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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

39 die in central Mexico since Sunday

By Chris Covert

A total of 39 unidentified individuals have been murdered or have been found dead in Mexico state and in Mexico's capital since Sunday, according to Mexican news accounts.

A news item posted on the website of El Sol de Mexico news daily Monday said that 14 individuals were found in three separate sites Monday in Mexico state.

An unidentified spokesman with the Mexico state Procuraduria General del Etstado (PGE) or attorney general reported that six of the dead were found in Toluca, the state capital of Mexico state, all wrapped in plastic bags and stuffed inside a vehicle in  Zinacantepec colony.  Another five were found in El Seminario colony, and two more were found dead in  Santiago Tianguistenco colony.

According to a news item posted on Animal Politico website, a total of 17 dead have been found since Sunday including the 13 found dead Monday.

The report also quoted Procuraduria General de Justicia del Distrito Federal (PGJDF), Rodolfo Fernando Rios Garza saying 22 more victims have been found in Distrito Federal since last Sunday.  Violent incidents have also included three kidnappings in Venustiano Carranza and Alvaro Obregon.

Rios Garza insisted that some of the shootings and deaths in Distrito Federal have been isolated incidents, with little connection to organized crime.

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  1. Never ending,it just ceases to end....when will this end....I guess the ones that want out cant get out unless they run,but they have know where to run and.....and the rest i guess are blinded by greed.
    when will this end.

  2. Whos the dto who are trying to take control of this área.?? Ct? Mano con ojos ? Z?

  3. This sounds like right-wing death squad activity.

  4. Hopefully not in Guanajuato.
    I all ways thought C.D.G
    Stand for cartel de Guanajuato.
    but just found out it stands for c.d.gulfo.
    I learned something today.

    Fed up Mexican. Quick shout to Alex quds
    love ur comments.

  5. Guanajuato is largely CT's


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