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Friday, October 12, 2012

Did Kidnapped Torreon Teen Have Lazcas Baby?

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat 

I began this post to soley feature the article in Valley Central about a kidnapped teen possibly being Lazca girlfriend and the mother of his baby.  Sergio Chapa did a good job with the video which includes an interview of the girls mother.  The mother does not think it is her daughter, and I agree the facial features are different. 
Not only that, I am saying, as I did when I first laid eyes on it, that it is not Lazca.  Way off.  His death photos confirmed my conclusion, features are not a match, even the ears, hairline and his weight is considerably less than his death photos and the photos from the Squirrels wedding.  I post them here including a side by side of the photos. 
Secondly the bottom video is the full length video of footage identified by Valley Central as of Lazcas death, they  based their report on one from BDN who ran the video as Zetas in PN then changed it to Lazca.  The video was from the 7th and posted the 8th in the morning.  BB Forum posted it on the 8th early.  It was posted by Tierra, then Zocalo or visa versa.  You can see that it is a Piedras Negras video, not Lazca. 
Below is the Valley Central story.
Just clearing out the trash and keeping the facts straight.
In the middle is the person identified as Lazca
Valley Central (sergio chapa):
Her teenage daughter Stephanie, or “Fanny” as their family called her, was kidnapped from the streets of Torreon Coahuila back in 2004.
Kidnappers claiming to be with the Zetas drug cartel demanded a ransom but then the calls stopped.
Fanny was 16 years old at the time she was kidnapped but eight years have passed.
But a twist to case following the death of Zetas supreme leader Heriberto Lazcano-Lazcano this weekend.
Blogs and Mexican media outlets all reported that authorities found a photo in Lazcano-Lazcano’s possession that could be Fanny.
The slain drug lord is seen in the photo with a young woman that many on-line are saying is Ortiz's missing daughter.
Ortiz is skeptical that the girl in the photo is her daughter based on physical traits.
“I can’t say that’s my daughter,” Ortiz said in an interview in Spanish via Skype. “Even less because that photo is just too blurry.”
Ortiz said the family’s search once brought them to Pharr here in the Rio Grande Valley back in 2007.
A prosecutor told the family that Fanny was living in the Valley and had even given birth to Lazcano-Lazcanos's baby on the American side of the border.
The family worked with the U.S. Marshals and identified five possible matches based on records of newborn babies.
Two were eliminated as possibilities but three of the females could never be verified.
“Of those three girls, we couldn’t verify them,” Ortiz said in Spanish. “We really don’t know if one of them could have been her.”
Ortiz said the family is clinging to hope that their daughter is still alive.
And if Fanny is living in the Valley, they hope someone can come forward with information.
“We’re many eyes, many eyes and if you see her, I beg you, implore you to help me,” Ortiz said in Spanish via Skype.
Thank for the heads up BB reader
Shout out to Havana for the side by side trio screen shot


  1. The missing girl no way looks like Lazca`s gf.Its the other girl - and whats about the missing girl from Torreon - my condolences but i m prone into thinkin` she s been a lotta time deep in the ground...

  2. were basting this reporting from BDN ??? Huh? You mean basing

  3. Not on here to start rumors but i know for a fact from relatives that there was indian and germán doctors seen a hospital at zacatecas. Im not scared to say where im from.. Matias Ramos, fresnillo zacatecas..the towns around cabrales, trujillo, buena vista, san jeronimo, valparaiso..these are little ranchos scartered about 10 mins from fresnillo. These ppl here crazy shit. My grandma lives in the city of fresnillo about 2 miles from the centro or the jardín obelisco. We were two houses down from Where they supposedly killed ostion. Then hes seen again Alive a week later in jerez, zacatecas in the same fucking green land rover...ostion and tali shared the plaza cause tali oversaw the city and ostion oversaw the ranchos. Anyways there was a bunch of heat on el alemán so he tienes himself in of course without the whole presentation and bullshit summary of How they got him on some covert op to please the public..anyways coss and Mario spilt and had truces with tali for the villanueva plaza...tali taxed coss for every ton crossed through and eventually taliban became just as powerful as trevino and lazca..then you What happends next.chapos military kills tormenta Mario turns in mochomo blames Chapo. Boom blo/Chapo war. Nacho killed. Blo nd coss had truce. Then blo help some z fight. Blo coss spilt war. coss gives up Arturo. Dead. War then basically coss and tali worked for chap to overthrow z and cdg simulataneously. The Mario gets caught, snitches out coss, coss gives up tali, tali game over. Ardilla was acting, its all a spectacle to give u the illusion that lazcas dead..perfectly laid out to brainwash u. He confirmed that was lazca gtfoh.. anywayz . Remember Chapos son that was meant to brainwash u too but didnt work .

    1. How could you tell tht they were German and Indian? Maybe they were Austrian and Pakistani? Puro pedo.

    2. If you heard it from " relatives" then that's hearsay. If you personally witnessed it then you know it as a fact. Any how, so what? There were " German and Indian" doctors. That proves nothing!!!!!

    3. Son go to school first....its 21.century and you are unliterated...

  4. Chivis

    Nice post, but don't you get the feeling were being taken for a ride?

    I'm going to post some irregularities that I have towards this,

    First, let's look at the picture of where the couple is at some sort of party, behind a table, I'v taken the position that it is Lazca.

    If you take the position that it is not him, then ask yourself, why would a dead guy carry a picture of someone that looks like you and still no other form of identification other that the picture?

    Second, the picture is at most about 5 years old, how can I assume that , by looking a display system on the back by all calculations it's a 42" plasma tv, which did not become popular and universally available until 2006, and still you have the rgb led scrolling sign which came around 2006 also. So to me it give a time range for this picture of or around 2007 at the earliest.

    Third, by the setting it feels staged, why there nobody else present, no shadows, the persons on the pictured seemed distant to each other, there's no intimacy between them by their body posture, not only that there is no personal jewelry on them, even on the young lade no earing or necklace, (jewelry is usually a very good descriptor for people to remember you).

    Last, there major optical discrepancies on the photo,
    right behind where their heads join together, that portion does not match with anything on the background,
    right floor pattern seems on a different elevation than the left portion, together with different pattern.
    the left wall is a different perspective than the rest of the room and while the rest of the object do have shadows the frame on this wall does not. Photoshop my opinion is likely.

    I'll post my observations on Trevino an la ardilla tomorrow.

  5. Here's a good copy of the pict,

  6. El lazca no esta muerto cabrones. Dejen de creerle al pinche gobierno incompetente de felipe calderon que se acuesta con el chapo. La zona esta muy caliente es una distraccion, nada mas,

  7. This is a ridiculous idea. These cartel leaders can have the hottest strippers in Mexico for girlfriends at any time. No way are they going to waste 1 minute on someone's 16 year old daughter for anything but ransom money. The young girl could have been passed off to someone else or smuggled into the US for prostitution. We may never know. 8 years is a long time and probably 100,000 people have died in the mean time.

    1. whoever is Lazcas date in that photo is smokin hot..

  8. Idk Chivis, it could have been him when he first defected the special forces or maybe even before that but then again the kidnap wouldn't really coincide. And to me the man In the pic looks in his early 20s and with green eyes they just pierce through your soul lol Lazca had good looks but not those eyes haha he'd probably still be alive if he had those eyes. I wish I did!!! Then I'd probably have the confidence to leave my girl lmao jk
    SALUDOS cómpas

  9. Hello BB I have a little to share. For many years my dad has told me stories of Lazca being his distant cousin, idk what that makes him to me. I myself never met him as my dad came to America in his last years of high school, but my family especially my grandma and grandpa that came once my dad could afford a coyote, spoke very highly of him and I didn't know who he was till about a year ago when I seen a photo that looked like one in my grandpas photo album. The story in my family is that he joined because he was tired of feeling fake getting respect but letting the criminals do as they please. In his mind there was no military to betray they had betrayed the country. Again this story is from my family last name Reyes. I speak little Spanish and have never been to Mexico I do feel a little weird if I should feel bad of his death I definitely want to visit his resting place. He's been a perfect example of what not to do but also he did not plan on being this he fought to be the good guy but just couldn't but that doesn't excuse his actions
    Thank you for your time if you read
    Eduardo Reyes

    1. He planned on being a good guy? By allowing his people to execute Children and Innocent people? Investigate more into Los Zetas and Then ask Yourself of You should feel bad or mourn a Monster like him.... That's if He is even dead!!!

  10. why is this new mother confirms that not her daughter de de de reporting yo

  11. OT... but here's a little more info about what happened at the baseball field... from AP.

  12. Could it be possible she left and wasn't kidnapped? We know these dudes are scumbags but it happens all too oftten where money buys people and women are not untouchable in that aspect. I am not degrading them in any way but I have been to Mexico and $$$$ talks. Teens look to marry a wealthy guy, regardless of his occupation. Just a thought I had.

  13. Eduardo Reyes .
    Ey man,love to talk with you about all that stuff,the coyote thing an all that?Im not from the US,that's what i mean about all that.At least you take the time to listen to your grandparents story's,i love to hear some of the things they went through,wherever you are from.A lot of people today think they got it bad,but listening about things from years ago makes you realize they had worse times.Moral is,don't neglect the old people !

  14. Chivis.
    This aint no bullshit flattery,we appreciate your bulletins,you were on time alright.Just to say some of us appreciate the time you giving to this and other new's worthy story's,for all of us no-Spanish speakers,just so you know.
    Thanks to Borderland Beat,there are many Europeans reading on here also,where you can see the stark truth without political agendas.
    Good job BB.

    1. How do you know that there are Europeans reading this? Because someone claims to be " European " in an " anymous" post? How can you tell where I'm from?

  15. @3:56AM

    tthank you!
    Hey great looking out with the plasma spot!

    you are assuming the photo was with him, authorities never said that. what they said is he was arrying nothing between the two men there was only one document the DL, and it was the other dead zetas

  16. This girl was clearly taken whether or not it is the same one from 8 years ago still remains to be seen. As for the poster on another thread gushing about how handsome this lazca is, in that wedding photo he looks like a straight up eddie munster replica. All these guys have photos taken from years ago and it should be interesting to what trevino actually looks like at this point, none of them are remotely handsome in any way and all of us looked pretty good in our 20's. It was pretty amusing when they called la barbie brad pitt, not even close.

  17. All of these theories and speculations are enough to drive anyone nuts, just when I think okay he is dead 100%, one of our readers (or two) brings up a great point. 80% of me thinks he is dead, but then there is that nagging 20%!! Is it really that impossible for governments to stage deaths, cover up events etc??? No, I am sure people in power have been playing the role of puppet master since the beginning of human civilization, except that NOW, with the internet, information gets spread so quickly, it's hard to get to the actual truth. One thing I know 100% is that NO ONE really knew who this man was. These capos are men of many faces, one face with business associates, one face with family, one face with friends, you get the point. We the public are left with bits and pieces, forced to put what little information we have together. I think as humans we just have this internal need for information, leaving no questions unanswered and unfortunately some events, people what have you, will be just that, unanswered, a mystery.

  18. I just got done with a seminar on Border security and a well known Sherrif was telling about the killing of Lazcano. He said he had verification that 3 and 40 split indeed a few weeks ago, and the 3 had prostate cancer. Anyone know of any of this? He knew a lot of in depth info that only someone with close knowledge would know, or he`s the best liar I`ve ever met.

  19. why is it that every time some one big gets killed photos seem to pop out of da blue, where were they before, on top of that they came out right after he got killed, i think this shit was planned so he could live at peace, no body, only pics of his death so much high tech shit out it could of been photo shopped,n finger prints could of been his but payed a lot of money to make da story up n all da sudden da body is gone........

  20. @ 9:50AM well worded!

  21. That coward Lazca died, shot in the back, running like a scared hog!
    Lived in hiding, scared and frightened, piece of shit!
    Where's the other coward shit, el 40 scared shitless, hiding.

  22. @ Eduard Reyes, I would like to visit his grave with I can shit on it.
    Lazca was a coward piece of shit!

    1. Lol you gona have to wait in line bro.

    2. Lmao hahahaha wow that was mean but hilarous! Lol

    3. Hahaha that was classic you know I'd be honored to join you to pay respects, really?? Well sure I need to defacate on the grave!! Duh!!! Lmao

    4. Piece of shit?.....yeah. Coward? How many gunbattles have you been in?
      Halo and COD don't count. Go to bed son.

    5. I hear E-Lax is selling his photo as a laxative.


    Lazca: Hey, what did you do to get here?

    Cellmate: Well, I liked giving guys blowjobs and I stopped at some stupid shrine in Nuevo Laredo one time and said a prayer to Santa Muerte. y usted?

    Lazca: Wow, that's nothing. I liked having little boys give ME blowjobs and I kidnapped a 16 year old one time and forced her to conceive my little Satan child. Ohhh, and I single handedly caused the downfall of civilized society in Mexico for the next 500 years.

    Satan: Hey you too, shut up in there. It's time for your preview movie of what it's going to be like when Janet Reno arrives to be your cellmate/Bubba for eternity !!

  24. The corpse doesn't look anything like the other two photos. The guy is a dead ringer for my Tata when he was a kid, and that corpse is lacking bone structure. I know the body changes in trauma, but... Are these guys %100 sure it's the right guy? All Mexicans look the same to me some times, but not when they look like family.

  25. 1:25 PM .
    Man,the dude is just sharing something about him with everyone,you know,anecdotal,chill out a bit.

  26. Shit man,dude in the middle looks like me,no relation tho,fuck that

  27. Ahora dicen que LAZCANO se hizo cirugia en las orejas por eso no se le miran en la foto ,segun el vocero de coahuila ...... Informacion de tierra del narco

  28. Taliban's brother in law, Rafael Mauricio Ramirez Tamez aka Comandante Diamante caught by Mexican Armed Forces in Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

  29. "whoever is Lazcas date in that photo is smokin hot.."

    She is probably also smokin' dead by now. Tortured and chopped up for Lazca's entertainment, then fed to Lazcas unpaid gunmen.

    "@ Eduard Reyes, I would like to visit his grave with I can shit on it.
    Lazca was a coward piece of shit! "

    Taking a shit on his grave would probably make it smell better.

  30. my hero is we stuk wit puto 40!!!


    New pics of Lazca with holes up the ying yang.

  32. In some of his death photos he is wearing a waist band I know people with stomach or colon cancer that wear those maybe he was sick peace LoKs

  33. Okay now let look at Trevino and la ardilla

    Who is La Ardilla, we are being told that he's a top guy and was a close associate of Lazca and Trevino, with a blood presences all the way from Veracruz, San Fernado Valley, Nuevo Laredo and Piedras Negras arena.

    We also have a couple of pictures of him with the dead Lazca a his wedding, in which Lazca was a "padrino", so he was a significant asset in the organization.

    What lingers is, if this Ardilla was so high ranking why no prolific mentioning of him on mantas or even occasionally if none that I can recall?
    Now if Lazca was at his wedding, where was Trevino especially being that the top guy Lazca was the "padrino" of the wedding and suspicious would arouse if anything would had gone wrong.
    As per the Ardilla acknowledgement of Lazca as the individual in the picture, the question is how was he asked to identify him, was he told is this Lasca on the photo? or who's this with you on the photo?

    As per Trevino,
    As late most communications have being issued by him, while Lazca has been publicly marginalized, his persona has been slowly been cleansed by leaked bits and pieces, such as his future burial place (if this was a movie, you would had guess his character was going to be eliminated, sooner rather than later), then Stratfor and others disclose that he has a terminal illness and statements are made that Lazca has given most of his operational control to Trevino, all of this plays out like a scripted public succession of control for the group.

    Now lets take the pros and cons of Lazca being dead for Trevino....

    Why would Trevino want Lazca's body be found?
    He would gotten to validity to his grip on control,
    Lazca would had gotten a proper burial with his group getting a moral boost from learning and having a spectacular resting place.
    Public acknowledgement of Lazca really being dead.
    The Moreira situation would had been diffused.

    Why wouldn't Trevino want Lazca's body be found?
    By all account Trevino has been more of a regional broker than a International connected one, if any one had connections to distributors it is more likely to had been Lazca going back to the Gulf Cartel days, so this would be a heavy blow to them for Lazca to be dead.
    By not 1000% validating his demise, doubts are left lingered not for the group or public but for the DEA and Mexico, giving him a little more breathing room as to him being in charge of the Zetas.
    Again The Moreira situation would had been diffused, because a dead boss is a good payback whether you have him or not.
    But the best reason is why have someone else control the narrative when you can manipulate it and show that even at your weakest point your are organized and competent unlike the government who had one of the most sought after criminals and couldn't even hold on to him while being dead.

    So what do you think?

    1. Lazca was originally muscle, a hitman. The reason Z-40 rose through ranks was his knowledge of smuggling & the border. Original Zetas didn't know that shit, they were just guns. Granted they learned, but from guys like Trevino, who'd been around drug smugglers (his older brother still in jail) since he was a kid.
      As for Columbian connects, Zetas had a crappy pipeline. Chapo owns that shit. Thats why Zetas spent so much time & resources on other income: kidnapping, extortion, stealing oil, even fucking bootleg dvds.

  34. He was sick that's why he gave up the Zetas to Z40... He was going to die either way..

  35. @October 12, 2012 1:41 PM
    Sounds like he is sharing a cell with Reagan



    Doctor Eric Holder: OK Mr. Lazcano, we're going to check you for prostrate cancer now. Do you understand?

    Lazca: My English is not too good looking.

    Dr. Holder: Ohh, Nurse Napolitano, can you come in here and help me with a procedure?

    Nurse Janet Napolitano: (enters room) Why, yes Dr. Holder, anything you want.

    Lazca: (pisses pants)

    Nurse Napolitano: OK Mr. Lazca, we're going to do a medical procedure on you now. Is that OK?

    Lazca: Matenme ya por favor.

    Nurse Napolitano: No speako Spanish Senor Lazcano. What do you want me to do Doctor Holder?

    Dr. Holder: Here, take this gun and shoot him in the ass.

    Nurse Napolitano: (Shoots Lazcano) Done, Doctor...ohhh and there's no spillover !!!

    Dr. Holder: OK. Good. Now get rid of the body.

    Nurse Napolitano: OK, and how 'bout getting rid of the gun?

    Dr. Holder: What gun? I have no idea what you're talking about !!


  37. Lazca esta muerto. Lazca is dead.

    No matter how many times you guys say he's alive it wont change anything.

  38. The stuff looks like lazca. The left nostril is higher than the left. His mouth is the same. His eyes are slightly crooked and imperfect. His left side of his face is slight smaller than the right. Above, when I say left I mean our left, his right. He gained weight and the photos are zoomed in. That's the only reason they don't look right.

  39. I hope the comando of gunman who stole the body of Lazca is someone from the Sinaloa Cartel or any other cartel un feud with the Zetas. That way they can chop it up in pieces and through it in each and every state of the Mexican Republic. That way he will not rest in that mausoleum he built for himself. His family should not have the right to a place to mourn and pray for him. There are thousands of families out there who cannot take flowers to their loved ones because they don't know where their bodies are since these monsters buried them in clandestine graves, dismembered, burned, and even disinigrated the bodies. He has no right to a decent burial and his family should all be charged for his crimes. After all they are all acomplices.

  40. you ppl. Can believe what you want but thats el vazca hes a dead mf. Alot of capos in mexico get their face features changed. El vazca changed his features but he couldnt fool good ole u.s.a intell. That bitch got what he deserve.

  41. pinches ojetes de BB no pusieron lo que yo comente anoche.....ojetes!! No decia nada malo!

    El Ganso....

  42. So Fannys cousin was playing ball and that is why Lasca was there, to watch him either she wasn't kidnapped or its not Fanny.
    Something doesn't make sense here, Chivis.

  43. October 12, 2012 3:21 PM
    How do you know that there are Europeans reading this? Because someone claims to be " European " in an " anymous" post? How can you tell where I'm from?You from Pakistan?Sri Lanka,Laos,i give up?
    Cause im in Europe you fuckin crank.
    Fuckin Einstein here,worldwide web?no,ok...

  44. Ok the pic where lla camp it's with girl it's not him , trust me I was with him years back I met him In Tamaulipas , and his dead already he was not sick he always had a bad back problem

  45. Ok the pic with lazca and the girl it's not him trust me I was with him years back 2004 , and he is dead and was not sick he was suffering from really back pains

    1. You were with him. What was he like a psycho


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