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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

9 die in Sinaloa state

By Chris Covert

A total of nine unidentified individuals were shot to death in Sinaloa state Christmas eve, according to Mexican news accounts.

According to a news report originating from an El Universal wire dispatch published on the website of El Porvenir news daily, the president of Concordia municipality, Eligio Medina Ríos, told the press that armed suspects entered the village of El Platanar de los Ontiveros are starting shooting at residents who were on foot.

Among the dead were the spouse of a member of the village counsel.

Medina Ríos also placed a call with Sinaloa governor Mario Lopez Valdez to ask for emergency aid to the area.

It is unclear where in Concordia municipality El Platanar de los Ontiveros is, except that it has been noted it is in a remote mountainous area of Sinaloa state.

The report also notes that many residents of the area have fled violence, including those from the villages of La Cieneguilla, El Tiro, El Llano and Zaragoza.

Concordia itself sits on Mexico Federal Highway 40, the northern most contiguous major east west road in Mexico.  The highway connects the seaport of Mazatlan in Sinaloa state on the Pacific coast and Reynosa and Matamoros in Tamaulipas state.

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    Not hard to find where it is....likely Zeta....

  2. Arm the people in these villages or pueblos with good weapons so they can at least defend themselves. Better to die trying to save your lives and the lives of others.

  3. The other blog stated it was "M-60" who is that?

  4. What the hells goin on up there? who's responsible?

  5. "Not hard to find where it is....likely Zeta"
    Kinda doubt it was Zetas?

  6. Los Ms from Durango dont work for CDS no more....they are now wit los Hs,nd Mazatlecos

    Mazatlan will now be off limits for anyone realated in any way with Chapo nd Mayo

    Mazatlan Sinaloa is a port city nd theres alot or money to be made there chapo knows this,thats why Manuel Torres Felix the one that was killed by military attempted to dispute that area but we know what happened to him

  7. Usually when something like this happens it is because a contra is trying to heat up the plaza.

    Concordia is within the sphere of influence of the Mazatleco plazas, so it could be that a commando from culiacan incurred into the plaza to heat it up and deflect attacks from the Beltran Leyvas against Chapos by having law enforsemnt focus on the crime and saturate the municipio with patrols thus limiting the BLOs operative capacity in the corridor, effectively placing a protective curtain in the south from attacks against Culiacan.

    If Concordia Municipio has been calm for a relatively long time and then bam all of a sudden a shocking massacre like that to attract attention? It doesnt benefit BLO at all to have this plaza heat up, unless these individuals switched sides and BLO found out about it.

    1. The northern part of sinaloa belongs to your so called BLO = Beltranez so i dought some of chapos men went up there all brave and shit lol sounds like Beltranez were picking up some intruders

  8. "Los Ms from Durango dont work for CDS no more....they are now wit los Hs,nd Mazatlecos"
    Is this fact now or still rumor?

    "Usually when something like this happens it is because a contra is trying to heat up the plaza"
    Makes sense,when you think why would Mazatleco/BLO do this kind of damage to their own?The last thing they want?

  9. "chapos men went up there all brave and shit lol sounds like Beltranez were picking up some intruders"
    Do you think that what may have happened?I was thinking along the lines of CDS gunmen shooting the town up,they were villagers weren't they who were killed and they have their own loyalties.Some cold shit whoever did it,its hard to believe CDS would be this cold to clean people and villagers,240 people in the whole village,one of the victims name was Lizarraga,and his father was"known"but he was a young student who was visiting.Has anyone heard of a M60?One of the gavilleros shouted"up the M60"?
    Who knows,was he tryna be funny?

  10. Yeah,these had a list with them and went to a shop or store and took a father and son and killed them,so they knew who they were looking for in the village.It makes you think there has got to be rat in the house,how did they know there was certain people visiting this little town?Unless it was just because it was Christ-mass and its family time?

  11. "Kinda doubt it was Zetas?"

    You can doubt it, but they are south and east of Maz.....that is a poaching area where various cartels run through. The presence in that area of the military is much heavier than elsewhere south of Maz. I've been there, I've seen it, and my family lives there....

    Why this village? Don't know.

  12. Anyways,not a nice way to celebrate the birth of jesus.

  13. "I've been there, I've seen it, and my family lives there"
    If we talkin BLO/Z ye you right.So you don't think it was CDS?Wouldn't some of the Z crew stand out a little though?Different accents an all that,its cold enough for the Z to have done shit like this though,a college kid visiting his family for the holiday,father and son killed together,motherfuckers don't give a fuck who they killin,why,and what for.People really need to arm up in these villages,all the men come out shooting if it goes off.200+ against 30 ?Some kind of deterrent,otherwise all you can do is hope they don't pick on your village.

  14. Yeah, they arm up and take the assailants out, then some one with money buys them off as security


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