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Friday, January 25, 2013

Risking their lives from desperation

El Diario (1-23-2013)/Proceso (1-24-2013)

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

This short article, combined with the longer one I will attach below, is, sadly enough, just another chapter on the endless tragedy that undocumented migration represents.  I know some of these people, not the specific ones mentioned in the articles, but persons whose stories are substantially identical.

One of them, we'll call him Jose, was such an undocumented immigrant. I hired him to repair my roof, build a staircase, plaster some siding, the usual. He was hard working, absolutely honest, and was very good at the jobs he did for me and other people around here. He was married to, or lived with, a woman in the U.S. and had children with her, but he also had a family and children in Mexico. He would send part of every paycheck to Mexico and support his other family on the remainder. He worked a lot of jobs.

I hadn't seen him for several months, so I asked what the problem was. He said he had gone back to Chihuahua to take care of some family business and, when he tried to come back to the U.S., he was caught three times by the migra and sent back. He tried coming over through the Valle de Juarez/El Paso area, through the desert west of Las Cruces, New Mexico, and through the Lajitas/Big Bend area on the Texas-Mexico border. He was caught each time and sent back.

He made it through on his fourth attempt through the Arizona desert. In the summer. I asked him how it had gone, and he told me. Twenty illegals/undocumented, pick a tag, began the trip on the Mexican side. Six died on the way. Some were so weak they had to leave them behind. Others were so dehydrated that they wandered off in the night. One of them simply didn't wake up one morning.

When they got close to Tucson, the remainder split up when the migras spotted them. Only Jose and another man escaped. The rest were rounded up and presumably arrested or deported.

I know Jose broke the law by coming into this country illegally. And I also know that, had he been caught in Tucson, he would have made every effort to come back to his family, again and again. Or died trying. But it takes a lot of courage and determination to do what he and other "illegals" do on a daily basis; after all, the fatality rate was thirty percent on that trip. Like another friend once said when talking about Lindbergh's  solo flight across the Atlantic, that man had special equipment to do what he did, and he was not talking about aviation gear or instruments. (We were looking at a photograph of Charles Lindbergh after a hunt on my friend's ranch, with an antelope strapped to each wing of the famous airplane, Spirit of St. Louis, hence the topic of that conversation.) -- un vato

The number of immigrants who die on their way to the United States has increased 130%

MEXICO, D.F. (Apro).--  The number of undocumented immigrants who lose their lives traveling to the U.S. has increased by 130% from October to this date, according to U.S. authorities. 

This phenomenon takes place despite the fact that in recent years, the number of detentions has undergone a marked decrease in the southeastern border..

According to the Border Patrol, in the last three months of this past year and so far this month, its agents have recovered the remains of 50 undocumented  persons in south Texas, an increase of 130% over the same period last year.

Likewise, it was also stated that approximately 190 immigrants in dangerous situations have been rescued by the federal officers, which translates to an increase of 210%.

The main risks faced by the undocumented in their trip to the United States are rapes, mainly of women. According to the reports  received by the agency, women are raped by the 'coyotes' themselves in safe houses or while they are being transported through unpopulated areas.
During the latter part of December, last year, Judge Raul Ramirez disclosed, the remains of 127 persons-- almost twice as many as last year-- had been found in ranches in Brooks County, in the vicinity of the border checkpoint in Falfurrias, which is an hour's drive from the border between Mexico and the U.S.

In statements to the San Antonio Express News, he stated that the county had run out of spaces for graves intended for unknown persons in the Sacred Heart Cemetery.

"When you get 127 dead people in your county in one year, that's too much,: said Ramirez. "One body should be too much," he added.

The cost of dealing with illegal immigration and unidentified bodies, including mortuary costs and autopsies, represents hundreds of thousands of dollars, he said.

Due to the crisis in Latin America, the flow of immigrants has exploded in Mexico

SALTILLO, Coahuila, ( The shelters that offer lodging and meals to Central Americans who cross Mexico to reach the U.S. border were crowded in 2012, after being almost empty for two years because of threats from the "Zetas", persons responsible for the Casas de Migrantes (Migrants' Homes) in northern Mexico told Apro.  

From the end of 2009 and during all of 2010, the Posada Belen de Saltillo, the largest, most important refuge for migrants in the country's northeast, "was receiving an average of 80 persons per day," said Alberto Xicotencatl, its director.

"There were months when we barely admitted eight Central Americans every day," he added.

He attributes the immigration decrease to the fact that 2010 was the most violent period in the war between the Gulf Cartel and "Los Zetas", mainly in the border states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, and the northern part of Veracruz.

"In recent months we have been caring for between 250 and 320 migrants per day," Alberto Xicotencatl emphasized.

He attributes the surge to the fact that today, the railroad that leaves the southern part of Mexico to the nation's capital is more closely watched.

The director of the Posada pointed out that the flow of migrants decreased at the end of last year because Central Americans prefer to spend this season with their families.
                [The Beast] 

The priest Pedro Pantoja, the head of the Social Pastoral of the Saltillo Diocese, pointed out that since the month of May, the shelter "has had a flow of migrants that had not been seen in a long time."

Pantoja, who received the international Letelier-Moffitt Human rights Award from the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C., for his work in support of Central American migrants, attributed the increase to several factors.

He commented that the aftereffects of the past government coup in Honduras continue to be felt, in addition to the destruction caused by hurricanes in the region and the poverty increase as a consequence of the violence all over Central America.

This last has even caused the arrival in the migrant shelters of migrants of homosexual orientation, "who have had to flee their countries because of their sexual preference (sic)," says Pantoja.

"There is also an increase in migration of women in our shelters. We had an average of one or two women a month, and now we see 10 in a single day," he added.

The priest Jesus Guerra Garza, who manages the shelter Casa del Forastero Santa Martha, located in the Colonia Industrial, a popular neighborhood in Monterrey's inner city, stated that the insecurity reduced the migration flow, "but it doesn't stop Central American migrants."

He mentioned that the Monterrey shelter is one of the most irregular in the country, since migrants prefer to stay on the train all the way to the city of Saltillo, where they have more options to travel to several border cities.

He stated that in the past two years they had been receiving an average of one thousand migrants per year.

During the last months of 2012, migrants admitted by the shelters have increased and they say that now, "they travel in groups of 40 or 50 persons."

However, from these groups, "only two or three disembark in Monterrey," says Father Guerra Garza.

The American Dream (top) becomes a nightmare.  All the bodies in photo are migrants
The priests all agreed on one point, telling Apro that not all migrants passed through their shelters.

He said that the Monterrey shelter has been subjected to constant harassment from organized crime.

"The families of migrants who live in the U.S. pay 'polleros' (smugglers) to cross their relatives over," said Father Guerra.

As a protective measure, the priest laid down the rule that migrants were not to have contact with the 'polleros' in the vicinity of the Santa Martha shelter.

Father Guerra is one of the pioneers of the Migration Pastoral, and he has served as Executive Secretary of that section in the Catholic Church.

"The first migrant shelter began operations in the late seventies in the border city of Tijuana," recalled Father Jesus Guerra.

US Immigration dump Central American deportees at the international bridge of the Mexico/US border, over 1000 miles
from their native country and tell them to walk into Mexico.  In Mexico they are scorned, undocumented with only cartels are happily awaiting their arrival.  -click to enlarge-
He stated that, subsequently, the congregation of San Carlos Scalabrinianos established a network of migrant shelters in the states of Chiapas, Chihuahua, Sonora and Baja California.

The migratory Pastoral, which forms part of the Social Pastoral of the Catholic Church, was established in the year 2000.

Currently, there are 57 throughout the country, including shelters and dining rooms, that offer rooms, food, medical care, clothing, bathrooms and at least one telephone call so the Central American migrants can contact their relatives.

All the homes (shelters) maintain a relationship with the Catholic Church and, on average, they offer three days of lodging to the Central Americans. Only in the shelter Posada Belen, in Saltillo, may migrants stay for an indefinite period.

In the shelters established throughout the country, (Central Americans) are also alerted as to the safest routes to reach the border, and they are told that the most dangerous states to travel through are Oaxaca, Veracruz, and, above all, Tamaulipas, birthplace of the "Zetas."

The flow of migrants to the United States saw a major decrease after the bodies of 72 migrants murdered by the "Zetas" were found in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

Pregnant and alone caught between two nations and undocumented in both,
gives birth while at a Casa Migrante Piedras   [chivis fotos]
The assaults against migrants have been denounced by the shelters before the National Commission on Human Rights (Comision Nacional de Derechos Humanos), and, in the last three years, have managed to document eleven thousand assaults, kidnappings and rapes.

The Honduran migrant who identified himself only as "Giovanni" said that today, "the Federal Police is the one who steals their money."

"I left San Pedro Zula two weeks ago because there is no work," said Giovanni, who was staying at the Casa del Forastero shelter in Monterrey.

He said that he had attempted to cross the border four times, but has been unsuccessful and will no try to cross through a city in Tamaulipas.

Another migrant interviewed, who identified himself only as "Pablo", stated that because of the insecurity in Mexico they have to be in constant communication with their families, which they do every time they arrive at a shelter that lets them make a phone call.
Receiving donated basic supplies-Saltillo (chivis' fotos)
continues on next page-

Going home...these  deportees has an option thanks to a US foundation
 who picked up the tab.  Otherwise they are on their own. (Chivis' fotos)
He reported that these days, "Los Zetas" infiltrate the shelters passing themselves off as migrants. "They offer you their cell phones so you can call your relatives in the United States."

After the Central American leaves, they call the phone number recorded on their cell phone and tell the family that they are holding the migrant hostage and ask for payment of between $1,000 and $1,500 to release him.

"They already did that to my family," Pablo finished.

This emotional video depicts individual migrants.  Notable is the tough guy in the blue shirt that melts into despair when articulating the motivator that drives  migrants to the US...
Hola Readers, with Vato's blessing I am adding this article:

Poster "DD" just posted a timely piece on Canada's temporary worker program, it was published in Latino Fox and posted in BB forum today. .....Paz, Chivis
As the country's leaders gear up once again to overhaul the immigration system, a heated debate is expected on the creation of a guest worker program allowing future temporary immigrants to come legally.

Politicians will take up various versions. Some say all they need to do is look north for an ideal model.

Canada has had a guest worker program with Mexico since 1974. Though it’s not without critics, it’s generally hailed as well organized and worthy of being replicated.

The process starts with Mexico screening potential workers on their education, health and skills. To ensure that they don’t overstay their employment visa, the Canadian government takes out part of the workers’ pay and puts it into a special fund — workers get the money when they return to Mexico.

Canada also requires that approximately 16,000 yearly recruits be married — but only they, not their spouses and children, can travel to Canada.

On some level, say those in industries that use foreign labor, Canada’s program should not be difficult to duplicate in the United States. But an important hurdle to its smooth implementation, they say, is the bitterly divisive nature of the ever-thorny immigration debate — it has become so politicized that there’s little to no room for compromise.

“It wouldn’t be hard to replicate from a policy standpoint, but Canada hasn’t had the same divisive labor politics around the issue,” said Craig Regelbrugge, spokesman for the American Nursery and Landscape Association. “It’s pretty much a settled matter in Canada that the program is needed.”

Groups that favor restrictive immigration policies have typically resisted the idea of guest workers, saying that such programs take job opportunities away from U.S. citizens while driving down wages and lowering standards for working conditions. And with a lingering weak economy, they added, their argument is as legitimate as ever.

But those who favor more lenient immigration policies — and many business groups — argue that there are jobs, especially physically demanding ones such as agricultural work, that U.S. workers do not want and will not take on.

They want the current agricultural temporary worker program in the United States — the H2-A visa — to expand and become less bureaucratic. They said addressing the flaws in the U.S. program will encourage more employers to choose legal channels for bringing in foreign workers — a move, they argue, that will help cut down on illegal immigration.

Now, prospective users of the U.S. visa program have to jump through multiple hoops to prove to the U.S. government that they tried to recruit U.S. workers.

“We desperately need to see the program revamped and changed,” said John Young, consultant to the New England Apple Council. “If it isn’t, a lot of the farmers that are marginal will go out of business.”

When a program works smoothly, said Young, everyone benefits.

“Workers are able to travel safely, not having to pay smugglers, or to line the pockets of criminal elements to get where they’re going,” Young said.

Guest workers in Canada “get health insurance, high wages and they do return [to their homelands],” said Philip Martin, chairman of the Comparative Immigration and Integration Program at University of California at Davis.

“But the main advantage is that [Canada] organizes everything for farmers — Canada farmers seem willing to pay to have professionals handle the recruitment of Mexican workers.”

What is questionable is whether U.S. employers — who have a large pool of willing workers ready to work — would pay to have others handle the process for them.

Martin, echoing growers in the United States, wonders whether the Canada-Mexico guest worker program — could work in a country that requires many more laborers. U.S. farms employ roughly 2 million people annually — as many as 80 percent of them are believed to be undocumented.

“And would guest workers go home if they are in U.S. areas with lots of Mexican residents?” he pondered.

Some employers say the answer is yes.

“A lot of people don’t realize that many people would rather stay in their country,” said J. Allen Carnes, president of Winter Garden Produce in Texas and an advocate for issues concerning growers.

At a conference on farm workers about a year ago that touched on the Canada program, Regelbrugge said he was struck by how Canadian government officials viewed their role in the program.

In Canada the government views its role as “administering the program,” he said. “In the United States, we have several agencies [heavily] involved in our program.”

The U.S. Department of Labor, the main agency in charge of screening U.S. guest workers, did not return messages from Fox News Latino seeking comment.

“We need for a guest worker program to be market-based,” Carnes said. “The market will dictate if we need guest workers and how many we use."

“If there is an excess of workers here, who want to work, we’d rather use them, even if you have to pay more,” Carnes said. “When there’s no local worker, you need that guest worker, who is ready and willing to do the work.”

Employers and labor unions say any changes to the guest worker program should not tie an employee to one employer — in other words, it needs to be more flexible.

“They’re dependent upon one employer in a country where they don’t have mobility,” said Carnes. “They can work in one place, and that’s the only place you can work, and you have to keep that employer happy or you fall out of status.”


  1. Un Vato, thanks for this story. My husband and father-in-law are both illegal immigrants who crossed into Texas. My father-in-law walked 6 days when he was in his late 50's. We are all back in Mexico now. My husband and I came first 2 years ago and my father-in-law got here in August. Unless one has personally been on this trek I don't think they realize dangers involved. The only reason they have both agreed to stay here is because I have begged them to. I would rather have them here with me than dead in a field or in jail.

    1. Conflicting you say your in mexico now but they crossed into texas its safer to be in texas than living in mexico sorry. I wouldnt dare ask what part of Mexico your living in as any where in mexico is dangerous be safe.

    2. Sorry, yes we were all in Texas, but they were caught by immigration and deported back to Mexico. Yes, Texas is safer, but to try and cross again has many risks. We have chose to stay in Mexico

  2. Hopefully i will not be called a racist,but how do you want to resolve this problem?On the one hand,yes,these stories are so sad and in the same situation i would be trying to cross over,on the other hand do you want the border to be erased from existence?That is one solution,would you and the many who write on here support that?I kinda doubt it.Just discussing this topic i have seen with my own eyes people being called a racist off supposedly intelligent people on here?Just for being concerned?If you are on the side of policed and enforced borders,you are a redneck racist?Is it ok to be concerned?Many people are worried but cannot voice an opinion for fear of being called names?Some are scared to voice opinions because of political correctness,a lot of people talk the talk,they know inside they feel differently,i hope i don't get called names?

    1. Nonexistent border like the one between Canada/US? No, you're not racist.

    2. Dont worry were all here with many different concerns and to voice our opinions andvto be well in formed as to what goes on within our borders and across the border only ignorance will say your racist for any valid voice of opinion then again if you were to offend any ethnic background by name calling than it would be deemed racism but you are entitled to voice your opinion over your concerns and possibly hold a civil debate if any one begs to differ on that opinion peace .

    3. You are not racist you are just plane stupid, why american citizens can come to mexico whenever they want, no questions asked, how come mexicans dont have that liberty, its suppossed to be a mutual relation, its all about the color of the skin, i dont see i..c.e. Agents shooting canadians up north...

    4. You be surprised as to what happens on the can/usa border mad expensive grass being traded for white so from a person thats lived at the top of usa border major stuff happening especially in winter when the ice on the lakes freeze groups of snowmobiles rockin large hockey size duffle bags

  3. People r paranoid in america about immigration. Most of us dont mind people coming here for a better life. But those animals the cartels r blending in to the honest mexican immigrants and weve got to find a better way to separate them from the honest immigrant a nutshell if u want to come here and legitimetly work fine but we dont want the trash drug dealing cartels here

  4. Why do so many people who advocate open borders just put it in the context of Latin America? Shouldn't the one or two billion over in China and India that would like to improve their situations be able to just waltz right in as well?

    If we're making the "humanitarian argument" on why we should let people ignore the border, let's not pick and choose who humanitarian applies to.

    When the humanitarian argument doesn't pan out, please don't switch over to the "we were here first" argument. The arguments are mutually exclusive, and if you change midstream, it gives the appearance of being disingenuous in your arguments.

    "We need them" argument? Can't we tap into the 12 million or so that are already here? I mean, they came here to work and be productive, verdad? Why are we giving them more competition by letting even more people in?


  5. The rule I follow in my job is the following -- I don't initiate a conversation with a "higher-up" about a problem we are having unless I can propose a solution. George W. Bush and John McCain both acted bravely in proposing solutions to the human tragedy involved in illegal immigration. They did more than just "talk about it," they made strong proposals and took big risks.

    Clearly, Latinos are not the only people responsible for the failures of U.S. politics, but the Latino vote went against Bush and went even more strongly against McCain. At some point, the "everyday" Latino voter needs to do the right thing. Ya basta con los insultos y el amarillismo contra la gente como Bush y McCain! Without constructive leadership from the Latinos, I do not think we will get any beneficial reform to immigration.

  6. It is a difficult and sad situation. On one hand, I can relate. I know illegals and have a girlfriend whose family is here illegally. They are all great people. She learned the language, put herself through nursing school and takes care of them all.

    If it was my family in Mexico, I would break any law on Earth to provide for them. Some things just take priority. I can relate.

    On the other hand, you cannot simply erase the border from existence as the poster above mentions. If you dont understand the necessity for a strong border, you are ignorant. Every halfway functional nation in the world has strong borders for very good reasons.

    I think ultimately, the blame for this sad situation rests on the shoulders of those in charge in Mexico. If they didnt have such a corrupt, authoritive government in Mexico, people would be able to make their way there. If they didnt have narcos killing and extorting businesses, people could make a life. The problems in Mexico can largely be traced back to the style of government they have.

    Instead, we have a dangerous country with little room for upward mobility. In the history of the world, bad governments have ALWAYS led to needless pain, suffering and death.

  7. Unless it's killings or kidnappings I'm calling bullshit. One of my closest friends is one of the EMT's for the border patrol who flies in the helicopter. His area i the worst, between Yuma and Tucson where it is the hottest and where they people are literally left to die. We were talking about how busy he has been this last year compared to the year where they found the 14 dead bodies in the one group. He said the last few years have been slow. You hear that? SLOW.
    And what are we supposed to do about the others? everyone forgets that most of these guys are there %100 voluntarily. These guys all signed up to put their families and loved ones in deaths hands. And don't tell me they are forced out of economic reasons or out of fear because the last time I looked, there was still plenty of people in Mexico. This is all a problem that is brought on by themselves and no one else.

  8. 11:40 thank you this is a really nice way to speak your mind and as an undocumented migrant I do understand the way you think about us but we only do it to give our families a better life and better future and I know that is not an excuse for us coming to your country. But what would you do if your family dint have a future in own country? jst like your ancestors did this nation is not build byt jst 1 type of raze thats what makes this country the best country in the world cuz we are the world the world lives in this nation

  9. It could be anyone using the Zetas brand too for extortion...but anyway cheer's for putting this story up UN VATO,i just cant imagine how treacherous it would be too cross through miles and miles of desert and watch as your water supply runs low and watch as others drop off and die or too exhausted to trek any further...i would not ever want to be in those poor peoples shoes....and then you have family's depending on you to make money to send back,so you must trek on....oh man.

  10. To answer all racist dimmers all bullshit reponses. When you love your family you will do anything to get them food and a roof, and be near them. Sadly it's reality because policys that have affected people. Immigration is a actual created problem by major economies in the world. They create things like the threaty of the Americas , the pananma bridge, etc etc which leads to countries loosing resources, which creates immigration because people can no longer sustain their families with the income and high prices on food,shelter transportation etc etc.... It's a taboo because people do not like to face reality. But I know did because I wanted to know what made me n my family leave my country . N it's sad to see countries greed creates such big problems. And I almost died , my father as well. I am a lucky one and that's why I decided to not return o my homeland unless I'm worth something that makes my parents proud. They took a trip risking their lives all for a brighter future my parents couldn't obtain during ther live.
    Please have respect for undocumented people. There is no such thing as illegals. Because at the end of the day even te United States of America was Build by immigrants . It's history is one of immigration. Remember that America.

  11. Any conversation about illegal immigration always gets the racist nativists babbling about controlling the borders etc. How about let's deport the native white trash first? Whenever I look at hard working people, the illegals are always at the top of the list unlike the meth-addicted white trash. When I had a ranch in South Texas my neighbors and I always saw illegals - we would give them water and directions if they needed it. We never reported any of them to La Migra. I hate La Migra as much as they do. And no, I am not Latino!

    1. God bless you brother.

    2. @6:19

      You deride racism and then turn right around and talk about deporting white trash and calling them all meth addicted losers? Your hypocrisy and anger is astounding.

      The reason we don't deport white trash is because we have a society that is still based at least partially on the Constitution. When you begin picking and choosing which undesirable citizens should be deported, you are one step away from complete tyranny, which is always one step away from genocide.

      Enforcing strong borders is a part of life around the world. The solution is not to simply put you, me or some government bureaucrat in charge of hand-picking a desirable population. If you cant understand why, I suggest you visit the local library and study a little history.

  12. a factor for school problems is that a husband leaves his family, comes to the US, finds another woman, has kids, gets deported, now she finds another, has kids..........nobody ever mentions that!

  13. Thank all of you for your comments. I have read countless stories, articles, laws , etc., on this subject, and talked to many, many undocumented/illegal immigrants, and I am no closer to proposing a solution than anybody else. Realistically, I think the best we can hope for is, at a minimum, to identify the objectives behind any legislative proposal on this subject and establish a methodology to evaluate the proposals themselves. I don't think there is anything like a perfect solution; there are simply too many competing interests. But I would like to see a debate stripped of all racist, ideological and political nonsense so the subject can be discussed rationally. I may be naive, but I see the problem as primarily one of international commerce, economics and demographics, thus amenable to reasonable debate.

  14. My dos centavos...
    We all know how decisive and complicated the issue is. But we can as compassionate humans separate the legal issue from the humane issue and they are two unrelated issues.

    Giving basic needs for survival is humane,
    immigration reform and its elements is a legal issue.

    We can support one without the other. When I saw the bodies of the Tamps 72, those human beings slaughtered like animals because they refused to join letra should be heroes.

    All that said, the percentage of Lat Am economic migrants has decline drastically for over a decade and the overwhelming majority of undocumented migrants coming into the US are now Asian.

    I believe reinstating the temporary worker program would be a good start. the Bracero program it was called. paz, chivis

    1. Guest workers without citizenship right to their children. Without that, migth as well keep the border open as it is now

  15. If u.s.a. Will sell a work permit for 5000 dollars a migrant well pay the $ 5000 to the u.s.a
    But how ther is not such a thing they rather pay the $5000 to a heartless "coyote" risking there lifes.
    America would know who is cuming in and out the country they will b getting money from migrants and "coyotes" and cartels wouldn't have the extra money. But I dnt understand why not do that if they have 1000s of migrents entering the good u.s.a any ways.

  16. Mexico is our neighbor. Mexico also shares a history with us in this hemisphere that goes back far before the signing of our Declaration of Independence. The western hemisphere of the globe has historically been called the new world. When, for sake of defending some argument, people try to simplify and gloss over these basic facts, and then jump to an unqualified conclusion that lumps Latin America into the same equation as the nations of the old world (Europe, Africa, Asia...) I presume they are ignorant of the comprehensive totality of western history as it has played out since the 15th century. The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 was a wonderful example of the kind of thinking which we need to revisit. We need to see ourselves as a part of the Americas. The problems of Mexico are much in every way our problems. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later, sometimes at the same time. True, each of us are sovereign nations, however the original intention for the laws we created, were for the good of the people governed by them. Although, what is for the good of the people changes when you become a desplazado- a displaced person. If you haven't been driven out by war or economics realities beyond your control into abject poverty, as I have been for example, then this would be a good point for you to listen up about something which practically speaking, you have no idea or comprehension. To reiterate, we, of the Americas, have shared a far much more common history over the past 500 years than we have with the nations of the old world. Even the ones that colonized each of us: England, Spain, Portugal, France, Holland. This should draw us together instead of dividing us. I can think of many times over the years when I've needed practical and immediate help. I'm Anglo. Who has been a Good Samaritan to me? Very often some 'illegal alien'. They saw I needed help and didn't hesitate. I didn't ask if they had the 'legal' right to be in 'my' country. Let me also say they didn't just help me for appearances, but they always went the extra mile. When they who are outside our definition of sovereign laws, observe the law of the good neighbor better than we in our own country, then we must acknowledge that the original intention of the law is written on their hearts, more so than ours. Please don't try to twist the point I'm making- I'm not against my country or immigrants from other parts of the world either, and yet for censored reasons which dummied-up answers are employed to replace, our leaders stay focused on North Africa and the Middle East, while Mexico could really use our support and friendship, right now especially. However, what do we hear from politically outspoken people about Mexico, Democrats included? The most hateful, bigoted, and unreasonably hypocritical rhetoric. I'm a proud gulf war vet. I love my country... and Mexico... in spite of the negative in BOTH of our countries. Good reporting B.B.

  17. Many good points but one solution that was mentioned earlier is the Bracero Progam. It was effective in giving migrants good money for good work. Understandably that is the main reason we have a large immigration surge. In instituting the bracero program hard working immigrants would earn wages that would help stabilize their economy plight in their own country. Just an open minded line agent.

  18. only Mexicans get treated this way..any other people from anywhere else get the red carpet...ESPECIALLY the fukn hindus who have all of a sudden taken over all of the Shell stations and the Subways..THEY ARE GIVEN A MILLION DOLLAR LINE OF CREDIT, just to come here

    off all the evil committed by our country the world over..the persecution of Mexicans has got to rank in the top five

    only Mexicans are treated as criminals for only wanting to work hard to make a better life


  19. @ 6:19

    ...white trash...
    ...I am not Latino!

    The first rule in comparing things is to be on the same unit of measure. By your own words in describing two different sets of people, you show your bias. Argument discredited !!

    @ 9:59
    "overwhelming majority of undocumented migrants coming into the US are now Asian."

    En serio? Overwhelmimg majority ??? Maybe I've never noticed because I've never heard a recording say "Press 1 for 普通话" and the waitress at the Chinese buffet in McAllen greeted with with a "Buenas Tardes, que quiere para tomar?" Does Univision know about this? They seem obsessed with Latin American immigration.

  20. that's why we have immigration laws .and the law applies to everyone the question is why did you have children ?why would you want to put them in that situation ? if some good people have to suffer ,to stop the bad ones for coming over .that's fine with me .and also I would like to drop all the deportees off in the Yucatan Peninsula. let's take the drug money seized and build a railroad to the southern most point of Mexico as a new deportation Center.we can use (cattle cars)like the Germans did .

    1. 9:36. Where to BEGIN...YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST EVIL PERSONS, I have read post a comment on this site. Everything you wrote is so TWISTED, SICK AND REPULSIVE.. My brain is ready to explode. Whoever you are, you and HILTER need to be in the same place... BURNING IN HELL!! Also, I pray you did not have children and turn innocents into pyschos like yourself. God save us all from EVIL LIKE YOU and BLESS all the innocents who are doing all they can to give their children a better life. This story was heartbreaking enough without the psychos adding to it. Thanks for giving us another story about innocents and what it is like for them. God bless and keep safe. Texas Grandma.

  21. Look bottom line is that you cannot simply have a porous border because it it bad for everyone, the illegal immigrant who dies in the desert, the LEGAL immigrant who comes here honesty and is undercut by an illegal who will do the work cheaper. Even the famous worker rights hero Cesar Chavez campaigned for sealing up the border, he knew the right way to do things. We need outpost every 20 miles and put all the returning US military personnel out there so they can help people from dying and stop drugs from walking over. The sooner people learn that 95% of the time they try to cross they will get caught then illegal crossing will go way down and the real issue can start to be addressed, how to responsibly allow the large Latin American immigration population to come and work peacefully which is something we take for granted in this country....furthermore I still don't get the republican fury over the Latino vote for Obama, do they not understand that the Latino individual understands that they are being used and held in limbo by the conservative right wing corporation/factory/farm to continue to acccept low wages to make them rich. So obvious. The funniest was when The state of Alabama started to allow random citizenship checks by police and within a month there was nobody to harvest the crops and almost everything went to waste. Hilllarious!

  22. The caption for the picture of the form is wrong. Border Patrol drops off Mexican citizens at the bridges on the US/Mexico border. The Mexican officers don't accept non-Mexicans across the bridge for deportation.

    All Central Americans go to ICE and ICE flies them home... unless the aliens lie and say that they are Mexican.

  23. 10:21AM....
    Sadly you are very mistaken!!
    I have preached for 3 years about the practice of US dropping off CA nationals at the bridge and directing them into Mexico....on foot.

    The US is fully aware that they are from CA and compile a list of name-gender-country and age and notify Mexico consulates and they contact casa migrantes and send them the list. Casa Migrante also shares the list with foundations that help.

    I was shocked to discover this practice. a few repeat offenders (habitual) or dangerous migrants are flown. all others are dumped at the Mexican international bridge.

    How do you feel knowing this? no matter what side the issue you are it is frustrating. It is a lot easier to try again when you are so close you can touch the US.

    yet....narcos await the arrival and snatch women and men that fit their criteria right as they enter Mexico.....paz


  24. Asians Are Immigrations New Face

    Document: Pew Research Center Report, “The Rise of Asian Americans” .

    While Asian immigration has increased in recent years, the shift in ranking is largely attributable to the sharp decline in Hispanic immigration, the study said.

    About 430,000 Asians — or 36 percent of all new immigrants, legal and illegal — moved to the United States in 2010, compared with 370,000 Hispanics, or 31 percent of all new arrivals, the study said. Just three years earlier, the ratio was reversed: about 390,000 Asians immigrated in 2007, compared with 540,000 Hispanics.

    “Asians have become the largest stream of new immigrants to the U.S. — and, thus, the latest leading actors in this great American drama” of immigration, Paul Taylor, executive vice president of the Pew Research Center, wrote in the report.

  25. I just added a new post about the temporary worker program and a new video

  26. I was in downtown Houston in May 2006 when they had a big pro-immigration rally and march . As a dual U.S./Mexican citizen born in Texas , I was dismayed that the marchers waved Mexican flags , shouted anti-American slogans and demanded outright citizenship status . All my life I have helped dozens of undocumented immigrants from all over Latin America and I sympathize with their plight , but every country has civil , criminal and immigration laws that must be obeyed . Cross into any country illegally , including Mexico , and see where that act takes you .

  27. You are not racist you are just plane stupid, why american citizens can come to mexico whenever they want, no questions asked, how come mexicans dont have that liberty, its suppossed to be a mutual relation, its all about the color of the skin, i dont see i..c.e. Agents shooting canadians up north...

    It is because they do not come back to Mexico. Also because many people come pregnant to the USA to have a baby and create a US citizen. They also come if they are ill and hit the emergency room to get free medical. Many are steeling Mexican American ID's and heath insurance ID and getting half a million dollar cancer treatments and more for free. My neighbor here in Mexico just tried to get a visa and she had her medical work done. She has tuberculosis. Very contagious and found in more poor countries like Mexico. I live here and all Mexicans DO NOT have free health care. When an American crosses into Mexico he gets nothing for free. Cannot stay illegally because he will get caught at the first federal road block and sent home. There are no good paying jobs for Americans and when they cross they are not allowed to work, and will arrested and put in jail if they do. Americans go as tourists and they come home. they do not go illegally and take advantage of Mexico and the people because it is impossible. I have to renew my vise every 6 months. When I visiting visa for 6 months I had to show that I had at least $1,000 a month coming in while I was in Mexico. They check me for my car insurance at times, and all my paperwork. I do not call them racist because they are protecting their borders and interests when they pull me over. A person that wants to live in Mexico can not just cross at will. There is a lot of paperwork involved.

  28. First of all, to those who would single out ANY specific race, gender, or socio-economic class of people, take an honest look. 'Trash', negative HUMAN behavior, can be found in any race, both genders, and every socio-economic strata descriptive. I observe that often those who loudly preach fear about 'cheap immigrant labor from Mexico' might not be so worried about 'being replaced', yet they know they are being a lazy American in name only. It is pathetic to only use your personal citizenship as a cop out. Why not rather live by the message JFK spoke 50 years ago, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." There 'ain't' no free lunches in life, and anything worth having in life takes HARD work. Stop bragging about being a Democrat or Republican, repeating opinions you heard on TV, and letting your words speak louder than your actions. It is one thing to be wrong, it's another to scream about it. Have you ever worked HARD all day long, out in the the hot sun and cold icey snow, with a HARD WORKING crew of migrants from Mexico or C.A.? Hmmm... yet you know so much about the issues at hand? If you stop being lazy then your opinions about Mexicans might change.

  29. @ 3:55PM
    Americans can go into border cities few or no Qs. But when travelling inland from the border you absolutely need visa papers, and you better have them at check points.

    But, millions stay beyond the visa and live in Mexico. I saw the number but can't remember so perhaps someone can help.

    Yes Mexico has "Undocumented Americans" living there. I have 2 friends doing that as we speak.
    Same with CAs. they are largely undocumented and the new laws supposedly to protect them sot of like a temp visa is crap and not worth the paper it is written.

    I have dual citizenship via marriage. In my husbands country one is not born into citizenship there are rules. many countries are like that. Either one parent must be a citizen or legal resident. I have two passports but never used anything but US.

    Your story of the cancer treatment via medical card theft is bogus. Don't feed into myths. Medical benefits other than emergency (er) is not given by presenting a card. ID must be proven, most doctors offices require multiple identifications now and make copies.

    @ Joe Lara...
    I find those marches disrespectful and counter productive

  30. Alabama is doing just fine. It's funny reading all the negative stories on CNN and Huffpo. Oh sure all the crops died on the vine LOL. The unemployment rate is down to 7.1% and the "papers please" state is ranked in the top 5 in the country for doing business. Lots of LEGAL immigrants have found jobs in the state in agriculture and meat processing. I only hope Republicans make them understand they have that job because immigration laws were enforced.

    1. Well then why were farmers asking for federal aid genius? Maybe the govt just subsidizes them to grown nothing now like they do other farmers in this country, but NOOOO those aren't handouts are they??

    2. well said Alabama. Here in AZ we were supposed to go under from the 2010 boycott and subsequent cancelations of business with the State. LOL, the State is now better off than it has been in years, the economy is stable and growing with healthy growth. The budget is ballanced and our unemployment rate is going down every quarter. Lower middle class Americans can now rent a home in a safe neighborhood at a good amount. However, don't look for this story in the media. And forget about a story on giving Gov. Jan Brewer credit

    3. Funny how the top 10 states that receive federal aid are traditionally red states. Alabama is right up there. And AZ? Come on, vast tracks of houses unfilled and falling apart, mines closing down, underground meth labs. Only thing you got are call centers moving in to take advantage of the limited workforce protections ur state has, like the new India of the US.

  31. An observation, the comments derived from this article are from both sides of the issue and the middle ground. It is encouraging to see it has not resulted in a war of race or otherwise. People are being respectful. Far from the fiasco this week on forum of the same subject. I will never go back to that place of ugly and evil.

  32. Do people living in Central America truly understand the dangers awaiting their between their homes and Tucson, AZ? If they understood all the ways they could be ripped off, raped, sent into prostitution or drug smuggling, or killed - would they still go? Are local newspapers and radio stations telling the real story there??

  33. why don't Mexicans change their situation? why do they need to come to theUSA? the egyptians did it, the Syrians are getting there. Whats up with Mexico? the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of tyrants every now and then!!! don' t continue being the p@#$%ys for ever!

    1. Only if it were so simple remember yesvin other countries they protest the government to the point of revolting it but there is unity that helps that purpose in mexico people live in fearvnot knowing if they or family members are gng to make it to see another day they have a corrupt political , judicial , executive state , local and even military some due try but its an endless battle in mexico if its not the narcos you worry bout its the government so some people worry about retaliation from either party just for speaking up will protesting or revolting make a difference who knows is it a risk people are willing to take ? If you pay close attention their are groups that are formed from so called innocent people that are tired of the evil plagueing their nation so they take matters in their own hands being judge and jury since the system has failed them and they do this in order to protect themselves and their families so not all cowards they will take a stand when necessary peace !

  34. 5:37pm
    of course they know. that is how desperate they are. don't you get it?
    as for rape more females get raped than don't they take birth control before the trip knowing the possibility is high. even 13 year old females because they know the chance is high of getting raped.

    the video says 50 thousand have been killed since i think 2007, and i read 10 thousand to 12 thousand go missing every year. in stead of saying that they should do the impossible, why not consider an action that benefits everyone.
    don't count your chickens I feel a surge in my bones

  35. juarez is going back to la linea. a new resurgence of violence is going to take place. connect parral, ciudad chihuahua, ahume, juarez, jimenez,

  36. Overpopulation and unemployment due to high productivity won't be resolved peacefully as tragic that is. Middle America is exporting its overpopulation to the USA and one day this will have a big backslash because the negative effects can't be managed anymore. You see it already on smaller scale with some militia border controls in Arizona.

  37. About egypt. Their population increase in the last 50 years is huge and the country can't really feed them without outside help. Whatever the current regime does it won't "solve" the issue. You can expect either inner or exported violence. It's only a question of when and not if.

  38. Temporary worker program?
    Hahaha with 16% unemployment in the USA.
    NO ONE should be allowed in, legal or Illegal.
    Not until every American that wants a job is back to work!
    Yeah the Obama regime artificially keeps the number at 8% but they intentionally do not count the millions who cannot collect unemployment or have given up looking for work.
    Socialism destroys every Nations it sinks it's fangs into!

  39. Little boy Lito Brito, you need to get a life KID..
    Immigration Reform now?
    You sound like one of those RACIST La Raza Mutts who give all Mexicans a Bad name..
    i see your posts all the time and you NEVER had anything relevant to say!


  40. "About 430,000 Asians — or 36 percent of all new immigrants, legal and illegal..."

    "overwhelming majority of undocumented migrants coming into the US are now Asian."

    The statement was that Asians are now the overwhelming majority of UNDOCUMENTED migrants. Is that statement accurate?

    I received 2 comments addressed to me giving “proof” medical insurance theft exists with two links. I chose not to post because reading both, one a 2009 case another 2005, were:

    White collar crimes from internal employees
    Nowhere did either article say “for migrants/non Americans” and the total of cases were 420

    Not quite earth shattering. That said, I speak in “general” terms when citing issues and there is always exceptions and if you read your proof you will see even years ago insurance companies changed standards and criteria to prevent use of insurance belonging to another.

    Both articles spoke of the new measures enacted to assure no one but the insured uses the insurance. As I previously stated it is very difficult to do. My doctor requires a DL, takes a photo for file and blood type. I always wondered why as I have been a patient for 2 decades, now I know.

    That said, the biggest misuse of medical care is emergency room. Many uninsured persons use the ER as a replacement mostly for non-emergency situations, and overwhelmingly those people are American citizens.

    Where the largest migrant medical abuse exists is birthing. And largely to give birth to an American. My opinion is that the US should look at the overwhelming majority of other countries that reject the notion that being born in a country gives an automatic right to citizenship. IMO there is nothing evil or immoral or inhumane to enact federal laws that require one blood parent be a citizen or a legal resident.

  42. Asian Migrants -se my comment above and see PEW report or google it and many articles will pop us...yes they are the majority.

    So you don't get Asian prompts? You must live in Montana. :)

    About dumping CAs at the Mexican border. I think I may write a post about that. The priests at Casa Migrante agreed long ago to give me an interview. I myself am appalled at the practice, but did not think there would be a great interest, even here I asked how people feel about that if it so, and did not get even one reply. so...

    About BB forum...I will write a little post about the change

    Vato and I REALLY liked your comment

    have a great day everyone....Paz

  43. I came away from watching the 2006 pro-immigration march in Houston with a sense that most people in Latin America , especially Mexico , blame the U.S. for a lot of their country's internal problems . If they can muster hundreds of thousands of sympathetic marchers in one day than why not organize a revolution to topple the Mexican government . Why not trade in your taco trucks and churro carts for assault rifles and RPGs and march on Mexico City .

  44. Anonymous said...

    Little boy Lito Brito, you need to get a life KID..
    Immigration Reform now?
    You sound like one of those RACIST La Raza Mutts who give all Mexicans a Bad name..
    i see your posts all the time and you NEVER had anything relevant to say!
    January 27, 2013 at 2:55 AM


    blah blah blah ...phugauf joofly...I am a fixture here puto ..get used to it or GTFO

  45. January 26, 2013 at 6:47 AM
    "blah blah blah ...phugauf joofly...I am a fixture here puto ..get used to it or GTFO"
    This fuckin clown with his racist shit again,joofly=jew-fly?Why do you call everyone jewfly?Are you claiming somewhere else again,sittin in the US?You know how sad that is don't you.Why dont you get it tatted on your ass?Give this girl a box,oh,he already got a box,between his legs.

  46. "blame the U.S. for a lot of their country's internal problems"
    Look at the comments on here,they fuckin hate us.Why the fuck do you invite an enemy into your house,why do you help someone who hates you with a racist irrational hatred,lets not talk idealistic politically correct bullshit.We all know its true,even the mods and writers,lets talk truth,the jingoism,racism,antagonism,is beyond all rational thinking.It usually gets deflected onto the traditional object of hate,we must acknowledge the major faults of others.No matter how much we tried to help it would always be held against us in some way.Sincerely how can we help Mexico?At the end we are just people with our petty frailties.It is indeed very sad,but very true.

  47. Hey we got to admit here in america we have our own damn internal problems in corruptions at all levels of state and federal gov and we being taxed to death I dont understand how we claim to be in a deficit and help out all these countrys in billion dollars in aid every year Israel pakistan etc and so fourth people can complain bout what the us might do for Mexico but that's small change compared to what they do for other countries and that's the truth. Spending billions and billions on 2 wars iraq and Afghanistan so tell me what did the us gain nothing !


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