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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hits to CAF in 2012

15 notable members of CAF arrested throughout 2012

The Ministry of Public Safety in Tijuana, (SSPE) announced that to date, authorities have detained 15 operators, lieutenants, or cell leaders of the criminal group, led by Fernando Sanchez Arellano, known as Ingeniero.  

 In the Spring, the Army captured Leal Octavio Hernandez, 'El Chapito, with weapons, and 180 kilograms of marijuana, on Blvd Aguacaliente in Tijuana.

Chapito, was the subject of a Zeta Magazine profile a few weeks earlier, detailing his bloody history with the cartel, his actions against Teodoro Simental Garcia, and his vicious feud with Alfredo Azarte Arteaga, 'El Aquiles'.  In statements after his detention, Chapito claimed to be no more then an independent drug trafficker, fearing for his life, in the narco politics of Tijuana's organized crime groups.

In May, an associate of Manuel Arturo Villareal Heredia, '6-1', was arrested.  'El Pit' was a close associate of Villareal Heredia, who led a murder/kidnap cell, under Javier Francisco Arellano, in the early 2000's.  Another cousin of Villareal Heredia was detained in Tecate, Francisco Lopez Heredia, was detained with 1,000 plus grams of crystal, and alleged to be one of the main retail drug operators in the city of Tecate.  Three police officers linked with Arellano Felix were arrested later in May.     

In June, authorities arrested a man with 90k, allegedly from drug sales in the Los Angeles area, from operators affiliated with, or working directly for Arellano Felix, the money was said to be Ingeniero's, personally.  A month later, Julio Cesar Salaes Quiones, 'El M4' was detained by elements of the Army, after a chase, in which Quiones injured himself while running.

 M4 spent his life in the CAF, and was a confidante of long fallen leaders, such as Ramon Arellano, and Gustavo Riveria Martinez, 'El EP 1'.  Quoines was wanted for a variety of drug and homicide related offenses, but one noteworthy was the trafficking of 500 kilos from Tijuana into the United States in 1995.   M4 was also one of the groups most active in the fight against Los Teos.  

Days after 'El M4', Luis Manuel Toscano, 'El Mono' was arrested by Federal Police in Zona Norte, following a sweeping Federal operation of the area.  Toscano allegedly answered to Sanchez Arellano, and was in control of the Zona Norte district on his behalf, controlling retail drug sales in the profitable area.

 Toscano and Los Litos run by the Garcia brothers were said to have been engaging in a feud for control.  'El Mono' was 34 years old, and a native of Manzanillo, Colima.  Information taken from the arrest of Sales Quiones resulted in the arrest.

In August, Alfredo Meza Garcia, 'El Tacks', was arrested, with extradition warrants from both the DEA, and the ICE.  Meza Garcia was said to be a principal lieutenant of Sanchez Arellano.  As of October 2012, authorties state 15 lieutenants or important arrests have been made, 455,000 grams of marijuana seized, roughly 3,0000 grams of crystal, and eleven vehicles, as well as over 100,000 US dollars.  Several things are left out of this presentation including cocaine seizures, and weapons seizures.   

Sources AFN Tijuana, Zeta Tijuana


  1. And how Many of these guys are back on the streets?

  2. Story says: several things are left out of this presentation including cocaine seizures and weapons seizures [and the rest of the cash seizures]. 100,00 is not much money for the number of narcos, quantities of drugs and the class of weapons involved. It is possible that some cash seizures were misplaced.

  3. Good article. Im always curious what CAF is up to. That Enginerio is a mystery to me. People talk about them being swallowed up by sinaloa like its a bad thing, but if anything it seems like the calmest region. Probably just a bunch of earners over there moving stuff across the border. Altho apparently according to this article they are still taking hits. Any news out of Juarez lately? What is going on over there?

  4. How much money do you think the Arellano Felix clan makes a year?

  5. Hi from San Diego/Tijuana. I spend a lot of time in TJ, and in the Zona Norte. This plaza is very peaceful. There are no narco mantas, beheadings, castrations, and high profile semi-terrorist violence. MX Army units have a very high profile in Zona Norte, patrolling with heavy weapons and in force. MX Federal police and MX local police have a strong presence. In months past, it was common to see shops and clubs boarded up on Ave. Revo and harmless gringos like me spread eagled against TJ municipal cars being searched and shaken down. Now, Ave. Revo is very much back to life with lots of street fairs and night life. The rest of Baja CA del Norte is following. Police shakedowns are once again non existant.

    It is still common for street rateros to approach me and offer coke or crystal. I don't do drugs and they leave peacefully. The well known "tienditas" are in full operation and the police ignore them while making petty drug busts across the street. My amigas often buy their mota in the little corner grocery stores.

    Whatever is happening here in TJ it is for the best. Drugs are not going away. Smuggling is not going away. What needs to go away is violence, kidnapping, extortion, and terrorism. I spoke to some high level people here recently, and was told, "here, narco trafficing, well, it is just a business".

    I'll be keeping my eye on the street level in TJ.

  6. Como siempre el gobierno tumabando a todos menos al chapo. Ya que se salga la funda del chapo el calderon para que se chingen a ese culero al igual que todos



    1. 15 al año no es nada, lo malo que nomas kedan otros 15 en el caf. Ya valieron gorro

  9. This cartel is laying low, while chapo and the zzz kill each other. Pretty smart.

  10. There not laying low there weak as hell they have no choice if they make noise they'll get destroyed there just making enough money from what they can in TJ AND BAJA just to survive if they capture Fernando you'll have sinaloa running that plaza Tijuana doesn't have a choice but to behave they know they'll get wiped out by the government or the other cartels so they keep to themselves.

  11. ^^^ They are far from weak, they have a choice, but they are handling their situation very well. If you knew how much money there bringing in you'd take what you've said back. They have the perk, of having the border right next to them while at the same time having to endure issues other cartels don't have to worry about. As for (Sinaloa) running that plaza they already are. Or have you forgotten where most of the main CAF heads are from? They are from Sinaloa, and have alot of family business affiliation with Sinaloa still.

  12. october 15 2012 9:51 pm people stop being innocent people you run youre mouth calling EL CARTEL DE TIJUANA weak if there weak why does cds pay to play every one else pays but there alliances and how would the zetas form and alliance with a weak cartel i live hear in TJ and i still see alot of CAF members but more control with less violence EL CAF SURVIVED los teos cds and military know everyone pays but not there alliance i was raised if youre going to talk shit say it face to face or putyoure name so you can get a respond or visit what you afraid of there weak and scared REMEMBER? in my book youre what we call you is a BITCH

  13. I own and run a local business here in TJ. Right now TJ is hella calm. Its not how it used to be, theres not much violence here anymore. I think theres more violence en SD than TJ. The good thing is that Im able to run my business without having to worry about being kidnapped or killed. Gracias Tijuana!

  14. I live in tijuas cross to work 5 days a week...I like that all the pochos and gringos ate bringing business tourism back....but damn these guys come back across the border drunk dirty causing trouble talking shit to the border cops .. ..half of them don't even have id cards or birth certificate or passports .....they make the line long....they are annoying ....sometimes I wish they didn't allow those drunks to cross especially the gordas....

  15. Tijuana is weak they cant hang with the big dogs like sinaloa common sense its best they keep quiet and conduct doing buisness in Tj and baja any where else they'll get stomped they use to be big back in the days its best that way now Tijuana is back to normal no violence what would you rather have them being huge and causing havoc or remain small no violence and get your ass beat by other cartels they are weak vs other cartels look at the cartels territory and tell me what they occupy Vs other cartels

  16. "I like that all the pochos and gringos ate bringing business tourism back"
    With a mouth and attitude like yours surprised they go near you"pochos and gringos"nice one?

  17. El caf aint no factor

  18. 15 operadores del caf, 100 de juarez, 100 de caballeros templarios, 50 de beltran leyva, como 1000 zetas, y que con el pinche chapo culeros!!! ese culero empeso todo el desmadre de ninia nisiquiera peleando como hombre puro mandar alos soldados y federales a pelear con la gente gracias asu compa calderon al q le pago su fraude y a esos putos nomas les agarraron al ondeado, porque andaba bien loco el puto, pinche calderon hijo de puta cuando salgas te van a cortar la cabeza pinche maricon

  19. para que sepas quien controlla pinche pendejo...........puro sinaloa


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