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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mexican Army smokes 6 armed suspects

By Chris Covert

A total of six armed suspects were killed in  a firefight with a Mexican Army unit in Veracruz state Friday night, according to Mexican news reports.

A report which appeared on the website of Milenio news daily said that the gunfight was initiated when armed suspects travelling aboard a GMC Sierra pickup truck were signalled by an army road patrol to stop.  Instead the suspects opened fire on the military unit.  Army return fire killed six suspects.

The firefight took place on a road between the villages of Tamarindo and Cardel in  Puente Nacional municipality. The location is said to be close to Xalapa, the state capital of Veracruz.

Weapons and munitions seized in the aftermath include four rifles, six hand grenades and weapons magazines.

The army unit, part of the VI Military Region was operating as part of the Seguro Veracruz, a security program which was originally initiated during the administration of former president Felipe Calderon. It is one of four similar programs still in operation as a legacy of the previous administration.  Only one security program, Seguro Laguna has been a cancelled, although a similar program is is informal operation in that area.

The Milenio report included information from the VI Military Zone as to its activities since the start of the year.  Army units in support of Seguro Veracruz program has detained 11 unidentified individuals and seized 15 rifles, 11 handguns, 48 weapons magazines and 1,142 rounds of ammunition.

According to a statement included in the Milenio report by General de Division Diplomado de Estado Mayor Rene Carlos Aguilar Paez, a total of 10 armed suspects have been killed in gunfights with the military since January 1st.

Seguro Veracruz also includes units of Mexican naval infantry.

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  1. Smokes? Like tobacco?

  2. Smoked their sorry asses. Assume it was Zetas. Smoke all the Z sorry asses. Puro Marina

  3. no like bullet ridden and smoke rising out of the bullet holes.

  4. Yeah they got high off them dude

  5. smoke means teargassed or smokebomb.

  6. yup, like the smoke from the business end of a gun barrel.. smoked like a broke joke!!!

  7. For all that don't follow RANTBURG.COM.,you are missing out on world events that rarely are reported on in the USA. Plus, you get to read it with such a dark twist, it's addictive. I'll leave with "SMOKED", AS IN DEAD! Thanks, Chris and BB. Texas Grandma.

  8. Imagine rollin up to one of these road checks?
    What would you do?Put your foot down,try and outrun them,open fire or shit a brick?In them few seconds you time to think,i might be goin out here.
    Staying in cars,trucks,whatever is a huge target,a complete death trap.You see what bullets do them them.

  9. "smokes" "bagged" etc is Malo's signature style. He, Aci, myself, Buggs and J write a fair amount of original stuff and we all have a different style.

    I like Chris' writing, it is reminiscent to the great reporters reporting on the mafia back in the day.....paz, chivis

    again thank you Tex Gma.. :)

  10. Smoke coming out of their ass after being shot 20 times

  11. no pics? its nice to see pics of the aftermath..


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