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Friday, November 30, 2012

"El Pozolero's" First Dissolved Victims Found and more

Borderland Beat
Calderon's Last Week
During this last week of Felipe Calderon's presidency, each day on average, 21 people were killed in the country. This figure is comparable only to 2010, when every 24 hours when gunmen killed 28 people.

Most of these crimes occurred in Chihuahua, Coahuila and Morelos, places where clashes and confrontation with the armed forces was on going and permanent, making these entities  the most tainted with violence in Mexico.
Billboards of arrests of alleged major kingpins have slowed the past week, the most relevant was Luis Alberto Cisneros, "El 18" who controlled Uruapan, for the Knights Templar and EL TJ, the long sought drug trafficker and sicario for La Mano con Ojos. One more capture of note is Comandante Sapo a NL Police Chief who operated three municipalities allegedly for los Zetas was arrested with seven others.

It is paradoxical that six months ago the authorities claimed that the violence in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua generally had decreased considerably. However, in the last four and a half days, four people were killed per day not to mention the unveiling of narcofosas in the Valle de Juarez..The Whole Valley Smells of Death

But the face of crime was more virulent in Coahuila. Murder scenes outside a temple, the remains of scattered through the streets, and depicting the last days of violence in Torreon, which killed 11 people,  so far this week. It is clearly a disputed territory between factions of the organization of Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel.

In Sinaloa an armed group of Sinaloa Cartel members  fighting Beltran Leyva Organization burned down the  village of Tatemas..Also there was the sad death of a crowned beauty queen who died in a shootout with the military, and a recently-fired AK-47 on the ground near her body. Susana Gamez was winner of the beauty competitions, among many, Model of the Year and Sinaloa Woman.  Dead at 22

Morelos, is another of the trenches of this war with violence linked to the Beltran Leyva cartel, remains.During this period eight people have been killed, seven in one day.  And Guerrero, where the government recognized the presence of paramilitary groups who have murdered leaders, particularly related to environmental issues.
In Tijuana, they concentrated on uncovering remains of victims of El Pozolero's.

El Pozolero's First Dissolved Victims found- As you'd think not much left
Tijuana- Authorities Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO) located the first human remains, bones and blood of the 75 bodies they were seeking on a property used by Santiago Meza Lopez, alias "El Pozolero" in Baja California. Elements the SEIDO arrived in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, to begin the search for the missing and offer new hope to their families. The place has high walls of brick and a  concrete pit in the middle of the lot. It was covered with a slab of the same material, which was removed by the authorities.
The first human remains found were located in piece of land in the area Maclovio Rojas Farms, located east of Tijuana.This site was designated by the López Meza, as the place where more than 300 bodies were dissolved with caustic soda. Fernando Ocegueda Flores, president of the United Association for the Disappeared of Baja, California confirmed the discovery of the remains, admitting it was in some ways satisfying to know that this is the location of so many people, adding that since this is the first "El Pozoero" narcofosa found since his arrest in 2009, we'll continue looking for more, as it is presumed that there are 300 disintegrated bodies. Findings will be transferred to the Mexico City for analysis with the ultimate possibly to determine identity.

Smurfs Post on a previous "El Pozolero" excavation

EL TJ-Sicario to El Compayito Detained
El TJ/ Badger Captured
The arrest of  Emilio Chamorro Almazán, “El Tejón” o “El TJ”, according to the attorney general of the state of Mexico, Miguel Ángel Contreras Nieto, happened from thorough intelligence work.  The subject and was finally located, captured  andseized with a .40-caliber pistol in the town of Xonacatlán. 

Toluca,- An important blow to organized crime came from the Ministerial Police (State of Mexico), when they captured Emilio Chamorro Almazán"El TJ" and / or "The Badger." The Attorney General of the State of Mexico said the accused was major drug dealer in the municipalities of Naucalpan and Huixquilucan, and had been  the main hired killers for "La Manon Con Ojo." He's related to at least 12 murders, several kidnapping and extortion. 

After being moved to the  PGJEM facilities, he was subjected to rigorous questioning and a series of investigations. The hit man confessed that after Oscar Oswaldo Garcia Montoya,  "El Companito, leader of La Mano con Ojos, was arrested in August 2011 by ministerial police, he formed a criminal group known as “Los Chamorros” y/o “Los Gaseros” who are the major drug dealers in the municipalities of Naucalpan and Huixquilucan. 

El TJ was instructed by "El Companito" to kill at least 10 men and two women. His illicit activities began in 2004 with the Beltran Leyva Org. and later as the criminal group  weakened and almost disappeared, he joined the criminal organization La Mano con Ojos headed by Oscar Oswaldo Garcia Montoya who claimed him as his main hit man and enforcer. 

Nieto Contreras was extremely pleased with the capture of El TJ who was made available to the prosecution and awaits a judge .determine his legal status.

NL Police Chief is Los Zetas' "Comandante Sapo" Captured with 7 Others

Monterrey. - The police chief of Aramberri was captured by State Highway Patrol suspected with links to Los Zetas.  They discovered he was combining jobs. As well as being a Los Zetas cell leader operating in the south of the state, Jose Enrique Gallegos Linan, 30, was first commander of the Municipal Police of Aramberri in Nuevo Leon.

Jose Enrique Gallegos Liñán was arrested with Aramberri's second commander Jorge Elias Chavez Medrano, 32, and the commander of Doctor Arroyo Police, Esteban García Fuente, 30.

José Enrique Gallegos Liñán, as leader of Los Zetas, was identified as "Comandante Sapo" or "Commander Toad"   

It  was said besides being the Chief of Police in  the community of Aramberri, "Comadante Sapo" was leader of Los Zetas in the municipalities of la Ascension as well as in Doctor Arroyo and supposedly in Galeana too.   
The three police officials were arrested today in Doctor Arroyo, along with five youths in  Matehuala and San Luis Potosi, identified as hitmen. The detainees names are Edgar Vazquez Morales, 22, Martin Garcia Martinez of 21, Cesar Espinoza Torres, 23, Jose Francisco Alvarez Rodriguez, 18, and Jose Eduardo Rodríguez López, a minor less than 17. 

A police source said that the detainees were secured with seven AK-47 known as goat horn, 30 magazines and about 100 rounds for firearms. 

The informant said that the detainees were caught in a Volkswagen Bora reported as stolen and a Nissan pickup that had hanging plates. Apparently the armed group went to Doctor Arroyo looking for drug dealers from a rival group to execute.. 

The State Highway Patrol, in response to anonymous calls, went to track them down until they were captured. 

Detainees are being investigated in relation to executions and other crimes committed in the south part of the state of Nuevo Leon.. 

All for now: "Viva Mexico"



  1. OMG This is a fantastic round up! Plenty to think about. Thank you, Havana! You'll make Chivis proud yet.

  2. If i didn't know better, i'd say you didn't do anything all week and waited for today! Well, this pretty much sums up the mess that is Mexico today - too bad - it is shameful. I feel genuinely sad. Viva Mexico Borderland Beat, you get it! Thank you Havana "originally from the forum." That still makes me laugh.

    1. You hardly make any sense. It may be labeled as a drug war but it's far more than that. Have you even been to Mexico recently or do you just read about it?

  3. Agarran a todos menos a gente del chapo mugre..gobierno corrupto

    1. El chapito ya no esta en mexico!! Ese plebe se iso multy millonario y se largo. Para un pais sin extradición. Cuba,belice,venezuela por fin. Su nombre ahpra lo utiliza el gobierno mexicano como chivo expiatorio. Ya tpdas las atrocidades que comete el gobierno le achan la culpa al chapo.

  4. Determine identity. What a joke! These people are gone forever only to be known by those who knew them.

  5. The Mexican government did not “clean up” the state of Chihuahua and Juarez like they would have everyone believe. There is no treaty between the Sinaloa Cartel and the Juarez/Zeta alliance. The constant fighting with no real definitive winner led to a kind of stalemate. The result is a divided Juarez, and Chihuahua, parts belonging to one or the other cartel, and occasionally someone crosses the line. The police force is also sharply divided, the Juarez Cartel still largely in control of the traffic police and part of the municipal force, the Sinaloa Cartel owning the Federales and part of the state police. Within Chihuahua there are several smaller municipalities where the territories are still unclear and they continue to have skirmishes between the two cartels. We have yet to see the end to the violence.

  6. All these guys look like low life punks who couldn't hold there own in a fist fight with another man. Only when they have a weapon is when they are tough. I could smash on two of these powder puffs at one time.

    1. Wake up buddy. Nobody is going to enforce drug sales or protect their turf unarmed.These people are worthless but so are you, you can't solve everything with your fists. I know you wouldn't be able to clutch it in a real situation and you'd be nothing but a goon too.

  7. November 30, 2012 10:21 AM
    I know, really. They have such a good track record with forensics as we've seen. I suppose they have to say something. So, it might as well be a polite lie.

    Many thankss for the read

  9. Comandante Sapo chief of police and plaza boss of three towns-so a regional boss? For los Zetas !! That is a chief of police in another town? That is scandalous isn't it? That town should be outraged! Better yet the country should be furious at the complicity and complacency.

  10. Seems pretty crazy that a police chief can operate three different towns for the Z's. One thing you can be sure of, he'll be back at work soon for the Z's right?

    1. No he will be executed, he knows to much and is now serving no purpose except possibly snitching.

  11. They are just wrapping up things for the next administration when things will not be so nuts.And all you guys can retire cause there will only be nice stories in the news. And on and on. Pretty good reading here. Thanks

  12. A second one that might be the first which is actually the second one making the second the third. Is it true " Pozolero" was paid $600.00 a week?

  13. off subject, but someone mention the Zeta's we going through Roma, TX. They just busted the gun smuggler in Roma.

  14. "All these guys look like low life punks who couldn't hold there own in a fist fight with another man"
    Spoken by a person who never uses violence.With violence it isn't about using your fists like"a man"it is about destroying the person who fucked with you by whatever means you can.That is what is inside,maybe you don't have it?

  15. this is the best piece ive seen in a while thanx. :) el bravo vola con la ala blanca manana y caei en presi dejala en marf y nos vemos a dar las posadas

  16. November 30, 2012 10:43 AM

    Look we have a tough guy y'all!

  17. so what is the body count in mejico lindo somewhere around 100,000 since 2006. in the us, we average about 30,000... so 6 years times 30,000 = 180,000, id say the us has you guys beet, although i dont hear about many mass graves filled up with people the marines and police fill with people, id say its just a bit more low key here.... bar none, most of the homicides with a gun are perpetrated by black on black, brown on brown, black on brown or brown on black on black on yellow, you cant tell me some idiot kid from boston is making any of these guys do this to each other, im thinking it goes on because thats the only way they keep their groups under control sort of like a street justice, and the knowledge that for at least a brief while if you kill another crew member or from a rival crew you can dissapear back into your communities, because who is going to call the cops, in barrios where most people know each other...i just think that these behaviors are so engrained in your street cultures.

    1. The us also had 3 times the population, moron

    2. You are an idiot! Are you in a secluded shelter or something? The west coast states alone have more people total than North Mexico, even California might have a bigger population.

      And those numbers you're looking at are the deaths attributed to the war on drugs not all deaths in Mexico total. Tons of people die each day but not all of these deaths are attributed to drug violence. Do you really think all the deaths in the U.S are murders and homicides? Seriously? I want to laugh but I can't, you should not be American.

    3. Furthermore, the body count is more like 250,000 in Mex, half are not even reported b/c of corruption.

  18. I wonder what nietos first order of buisness is going to be as far as cartels the wars continue and rage on I wonder if the military is going to be as present under nieto as it has under Calderon seeing that he calls shots either it'll be turn for the worst or better well see peace to mexico and hope for the best

  19. i'm sure he will only get 5 years in jail and release in about 2 he may have confessed but there is no evidence, and if there were im sure the Mexican officials lost it somewhere

  20. The one comment that sticks out for me is "the sad death" of a beauty queen....why is it sad? She made extremely bad choices and paid the consequences. Her death is no sadder than anyone else (male or female) who participates and profits from a life of crime.

    Frankly, if she was involved with the cartels, she deserved to die. Maybe her death will send a message to other young women not to make the horrible choices she did.

    Susana had options that so few women have. the only "sad" part is she chose to throw away her opportunities and go for the glitz and quick money of the narcos.

  21. Hey Mexico, how is that "No Death Penalty" working out for you?

    Signed: Safe and secure American citizen!
    (We have the death penalty and we sleep good at night!)

  22. "Canada has tightened visa requirements for mexicans"
    Dont be a soft fucker,every country is watching its society being fucked by dogs.Protect what you made,someone has to make a stand.Every country should do the same.It can be done.

  23. Signed: Safe and secure American citizen!
    (We have the death penalty and we sleep good at night!)
    As a person from another country i salute the US and congratulate you for not bowing down to outside political correctness and bullshit.Some people are beyond the pail and need executing,get rid of them.
    In our soft ass countries"oh its not humanitarian"politicians still cling to this hypocritical sentiment.
    Tell that to the serial murder victims family.
    I believe some of our soft ass countries,if given a vote on the death sentence,some would undoubtedly vote for it to be reinstated.But,we aint going to get the chance to vote on it,,democracy at work?Nah.

  24. @December 1, 2012 at 9:19 AM

    "Canada has tightened visa requirements for mexicans. Too many mexican scammers and deadbeats and criminals flocking to canada.
    I really fell pity for the americans who are being flooded by these low life scum."

    Please respond to this comment so I could give you a primer of Canadian cross-border scams. Canadians steal hundreds of millions of dollars each year from hard working American citizens, Canadian scum do it without crossing the border.



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