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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Security Chief and Family Executed and 2 Wounded

Borderland Beat
Mother killed shielding five year old daughter
When arriving home in Iztapalapa a police chief of the Secretariat of Citizen Safety (SSC) of the State of Mexico was murdered in an attack in which also killed two family members, and injured two others.
After the aggression, his five year old daughter and a woman that was passing by were injured, according to information of the local police.
Sunday around 21:00 hours, the Mexican agent, Ricardo Alejandro Hernandez Macias,  35 years old, arrived to his house at Manzana 23, Lote 16 of the street Jardin Tulipan of the colonia Jardines de San Lorenzo, in a Chevy Monza, with license plate LXZ3190.
As he left the vehicle to open the gate, four men  carrying fire arms, surrounded them and open fire.
Hernandez Macias fell beside his wife, Karla Coria Bracho of 27 years old, which died protecting her daughter of five years old that was injured by a shot in her hand and another shot on the right forearm, another son of 12 years old  was unharmed.
A woman of 45 years old was also injured while she was passing the scene of the crime at the time of the shooting.
The criminals escaped from the place after shooting more than 20 rounds with 9MM guns  and fled on two vehicles.
Policemen of the SSP of D.F. found hanged in the bathroom of the family residence the body of Alfonso Coria de las Rosa, 60 years old, father in law of the state agent, which was strangled with a rag and a wire cable fashioned into a garrote..

The sicarios apparently  awaited the arrival of the policeman and his family, inside the address, where they had already killed the killed the father in law,  said sources of the Capital Police.
The bodies were identified by relatives, while the woman who sustained a head injury, and the 5 year old girl,  were sent to the Hospital Belisario Dominguez.
In the Prosecutor’s office of D.F, the killings are  being investigated as death threats had been   received.  The deceased  was also a merchant of Tepit..


  1. These scum bag murderer's who call themselves sicario's are really in reality; just young punks
    who are uneducated, have grown up watching each other trying to be Billy Badass in the local bar. They have absolutley nothing, they wear the same clothes day in and day out without so much as a washing of their bodies nevermind their clothes. Along comes some local dealer who promises them that if they take out this guy or that guy and his family they can make $100.00 and these country bumkins; jump at the chance cuz
    they have an IQ of 4 and I'm giving them 3 points! Mexico has become a boil on the ass of the western hemisphere!!

    1. Damn bro, you clearly don't know shit about what's going on here! Your probably only know what is posted on this blog. What I want to tell you is your completely wrong. Some of these pistoleros are smart, military-trained, ruthless killers. Do some plaza bosses use drug-addicted kids? Sure, some do. But trust me, there are many more pistoleros who are serious killers and you wouldn't say shit to any of them......btw I live in Sinaloa

    2. They wouldnt be doing as much of this if the people were armed to the teeth like most american citizens 300 million guns and thats just in the citizens hands that dont include the police and military.i spent 3 yrs in the u.s army i know escape and evasion and how to shoot a weapon.personally i wud stock up on grenades if i lived in mx take more out at once but no one in their right mind would even travel to that cesspool called mexico nothing against the law abiding honest mexican people but its overrun by them cockroaches

  2. It's getting harder and harder to read this site due to the neverending murders and mayhem commited by evil monsters. I refuse to bury my head in the sand though. God bless the loved one's involved in this tragedy. And, yet another baby innocent involved. These guys need to go to HELL as quickly as possible. Texas Grandma

  3. Sounds like that boil might be up your ass, this is a classic example of the corruption inside the police corporations in Mexico. this officer was turned in by one of his fellow colleagues. eventually the truth will come out, the d.f police force is competent enough to flush that rat out. they are becoming a more professional police force. nobody said this was going to be easy for Mexicanos.

  4. This is a political hit.

  5. >> the killings are being investigated

    Of course.

  6. Nobody to blame but the government. Mexico has not taken the steps to rid itself of cartels and violence, especially when the corruption goes all the way up to president.

  7. The cartels will never be stopped without some smart leadership ,its almost like the government has too much at stake , why would you chase chapo and all the other heads ? Why not go after their money I seriously doubt this fool has 100 million under his mattres , they all profit from all of it , why can't they concentrate all their resources at the north border rather than having them scattered all over the country try to stop their products from reaching the american market, they want to keep that revenue coming in


  9. Chivis,I am a little confused, I read the article on Reforma and it doesn't say police chief, it says " un elemento de la SSC " only meaning he was working at the SSC.
    I think it is a different article than Reforma.

  10. The article is from refoma but not all the information is from there. I also read regional media and he is described as "Security Chief" and SSP chief. In fact I think in Reforma he is described as security chief and policeman BOTH, I think we are splitting hairs but I wanted to give both descriptions, and security chief is not a term that people can understand as much as police chief of security which is closer to the truth of what he was.

    either way does not alter that he was of a police agency and his family killed. does it?

    to the posters giving info of why it happened I must add that in these cases it is the result of either

    "compliance or non compliance"

  11. I wonder what group played a role why go after women and children I understand the chiefs life is always at stake that's his profession but why the family .

  12. January 16, 2013 at 1:30 PM
    "It's getting harder and harder to read this site due to the neverending murders and mayhem commited by evil monsters"
    Its getting harder and harder for me to stop myself crying every time i read one of your posts.Oh,the humanity,why can't we all love one another,why can't we be like the butterfly's who flutter about and hurt no one looking so gentle?I wonder what they would say?Oh,the humanity of it all,i hear you,,,,so loud in my heart oh earnest one,weep,weep

  13. "read this site due to the neverending murders and mayhem commited by evil monsters"
    Oh shit,here we go again

  14. "But trust me, there are many more pistoleros who are serious killers and you wouldn't say shit to any of them......btw I live in Sinaloa"
    Tellin ye,most of these capos were once cops an shit.They aint no half assed idiot runnin round with a shooter.This is some of the reason why they live longer.The shit their into cant fooled around with.

  15. @12:52am yeah its like a free for all,take what you can take and kill anyone that gets in the way with no respect for law or innocents.....Should send in US troops side by side with Mexican troops and just saturate every town and city one after the other until all the cockroaches are no more or behind bars in a maximum or super max.


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