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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Narcofosa: Zetas Killed Four Women in Coahuila, Marines rescued more awaiting same fate

Borderland Beat

Saltillo., ( - Members of the criminal group "Los Zetas" kidnapped and executed four women and threw them in a clandestine grave in the town of San Buenaventura, Coahuila.

Moreover, the criminals held four other kidnapped victims whom they planned on killing later, reported the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).

"Staff of the Deputy of Research Missing Persons located four female bodies in a clandestine grave in San Buenaventura," said a statement from the PGJE.

The "narcofosa" was located when thanks to the navy they captured a woman first and then three members of a cell belonging to the criminal organization "Los Zetas" in the city of Monclova.

On Sunday, the elements of the navy captured Juanita Villegas Elizabeth Ibarra, "La Chave", 22, originally from San Buenaventura, who told of the location of the safe house and where they found kidnapped hostages.

Arriving at the safe house of the criminals, they were attacked with bullets. Marines were  searching the house in neighborhood of Las Flores in Monclova. In one of the bedrooms on the upper floor they found four hostages who said that criminals planned to kill them later."

In the safe house, agents "managed to rescue four people who had been held captive, exhibiting signs of torture from being tied hand and foot. They seized an arsenal of weapons for use by the Army and Air Force," added the report

Those arrested were identified as Guadalupe Reyna Martinez, Jesus Martinez Villanueva and Hugo Adam Lopez Alvarado.

"During the investigation, the accused said they had kidnapped the 4 women who had been buried in San Buenaventura."

In first statement, both Guadalupe Reyna Martinez and Jesus Martinez Villanueva reported that they took the lives of women because they belonged to an opposing group. 

The four bodies were found handcuffed "and two of them covered over the head with closed black plastic bags. Head trauma and contusions were the cause of death "

"The ages of the deceased varied between 18 and 30 years, and the time of death was within 72 hours. PGJE personnel are working on establishing the identity of the victims, "the statement said.

From the detainees were confiscated an arsenal of two fragmentation hand grenades  K-400, ovoid, olive green, with lot numbers: HWB95K605-029 and EC-89E605.

Two percussion grenades M-118, 40 mm caliber, of high explosive, olive green and gold, a type assault rifle AR-15 Rock River Arms brand, model LAR-15, 5.56 x 45 mm caliber, illegible brand (deleted ), American manufacturing, retractable stock.

A square pistol, brand Colt .38 Super, registration 29291, American manufacturing.

Also: 21 magazines up to 30 cartridges caliber 5.56 x 45 mm, 6 magazines with a capacity of 30 cartridges caliber 7.62 x 39 mm.

Also: 1,301 cartridges caliber 5.56 x 45 mm caliber cartridges 150 5.7 x 28 mm and 95 cartridges caliber 7.62 x 39 mm and two aluminum baseball bats.

"The defendants could get life imprisonment and a minimum sentence of 60 years in prison on charges of homicide, illegal deprivation of liberty and burial underground," concluded the official statement.



  1. None were buried alive, I hope? That gives me nightmares. I hope they lock the losers up for 60 years instead of 60 minutes. That doesn't do a lick of good.

  2. Just FYI. 5.56X45mm ammo sounds menacing, but it's just a .22 on steroids. The bullet, which is a NATO round and what the AR was designed around, is a pussy of a bullet. In fact, it would be a hard kill for deer hunting. The round, which a .223 is basically the same thing, is used for varmint hunting. You know, coyotes, prairie dogs… When they designed the round, it wasn't made for killing, it was made to hurt (badly) a soldier. The idea was to hurt one guy and make another guy come out to get him. You hurt a slew of soldiers and they other guys will have to use their recourses to go and rescue them. Also, the AR doesn't stand for "assault rifle". There is no such thing as an "assault rifle". It stands for "ARMALITE", the company that invented it in the 1950's and it is the civilian version of the M-16. And despite what all the reporters say, in no way can you take one and make it a machine gun. The look similar, but mechanically they are totally different.
    I for one am tired of Feinstein and the Democrats going for our guns. As if Mexico isn't a good enough example of what happens when good guys can't defined themselves. There are MILLIONS of these guns, legally owned and used every weekend and you don't hear crap about them. Only when a mass shooting goes down, (Sand Hook had no AR used) they blame the gun and not the nut job. And any gun law they do pass does what? Statistics do not show that violence goes down, it goes up. Look at the most violent cities in the US and you see the most violent gun laws. And most of these mass shootings are done in "Gun Free" zones, that only the people that obey the laws follow.
    The NRA says "put a gun in a school" and they call them crazy. But Bill Clinton wanted the exact same thing after Columbine. A cop in every school. Why not? We have armed guards at banks, jewelry stores, pawn shops, but our kids aren't as valuable. The worst hypocrisy in this is Hollywood and the politicians who have body guards with guns, who portray violence on the screen, but they don't want US to defend ourselves? Obma's kids have 11 armed guards at their school. Yours isn't as valuable? Our leaders in Congress and the H of R have guards with full auto guns, but we can't use semi auto's for ours? These idiots forget the most important thing and that is it is our right under The Constitution. Like free speech and choosing a religion. What part of "Shall not be infringed upon" do they not get? Look at these poor 4 ladies who were killed. Believe it or not, women actually do fight off attacks and kidnappings in the US with a legal gun all the time. There have been school shooting stopped with legal guns. After the move theater shooter went nuts another guy tried the same thing. He shot his ex at a restaurant and then went in to a theater randomly shooting. Anyway, sorry about the rambling but whoever wrote this tried to scare people by using 5.56X45 as if they were grenades. Oh, and they did have grenades. Those are illegal in Mexico and in the US. So tell me how they got those? Not from a gun store in AZ, but they still have them. Imagine that. The bad guys having bad things that they shouldn't have.

    1. Well put agreed

    2. Just FYI. With the 5.56X45mm round more than 1, 000, 000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong soldiers were killed during the Viet Nam war.

    3. You are wrong. Until 1998 you could buy a Colt AR 15 then order a kit to make it full automatc. This kit was outlawed in 1998, but you still can get it in the black market.

  3. What a new begining. Hoped this hit would change but guess not. These motherfuckers need a new hobby.

  4. wonder,how many more safe houses they have people kidnapped and also wonder why get them and why not kill them i really think they should die the same way tourture them and then blast their brains out im so sick of these fucking zetas

  5. The mexican military being half ass effective god bless mexico coming out of big texas!!

  6. Great job from the agencies involved in saving these lives. Also Good job reporting!!! it does not get more accurate with serial numbers.


  7. Sooo many weapons confiscated in a country that bans guns!

    But, but, Obama and the Democrats say that you eliminate violence by banning guns!

    How can there be violence in Mexico? How???

  8. The "defendants" will get a slap on the wrist etc. think of what would happen in Texas is some gangbangers killed 4 people? Death penalty, hell yes! Mexico,being all civalized will do nothing, then cry about how the place is lawless?? Oh Well??

  9. As sad as all these recent events may seem I believe its an excuse to abolish our second ammendment right to bear arms and another way of population control its a scary thing for any government to know the possibility of any citizen revolt exists

  10. 2:22 pm
    Good points. I for one don't know my ammunition.

  11. Did yall read the charges carefully they could get 60 yrs for homicide, depriving them of liberty and the big one ......burial underground!!!!!! yeah you can't bury someone without permission....gotta pay the cuota.......
    It probably carries a longer sentence than homicide in Mexico................chow


  12. Z still hard at work with evil , for 2013
    Good Story Havana

  13. the kidnapped,they seem to have been affiliated with an apposing cartel....hehe they were very lucky,next time zetas...always a next time.

  14. Any pics of the detainees..

  15. Killed many deer and 300lb + nelgai antelope with my ar15 shooting 223 rounds. maybe you should try shooting where they eat not where they shit

  16. @ Jan 1 2013 6:04 PM. Please check your facts. 1,000, 000+ North Vietnamese and Viet Cong killed with the 5.56 round during the war in Viet Nam and you are trying to tell people that it was not designed to kill?

  17. Wtf kind of reasoning is that @ 6:04 pm? The bullet wasn't designed for killing? Ummmm all bullets were desigened to kill! I'm tired of all you gun loving idiots saying the gov is going after your guns. Nobody wants your guns idiot we want to restrict accessibility to weapons which are typically used for combat! There is no reason to have them! At the end of the day all guns are immoral. They were created with purpose of harming nothing more or less and if anything is built on that premise then it itself is immoral! Jim

  18. They weren't buried alive, it's a charge for NOT burying them

  19. @January 3, 2013 10:54 AM
    "Killed many deer and 300lb + nelgai antelope with my ar15 shooting"
    Imagine how these clowns would run if a fuckin deer shot back at them?That is the lamest shit i ever heard,,,huntin deer?
    "Im macho man,ill take that knife and stick it up your ass,im macho man"
    "killed many deer with my AR"Get the fuck outta here


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