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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Corruption: A look at a Meeting Between a Mexican Mayor and LFM

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat



This is Mexico’s truth, how cartels are allowed to operate with impunity and at will, how even good men are imprisoned by fear and terrorized at the thought of their love ones paying the price of any misstep on their part .

In the following video Ignacio Valladares Salgado, the elected mayor of the municipality of Teloloapan, Guerrero, has a conversation with representatives of the group “La Familia Michoacana” (LFM)

The location is nonspecific, but most likely near or in Teloloapan, it last for about six minutes. This appears to be the wooing stage of LFM. They ask in peace but the innuendo is clear that if the agreement (compromise) is broken there will be consequences. Seemingly the mayor finds himself in a potition of defeat either way he goes as he edges around the fact he has been approached by other groups. 

The mayor appears relaxed in the meeting, and if not for the fact he is speaking with members representing ta drug cartel it would appear as just a typical business meeting however he does seem to want to say more but is cut off by the narcos. Words with ambiguous meanings are used, but the intention is clear to the new mayor.

Here is the video narrative translated into English. For narrative indentification purposes I have assigned the following codes:

(M)Mayor, (LFM 1)first person speaking and (LFM2) for the second.

LFM1: What is your name?

M: I am Ignacio de Jesus Valladares Salgado

LFM1: Elected president of Teloloapan?

M: Elected president of Teloloapan

LFM1: The reason why we are here is because we want to have a peaceful town and it is in your hands, so we want you to compromise with us in establishing a director like we agreed… Tell me what we agreed on?

M: Yes, well, we agreed, I have to compromise with you and with all the citizens in putting a director of Public Safety that is external to the interests of other people, someone neutral and that dedicates himself to work, just as I will do it, in benefits to the entire citizens.

LFM1: Ok, who will this director be? What options do you have?

M: At this moment I don’t know who that might be, but I compromise in that I would look for a person that is external to the interests of any group or person, always attentive to benefit and care for the physical integrity of the citizens of the municipality of Teloloapan.

LFM1: You compromise with us to do so?

M: I compromise today with you and above all, I make the commitment just like I did when I was member of the parliament….

Interrupts lFM2: With us the Familia Michoacan!

M: With you the Familia Michoacana, just like I did when I was member of the parliament, I served the citizens, I made many public works, my intention now, If God gives me life, is doing it as Municipal Mayor

LFM1: Do you have a friendship with our leaders?

M: Yes, I have a friend relationship…

InterruptsL FM2: Exactly with whom?

M: I don’t know the name…

InterruptsL FM2: What is he called, aka ?

M: El Pez ( the fish)

LFM2: Close friends?

M: Well, not that close but…

LFM2: Just like us, we are friends.

LFM1: The reason for this is because we want to have a peaceful Teloloapan

M: Yes sir

LFM1: And while you don’t mess with any group, we will have everything controlled

M: I have to tell you…

LFM1: Neutral

M: It is not my intention to mess with anybody; my greatest interest is to have peace and quiet and I love life and I want life as well as I want the life of my loved ones and of course I respect the life of others.

LFM2: But here because of the friendship you have with Sr. Pez, with the boss…

LFM1: We are being attentive to you

LFM: And nothing is going to happen here, since we are friends, aren’t we? You with Mr. Pez, with us, everybody

M: We are friends and I hope that people external to you give me the chance of doing the things like I have to, because you also know that we are confronting other situations with other groups and well, I am going to maintain myself out of everything

LFM1: That is what we want, that your police to keep out of this, it is a commitment that we are doing right now so we can have peace and quiet, we never mess with the police. On the other hand, if the police and I want this to be clear, if the police act again against us then, Teloloapan is going to burn

M: What endear the most is that Teloloapan have peace and I tell you that I compromise myself …

Interrumps FM2: Teloloapan is going to have peace as long as we keep the friendship that we have

M: I make the commitment that all the police forces of Teloloapan, at the moment I take office and they are under my orders, I make the commitment that I am going to invite them to not get into any trouble that lead to greater difficulties to them, and to dedicate themselves in keeping the peace.

LFM1: And you have the obligation and the right to tell the army or any competent authority if a police is getting out of line.

M: But it is also my responsibility to tell you that sometimes not even our own children do what we tell them to do and that is when if any, if any gets out of line, we have to act in consequence to us, either fire them or turn them to the competent authorities.

LFM2: That’s right

LFM1: That is correct; you have that compromise with us then?

M: Yes, sir

LFM1: That is all
Thank you to the reader that sent this video to me, whoever you are....


  1. Man,that is so sad.Look at his face.Who knows,he might be a good man,but look what he has to put up with.They have obviously stopped him in his car,he doesn't know if they are going to execute him,question him,what is he supposed to do in this situation?That is so sad,he looks as though,"ok,what do you want"
    I don't care what cartel we are talking about,LFM,are supposed to be for the people?Yet they are making very veiled threats.I feel so sorry for this mayor.He looks fed up with this shitty situation.Why are the videotaping this?
    To hold something over him?This looks under duress,it was not of his choosing.They have the arrogance of the knowledge of life and death.
    Sad situation,they are not looking out for"MY PEOPLE"they are grifting a buck .

  2. its obvious hes under threat n pined up, and it is not la familia michoacana, its another group posing as La familia, if it be la familia they would avoid using real names n of groups and of course cameras, wish is not hidden

  3. @ 12:29...

    Show me where it is posted in english?

    This was actually 3 days released, and sent to me. I was ill yesterday and could not finish it until today.

    Don't be an asshole. asshole

    @12:30 Exactly why I thought it was worth translating. This is how the proces wroks. Presidentes (mayors) get elected and then are approached by groups working in the area. Friendly at first. Though seemingly relaxed you can feel the wall jammed into his back...why would any good person want to "win" that position?

    1. Chivas, even if the info were a few days old this is the only place my non-Spanish speaking ass can get this kind of info and I totally appreciate it! As for the article, I can only imagine every mayor or public leader in Mexico is feeling this same kind of intimidating pressure, it's terrible.

  4. 12.29. What is your problem,,,, keep up the good work guys!!! Thanks

  5. What a fucked up situation. I would have left that meeting , made a few phone calls and tracked down immediately the people who were in the car (LFM), executed them on the spot and hung them at the entrances to the town so that the rest of those low life, bottom feeder Piece of shits at ( LFM ) understood the answer real well to their "Compromise"..

    1. I hate when people start talking so tough. "I would have left that meeting" what kind of bs is that. "executed them on the spot" you sound like a moron.

      Good post chivis. You work so hard for translate and all that. And you don't have to. And people don't apreciate that. Keep up with the good work.

    2. Yeah that will stop the other 200, you should go fix Mexico Rambo!

    3. Oh DFL. I will personally finance your incursion into Mexico. Write me back and we'll get you set up to go down and wooo the cartels tough guy. You are such an ignorant stooge. You know damn well you wouldn't dare have done anything differently than mr mayor here. If you really are such a force of wrath, go down and show us how it's done GI Joe

  6. Create you're own website and stay out of this one jerkass. The people who run this site have there own lifes, and give us free info.

  7. Asshole!Watching from the safey of your mommies basement.

  8. Mr. Chivis, thank you for the article. I really enjoy this site and have never posted anything before but I have to say that I read the articles on this site every day. I usually check twice a day to see of you guys posted another story. For the guy that posted the first comment (12:29) that may be your opinion and you know what they say about opinions. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and yours stink…

  9. DFL, You would do exactly as the Mayor did. Sadly, there is no other move. There is nobody to call, your own police force can't be trusted. The Michoacan State Police, uh, no, can't call them over a LFM issue. The Feds or Military, will not call out the Calvary, simply because a small town Mayor was intimidated. So what option is left? You gonna call on "your crew" to take on the LFM? In Michoacan? You gonna grab your 9mm and scare them assholes into respecting you? These dudes wrote the book on "rolling heads", they have battled Zetas & CJNG, and you think you and your "posse", are gonna go head up with these guys and show them that you are no pawn? I am not trying to disrespect you, I am just saying there are not a lot of options. It is easy to say, you would open up some "Whip Ass" and take care of things, but it is not reality. Imagine being in prison, and having an issue with a "shot caller". You are in some serious shit, you ARE NOT gonna tuff guy your way out of it. You are going to humble up, and try to solve it, hopefully you can "clique up" with a group to save your ass. That John Wayne shit, may look good on a tombstone, but it does not do much good if your dead.

  10. 12:29PM You make me question my faith in mankind. Thankfully the rest of you restore it. Thank you, Chivis Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!

  11. Looks like CT is pushing the remnants of LFM away from the Guerrero/Michoacan border & deeper into Guerrero. In Colima, Guerrero, Guanajuato, Jalisco and Estado de Mexico you have various groups fighting each other but it seems that Michoacan govrmt/officials only let 1 group operate at a time, in this case Caballeros Templarios.

  12. Thank you for the post Chivas. I'd like to say that I really appreciate the work BB puts out there to try and cover the ongoing situation.

    This post points to to the terrible situation a lot of well intended people in lower and mid-level positions must be putting up with. As others have said - a terrible position to be in.


  13. this needs to happen to American politics and some mayors.

  14. Keep up the good work bb I read every new article I pray that the people in Mexico can one day live in peace without the threat of kidnapping and extortion,I myself am part Mexican and part italian and have family on my moms side in Mexico that I wish to visit again like I used to but we must realize Mexico is basically a failed state when the media is silenced thru fear justice is non existant and everyone is corrupt from top to bottom and the government acts like nothing is wrong the whole world needs to realize the caranage in Mexico,when the world says over 30,000 killed in syria what atrocity we must stop it,what about Mexico with some estimates as high as 250,000 killed in Mexico, thanks to borderland beat the real bullshit that's going on in mexico is coming to all us readers hopefully Mexico and the USA wake up before Mexico is ruined for good,I myself tell everyone about the tragedy that is happening to the people of Mexico including me sending letters to Dallas morning news to ask them about more stories on tragedys in Mexico to be printed maybe if we all tell as many people as we can more attention will be put on the tragedy the people of Mexico are suffering through, like the saying goes what's worse than evil deeds is good people standing by and doing nothing,God bless Mexico, sincerly rob

  15. 12:29pm what a dumb ass!!
    I bet most people here seen it days ago b4 it was post it here, I was one of them! YOU THAWT YOU WAS THE FIRST ONE??? LOLz
    Like napoleon dynamite said: YOUUU

    Ps: thanks chivis

  16. Meda risa con los pendejos ke le reclaman a chivis pensando ke lean de pagar por su admirable trabajo ke desenpeña en B.B. keep up the good work chivis, don't pay attention to these assholes that don't have anything better to do just whine.

    its really sad and unfortunate that this takes place but this is business as usual in guerrero. I have familia in ixtapa zihuatanejo very beautiful town but it is common practice for the these criminals to pressure the local politicians and public servants to obey them.... its Plata or plomo depending how important you are.

    1. You are absolutely family is from Santo Domingo,Coyuca De Catalan GRO..and I have lost 3 male cousins in there late 20's around La Sierra Guerrerense..the place is absolutely Amazing..But there is a lot "politics" controlling those mountains..I know I aint going Back..Great Job btw Chivis!

    2. The mountains of the indigenous people

    3. Yes I am of Aztec descent..the OG Mazatlecos and Chontales from the Maountains of Northern Guerrero..these people go waaay back..there is a lot of violent people in d mountains of tierra caliente..

  17. You call it corruption as if he is making a deal on the sly. But he must know he is being recorded. Even without a camera in his face he would know. Only a fool wouldn't know. So the recording is just more extortion as if anything needed beyond the lives of his family.

    So you agree to keep your family alive, Mr Corrupt?

  18. I can't believe the mayor of a MX city does not have a personal protection detail 7x24.

    I would.

  19. El Gringo CampasinoOctober 2, 2012 at 4:05 PM

    "They have the arrogance of the knowledge of life and death.
    Sad situation,they are not looking out for"MY PEOPLE"they are grifting a buck"
    WOW! Well put.
    I believe in a representative form of Government, but if there is a fundamental breakdown somewhere, that is why our founding fathers in America wrote that at times in history it is NECESSARY for a people to stand up, bear arms, and throw off tyranny. Not chaos or anarchy or some kind of selfish vigilante justice per say, but all this stuff SHOULD boil your blood if you're human at all. Why let gangsters and drug dealers drag our noses through there crap any longer. We need ethical and moral people to unite and confront not only the cons but if need but the people who we have been trusting to protect us from them. BY ANY MEANS NECESARRY!!!

  20. Chivis, thanks for posting this. only Change I would do is you headline this as "corruption". with a gun to my back I would have handled this in the same way. The fear on this man is obvious, and I don't see any money offered or given. this man just wants to have peace for him and his constituents.

    keep up the good work

  21. Lmfao? Thats all u got? Some outdated term used by pubescent tweens from eons ago? 12:29 p.m.? Most people r working at that time...but not u! You sit around mommas house all day playing on her computer and blabbing you're ghetto mouth. Make sure you get to the cheese line before noon tomorrow loser ; )

  22. DFL, you would have left that meeting and shit your pants man

  23. I don't understand why one would want to run for mayor in any norther city knowing what will happen.

  24. Awesome post,very eery,poor mayor....and i still cant believe theres rambo's still dreaming that there gonna take on LFM with there "crew" hahahaha.....its obvious in this video there is nothing you can do,only walk out of the meeting alive and have some sort of agreement with them killers,remember even LOS ZETAS couldnt infilitrate Michoacan.
    thanks for this one BB,proof of how ruthless these thugs are,very intimidating.

    1. Stfu. Michoacaca nut hugger. The government should bomb Michoacan they mess with innocents for a long time. That's why no one helps them. Sinaloa on the other hand, (CDS) minds its own business. Ask any Mexican why we hate Michoacagada & Guanajoto. They come to the US only to get stomped too. Rofl, hahaha. Serious though.

  25. Sad . Sad. It's like this either agree to what we want or will kill you and your family.. fucking cartels are a piece of art

  26. This dickhead already works for a rival blog...probably blog del narco. Every few weeks, some jackass from that site comes on here and starts bad mouthing bb. We all see through it. The last time O saw it was when the same guy was giving Chivis shit about a pic of L40. It's kind of sad. - el blanco guy

  27. Once again thank you so much Chivas for the translation. Ignoring these trolls is the best thing to do and not responding to such negativity is the best. The news you so wonderfully translate is much appreciated and hope you continue to do so. I respect very much the tough job that you have reporting on such horrific events going on daily in Mexico. Your the best. Take Care

  28. This Is a rare peek into what is taking place in every office of every official that is of importance to the Cartels. The details may differ and I'm sure more important people get a sales pitch stressing the "Silver", where guys like this are picking up on the "Lead" part.

    The tragedy is there are no other options, it's pure survival at that point . Who are you gonna step out and call? Everybody else has already had their "comprimise" meeting, and the level of justified paranoia in Mexico ensures complcency.

    Hope your feeling better Chivas. As always great job, we appriciate it.

    el 520


  29. The Mexican people will live in peace only when they reject USA domination they now suffer under in the form of the "drug war".

    The drug war is a plot formed in hell and foisted upon the world by an American president (Nixon) who was a member of the Illuminati.

    1. No joke bro dnt say smart stuff like tat theyll track u down of speak on illuminaty in the narco world be safe friend

  30. Where the hell is comandante diablo?????

    1. hes training a new group of sicarios that way he can come back and attack the zetas hard. he runs his own new cartel wich is more of a murder squad called Cartel Del Diablo. hell come out soon.

    2. hes weeping over the heads of his dead family jajajajaja

  31. ditto big ass jeeze Havana....but our readers took care of that....

  32. @12:40 Who do you think it is then? if aint LFM.

  33. so right El blanco guy,when i read it i instantly got the impression it was some idiot from one of those other sites that dont ever give much detail to each story,but BB does thats why im here i guess hehe.

  34. "DFL,
    "What a fucked up situation. I would have left that meeting , made a few phone calls and tracked down immediately the people who were in the car"
    October 2, 2012 2:07 PM
    "You would do exactly as the Mayor did. Sadly, there is no other move"So right....
    Its easy to say things like that from the safety of your own home.Every single person here would do the same thing without a doubt.Without doubt.So anyone even thinking that you want to stop and think.

  35. October 2, 2012 9:24 PM
    Dude,i don't know if you joking or what?I hope you are,cause if your not?You seem slightly deluded if you believe that.

  36. I must admit,i am pleasantly surprised that we haven't got more hero's talking all tough about what they would do.Every single person whatever creed,race,religion,color,would acquiesce to their demands.I feel so sorry for this Mayor,imagine he was one of the rare breed that actually wants to help poor people have a better future.
    Imagine he wants to create opportunities in any way he can to the people who need it the most.
    He came to the job with a vocation to help,and now he faces veiled threats to him and his family,this is reality,this isn't even corruption on his part,he didn't ask to see these people,he simply has no other choice.All the good intentions in the world go out the window when faced with real death threats against you and your family.
    Chivis,thanks for the translation.For all of us"gringos"who do care what is happening.

  37. Thanks for taking the time to translate it into english for us GRINGO's CHivis, Much better than those copycat uneducated illiterate clowns at blogDelnoobo, They can't speak english or SPANISH. they don't even bother to write their own stories they just copy paste into google translator and do not bother to proof read to see if it makes sense.

    B a g g y =P

  38. perfect post, a set up to the video and text narrative, translated, much work involved and no pay. I assume your pay off is educating people outside Mexico, in that case, well done Chivis.

  39. That is the problem with these message boards. Troll assholes like 12;29 should not get away with inflammatory posts. I think BB is afraid to be seen as intolerant of other viewpoints but you have to draw a line - otherwise you get totally non-contributory, negative, non-opinions that are all about inciting a riot.

  40. Hey Baggy! and to all, many thanks for the kind comments. SOmetimes stories are going to be a little late either because of involved translations or life gets in the way of BB time, but they will come and to my knowledge I don't think anyone translates articles as completely as we do, and forget the videos.

    Paz, Chivis

  41. el blanco guy
    Your kind of sad.jajajajajaj

  42. I thought la familia michoscana was washed up.

  43. OCT 2 7:53
    I am down here in the in the gutters lurking in the dark where you have to have big balls, which i do . Ass wipe arm chair warrior!! You speak hot air little cartel groupiw and know only what you are told!!

  44. DFL said...
    "I am down here in the in the gutters lurking in the dark with silk stockings on" ?
    What are you a Charlie Chester?

  45. @10:37 AM Ismael - Yes the mountains of Guerrero have always been known for gangs, useless violence, clan vendettas and useless violence. Oh did I mention useless violence? People kill their friends over nothing so it's easy to kill someone else. And when they get a couple of drinks in them, they kill for...nothing.

    Lucio Cabanas had a good heart and he knew education is the key but he didn't known any other way of dealing with the PRI except violence so they found him and killed him.

  46. "That is the problem with these message boards. Troll assholes like 12;29 should not get away with inflammatory posts"
    It doesn't matter what you think suckaaaaa

  47. What a stereotypical Mexican mustache on that guy!!!! I bet he tells all the ladies in town "you wanna ride the 'stash'"? Balless pile of shit.


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