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Thursday, October 11, 2012

"El Wicked" Confesses to Killing Marisela! Scapegoat?

Borderland Beat

El Wicked confessed to participating in the "El Colorado Bar Massacre." Then he confessed to killing activist Marisela Escobedo! Her family calls him a scapegoat!  Is he portraying himself as a victim of a bad childhood? Who's buying it?

Standing in front of the prosecutor, José Enrique Jiménez Zavala stares at his three three tattoos that somehow define his personality. One has an inscription in Vietnamese that, translated into Spanish, says: "Do not trust no bitch." The second contains an EPT acronym that refers to El Paso, Texas. The third is a silhouette of Subcomandante Marcos.

Then "El Wicked," born on December 29, 1982 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, recounts his childhood with an air of pride. After leaving his father behind, moving from Juarez to an apartment in El Paso at age eight, "I lived on Alameda Street and Copia with my mother, and brothers, mom was devoted to the home and paid expenses by working in bars and taverns."

Jiménez Zavala admits that he wasn't a good student, that gang activities would pulled him from school, and that he "only got through high school. I did my studies at Basset High School and did two years of high school in Austin; likewise my brothers also studied in El Paso schools."

He practiced football: "During sports season everything was fine, but vacation time was the beginning of getting in trouble."

He joined gangs, was expelled from school for gang fights, and the punishments soon began to match his escalating infractions. He was placed in a "Challenge Bootcamp." At 15, El Wicked was sentenced to one year at the Texas Commission for Children with a charge of theft.

Upon his release at age 16, he became a gang leader, stole narcomenudo drugs for resale and began experimenting with heroin and guns.
El Wicked graduated to County Jail in Abilene, Texas with a five-year stint for supermarket robbery. In county lockup he sealed his downward spiral by joining Los Aztecas. Upon his release, he took control of the capital of Chihuahua plaza, distributing heroin and committing murders. More recently, he participated in the murder of 16 people in the El Colorado bar in Chihuahua on April 20, 2012.

El Wicked's Presentation--detained in a parking lot carrying a ..38 on Oct. 4

El Wicked Confesses to Killing Marisela Escobedo!

Jiménez Zavala confessed that the order to kill Marisela Escobedo came from Jesus Antonio Rincón Chavero, a.k.a. "el Tarzan," a former ministerial officer, third in command of the organization La Linea, who has already been arrested and detained in a federal prison.

He also said that the order came from "above." At that time, the leaders of the criminal group were "El Diego" and "El Brad Pitt," both also arrested.

Marisela Escobedo
Everyone knows the the sad story of Marisela Escobedo, "Rubi's Mom." Escobedo's abruptly became an activist when her daughter, Rubi Frayre Escobedo, 16, disappeared in Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, in 2008. Escobedo worked tirelessly to attract attention to "the disappeared" Juarez women, while "uber-focusing" on bringing justice for her missing  Rubi, who had turned 17 by the time her burned and dismembered body was found in the trash in 2009.

Once wrapped only in a banner with her daughter's photograph, Escobedo demanded  justice. She contacted federal research groups, initiating in-depth investigations into officials in various levels of government as a means to expedite the arrest of Raphael Barraza Bocanegra, a Zeta who the Escobedo family firmly believed responsible for Rubi's death. Although Bocandegra was finally arrested, he was quickly acquitted and released. It was a devastating blow to the Escobedos. (The acquittal was eventually reversed by a panel of judges.)

El Wicked said the day he killed Escobedo, she was was opposite the Palace of Government. After shooting her first in the head, the gun "jammed," and the victim's brother threw a chair that hit El Wicked in the arm.  Escobedo tried to flee her assassin by running across the street, but the gunman chased her down. She died shortly after at a hospital.
According to state authorities, El Wicked said the killing of Escobedo was an agreement between the Juárez and the los Zetas cartels because her protests were attracting too much media attention. Jiménez Zavala explained that Sergio Barraza, the man who slayed Rubi, was in Zacatecas with the Zetas.

Sergio Rafael Barranza Bocanegra

Attack of Activist Marisela Escobeda

In Memory of Marisela Escobedo
Son Of Activist Marisela Escobedo says "El Wicked" is a Scapegoat

Juan Manuel Frayre Escobedo, son of Marisela Escobedo, said his uncle, Ricardo Escobedo, who witnessed the murder, does not recognize El Wicked as the author of the crime. Frayre said his uncle, who like him and another brother asked for political asylum in the United States after they buried his mother in Ciudad Juarez, said the man presented by Chihuahua authorities as the alleged killer of Marisela Escobedo is a "scapegoat." 

Frayre Escobedo, who has taken refuge in the U.S. from alleged death threats, said in a press conference that they have identified the "real murderer," a U.S. citizen. "My mom's brother witnessed the murder and reported it to the Attorney General's Office (PGR). They know it's a Gringo," he clarified. He would not reveal the identity of the alleged murderer, but he did say that he could only be residing in Ciudad Juarez or El Paso. Although Chihuahua authorities presented this weekend El Wicked as the murderer, Frayre insists that he may have been pressured to plead guilty and settle the case.

Marisela Escobedo Ortiz paid the ultimate price for standing up for her beliefs
The real killers--whoever they may be--should pay the price for the assassination of Marisela Escobedo. She deserves that much and more.

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  1. how could this happen if the family know it was a white person that fired the pistol...

  2. Cold blooded assassination. I want to say poor Mexico but the same happens in the USA every day too. Look at Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Trenton, Philly...

  3. lol el Brad Pitt wtf these narco names are stupid

    1. That is precisely what makes them so cool. Nicknames are born from a numerous look at our friends. They reveal personality or the impression that is given by the persons looks. If you think that the names are stupid, what do you think about the senseless killings and dismemberment?

  4. This whole thing was tragic and an indictment of a lot of things wrong in Mexico,the seriousness of this crime,somehow gets belittled saying that.Unless the brother believes it?Does he mean a gringo hitman,brought in? What a brave woman Marisela Escobedo was,just trying to find someone to step up and help her get the dog that killed her daughter.Its not as if they didn't know who did it?Everyone needs to read her story,imagine the sense of helplessness she felt.The dog who did it,showed the police Rubi's(Mariselas daughter)burned dismembered body and confessed,but later at trial said he was tortured into confessing,and 3 judges let him go?Don't forget that this guy was La Linea or Zeta?The whole family has been threatened because she dared to want justice for her young daughter,then they finally killed her.This should be a national disgrace,a disgrace to the dogs who did it,and a disgrace to the Mexican judicial system,by the way the 3 judges who freed him were suspended,to allow an"investigation"Another investigation?What do the women of Mexico do,if the same thing happened again?Tragic story.

  5. That's crazy. So you're telling me that the individual that was with Marisela Escobedo Ortiz ( may she rest in peace) is saying that this Wicked individual looks completely different from the subject that killed his sister?!!! Is anyone else saying otherwise (besides wicked)? If not, then why are they booking this guy for it? OK, some people are saying "He confessed!!". It's a known fact that the so called law in Mexico interogates (tortures) pretty much every one for info, whether relevant to the case or not. This guy could have very easily said "ok, I'll confess, it was me' just so the could stop their interrogation methods, or maybe someone told him that they would give him so much money, or kill his family , with the porpose of getting this case closed. Bribery, death threats (which are mostly followed through with) and torture are all pretty common in Mexico, so it would not be to hard to believe this cat is innocent, but taking the blame for whatever reason. What would be hard for me to believe is that her brother (Maricela's) would be mistaken. You seen the video? How could you throw a chair at someone, get chsed around a truck by him a little, and be mistaken when you say that a certain person looks "COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!" from the person who did it. He didn't say a little different, or different, he said "COMPLETLY" different. And her (Marisela's) son is saying it wasn't him either. WTF!!!

  6. "Cold blooded assassination. I want to say poor Mexico but the same happens in the USA every day too. Look at Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Trenton, Philly"
    Really?Do you even know this story?

  7. 2:03 welcome to justice in Mexico. if the relatives are right and the real killer was a gringo - it means that the cartels hired an outside sicario for this job. they brought in a special assassin. he is gone now, if that's true. it's not clear why they would go to so much trouble - maybe they expected publicity.

  8. If it wasn't him an he was supposedly l pressured to plead thers someone higher up in the juarez cartel or zeta ladder gkving orders for it. More than likely was threatened and decided to take the blame, I just wish there was more info on whats going on in chihuas, many say chapo alredy took over yet many that live there say otherwise. I know this drug war sux and god bless all the innocents that have lost their lives, but I think that has been the most interesting state since everything started because it seems like sinaloa and juarez are still going at it hard apparently. Correct me if im wrong. I have family there and theyve said it just keeps going back and forth between those 2 groups.

  9. What happened tho this lady, is beyond tragic. All she wanted was justice, the Governor/Government failed to protect her. This tells you alot of how things go down in Mexico. She dedicated her life after Rubi's death to finding justice for her daughter. I was outraged when this happened and still am. It makes me sick. This guy is a scapegoat. Trust me, if you ended up in a jail in Juarez, You would sing if they asked you to.

  10. It's been kinda quiet. Ever since cds focused their attention on keeping sinaloa safe and left. Chihuahua is better of now that his flunkies are gone. They need to stay out . Alot of innocent ppl die wherever cds goes. Chapo brings death and pain where ever he goes. We moved away from culiacan in 2002 to get away grom all that nonsense.

  11. Nobody seems to think the brother and/or other family members could be intimidated by the narcos? Why not? If you believe the threats to kill you (even though you are hiding in the US) you might say anything to save your own skin. "It was a gringo"

    This was in Juarez where everyone, i.e. police, prosecutors, Army, politicians, etc. are crooked and potentially involved. The brother would not be inclined to make any statement unless it served his purposes.

  12. Don't forget that is not only the cartel that is to blame here but also the government. She was getting under their skin. So they had to do something. Just think about it. Where are the 3 judges that set the real killer free? Where is the real killer?

  13. Uh...everyone is so focused on the drug cartel. Did everyone forget why this even happened? women are being killed for being women people! its a femicide... so does this happen in the U.S. I think you should think before you speak.


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