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Monday, November 26, 2012

Sinaloa Beauty Queen Dies in Shootout with the Military

Caitime, Salvador Alvarado
A clash between soldiers and an armed group that began at in the communities of El Palmar Leal and El Progresso, Mocorito and spread to Caitime, Salvador Alvarado left a balance of four dead, one being Susana Gámez Flores.

Sinaloa • María Susana Gámez Flores, 2012 Sinaloa Woman beauty pageant winner, and her boyfriend were killed amid a military confrontation against the armed group.

State Ministerial Police authorities confirmed that the 22-year-old allegedly accompanied the group of attackers who confronted the soldiers at a safe house in the town of Caitime, in the municipality of Salvador Alvarado.

Flores Gámez was crowned Sinaloa Woman in February 2012. In 2009 she was named Model of the Year.

María Susana was selected from over 50 applicants as Miss Tourism East Mexico, so in May, she represented  Mexico at the Miss International Oriental, in China.

Though authorities have not submitted an official statement about this death, the organizers of the beauty contest posted on her Facebook page: "The coordination of Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa expresses its deepest condolences on the death of the beautiful Maria Susana Flores, participant Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa 2012. "We are dismayed by the news, a beautiful young woman, happy and with a great future ahead, rest in peace and God Susy have in your holy glory, our deepest sympathy to her mother and brothers, "concludes the text. Who was the Miss Sinaloa? 

The model was originally from Gramuchil and was working towards a degree in communication sciences.

The scuffle occurred last Saturday and lasted from Caitime to El Palmar de Los Leal in  Mocorito. Two soldiers also died, two more subjects (one victim of the armed group), along with the young model.
According to information from the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA), a military convoy was traveling on the streets of Caitime when they were attacked by gunmen who later took refuge in a safe house Mocorito.

Soldiers repelled the aggression, killing one guy. After that first attack, the command made it out of the home and took flight.

However, they were chased by the military towards El Palmar Los Leal, where Maria Susana was killed.

The El Progreso, neighbor was identified as Rosario Mendez Rios, 54, who was killed when gunmen seized his vehicle to escape. There are reports his wife also died in the fray, but it is unconfirmed. Authorities said the gunmen shot him several times trying to steal his truck.

The armed group is allegedly linked to Orso Iván Gastélum Cruz, El Cholo Iván o El Cholo Vago,  who serves as head of the Sinaloa cartel hitmen in the region of Évora.

Orso Iván Gastélum  escaped from Aguaruto prison in August 2009  after a party held at the module five to say goodbye of his friends. He provide his friends with entertainment from norteño conjunto band and a singer Harley Pérez.

According to information from the Army, after the confrontation they arrested three alleged gunmen, who were identified as Gabino Ramírez López, 23; Álvaro Cázares Uribe, 22, y Óscar Yovani Rodríguez Beltrán,  22.

The other deceased was identified as Eleazar López Bernal and belonged to the armed group that attacked the military.

In the confrontation five soldiers were injured. They were taken to the military hospital in Mazatlan, where one died, Francisco Guadalupe Gutierrez  Aguilar, 35, who was a sergeant. The other soldier died at the scene, but his identity was not provided.

In the safe house, they found seven AK-47s, a grenade launcher, two grenades, a .40 mm caliber rifle and a thousand rounds, and six vehicle (one armored).

When Beauty Walks Hand In Hand with Narcos

When Beauty Walks Hand in Hand with Narcos

MEXICO CITY, Nov. 26. - The art world has not been free of scandals involving organized crime.  Many landmark cases have come to light as a result of the fight against drug cartels.

One of the most notorious cases was that of Sinaloa model and winner of the contest Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa Laura Elena Zúñiga Huizar, who was arrested in Zapopan in December 2008, along with seven heavily armed men.

Zuniga Huizar was then 23 years old. At that time, the group was arrested in Guadalajara, Jalisco, carrying weapons and thousands of dollars in cash.

Eight people were arrested at a roadblock conducted by the Army and local police in Zapopan, Guadalajara, while traveling aboard two trucks.

The model and the detainees were turned over to the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) and subsequently transferred to the SIEDO (SEIDO now), and were held during the vetting/investigation period period for 40 days.The authorities seized weapons and $ 18,000 in cash. 

The girl, who was crowned in July 2008 as the queen of Sinaloa and was also winner of the contest Queen Hispano, held in Bolivia, was released for lack of evidence against her.

However, the modeling world has been marred by the stigma of her detention and from that year on her appearances in the modeling industry have been discrete.
Other cases include that of Silvia Irabien . On January 27, 2010, La Chiva acknowledged having a daughter with José Jorge Balderas Garcia, El JJ.

Alicia Machado . The former Miss Universe has been linked to drug kingpin Gerardo Alvarez Vazquez, El Indio. She has always denied it.
Gabriela Fernandez . The Venezuelan was arrested by the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service for alleged links to drug traffickers.

Laura Cantillo . On August 10, 2011, the model was removed from a contest in Colombia for an alleged relationship with Mexican drug lord.

Maria Susana Flores Gamez . She worked as a model and was winner of the Sinaloa Women contest in February 2012. In 2009 she was named Model of the Year. She possessed the crown of Miss Tourism East Mexico, so the last May represented the country in Miss International Oriental Tourism.  The diaries of Sinaloa say Flores Gamez was originally from Guamuchil, Sinaloa, and was studying for Bachelor of Communication degree from the University. She was shot and killed by soldiers on Sunday.

Also from Sinaloa Emma Coronel who married Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman the day she turned 18.


  1. She may have been pretty, but she wasn't very smart.

    Live by the sword...die by the sword.

  2. She was ugly anyways.. she wasnt no emma coronel.. but, play with fire, you know what happens

  3. Great reporting, Havana! Thanks for all the details.

  4. Lo que se van a comer Los gusanos!!!!

  5. Was she part of the drug trafficking? if so I mean what do you expect to happen. There is only two ways out death or prison.

  6. Stupid bitch got what she deserved. Good job to the military for eliminating these rats loose in the streets.

  7. Reminds me of Gerado NARANJO'S «Miss Bala» - one of the best thriller flick I've seen this year . . .

    Was Ms. Gámez Flores at the wrong time/place or why was she (and her novio) accompanied a group of armed commandos?

    Such a shame to the innocent 54 yr. old victim and his wife who were car jacked and killed. Mexico is a failed state . . . their people must rise and rebel. Mao Tse Tung did it to rid thousands and thousands of opium addicts in China with 100% success!

  8. I feel no sadness for them at play with fire ,you get burned. So screw them.

  9. I enjoyed this one though i wish such exquisite beauty didn't need to die. What ashame. What a bad decision to go narco.

  10. She should have run out with her hands up.

  11. Pinche morra pendeja, lay down with dogs and get up with fleas.

  12. how sad that a young talented beauty goes 2 waste she could have pulled any other guy instef off messing with dem narco fukers dat only hav 1 thing 4 sure or death or jail n she choosed da bad path r.i.p maria susana

  13. She has nothing to worry about..she will look just as pretty in her coffin.

  14. To the two readers commenting that you liked my post, this is Havanas! JaJa...but I told her you appreciated it....pax, chivis

  15. Lame shit, get a fucking life. Learn to write correctly,pinches pendejos.So called reporters lol more like fucking compiones.Teach them sum thing perra.paz

  16. Really what a waste and a terrific representation of not respecting yourself enough to know u can make better decisions! Ahhhhhhhh!

  17. Good Job HAVANA PURA.

    Rest In Peace Beauty Queen.....


  18. They're all greedy putas. This is the way it is in the Mexican culture... it's all about bling just like the llantas in the USA. I bet the boyfriend was rolling 22"s on his piece of shit beater Tsuru. All of these putos y putas belong in landfills.

    1. That's pretty stupid to say that the Mexican culture is greedy. When in reality in every part of the world ppl are like that. Just because Mexico is not how it has to be doesn't mean all Mexicans are greedy as you say. Learn to know the real mexican culture before you talk shit.

  19. So many assumptions in the first few comments, so few facts. I say if you didnt know her situation first hand, you shut the fuck up. You dont know if she chose to be there or if it was coercion. You dont know if she was excited by the lifestyle or if someone had her little brother's name and address.

    Seriously armchair detectives, you are cowards. Your righteous indignation may make you feel good for a few minutes, but its just a cheap way to "contribute" without actually leaving the computer room.

  20. ' beauty pageants ', such an ARTIFICIAL WORLD of IMAGINACION

    SELF ESTEEM games led by marketers of some sort Short-Change people: HUMAN VALUES IS WHAT COUNTS, VALUES THAT MAKE Establishing a Family Unit POSSIBLE is what counts. Beauty pageants are a creations of those who have an impoverished attitude in life and such people are dangerous to the health of the mass when such low lives have access to mass influencial tools such as that treasured STINKING TELEVISION !!!!!

    Dr. M.P.

  21. @5:30 the Mao Tse Tung thing did not work. They'll always be druggies!

  22. Narcos are like the fingers of death - they kill everything they touch...

  23. Always the language must be explicate that the government is attacked. And most of the attacks must be very poorly planned because the attackers are then chased. It is not logical.

    Yes, Roberto, see that huge group of well armed men? Lets attack them. Oh no, this isn't going well. I can't believe it. Lets runs off!

    I'm not picking a side but I'm not gonna buy the lines of a government that has huge corruption problems.

  24. Well if nobody is gona say it I guess I will RIP TO THE TWO SOLDIERS

  25. To the readers,
    It's not a question of if she was involved or not. In key states like Sinaloa especially it's just a way of life. Just like the women in New York hunted down the Italian mobsters for a good life. When you have the choice of dishwasher or homemaker with the only down side being your husband is a capo it does not matter. Business is business look at how many warehouses are filled with marijuana in Colorado legitimant businessmen own them and sell the pot if this was to happen last year they would be thugs and drug dealers. We classify people through the way we've been taught. No one forces this crap down people's noses and throats, they want it and they find it supply and demand

  26. no lessons learned here. this has happened before and will happen again.
    I see no changes in the foreseeable future as i watch the most liberal left leaning drug culture states legalize drugs for recreational use i only see things getting worse city by city state by state.

  27. fuck the mexican government. fuck the u.s. govt not doing shit to end this violence in mexico.

    im inviting all the girls of mexico to come here in the philippines. leave your shitty govt country behind!

  28. This is what happens when so much emphasis is placed on superficiality by a society.

  29. "Pinche morra pendeja, lay down with dogs and get up with fleas"
    When your right,your right.
    But its still a waste all round,she paid a big price for hangin with these clowns.They fired on a military convoy?Is that fact or for the media?
    You would have thought fighting with military would be the last thing they want to do?

  30. Can someone please tell me if she was one of the shooters? I'm a little confused cause I read she was laying dead with a weapon next to any case I think she did choose the wrong path..some girls all they want is a narco as a boyfriend so they can have anything they want...but they fail to understand it will lead them to death or jail. RIP Maria Susana Gamez. My condolences to her family members.

  31. Whats up with all this beauty queens dating this fucken narcos

  32. I read on another blog , that she worked with the hitmen.. that explains why there was a weapon near her body.. so she wasn't so innocent ,like some people make her out to be...

  33. "We classify people through the way we've been taught"
    That's right man,in so many ways. Religion,alcohol,politics,speech,cigarettes,
    drugs,so much else.
    Bottom line is people can be manipulated so easily by social media and rhetoric.It is scary how easy.

  34. @ JBLAZE
    Your name wouldn't be a pun on Just Blaze would it?
    If so,i can dig it.You hear the shit he did with Game?He done some naughty ass production and sounds with evrrybody.
    What about J Dilla(JayDee)?I know its off topic,but.

  35. @10:24 AM -Still speculation as far as I can tell. Headlines make her sound guilty, but when you read closely, there is nothing there that wasn't there yesterday. They can't tell if she was a shooter. Her body fell near an AK 47, but that isn't definitive proof at all. We'll have to wait and see if someone has any more info. They could fingerprint the AK trigger. Not necessarily definitive either.

    This story is sad because probably nothing forced her to choose to hang with narcos. Watch it turn out to be a kidnapping just cause I said that.It isn't though. I believe, not knowing the circumstances, she had many other alternatives in this life due to her success with modeling .

    Every step you take may be one that will kill you. So, everyone needs to think especially those of a certain age who feel invincible and are often careless. R.I.P.

    Hi and thanks to my friends A.J. and SiskiyouKid and everyone else who commented civilly. See you later-Havana

  36. Hack garbage. Get a job.

  37. Chihuahuas me equivoque con el nombre. Havana jejeje.

  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. In MEXICO, you are A VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCES BUT, here's what I have to say about .... , well I invite you to read it:

    I barely go to Borderland Beat anymore but I did make a visit last night just before going to bed. I also left one short commentary. I add this commentary to last night's BB commentary:

    Competition is not good for health nor are PAGEANTS. Regarding PAGEANTS, it gets men focused on the wrong side of a women, The Physical, which leads to LUSTFUL THOUGHTS WITH ACCOMPANYING DESIRES. This leads to PROMISCUITY instead of a Desire and Passion to BOND WITH 'ONE' WOMAN, and ALSO, it can cause women to compete for one man based on, among other things, THE BETTER ONE IN BED GETS THE MAN, tie this in with Self-Esteem and Not Wanting To Be The Loser. It's a tool to destroy the bonding between the man and the woman and THE DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY UNIT. If you want to destroy society create the need for competition. Pageants are a form of competition. The ones who enter the competition who do not win set themselves up for experiencing a tremendous heartbreak, pain.

    To Be Continued!

  40. guess she had a thing for "badboys" too bad it turned her into wormfood at the young age of 22 with her name forever tarnished by being associated with scum narco's.

    Stupid girl.

  41. @11:31am Whats up with all this beauty queens dating this fucken narcos?

    whats up with it? 1 word....POWER!

    Girls like this dumb bitch LOVE men with power and what better way to get that than from a narco who everyone is afraid of and who belongs to a feared cartel which adds to the illusion of protection?

    She was promised the world but will only be given a wooden box and a tarnished name.

  42. "Competition is not good for health nor are PAGEANTS"
    Dude you are the one always saying other people got problems?I beg to differ with you.Competition is bad is what you are saying?You are trying to change our natural state into something that is more fair?
    Its like arguing about God with someone like you,i bet you believe in that too?

  43. A pistol in her hand yea sure did she have a grenade to sounds like a setup and mistaken identity.These soldiers untrained and in the mist of action shoot the narcos to hell when they get a chance.They just start gunning everything up but you could expect such actions with a convoy full of narcos.She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and her bad ways caught up to her we should not feel sorry for her.

  44. 12:36 PM, november 28


    What we learn we learn from other human beings, and also if we are born in a HOT DESERT that extreme temperature AFFECTS THOSE BORN IN SUCH AN OVEN, and there is more to say if we are to discuss matters that mean something to us as human beings,

    Don't get upset with me now,


  45. Yes, what is our Natural State?

    In a land of plenty, DO WE HAVE TO 'COMPETE' to acquire what we want? Do we have to Steal?, Do we have to Cheat? Do we have to use Deception?, Do we have ti Kill to acquire something? Do we have to play head games with someone else or others in order to Acquire something? Do we have to pray on other people's weaknesses in order to acquire something? IS COMPETITION, on one level of intensity or other A FORM OF, an act of agression? Let's look at the many different applications of COMPETITION. The drive to compete is not a natural state in a man. Somehow, a Need is created in oneself, a need to acquire something, but do we have to compete to get it?, to we have to get that desperate??

    Is greed a Natural State? Can greed drive us to want to acquire things? If one is content with what he / she has does one need to Compete with others?


    Imagine if everyone were like the psychopath I just got done presenting you with in the above paragraph what a hell this world would turn out to be.

    See you in Mexico!,

    Incidentally, one of the Rothschilds, a super big international banker owns 500 TRILLION DOLLARS of the earth's wealth money wise, and how did he (or should I say 'it' acquire so much wealth? Can such a 'man' be considered to be in his Natural State of Being, born on earth to have such unquenchable thirst?

  46. "Don't get upset with me now"
    I don't get upset with gentle people,its the other kind i get murderous with,i seen your comments before and without getting political,i would say we are left and right?The only thing i will agree on is,we need more gentle people and less"angry people"shall we say.
    "Can such a 'man' be considered to be in his Natural State of Being, born on earth to have such unquenchable thirst"
    But it was precisely that unquenchable thirst that drove him on for that wealth(in the beginning)he has worked hard.What is wrong with that?We all can't be an Einstein or Dr Hawking or a Mozart?

  47. 7·0·7, YOU are my friend!, thanks for Being There

    Cuidate mucho.

    Nos hablamos pronto Compa


  48. @ T.C.
    "Cuidate mucho.
    Nos hablamos pronto Compa"
    Same to you brother,you make me feel ashamed now.

  49. I know that there are tests to see if someone has fired a gun, Idk if they do those tests in Mexico but being such a high profile case you'd think that the Mexican gov would do so. I bet she didn't, just check her hands for gunpowder residue. The whole situation is a mess & I have nothing bad to say.

  50. These plastic makeup dolls are far from innocent


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