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Monday, October 8, 2012

Police Charged With Murder,The Moreira Split, The Governor Failed to Protect Lalo

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

The brothers clash and  police chief reported charged with Lalo's murder
Family in grief
Jose Eduardo Moreira, affectionaly known as Lalo (the Spanish nickname for Eduardo), was buried within 12 hours of his execution in his home town of Acuña, Coahuila.  Prominent absentees were the uncle of the 25 year old deceased man, Ruben Moreira.  Ruben Moreira is the current governor of the northern Mexican state of Coahuila. 
Lalo is the eldest son of Ruben’s brother Humberto Moreira, the former governor of Coahuila, who resigned in December, 2010, to begin his successful bid for National Chairman of the powerful PRI party.  It was expected that if Enrique Peña Nieto won the presidency, Humberto would be appointed Secretary of State.  Jorge Torres López was appointed to fill the vacant seat as a transitory governor until the election of 2011 concluded.   It was election that Ruben easily won, no surprise as the Moreira’s were loved by the people of Coahuila.
Humberto’s plans to seek the presidency in 2018 seemed firmly in place.  However the bottom fell out of those plans early this year, when Humberto resigned in disgrace as party chairman earlier this year under the cloud of a 3 billion state government debt that accumulated when he was governor of Coahuila, a debt financed largely by falsified documents. 
PRI party officials were apprehensive that the scandal would harm Peña-Nieto’s chances of a victory, considering the PRI party was in an all-out effort to improve their image of corruption by a campaign of honesty and transparency.  Humberto was sacrificed and was told to resign for the good of the party.  No one believed that that cocky PRI president walked away empty handed.  Surely a deal was cut, however for now he was told to disappear until after the election.
Ruben on left, Humberto far right in Happier times
Humberto left Mexico with a statement that he was “studying abroad”, which translated to San Antonio Texas, staying at one of his pricy US real estate properties.  After his brother Ruben began his governorship he returned to Saltillo with his family, wife Vanessa and their two toddler daughters.  There was not an enthusiastic welcome.  The fact of the matter is that he was ostracized by the movers and shakers of Coahuila.  His brother Ruben still incensed over the scandal was not waiting in the state capital with open arms.
The brothers’ relationship was rendered ruptured from months of clashing, to the point families did not spend Christmas together as was tradition in the Moreira family.  The Moreira matriarch Evangelina tried to mediate, but was unsuccessful resulting in the first Christmas that the brothers Moreira spent apart.
Rubens glaring absence at his nephew’s funeral was a shock to people, most people had heard of the relationship having difficulties between the two brothers, but for the governor to skip the funeral was baffling.  Though not confirmed it was said that Humberto sent word to his brother that he would not be welcome.
The presidente (mayor) municipal of Acuña, Alberto Aguirre Villarreal, was also missing at the funeral.  The mayor’s absence was almost as jarring as Ruben’s. Attendees of the funeral placed aside their fear to honor the fallen Lalo, and the realization that dignitaries were absent at the service caused heighten concern and confusion. 
 Aside from a short statement from the mayor in which he stated “Lalo was a great kid, he worked diligently for the poor”, there was silence.  Eyebrows were further raised from the no-show.  After all he was one of the last persons to be with Lalo before his murder.

Possibly sensing citizens were talking among themselves and angry at the mayors perceived disrespect, he finally issued a short interview giving his less than believable explanation, he explained that he could not attend the funeral as he was busy with Lalo’s murder investigation.  Further he stated he had given a complete declaration to the federal agency FGR who was conducting the investigation.  He began by announcing that 7 police elements were suspended due to the investigation. 
According to the mayor, on the day of the murder, Wednesday October 3, he had spent the day with Lalo, to the Colonia Enrique Martinez y Martinez, to prepare for the inauguration of the “Build a Roof” program.  They began the day with a 9 AM television interview, the group then went to lunch accompanied by representatives of the media. 
The media was along to determine logistics and prep for the following day’s celebration for the project.  Lalo’s uncle, governor of the state, was travelling to Acuña the following day to support the project.  The governor’s agenda was discussed and also inspected the area where the governor would visit.    
The mayor says they said their goodbyes he getting into his car and went directly to his home, and he saw Lalo enter his truck and depart.  They were to meet again with others at 6 PM for a sports field dedication..  The mayor said he did not attend the 6 PM event.
He ended his statement to The Zocalo by saying he will give full availability to assist in the investigations, hoping to shed light on the truth, of the “unfortunate” events.  He reiterated his affection and esteem he had for the young Moreira, saying the always had a great relationship and friendship, emphasizing his willingness to cooperate with the investigation and offered whatever was in his power to clarify the facts.
This is the man that could not manage one hour to pay his respects with the young man who he held in such high regard.
On his way to a sportsfiled dedication when he was killed

The mayor spoke of the 7 police officers suspended due to the investigation.  That number quickly amended to include every member of the force and 4 dispatchers on duty the day of the murder.  A total  of 48 police  were transferred Thursday evening to Saltillo, the state capital of Coahuila, along with Rodolfo Castillo (photo at left) and José Trinidad Cisuentes (possibly Sifuentes) and Victor Cisuentes.    Victor, was reported as first on the scene of the murder on the road to Santa Eulalia, in  southern Acuña , and discovered Lalo dead with two gunshot wounds to the head.  Reports are unclear if José was
 with him.  Jose is a police officer and Victor the supervisor on duty the day of the murder.
One of the last persons to speak to Lalo was his close friend and collaborator, in the regional office of social development, Guillermo Arzola. He was at the site of their 6PMevent; it was to dedicate a sports field next to the Marcoplaza. He called Lalo’s cell and asked if he was coming. Lalo replied, “I’m on my way, but first I will see Rodolfo to see what he wants”. He was referring to Rodolfo Castillo, Chief of the Municipal Police in Ciudad Acuña. The conversation took place at 5:45. Lalo would never arrive at the sports field.

It was the final time the two friends would ever speak.

Guillermo’s father, congress representative (Acuna region) Cuauhtémoc Arzola, phoned the police chief when Lalo failed to show.  Informed by  his son that Lalo told him he was meeting with the chief while on route to the sports field dedication he told the chief;   “we are concerned about Lalo, he did not arrive and we can’t locate him, Guillermo spoke to him while he was in route to the sports field and he said he had to meet you first to see what
you needed” said the senior Arzola to the chief. 

The police chief denied speaking to Lalo, or requesting to meet with him.
Photo from Tuesday's clash in Piedras

Piedras Negras, Coahuila is a city an hour east of Acuña.  Acuña borders the Texas city of Del Rio, and “Piedras” is adjacent to Eagle Pass Texas.  Violence has escalated in Piedras since the prison break in which 131 inmates gained freedom through an underground tunnel.  The 131 escapees were of the powerful Los Zetas cartel. 
Since the prison break, daily shootouts, killings and violence have gripped the city with terror. Governor Moreira made the decision to send in state forces including Special Forces known as GATES.  Social networks screamed with tweets and posts from residents advising the when and where of violence activity.  Such reporting is necessary in Mexico where a woeful amount of violence is reported in the media, often at the instructions from cartels.
On Tuesday extreme violence erupted in Piedras, resulting in at least three deadly shootouts in heavily populated areas.  One of the conflicts resulted in the killing of five known Zetas, one was named Alejandro Treviño Chávez.  Alejandro is the nephew of Miguel Trevino, aka Z40, a fierce primary leader of the Zetas. 
That night narcomantas appeared, this would be the eve of Lalo’s murder.   A rumor on the street was that they appeared in Piedras or close by.  However, subsequent to Lalo’s death, Carlos Moreira went public that the narcomantas appeared in Acuña Tuesday evening.  The exact text has not been made public, though Carlos contends they were a direct threat that a “Moreira” would pay, he stated the text included the phrase “ Family for Family.  Other reports state that some of the mantas included the words “an eye for an eye a nephew for a nephew”.
Lucero Moreira Davis, and Lalo Moreira were married in 2010 and have an infant son.  At the funeral service she appeared inconsolable and grief stricken.  It was her actions following the funeral that made headlines in Mexico.  She utilized Twitter to post a series of tweets in quick succession; all were addressed to Ruben Moreira;
“Justice!!!!!  Justice!!!!”, You don't know how to govern!!! This is your damn fault!!!! Resign”,
“I demand Justice!!!!! For the assassination my husband Jose Eduardo”.
The governor’s spokesman generated a patronizing statement in an attempt to portray the governor of taking the high road with a patronizing reply, “we understand the widow is grieving at this time”. 
Sorry Pelon, (Pelon is the name many people give the bald governor) the accusations did not arise from grief.  Let’s put it in the vernacular, the widow is pissed to high heaven, and she has a mountain of reasoning behind her anger.
Lalo's Dodge Ram was free of bullet holes
Lalo as the son of a former governor, nephew of the governor and a general sense that the family is targets by people that wish them harm for one reason or another.  As such he was provided 4 body guards from the state police to guard him around the clock, in addition to a Jeep Cherokee Armored vehicle.
That protection for Lalo was withdrawn a month ago.  The governor made the decision that level of protection was not needed for Lalo in Acuña, in its place he ask the police chief Rodolfo Castillo to provide municipal police to act as body guards, in place of the highly trained state police, and in exchange for the Armored Jeep Lalo  was given a stock Dodge Ram pickup.  The same Dodge Ram tuck in which his executed body was found in.
The second event that involved the governor was his inaction after notification of the warnings issued in the narcomantas.  While he ordered extra protection for his own already protected family, he did nothing for his nephew or Acuña for that matter.  Lalo Moreira was a sitting duck.  The probability is 100% that this lack of protection, along with his accessibility played into the selection of his life becoming retribution. 
Therein lays the young widows fury.
Today in the Coahuila Diario and other reports began early that Rodolfo Castillo the Acuña police chief was charged with complicity of pre-meditated murder in the death of Jose Eduardo Moreira aka Lalo.  Later reports add that Victor and Jose Cisuentes also have been charged of the same counts in the murder.  It is reported that they are related in some way, and that Victor  has vanished.
A hypothesis based on the evidence known,  this was a revenge murder ordered by Zetas leader Z40.  Municipalities along the border are controlled by cartels, Acuña  is controlled by the Zetas cartel.  Everyone from the media to the mayors office including the police are controlled by Zetas.  Lalo was on his way to the sports field dedication when he received a call from Chief Rodolfo Castillo that he needed to see him, this was between 5:15 and 5:45.  The Cisuentes were most likely Lalo’s guards for the day. 
Guillermo Arzola at the sport field called Lalo’s cell and asked if he was coming to the dedication, Lalo said he was on his way but he needed to see what Rodolfo needed first.  Rodolfo probably was the one who got Lalo to pull over while on the road to the 6 PM event.  The officer in the rear seat behind Lalo was most likely the shooter, and Lalo’s passengers were whisked away by Rodolfo in his vehicle.

Note that the exact names of the two officers has been reported differently in various media outlets. 

After this was posted came the report that Rodolfo Castillo has confessed to his role in the murder of Lalo, admitting his role was to lure Lalo to the site of his execution.
Complicity in the murder of Lalo Moreira; El Flaco, El Pelon, El Chagui
Lalo Moreira’s personal history differed from his siblings.  He grew up in the unremarkable, quiet border town of Acuña. His parents never married; in fact Humberto did not formally recognize Lalo as his son until his campaign for Governor.  By the very nature of Lalo being raised by his single mother in small town Acuña set him apart from his brothers and sisters.  He was not raised in the luxury lifestyle that his siblings enjoyed in big cities such as Saltillo, DF and San Antonio.
At Lalo’s funeral Humberto stated that he encouraged his son to leave Acuña and move to Saltillo, and Lalo said no, he did not want to leave Acuña.  He worked 4 years in social services and his dream was to stay in Acuña and become the mayor.  The citizens of Acuña loved him his run for the mayor would have been a slam dunk. 
There are those that say he would have been corrupted at some point and follow the path of his father and other relatives.  Perhaps so, but we will never know and can only fairly judge his 25 years on this earth.
But this is the story of one just murder in Mexico.  Although Lalo Moreira was known as a kind, and caring, worker for social causes, his death is no more a tragedy than the thousands of deaths brought by the violence of the drugwar. 
What it does illustrate is the path taken by some citizens in Mexico. Those who begin with honorable dreams that are obliterated by threats or payment and replaced by corruption, greed and complicity.
Humberto was a professor. His life dream was to teach.  His brother Carlos was also a teacher.  Humberto met his wife Vanessa when he toured the Monclova school she taught in.  A family of teachers.
The corruption of the Moreira brothers is well spoken about.  Most glaring is a lowly paid professor does not experience a drastic change in financial status in a few short years without help. Humberto’s lofty financial status amassed; luxury real estate holdings, automobiles, private jets, and substantial business holdings. 
In the case of Humberto it began prior than any funds he may commandeered from Coahuila state funds. Rumor has it that the man was in collusion with those that reign terror of the people of Coahuila and parts of Mexico.
Having good intentions and honorable goals are very difficult to maintain in the regions of narco violence in Mexico.  If cartels want your assistance you give in to threats, accept payment, or die.
And that is the greatest tragedy.
Thank you to the reader who sent in the PN photo...please extend thank you to your cousin
Thank you to my friends and associates in Acuna and Coahuila for their contributions to this post

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    You are in a position to help with your own people,why don't you try to spread wealth invite business?Easy said,what business would go there looking to invest and create jobs of any kind when Mexican nationals aren't even safe.MEXICAN PEOPLE NEED A REVOLUTION OF SOME KIND,THEY NEED A MAGNETIC STRONG MAN TO SWEEP AWAY THIS RIDICULOUS BEHAVIOR FROM POLITICOS.
    Who knows,how you fix this,do the Mexican people even see anything wrong?From sentiments on here we may get attacked and the us v them mentality,but this IS very scary and wrong.

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    'Confiesa subdirector operativo de la Policía Municipal de Acuña entregar a José Eduardo Moreira'

    'The operating assistant director of The Municipal police of Acuña confesses to having turned in / handed over to assassins José Eduardo Moreira'

    10.40 PM my time en el Canadá

    ' Senb

  10. A person wrote in saying i did not give credit for the mexican papers i used. I did give credit for the two elements..within the post. this is original material, Acuna is one of the cities i work in...but i have worked on this for 2 days, if you go to my post of the 6th poted in the afternoon, on borderland beat forum called "death foto" you will see the same facts I began with but as a hypothesis because nothing was confirmed. my employees and best friend went to the acuna funeral. I could sit with any of you and tell you the moreira story, sadly we live with it in coahuila. Just try and appreciate our work. and if you feel it sucks...please go to another blog or one of the mexican papers that had "facts" all over the place on this story.

    to the others...thank you so much, this story was close to my heart....paz, chivis

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    thank you so much for the heads up...but I am on it. with the help of friends. stay tuned :)
    and yes it seems def connected. One did survive, but more to the story. where did you hear of the vid? the herald had it but then zocalo ran it a day later, i think because of the herald. but there is more.

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    else mucho problems will arrise. This being the
    case it should be of no surprize that this would happen especially since the PRI needed to be reminded that they are in Office this time because they put them in Office..! I live right across the border in Eagle Pass and know many people in Coahuila who are scared to leave thier
    homes after dark are now afraid to even go to work for fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. As far as the Moreria murder; Edourdo
    was the Only Decent One, the Uncle set him up but it backfired on both him and the Z's. All Hell is going to breakout now cuz they killed a
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    We are with you in our heartfelt emotion for your loss at this time.It is your loss,but also everyone's,but mostly yours.You are a shining beacon to us all.May god help you in your time of hurt and neediness.
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    we released many comments that are not posting for some reason...maybe there is a limit if so I will create another post just for comments...

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