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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Durango side of La Laguna receives federal and state security reinforcements

By Chris Covert

The arrival of Mexican naval infantry units as well as Durango state police units in The Durango side of La Laguna region have taken place since Friday, according to Mexican news accounts.

Since last Thursday, when a large part of the municipal police forces of Ciudad Lerdo and Gomez Palacio were detained and sent to the Durango state capital to face investigation -- and in some cases charges -- rumors  have abounded on Twitter that Mexican naval infantry units had been dispatched to the region to beef up security.

Last Thursday Mexican Army units, probably from the 10th Military Zone, arrived on the Durango side of La Laguna to disarm local police.  Under normal circumstances such an action would be routine as the Mexican Army is charged with enforcement of the Mexican national Firearms and Explosives Act. It appears to be standard operating procedure for Mexican military zone commanders to disarm police units en mass for weapons checks. 

Instead, the local police had apparently been disarmed in anticipation of the mass detention of 158 police agents including two municipal police chiefs from Ciudad Lerdo and Gomez Palacio, Durango.

According to a report posted on the Animal Politico website the action left the Durango side of La Laguna with no active local police.  Since Friday's mass detentions only 30 police agents have been released.

According to a news report posted on the website of El Diario de Coahuila news daily, fresh reinforcements have arrived since Friday including Durango state ministerial police and Direccion Estatal de Investigacion (DEI) police agents to help with security in the La Laguna region.

The news report said that checkpoints have been erected in the Durango side of La Laguna and that both levels of security Durango state and federal units which include Mexican Army, naval infantry and Policia Federal are all involved in security operations in La Laguna.

All the renewed security activity being coordinated by the Vice Fiscalia the Mexican equivalent of a district attorney, although the Animal Politico report said the Emergency Telephone number 066 in La Laguna is being answered by the army.  The report also characterized the Vice Fiscalia as being paralyzed by the severe increase of crime especially in armed robberies.  The report also claimed the Vice Fiscalia offices are without support staff to carry on their work.

The closing of Centro de Readaptacion Social (CERESO) Number 2 in Gomez Palacio by the Mexican interior ministry last month has presented new challenges now that detainees must be transported to the state capital to face trial and charges.

In the previous iteration of the Seguro Laguna security operation, a Mexican Army commander had the task of coordinating security operations among the three levels of government, but news reports seem to point to a paralyzed legal staff forced to coordinated security in the Durango side of the region.

Last Saturday night, Durango journalist Ruben Cardenas tweeted that the Torreon and Coahuila side of La Laguna had been shut down and that night life on the Coahuila side had all but ended because of security concerns.

A day later several reports of gunfights, presumably between criminal gangs that operate in the area have been reported.

According to a news article posted on the website of El Siglo de Torreon news daily, gunfire was reported in several colonies in Torreon municipality including ejido Ana and Torreon Jardin and Jacarandas colonies.  A Sunday tweet by Ruben Cardenas also reported gunfire in "various zones", as he put it, in Ciudad Lerdo in Durango including on Bulevar Miguel Aleman.

Cardenas also reported on Twitter Saturday that several dead were reported in Anna colony as well as the village of Oribe Peralta in Torreon municipality.

In most of the news report, the idea being put forth is that the Durango side has been enjoying reinforced security, albeit with a civilian staff barely able to handle their new task, but the Coahuila side has been all but abandoned.  Little activity by the Coahuila state government has emerged even as gunfights and deaths have been reported on the Coahuila side of La Laguna.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for


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    baggy said"Decriminalize,distribute,tax,regulate and treat those who develop problems with drugs... otherwise let grownups do whatever the fuck they choose to do, just like smoking and drinking, both bad shit with bad consequences but its a grownup choice that people make,nobody forces them to do it and in most cases it doesn't have an impact on others..."
    if in most cases you mean ignore the 89 percent of locked up criminals that committed a crime while intoxicated, a crime they would not have committed if they were sober then you need to do a little more in depth study of your own.

    in most cases drugs have a direct impact on nearly every rape, robbery, Property, Public-order and Violent crime in this country.

    I have this to say about drugs. you can quote me
    " if as a country we could stop people, "children and adult" from doing drugs i could safely say that in the near future crime could be reduced rapidly and steadily."

    1. You lost your mind if you actually believe any of what you just said.

  2. This is all happening because of alexis guerrero and regulo caro being the best, the durango army should know.

  3. Cabreras/GN are making a huge push for La Laguna since late last year. There's already hundreds of GN stationed in Torreon and Zetas aren't able to fight back. They're running to Matamoros, Francisco Madero etc.. El Pinky doesn't know what to do and GN is looking for him.

    1. How do you know that or you are just guessing what's going on please reply

    2. This guys lying matamoros is a CDG stronghold why would the Z rjn there.... FALSE!!!

    3. There is a Matamoros just outside of Torreon too. - JC

    4. Puro CARTEL DE JALISCO! !!!! atte:El orejas

  4. GN are worse than Zetas.

  5. January 21, 2013 at 9:47 AM
    "Decriminalize,distribute,tax,regulate and treat those who develop problems"
    Isn't he the aussie prick who thinks he knows everything,with his sad ass jokes?Callin yoself baggy is all you need to know about this prick.

  6. Are the Gente Nueva still aligned with CDS?

  7. gn cant win shiitt! zetas al cien!

  8. @9;47am that doesnt fkn prove anything!!! what about the other 200+ million ppl around the world who do take drugs and they seem to control themselves?

  9. get a chance pull up ton of stories about cartel drug war here on the us border.
    "WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagon is stepping up aid for Mexico's bloody drug war with a new U.S.-based special operations headquarters to teach Mexican security forces how to hunt drug cartels the same way special operations teams hunt al-Qaida, according to documents and interviews with multiple U.S. officials."
    the stories i just heard are not yet downloaded to the site but two plus tons marijuana in stash house raid. women taking massive injection of birth control to combat rapes received while traveling with coyotes. towns and villages arming themselves against cartel and criminal activity. just to name a few goings on.

  10. "Cabreras/GN are making a huge push for La Laguna"
    I wondered what happened when"El Inge"was arrested,who allowed it to happen,,him and his brothers are bosses of GN but his brothers are still there.What about Los Ms,Nunez Meza bros,they were fighting each other at one point,whos aligned with who?Anyone here sort this shit out for us,one minute they together under CDS,then they gettin killed and arrested an shit.Is it true that Flaco Salguiero and Cabrera/GN wanted to run Durango instead of Los Ms Nunez Meza?Or is that boolshit?Some know.

    1. Yeah its true.Los Cabreras and Salgueiros teamed up( underneath the table) and tried to take the Durango plazaS from los Ms in particular their main leaders. First by killing one or two of M-10 people then it became more constant,it didn't take long for M-10 and M-11 to figure out who was disputing their plazas,so what does M-10 do? He calls Chapo and tells him whats going on,apparently Chapo listen to M-10 but didn't give instructions,basically time passed and Chapo didn't do shit,so what M-10 and his brother did was fight off the Cabreras and Salgueiros until both of them got arrested,after their arrest.Somewhere throughout this Chapo,Mayo stopped supporting M-10 and his brother,but for some reason los Cabreras and Salgueiros brothers kept on going ,this was viewed by a loyal M-10 as a backstab to the Nunez Meza brothers.

      So they had already a huge group enough to go independent but after the war with CDS intensified M-10 and his brother M-11 decided it was time to reach out to the Beltran Leyvas,and Carillo Fuentes with M-11 teaming up with el H2 the most important BL operater in the state of Nayarit and the undisputed plaza boss of Tepic,Nayarit( capital) while his brother M-10 went with Viceroy,Vicente Carillo Fuentes

  11. Durango is one of those states where Cartel De Sinaloa displays full control or atleast 70-80% of it. They have political and public support,you wont hear much out of the state of wise because its all selected.

    Cartel de Sinaloa controls or has more influence,resources in Durango than Sinaloa,just so you guys get an idea.

    1. How do you know that are you just guessing or you are from durango?

    2. Oh yeah im guessing haha no im not.
      Im pretty sure of what in saying and yes i was born there.

      Most of my family work for CDS..and im not saying that to sound cool or stupid however you guys views im just stating facts and letting you guys knows whats really going on,the media throughout Mexico is actually what Cartels want you guys to know haha thats funny right? Talk about oppression haha but yeah thats all im gonna say.

      Thats why im suprised that this web site is still around due to its content.

  12. @7:41am Yeah you busted the chump bro hahahaha.. the zee's are runnin too matamoros to get help from Diablo and his henchmen hehehehe....

  13. So its true Nunez Meza not CDS anymore as such.They gone over to the other side,someone must have put the popo on Salgueiro and Inge,ive heard about CDS makin calls and getting people released an shit.So Durango might still warm up anytime with this shit,why Guzman allow Nunez Mesa bros to go?They been workin close for an age,dont make no sense?CabreraGNSalguiero go in to help out Nunez Mesa and then want to take over?That shit aint gonna fly and now we see Nunez Mesa Bros puttin up the mantas with"new owner shit"El H2, Beltrán strong men in Nayarit used ambush in Ruiz with Z.Fuckin Z get eveywhere,these all have something to do with the mass graves in Durango

  14. January 23, 2013 at 4:58 PM
    Man fuck the haters on here.This site supposed to about sharing story's and finding out things.Speak on what you like and fuck these clowns always tryin to chase people off with their shit.How does anyone here know you not tellin the truth?
    Answer someone who asks a question,someone you can have a conversation with,not a fuckin crank,shoutin shit.These bitches always fuck a comment up.Maybe,he was just askin a question,fuck knows.As for your fam workin for whoever,doesn't make them bad people at all,its a business after all,everyone gots to make a living.

  15. I apologise didnt know there was a matamoros in torreon or next too....sorry.


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