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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Narco Gold Mine: Coahuila Coal

Borderland Beat

Through coal exploitation, drug trafficking has found a "gold mine" in Coahuila. In that state, the illegal mining business yields an income of at least 6 million pesos per week. 
Official sources informed Reforma that the illegal exploitation of mineral allows organized crime to have a substantial source of income and a way to launder money by contracts with legally constituted companies that saw an opportunity to get the lowest cost of coal and sell it to CFE through la Promotora Mining Development (Prodemi.) 

They added that the PGR is investigating three companies: Impulsora JBN, Perforaciones Técnicas Industriales (Technical Drilling and Mining Industries), and, Minera La Misión (Mining the Mission) for their alleged involvement in these illegal businesses.

"These people, Los Zetas, produced around 10,000 tonnes a week and are selling coal at 600 pesos (per tonne), "they explained. "They sold cheap for those who had placed an order with Prodemi, to make it more appealing buying from them and make a higher profit while these people (Prodemi)  launder money."

The source they identified as principal operator, José Reynol Bermea, head of Los Zetas in Sabinas, but only in the "division" of mining and renting machinery, and who allegedly was arrested by the Navy. 
José Reynol Bermea
 w/PRI candidate Melchor Sánchez de la Fuente 
"He was in charge for Z-40 in the coal region to handle the business of coal production in Agujita and Cloete. The pits that were closed and the steep cliffs on side of the highway from Sabinas to Nueva Rosita are theirs, on the land owned by state government." the sources said. 
Lozano accepted the problem 

PAN Senator and former Secretary of Labor, Javier Lozano, accepted that members of organized crime have a presence and are linked with work carried out in the mining area of Coahuila.

The lawmaker confirmed the revelations made by former state governor Humberto Moreira, who said that drug traffickers are involved in the business of mining coal to launder money. 

Lozano admitted that the problem was detected by the federal government, but he did not know if there are inquiries or criminal investigations related to these cases. 

Asked to Investigate Narco Links into Mining

The PRD in the Senate lobbied a proposal for a Special Commission to investigate the alleged involvement of organized crime in the exploitation of coal mines in Coahuila and the  working conditions of miners in the so  called "pocitos" (pits)-. 

The commission will be presented at a point of agreement, the vice-coordinator of the bench, Dolores Padierna, also seeks to generate a diagnosis and suggest improvements to the mining law.

The alleged links with organized crime to Coahuila mining was designated on October 25 by former Governor Humberto Moreira. 

Considerations highlight that the state of Coahuila is the largest producer of coal in the country with a extractions reaching more than 11.2 million tons, but stresses that it is coupled with a critical situation in the workplace. 

The special report on the security situation in the coal zone of Coahuila made by the National Commission of Human Rights (CNDH), clearly shows that the number of complaints received has been increasing because of claims due to fatalities attributable to the lack of health and safety conditions.

According to the report, in the last five years there have been 124 deaths related to coal mining in Coahuila, 80 of which have occurred in the so called pits.. 

"The exploitation of the so called coal pits" is a critical situation because working conditions are inhuman. The  operating situation, do not meet the official Mexican standard 032, so it is deduced that they operate in conditions of illegality," the report cites.

The Senator alerts in a contradictory way, the existence of the pits is very profitable because the cost of maintenance is almost nil and notes that because of working conditions, owners abuse the population in need of employment, providing work in precarious and enslaving  conditions.
"In light of the statements of Coahuila's former governor Humberto Moreira noting that besides the problems described, there's the link to organized crime, we are obligated by elementary solidarity and in defense of justice with miners, to know deeply the working environment in the mines and report abuses and create better legislation for the benefit of those affected" he says. 

The senator noted that this commission  will actually focus on the situation of the mines in general, but it would begin with issue of the "the pits" because of the serious problems they have. 

**And he also pointed out that participation of foreign capital in mining exploration is up to 70%,  companies that pay Mexico the equivalent of 1.18 percent of the resources obtained from the national territory.** 

And also the deputies
In the Chamber of Deputies is the bench of PRI which promotes creating a special commission of mining, although it  does not  mention the problem of narco involvement in this activity. 

"Everyone is familiar with the historical issues which workers  in this sector have encountered with the mining companies in the country, so as legislators, we must be vigilant, cooperate and assist the head Federal Executive in mediation of interests, ensuring industry and protecting Labor and  human rights of the workers, "the point of the agreement shall be presented by PRI Adolfo Bonilla Gomez.
Ex-Governor of Coahuila Humberto Moreira in mourning
The following was taken from López Dóriga October 26th  interview with Humberto Moreira 

Humberto Moreira: "Since some months ago, it is an loud secret in the coal region of the state, that drug dealers started to switch their mode of operation, instead of kidnapping, or extortion fees, they felt like extracting coal (.....) in coal region, there are people who have a production of 100,000 tons and sell to 200,000, who buys the other 100  1 petition of mind to investigate all the new, recent miners who have arrived here, who are like Senor Lazcano."

López Dóriga: And why is Moriera so sure this coal ended up in the hands of the businessmen in the zone?  According to the ex-governor the coal production obtained was sold to CFE through legitimately formed businesses.

Humberto Moreira:"No way the bad guys are going to sell it themselves to the CFE or Prodemi.  Who was buying this coal from Senor Lazcano? They are entrepenuers (....) that means that there had to be intermediaries in order to buy this coal that gives electrical energy to the country.  They found this modus vivendi (way of life).

Selective Memory? Does Humberto Moreira Forget His Links to Javier Villarreal?

The former treasurer of Coahuila Javier Villarreal Hernandez ,
The companies that Javier Villarreal awarded Coal Contracts have helped Los Zetas wash 6 million pesos a week

Mexico City (November 1, 2012). - The former treasurer of the state of Coahuila,  Javier Villarreal Hernandez, who was the former financial trader for Governor Humberto Moreira, gave discretionary contracts to two of the three companies investigated by the PGR for their alleged involvement in money laundering through underground coal mining, official sources revealed. Villarreal was the chief architect of the "moreirazo" which consisted of forging documents for contracting debt of about 5 billion pesos during  Moreira's term as Coahuila governor, to lead the service in 2010 Tax Administration of Coahuila (SATEC). Officials reported that, as head of SATEC, Villarreal had control of the Promotora Mining Development (Prodemi) and awarded contracts to companies Perforaciones Técnicas Industriales (Technical Drilling and Mining Industries) and Impulsora JBN. These companies have helped Los Zetas, who seized underground mines to extract coal illegally, washed 6 million pesos a week, as published yesterday.  They would do this by buying the ore far below the market price and then selling it to Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) through Prodemi, which serves as an intermediary for producers of small-scale coal take to CFE. "In 2009,  contracts were awarded to Prodemi companies, and  Perforaciones Técnicas Industriales (Technical Drilling and Mining Industries) Impulsora JBN did not appear," said an informant. "But in 2010 the contracts were changed again and they granted Perforaciones Técnicas Industriales (Technical Drilling and Mining Industries) a drilling contract for 75, 000 tons per year, and to JBN, one for 120,000 tons. "These are the contracts which Villarreal gave them without going through the committee assignments or anything." Prodemi sources said the companies bought them more than they had contracted. "The argument is that (the officers) were afraid, but they  were not. Javier Villarreal gave orders," they added.

Javier Villarreal was head of the Tax Administration Service of Coahuila.  He is accused of contracting credits for at least 5 billion pesos using false documents.  He is wanted by U.S. a on charges of money laundering.  He is at large and has not been heard from since early February, when he was released on bail in a county near Dallas, Texas, after being arrested in a Mercedes Benz carrying $67,000

**And he also pointed out that participation of foreign capital in mining exploration is up to 70%,  companies that pay Mexico the equivalent of 1.18 percent of the resources obtained from the national territory.** 

(I translated literally, but it makes no sense to me. The numbers don't work but that's what it says)


  1. It's never ending Mexico is forever fuq'd so so sad

  2. Javier Villarreal missing since he jumped bail in Feb.? The dead don't talk. Bert having selective memory? It's easy to forget the dead.

  3. Tragedy has hit Mr Moreira personally and now he is bitter and starts to highlight certain irregularities?Why only now is he choosing to say anything about this?He didn't know nothing about this situation formerly?Some of these people are more disgusting than the so-called criminals.Who is the worse criminal in this situation?It is virtually impossible Moreira has only just learned of this practice,he would have to be blind?
    So much for all the plaudits and sympathy that was genuinely felt for him,personally i was not one of them.I feel for the people who have never had anything and go through the hardship of life itself,not some privileged overblown personality's who live in a gilded bubble of indifference,,,,until it affects them personally!

  4. Don't worry about the translations please.It is a minority of wannabe intellectuals pointing out inane bullshit,the more important issue is the story,which is perfectly suited to be read and understood.
    Major publications make mistakes,do we think these clowns right in to complain?People please stop complaining about trifling bullshit.
    Interesting light on corruption and the workings of it.It shows the vast amounts of cash these people are taking for themselves.Is there not one person amongst them,that thinks"lets spread some of this wealth where it is needed"Lets build new houses,create some new jobs,opportunities for young people?Mexico is mineral rich,but look at it?
    Corrupt fuckers need sweeping out.

    1. They don't give a rats ass about their people or their communities at all, just what they can take from them. They are in it for themselves, everyone else just suffers because of this.

  5. Mexico is waiting for its potential to be realized.
    It is not idealistic bullshit,it needs all these corrupt motherfuckers thrown out of office.
    Look at all this wealth going into the hands of the select few?Yeah,its criminal alright.EPN,that clown looks a phony as soon as you see him,and hasn't he raised a socially aware daughter?She is as self important as daddy,and as shallow and ineffectual.
    Democracy my ass.

  6. For . Moreira one more link to Z's isn't important anymore now they killed his son? He'll be next-they don't care and he probably feels it is time to go to hell anyway. Blatant complicity here!

  7. @anon1023. In our small city in the heart of coal mining country there are between 4 to 6 or more luxury homes under construction at any given time. That will add about 10 or 12 luxury homes (maybe 1/ million dollars and up in US) a year. That is a lot for a city our size. There are also 15 to 20 or more working class homes (sell for $20 to $30 thousand dollars) under construction at any one time. Those were pretty constant numbers even during the heighth of the recession and the burst of the housing bubble in the US. Lots of low paying construction jobs, good business for building supply companies, but wonder where the money came from? It is huge problem.

  8. @ DD
    You would know more than i,but surely most Mexicans couldn't dream of affording housing like that?I think that illustrates just what we are talking about,where is that money coming from and who are the new houses aimed at,it sounds somewhat artificial in terms of cash stream?
    Mainly i was talking about spreading that resource, social housing,rented,bought,job creation for young people with all those natural resources.
    These people make you sick Moreira was in his gilded bubble of indifference to his own people and country until the people he facilitated murdered one of his own family?

  9. GOOD POST,,
    keep it up

  10. is the noose tightening

  11. And people call the Z bunch of crack heads. There has to be more things that need to be discovered. We'll just wait and see. This guyz are really organized too. I wonder what else are they in business for?

  12. what it says is foreign ownership of mines is at 70% and they only pay a royalty of 1.18% of what they mine.
    Foreignors are screwing Mexico. Of course there is the mordida paid to government officials by the mining companies which lowers the foreignors profit margin.

  13. @9;01pm..they Drug smuggle too.

  14. @DD
    Selective memory was that Humberto can be linked so easily to the Villarreal who made the contracts for the very thing he is pointing his finger at but this was during his own administration, not now when Villarreal won't be testifying. It sounds like Los Zetas were involved then too. Maybe they are more directly involved now as he says Lasca and others are/were. Maybe it doesn't matter to him anymore because he can throw it all on conveniently uber-corrupt Villarreal. I don't know but wrong is wrong and corrupt is corrupt. Smart people in glass houses don't throw stones. In Humberto's case, he's asking for more trouble and he already has enough. He knows from his son Lalo, Ruben can't or will not protect him and his family.

  15. November 2, 2012 4:31 AM
    "Foreignors are screwing Mexico"
    Foreigners are not screwing Mexico.Mexico is!
    Who awards all the contracts?Who controls what companies to let in?Who puts the people in place to facilitate all this?Nothing goes on in Mexico without Mexican complicity,just the same as every other country on this planet.No it is not foreigners doing damage,it is the Mexican politicians and local authority's who are doing the damage.Learn the expertise needed from foreigners in everything,then put Mexican workers to own and run everything,imagine the wealth and jobs that could be created if there was one strong decent man?

  16. Villarreal is in witness protection @Duh Duh
    He isn't dead!

  17. Here proof if theses guys can't make enough money of drugs they will look for other revenue.It's never ending.

  18. Paying off poly's,Authority's,buying weapons,paying sicarios,halcones,vehicles,armoured vehicles, costs millions a week running a Cartel,dont blame them branching out.

  19. Moreria "highlighted" that he was going to uncover all the corruption related to minig bussinesses, PRODEMII, organized crime and all the detail related to his MEGADEUDA -- he mentioned that he was going to talk on Nov 15, 2012 but he did not do it.. later he mentinoed that he was going to talk on Nov 29, 2012 and he did not do it again..... is he just a clown that never honors his word????


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