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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Retaliation Against Juarez Police after the Death of "Peña"

Borderland Beat

The death of a leader of the Sinaloa cartel in Ciudad Juarez, a former agent of the former State Judicial Police (PJE) of Chihuahua, has returned to the border psychosis, which came during a reduction of violence in recent months.

 Authorities today confirmed though a press conference that the man who was killed last Thursday in a shootout was an "important member of the Sinaloa Cartel, who headed the operations of the drug trade in Ciudad Juarez and was a wanted man by the authorities in Mexico and the US."
Jesús Rodrigo Fierro Ramírez, 43 years old, who went by the names of “Fierro”, “Tocayo”, “Pelón” and “Peña" was consider number 11 within the structure of the criminal organization lead by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.
The criminal group "declared war" against the municipal and state Police though "mantas" narco-banners shortly after police announced the death of the alleged gunman.
Not long after the banners appeared a municipal police officer was assassinated.
"There are credible rumors that the murder of the officer of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM) killed last Friday night when he arrived home could be retaliation for the death of Ramirez Fierro," said The Journal this day.
The banner (manta), placed last night at the corner of Antonio J. Bermudez and Vicente Guerrero, "contained threats against the secretary of the SSPM, Julian Leyzaola, and first commander of the State Police Investigating Ranulfo Galindo" added the Journals.
"The message warned the police chiefs that they should only kill the people of Gabino Salas, who is the alleged leader of the group which Fierro belonged to."
Soon after the appearance of the message warning the police, a municipal police officer unofficially identified as Manuel Saldaña, was executed in the community of Urbi Villa del Cedro.
The Journal reported that preliminary information indicates that a group of armed men "hunted" the uniformed officer, who got out of his truck in an attempt to run away from the gunmen, but a hail of bullets caught up to him, killing him on the spot.
The crime happened at around at 2300 hours on Friday, after an armed commando surprised the public servant in the street Sierra de Moncayo near the intersection with Monte de Cantal.

Source: Vanguardia


  1. Good news 4 authorities but El 11's replacement is on the ready. Probably not good news 4 them.

  2. Amazing that they have so much control that they think they can dictate which criminal can be killed by authorities.

  3. Is it el mp (macho prieto)

    1. El MP is in Sonora not Juarez. This guy Was probly Wit la gente nueva

  4. Fucking pussies, at least La Linea targets them by the day when the police is targeted.

    Come on Gente Nueva prove that you are men of your word, go to war with law enforcement...LOL...what a fucking joke...these fools dont step foot outside their comfort zone and that zone is limited to about only 10% of the city in southeast Juarez as far as territorial control.

    On another note I thought your Chapo Boss had the Estatal and the Municipal and the Federal and the Ejercito doing your dirty work for you in CDJ homeland. What had happened to all the bigmouths claiming Juarez was yours. Now you are declaring was on the PoPo? Seems like you washed some brains outside of Chihuas but locals know otherwise, you had your chance doing clean up work for the CIA tryin to decimate the US homeland security risk that the Juarez underworld represented for the region and now that you succeeded in killing about 10K or about 1% of the local population or about half of the most hardocore criminals along with collateral damage, you have become yesterdays news and todays public enemy #1, fucking retards, shoulda stayed united from the get go, but oh well say goodbye to your sweet dreams of controlling Juarez, they never happened and they never will.

    1. este dude is right bro..stop crying.

    2. why would he be crying if hes right, the sinaloa cartel has been weakening in juarez and chuhuhua, i dont think theres many left in juarez the police work with the juarez cartel thats the way its always been

    3. What happened? Time has passed and CDS has not left....seems like things are ok...juarez is the one that has lost power...and about chapo...damaso and zambada are still here

  5. In the meantime the blatantly corrupt and filthy government officials collect their millions while they sell out their own countrymen to murder and slaughter at the hands of drugged up ultra violent psychopaths. Wonderful culture. Country needs a civil war but it seems mexicans prefer to lay back and take what is dealt them.

  6. He was la ultima sombra or el blindaje pena. Big hit

    1. El Peña is El 20 not el 11 an he protects Mayo zo hez probly in Sinaloa with him not in Juarez

  7. el cartel de juarez gano en juarez es la mera neta desde que entro pena se sabe y aora el control va por todo chihuhua

  8. In many parts of Mexico you can not even give the neighbor girl a really nice smile without the entire neighborhood knowing, within minutes, that you like her. Juarez is pretty gritty but someone still knows where these killers live. Whoever is in charge should spank the bad guys hard. This story is one example of dealing with the criminals from a position of strength. I pray that the good guys keep the momentum.

  9. He want the 20 peña 20 is a protection boss not a plaza boss

  10. "Mexico needs a civil war," but they're all in the US at the moment!

  11. Good this what i been waiting too just need the Authority's to align with Juarez cartel and clean out the CDS filth...

  12. chapo is number 1 ! i would be more than willing to take el compa 20s position!

    1. este wey haha ! empinese wey ahy biene el chapo

  13. i don't get the translation you did

    "The message warned the police chiefs that they should only kill the people of Gabino Salas, who is the alleged leader of the group which Fierro belonged to."

    okay its says police to kill only gabino salas ppl n dat fierro belonged to gabino but da confusing part is the manta was sign by CDS. and does'nt gabino and fierro belong to CDS, so y would CDS want da police to attack its own members [CDS]

    does anyone get my point,pls answer

    1. I'm glad someone pointed this out, makes no sense to me either.

    2. maybe because they betrayed their own people, that why they're dead?

  14. @12:37am yeah you got a point there.....fkn strange

  15. the cds isnt that strong in juarez thats why they got him, most of the core of cops are aligned with cdj even though the heads of the municipal police like leyzaola have always been under the cds payroll.. people cane talk and talk but when do u actually hear of sinaloa people in juarez, never.. if anything theres just a few that hide cause the streets are pretty harsh especially if ure a sinaloa member

  16. They were blindsided by CDS and were really weakened at one point but never gone. La Linea has taken back their territory from Camargo to Juarez. Real shit though because the Army got yanked to the gulf, zacatecas, and the other states. It was bound to happen because people that are from the the states he killed those thousands were gonna unite and get tired of his lies and bullshit. Let Mexico burn before the give it to that midget coward or the zetas. They are one in the same but at least the zetas stayed in their terf until he came to theirs. There was mantas in culican that said that they were lookin for him there but he ran to baja and then to guatemala. He's started too much shit and killed too many people to be let go. Its a matter of time when they catch or kill him.

  17. October just seems further and further away for layzeola...i wonder if he'll make it.

  18. aki en juaritos rifa pura raya. y los ke dicen ke el chaputo controla algo es por ke nunca an venido para aka. yo vivo aki en altavista a unas cuadras del puente de la juarez, y aki todo los dias se ven los comandos de linces y aztecas con las puntas de los cuernos pa fuera patrullando y los polis nomas se hacen pa un lado.

  19. Slowly but surely the Juarez cartel are strengthening.....hunt all them chapo's in Juarez take em out to the desert and bury them alive.

  20. Who cares chapo went up there to Juarez and fuck every one up there from left to right he even tolk over some of Juarez parts he is the real shet ya just mad because he fuck ya up so ya need to stop crying bitch

  21. Chapo slowly losing in juarez....chapo's ppl be hiding out cause if they come out they get taken out...heehee....nothing last's forever Chaputo's.

  22. chapo wont kill police he only kills zetas... hes a zeta killer

  23. fuckin ignorant people....if la linea is in charge then why was fierro n juarez then?....and to the person who says its only southeast juarez they control clearly does not know what hes talking about...dnt knw how u came up with those numbers?....tu sabes bien k son demaciados para tener un numero exacto...y si en verdad los rayados tienen controlado por k siguen aki los del chapo?....ponte a pensar antes de ablar....te lo dice alquien k sabe....damn waisting my time with ur bs comments...pero ps sigan pensando lo que quieran jaja rayados lmfao

  24. Replies
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