This is the translation of the article:
Secretariat of Marines informed that during the first hours of today (Oct 23), personnel of infantry of Navy repelled an aggression of alleged members of organized crime in Zacatecas.
Based on intelligence information, personnel of this institution arrived at an address on the colony Centro (downtown), in the city of Zacatecas
Due to the gunshots exchange, the seven aggressors lost their lives, among them two women. At the place were confiscated, six long guns and one short gun, as well as several chargers.
A public prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction arrived to the place of the events to make the correspondent actions. 
This is another article from REFORMA that says the federal authorities are focusing on trying to identified the suspects killed after the version on social websites that one of the persons killed might be Alejandro Treviño (Omar Treviño/Z-42).
So the authorities have not yet confirmed if it was him.