you wanna get some feedback and shit.Lazcano was the chingon awrite.Saludos Head man.

  10. @8:33pm "get real" you say,there are no "innocents" you say...."Mexican cartel members are citizens of mexico" u say...last one is right but i wasnt referring to them scum,technically your right they are citizens but they dont behave as such but instead like Cancer across Mexico....just sounds like you have thrown all the good apples and rotten apples into the one basket believing there all rotten,whats wrong with you dude? you have no faith.

  11. @9:50 pm always thought taliban was the snitch, everyone on here saying it was Z-40, it was obviously Taliban the turncoat.
    But dude do you know why Z-40 killed Talibans family members?

    1. Yes! And z40 snitch on all the other Z bosses that were either killed or captured by the mexican military, his last snitching got Lazcano killed. z40 snitch on all his former bosses and changed sides several times. Hes is the biggest snitch in mexican drug trafficking history.

  12. RE: "last snitching got Lazcano killed" ==>
    Hey, a silver lining: a leader in torturous murder of men, women & children as a *business* rises to the level of EVIL beyond understanding.

  13. Why did Lazca go out to the game with no or barely any secutity etc. if he knew there were snitches near him in his organization?

  14. Wasn't he playing out the role of a mining businessman(lazca)?......that's what i heard somewhere...still pretty silly to be carrying longarms with grenade launcher equipped,if he was on the down-low.Z-50 and what he did i thought was strange,if anyone it was him that was the snitch i believe anyways.

  15. damn this is crazy i was there before it happened in the plaza of rio grande there were marines runing around looking for those guys but i guess they ran out of the city area to the outskirts, but still i was so close to the action, may i add i have been following bb for over 2 years reading these articles and wondering why its so bad over , im from the states btw i was just over there for the holidays.


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