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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bloody Zacatecas: 12 die

By Chris Covert

A total of 12 individuals,including two young females were murdered in ongoing drug and gang related violence in Zacatecas state since last Friday, according to several news accounts which appeared on the website of El Sol de Zacatecas news daily.
  • Three unidentified individuals were found dead last Sunday in Jerez and Ciudad Cuauhtemoc municipalities.  Two dead were found on a road in Jerez municipality between Jerez, and Fresnillo municipalities.  A third corpse was found in Ciudad Cuauhtemoc municipality near the dam at El Cargadero.  The body found at El Cargadero was said to be a female.
  • Three unidentified individuals were found dead in Fresnillo municipality in two separate incidents.  One man was found dead near  Calle Suave Patria in Barrio Alto colony at around 0300 hrs. The victim had been shot several times.  Two more dead were found later Monday afternoon near the village of Purisima del Maguey.  Both victims had been shot.
  • Two unidentified men were found dead Wednesday morning in Fresnillo municipality.  The victims were found near the village of Modelo, on the road to the village of Mesa de Puentes.  One of the victims was wearing the uniform of a private security company.
  • Two unidentified  young females swere found dead in Calera municipality Friday.  The victims, aged 19 and 13, were found on the access road to the airport at around 0700 hrs.  Both females were shot in the face and were found nude.  The news item said the crime was organized crime related.
  • Two men were shot to death and two others were wounded in a shooting at a Fresnillo dance hall early Saturday morning.  The shooting took place at the Foro 57 dance hall on Avenida Garcia Salinas, where armed suspects entered the establishment and started shooting at around 0200 hrs.  One of the dead were identified as Cesar Mayorga Fierros, 28, of Corrales in Sombrerete municipality.  One of the wounded were identified as Mario Adabache Ibarra, 26 from Francisco Villa colony, presumably in Fresnillo.
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  1. Thanks Chris. Who were these people? Inonocents, drug dealers,cartel members? It makes a huge difference, especially with females involved. What is going on there? Please let us know when you know. Texas friend.

  2. private security company, like as in security contractors, like blackwater etc.. since when have these guys been contracted in mexico and who usually employs them.. people who can afford them i guess. but, now mexico has mercenary contractors milling around?, crazy shit

    1. No mercenary contractors here. Its just a bullshit little security company. He had just got off of work and was still wearing his uniform. He should have left it at work.

    2. You just now realized there are professional soldiers employed by all the cartels shooting up Mexico??

    3. Idiots you do know theses sorry excuses for human beings don't care who they kill when they are out on their killing spree one of the victims was my cousin innocent victim caught in crossfire

  3. Thanks Chris. Who were these people? Inonocents, drug dealers,cartel members? It makes a huge difference, especially with females involved. What is going on there? Please let us know when you know. Texas friend.

    A lot of victims of organized crime are often involved in crime, but many aren't. Mexican press does not make a point of describing the circumstances of every shooting in great detail, so it is hard to make any determination.

    I have been writing Mexican Drug War news for almost three years, and you can pretty much tell which victims are totally innocent and which are not.

    It's hard to consider how involved a 13 year old girl is in organized crime or even if she is involved. The murder of the two girls sounds an awful lot like the femicides in Juarez some years back, except that the news report did make some mention of problems the girls had with their families.

    Even so, it's hard to understand how any problem can be resolved by shooting a 13 year old girl to death.

  4. 9:03- You are correct....what did a 13 year do to deserve this. I have heard about the femicides in Juarez, so sad. Thanks for the constant education you at BB give us. I am so uneducated in this ongoing tragedy. Without BB and Rantburg I would be totally ignorant. Mexico is a country that has always showed me and my family great love. My prayers are with these great people and country. Viva Mexico. Friend in the USA.

  5. If a man can murder a 13 year old girl,what use is he to life in general ever?Taking girls because we lust after them,this is going on to often?To murder the most innocent of the innocent.What kind of man can do that?As a man,i can understand violence,i believe it is in our nature,but to kill or hurt a little girl,cause she was still a little girl,no matter what any of you say,to murder a little girl,i can't understand that.I always wonder when we read of the outrage and anger at these dogs,and what everyone would do to them,i often wonder just how many would actually want to kill someone like this?This isn't a fanciful judicial exercise,this is mans basic"right and wrong"and hurting women and girls in particular is the ultimate disgrace we as men can commit,as you can see i feel pretty strongly about this,but that is as it should be.
    Remember the rapist who was hung in one of the story's?Would anyone object to that punishment in this case?To me it is perfectly natural to kill men who can do this to women and girls,because if a man can do this to our women,he can commit any outrage imaginable.He has plumbed the depths of depravity and no longer has a right to life.

  6. The Juarez Femicides"the misogynous murder of women by men”was a Mexican national disgrace.I wonder if some of this violence and lack of respect of women is a negative reaction to young women who want to work and gain independence from macho clowns who feel threatened by these girls?
    La Linea,cops,boyfriends,husbands,cartel dogs,tramps,all taking women and girls as and when they felt like it?Fuckin 1000s of them and it is still brushed away.It should be a priority to all"if you take our women,we will hunt you relentlessly"but there was a strange inaction to these tragic murders?There was more outrage internationally than internally,which makes it seem as though they know precisely what is going on?How high and wide does this actually go?Killing women and girls is the basest crime a man can commit,he can do anything after that,hence get rid of him.

  7. its pretty bad, just as fucked as you can get, this also mirrors another misoginist culture in the middle east, kind of like the mexicans of the old world. like for example, islamabad, pakistan, where men will walk in on a sleeping wife or some girl that isnt taking to a mans advances or what not and the man throws battery acid on their faces. really shitty human behaviour

  8. You dunce...the USA did not and is not legalizing MJ.

  9. Mi lindo Zacatecas. Estos parasitos de otros estados estan destruyendo a mi Zacatecas. Indigenas mierdas de otros lados!!


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