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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kombo Kolombia: Possible Link to Zetas, CDG Accused of the Killings

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

The video below for Reporte Indigo, was released yesterday.  The video is in Spanish so I have pulled facts from the video to create an overview in English.  If you are English only I would recommend you view the video anyway as it contains an influx of video and still footage.

The second video is an interview by  María Julia Fountain in Milenio Radio,  of Maria Cristina Saenz Villanueva, mother of Saul Reynoso Saenz, whose body was identified yesterday.  Anguish is detected in her voice as she describes her loss, her son, and her dismay of her treatment by authorities. 

Note that this interview was before the body of her son was identified so hope remained in her heart that he was not with the group and still alive.  He was identified yesterday as one of the bodies.  He was 30 years old
Reporte Indigo:
Authorities of Nuevo Leon have investigated as a probable motive of the kidnapping and execution of the members of the group Kombo Kolombia, a possible connection with drug trafficking.  While the cartel CDG, aka Cartel del Gulfo is suspected of the mass killing.
One of the lines of investigation of the PGJE is pointing to a possible connection to the cartel known as Los Zetas.
Sources claim the disappearance of the 16 musicians and 4 helpers could be part of the war between the zetas and the CDG in Nuevo Leon, but the mass execution mainly subscribe to  the dispute that these two drug cartels maintain for the route of the road 'Monterrey – Monclova' that connect the states of Nuevo Leon and Coahuila.
The bodies that have been taken out one by one were found half naked, and presented signs of torture and coup de grace in the head. Authorities surmise they were executed by their kidnappers shortly after being taken. (the witness reported they were beaten, shot and thrown into the well by 2s)
The band is said to have played at Topo Chico penitentiary, arranged by Zetas
The Governor Rodrigo Medina revealed that the that the bodies found, 17 as of today, belong to the musicians. (there are rumors that the well was possibly used for disposing victims of other killings) 
Kombo Kolombia performed live in dance halls and night clubs found in Monterrey and the metropolitan area that form part of the drug distribution net of the zetas. Among these places,  stand out night clubs as El Sabino Gordo, Internacional and Dorado Saloon, have been the location of previous  attacks by hit men of the Gulf Cartel, as the locations are considered as a financial net of the zetas.
A high caliber  official  reports that the zetas in Monterrey supported the musicians by booking them performances and gained  contracts with the bars that paid protection fees to the  criminal group
Also being investigated are the performances  of Kombo Kolombia in private parties that members of the zetas organize in Monterrey and even performances in the penitentiary of Topo Chico in Monterrey.
Most of the members of the kombo Kolombia are inhabitants of the colonia Independencia, home of the movement of Colombian music or ‘Vallenato’ in Monterrey, but it is also a neighborhood where drug trafficking has put down roots and has become a source of hit men of organized crime, mainly for the zetas cartel.
The death of the members of the Kombo Kolombia adds to the number of murders of other musicians and singers that have been executed for possible nexus with organized crime in Mexico.
On this list are “Sergio Vega”, “el shaka”, and “Sergio Gomez”, of the band Kpaz de la Sierra.
Last year in Nuevo Leon, 5 members of the rap group Mente in Blanco were executed in the municipality of San Nicolas by hit men linked to CDG, today is the turn of the musicians of Kombo Kolombia.

“My son has fear, he said that this was his last gig”

Mother of Saul Piña Reynoso Saenz (Maria Cristina Saenz Villanueva) via telephone:
Question: Did your son told you about who had hired them for the performance last Thursday on the municipality of Hidalgo on the bar la Carreta?
The boss of the group with alias Vallenato, was who received the call and was arranged to meet at one place,  but then they were taken to this place, La Carreta. I went to that place and saw the things, the instruments, the trucks were with the doors wide open, the truck/bus that carried the instruments was also there, open. It was painful to see the place.

I am tired of this situation; I have lost faith; I don’t know what to do, my son was a good person, he wasn’t involved in anything bad.
Question: Had your son tell you about any problem or threat that they had received or that he wanted to retire from the music world?....... -continues on next page-

He did said, precisely on Wednesday, a day before that it was going to be the last time that he was going to play. That he wanted to work in a business, that he wanted to leave this job because he was afraid, but he didn’t tell me of what he was afraid of.

I really don’t know what happened to the group, why they hurt so many families. My son didn’t consume drugs; I never saw him high during the time he was in that environment, he lived with a girl, they were going to get married.
Question: Was he afraid of the situation that we are living on the last years in the state?
For sure, he was afraid. One time, he told me that also in a ranch, they were threatened, but since I am ill, he didn’t tell me many things. But he was afraid, he said that it was the last gig he did.

He turned 30 on January 22 and he threw a small party, he told me “Mom, take care of you and take care of my children”. I don’t know if he sensed that he was going to die. It was strange to me that he told me that and I stayed with that in my mind since then.
Why do you say that you didn’t receive much support from the authorities and which authorities were those?
Last night we went to the ministerial police because they called us about some bodies that were found. We went there and they treated us very rudely, in fact one of the agents was arguing with my brother in law and told him that if he didn’t shut up, he was going to put him in (jail).
I told him that they should understand that we were worried and wanted information but they were very rude. When we went out, they were going behind us and carrying a machine gun, we were afraid and decided to leave.
I don’t know what is going to happen. This should stop. I don’t know if this new president is going to stop this or is going to be like the last president. I really don’t know what is going to happen.


  1. I admit i don't speak all that much spanish to follow along too well, but am i wrong in that somehow the zetas are involved in the distribution of music cd's and maybe they were somehow tied in with them that way, am i also ignorant in that the zetas are also involved in the music business. if this was the case, they probably had arguments about the selling of bootleg music and the band not recieving hardly any royalties and having to play for free i bet...somehow if this is tied in somehow. the music business has always been very close to the shady side of the business world...

  2. hey,i dont mind there music at all...damn shame this happened...its music Bands like these what bring happiness too so chilled out.
    Bloody Cowards who did this,hope they find the Murderers.
    Thanks for clips Chivis.


  4. "Authorities suspect they were executed by their killers"

    Are you kidding me? What kind of fucktard would write such a stupid statement?

  5. @9:13
    oh wow, a mistake imagine that! yes genius It should read kidnappers.

    I threw your comment up as an example of gross incivility and stupidity.

    Now back on the meds.

  6. not taking shit today, good for you.
    you should have said 'just listen to the video'.
    another great post. I'm sure he-she-it had to run and google the word incivility.

  7. @8:47pm wot u call cleaning is it?,CDG would be useless without there father figure papa Chapo to hold his are all worthless scum.

  8. When I go to Mexico I keep 2 ARs with me and my Five seveN on me.

    1. Then I'll steal em off your dead body

    2. Nd then ill steal them off.your killers.dead.body lol

    3. And then they'll find it next to a dead american and call it fast and furious lol

  9. Zetas extorting everything even music bands they're hurting cant just traffic drug gotta do kidnappings extorting protection rackets horse races now music I believe this music group didnt have a choice in the matter the z told them we need you to play here tonight blame the z and exterminate the z but leave the innocent out of it they were damned if you do damned if you dont .

  10. January 30, 2013 at 8:06 PM In the narco enemy busyness anyone is fair game, I don't think Kombo Kolombia were involved whit the Zetas but they knew them and worked as personal entertainers, while performing they will send their greetings to Zeta cartel bosses and that was good enough for the rivals to kill them.

  11. Cartel Cheerleader Example:


    January 30, 2013 at 8:47 PM

    Usually a bi-lingual hispanic living in the U.S. Who used to claim some stupid street gang like Sur 13, or MS, Norte 14, or some Eastide Locos bullshit. An individual who feels safe at home to type away threats and bang online. Internet Gangster, thats not even cutting it. Your narco-corridos are traumatizing you.

    Come to Zacatecas, anywhere...Ask them where the Chapos and the Golfos are...................? Exactly.

    atte: la cabeza

    1. @la cabeza primo no seas mamon yo vivo en zacatecas y ya es mas del 80% golfo el territorio no te agas pendejo desde pinos loreto ojocaiente que son la zona del lado de ags y slp esos munisipios son golfos por el lado de jalisco florencia villa nueva y pegado a durango rio grande es golfo lo que estan peliando en la ciudad de zacatecas fresnillo por que asta jerez es ya territorio golfo ya nomas lo k asen los ztas es calentarles las plazas que le an arrevatado los CARTELES UNIDOS,CDG, C.T.G.M Y CDS a si Que no diga que los ztas estan fuertes en zacatecas como antes por que la gente fiel a talivan bricaron bandera con los golfos por eso es slp zac parte de gto nvo leon y coahuila ya estan los golfos bien metidos....zacatecas a 100. ..


  12. It looks like these guys were not so innocent after all. If you're the house band for one of the cartels, don't be surprised when the rival cartel decides that you've played long enough.

  13. It's Fuck Up in Mexico. Any official is on the take. Corruption!!!! Mexico has been template for Corruption....

  14. puro zetas!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahuevo!!!! ardidos que no pueden con la ultima letra,por eso matan gente inocente por desesperacion!!!! igual que el cartel de traiciones,el mentado cds,bola de culones!!!

  15. 9:50
    Hahahaha you used the c word. There have been so many times i wanted to do that. You made my morning.

  16. chivis not that i don't trust you i was curious so i looked and your article is different the zocalo only the manta is same but of course it would be.
    and the photo is not out there at all, checked 'google image search' and nothing. great reporting. people have no life so troll on blogs trying to stir the pot ignore them

  17. Its not about killing rivals or cleaning up the streets, They are killing their own people killing the mexican race. But regardless what race you are, you live by the sword, You die by the sword. They way you live Is the way You are going to die, thats is written in book of truth.

  18. la that what the guys in high school called you

  19. This is heartbreaking. Doubtful we will ever know why. If there even is a reason.

  20. So off topic...but, if anyone knows about or heard about the Defensores de Cristo (Defenders of Christ) sex cult in Mexico, please drop me an email they are human traffickers and have been busted in places like N Laredo, which leads me to believe narco involvement may exist as hard to believe they would sit back and allow this to happen freely . thanks!

    1. Chivis just write an article, on what deep shit Mexico is.. serial killers, rapist, mass murders , cartels and now sex cults . Mexico is garbage.. I respect the hard working Mexicans , who want a clean Mexico, but let's face it Mexico is done.. the Mexicans who want to work and live free are harass by either military,cops and cartels.. no wonder Mexicans wanna live in the US.. they're country is a freaking mess..

  21. This proves just what good people Cartel Del Golfo really are.

  22. So many people CDG are such nice guys.
    Remember, Z and CDG were basically the same cartel for many years. This actions proves both groups are despicable criminals, cut from the same cloth.

  23. well fuck them if they had something to do with the Zeta's.

  24. @9:14pm you are ignorant,they probably had no choice....

  25. gulf cartel are great people

  26. If your linked to the zetas then you deserve what el chapo and the mexican army dishes out to you. A good zeta is a dead one. No one supports a criminal group who kidnaps and tortures innocent business owners.

  27. Gulf Cartel??......what happened to the Gulf Cartel???.....they were once a strong independent Cartel in there own right....what they go and kill Band members,they extort and kidnap.....and blame other's,they run into nightclubs and gun innocent people just gone out to have a good time,what is that?...pissweak CDG!!!

  28. February 1, 2013 at 9:23 AM
    Oh no its not,murders,femicides,mass hangings,bodies dumped en masse in broad daylight,video dismemberment of bodies,chopped up alive,extortion,kidnap,shootings,"these all go on in other countries,,,don't they"?Errr no,actually no."But get your own countries in order,how dare you point these things out.What about gringo school shootings in US"?Errr,they are committed by anti social psychopaths and are aberrations,not daily occurrences,the police usually turn up and close it all down"It is all the fault of the gringo crackheads and US drug market"Errr,so by that reasoning we could place blame on Mexico creating the drugs to be sold to enslave young kids and think nothing about it,just as they are doing to Mexican youth?"It is all down to US policy to enslave Mexico"Errr,here is my train,,see ye.

  29. across to the bus station in mexico like a ten min drive but to say the least the border patrol didnt ask for my wives us passport nor my daughters or mine.. Hell they didnt even ask to see mu i.d. Only the taxi drivers info was taken... An first ""spelling aint perfect im a white boy"" monterrey, guadalajara, uruapan, chilpancingo, acapulco, mexico city,""and not the worst parts but def not the rich gdl i was in a real nice county alot of private neighborhoods alot of the places reminded me of my home town in gdl . Walmart , sams, mcdonalds, etc except we dont have every kinda officer in a uniform trying to get money off you especially if your american!! The whole country needs to decide do i wanna keep the path thats decades strong or try to fig a way to change??? But errrrr thats not even a question because the rich an powerful people of usa an mexico got a deal send weapons south , drugs north and both currupt countries can make dinero under the water ... Thats why legalization wont happen its all way above any of us can even try to do anything... I dont care if were a milion strong all this death an problems is bought an paid for over an over again so many times it cant an wont ever be stopped call me negative call me whatever but decades in usa and 5 years here... I knew every word i typed before i ever entered mexico to live... Are you serious the job securitykeeping drugs illegal from federal to state to county to city to village township etc its just so sick to have all this on my mind an to know that for at least 70 years usa has been invading countries,starting wars an setting up bases for few reason to control growth of heroin producing countries or at minimum have a hand in it as well as areas producing cocaine or even to be near transit countries to bust loads and resell or barter for black ops and things nobody knows about... Do you have a clue how many times us elite teams go an do crazy crazy missions in countries world wide ?? Daily/nightly and with our debt steady growin in last 100 years but the public only getting a taste lately we gotta fund it somehow.... So americans are willing an ready daily to purchase drugs so we thru a few middle men sell more drugs than the cartels do to usa yup our government our dea our cia but avg joe only knows one side of life .. Ive seen all four sides .. Anyways feed that hunger purchase weapons handle ops that the house wont finance an boom keep this country rockin away to its fake as hell tune its been for too long!! But who/how do you stop it? Cant sorry gotta just wait til some middle easterner blows usa or half to whole world to bits .. Cuz so many countries are sick of our fake propaganda we pump 24/7 on tv , newspaper an yet were doing all types of every dirty dark unimaginable things to so many in the world its only a matter of time before we can all kiss our asses bye bye.... But until then friends show your family or whoever you love that you really do in fact love them stop fighting over dumb shit be happy with what you have be faithful and just take each day as the best day you have cuz none of us know when its gonna blow.... But its gonna thats for sure... Sorry i didnt touch on subject i just wanted to drop/vent about some thing now that ive lived all over mexico and currently live in acapulco with friend all along the coasta grande area!! And many many diff estados... Ok hope you publish this if you feel it has anything worthy .. If not no prob im a borderland beat reader forever. Peace, love , and whatever your higher power is..... Sincerely yours, *P*H2o

  30. I just wanna say i spent hrs typing this an it woulda been great to know im allowed 4,096 letters or numbers not til im done does it say that and i had some real powerful things to say but thanks have fun reading my chopped up screwed up edition... Im so upset... How hard is it to have a charectar counter next to the box we all comment in an some of my best parts of what i said got erased all because im only allowed 4,096 characters... Sweet real real sweet ... Wow thats gotta be a good couple weeks off bb to not be so upset at such a dumb thing when i poured my heart an soul into that just to tell me it cant be published cuz its to long wow
    Peace. ***p***H2o

  31. the ZZ-tape company that they were affiliated with was there undoing,the band members did not deserve to die.....the officials in the band that set up bookings and all that shit may have deserved it for being connected to the letter,but not the muso's.

    RIP-Kombo Kolombia

    So,whats Los Zetas gonna do about this??
    Cop this,cop cock i say...

  32. chivis, aqui hay una historia de los defensores de cristo si le interesa:

  33. "chivis, aqui hay una historia de los defensores de cristo si le interesa"

    Gracias, su ayuda es muy apreciada! Chivis

  34. 10:03 remarked that when He Gos to Mexico he keeps 2 AR's and his 357 on him..??? Hey Pal,
    I happen to live there and no fucken asshole in his right mind packs in Mexico unless he's in the "Bizz" because they Lock U Up and Forget about you for any gun nevermind a fucken Automatic assault rifle. In Mexico these days
    possesion of any type of weapon without the proper "Paper Work" and your Ass is Theirs..!


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