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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

33 dead found in Calera municipality in Zacatecas

By Chris Covert

As Mexican security forces field units conduct searches for graves in Calera municipality in Zacatecas state, the Procuraduria General de Estado (PGE), or state attorney general Arturo Nahle Garcia, announced Wednesday that the genetic profiles of 33 different individuals have been made from remains discovered more a year ago, according to Mexican news accounts.
Arturo Nahle Garcia

A news item posted on the website of El Sol de Zacatecas new daily said that the the remains from 43,000 body parts have been identified with the help of students from the Universidad Autonoma de Zacatecas after they were discovered in July, 2011.

Mexican Army units at the time discovered 14 mass graves near the village of Las Negritas in late July, 2011.

The identity of four of the 33 individuals have already been determined, including a woman and two children as well as a man identified as Ernesto Cordero Anguiano.

Cordero Anguiano was reported missing in December, 2010 as part of a group of eight hunters from Guanajuato who were in Sierra de Morones when they went missing.
You read about the Las Negritas narcofosa find in 2011, by clicking here
On Tuesday morning, a unit of the Proteccion Civil staff from Fresnillo municipality located 11 metal drums and several clothing items near Rancho Los Angeles, which is in Calera municipality and near Los Negritos.  The drums were rusted and had been perforated with gunshots.

A Mexican Naval Infantry unit was later called to the location to  assist in the search for graves.

Nahle Garcia later released information that the drums did not appear to have any genetic material or remains,but were slated to be tested.

The original find in late July was made just after a large counternarcotics operation involving Mexican Army, Mexican Navy and Policia Federal troops ended in Jalisco and Zacatecas states in June, 2011.

Meanwhile, two unidentified armed suspects were killed in an armed encounter with a Mexican Army unit in Panfilo Natera municipality late Monday morning.

According to a separate article posted on the website of El Sol de Zacatecas, the army road patrol exchanged gunfire with an unknown number of armed suspects, killing two near El Rancho el Tejaban.

The description of the encounter suggested the road patrol happened upon a static armed encampment.

Following the conclusion of the firefight, soldiers seized eight AR-15 rifles, seven AK-47 rifles, 24 40mm grenades, four grenade launcher attachments, 217 weapons magazine, radios, tactical gear and one hand grenade.

Among the eight vehicles seized were one Dodge Ram pickup truck,  one Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck, one Ford Expedition SUV,  two GMC Sierra pickup trucks and three Chevrolet Cheyenne pickup trucks.

Two motorcycles were also seized at the scene.

Chris Covert writes Mexican drug war and national political news for


  1. Mass graves,when i hear about these i imagine what these poor people must of went through,its the most horrid of horrors.....I really hope they find the Murderers.

  2. They burned the bodies in 13 50 gallon drums...

  3. Zacatecas, Zac. (Ap). - Elements of the Navy found several bins with ash, which presumably can be cremated human remains, as well as clothing and shoes inside 13 barrels in the municipality of Calera.

    This pit is located very close to the highway Zacatecas Fresnillo, a few meters from the farm dump building, it has been used as a underground crematorium for an undetermined number of bodies, presumably victims or members of organized crime.

    Today, predicting this finding by the Navy, Attorney Arturo Nahle announced that, to date, as a result of excavation and genetic analysis in this plot, we have identified the remains of 39 people, of among more than 40,000 pieces or remnants, mostly charred.

    On premises recovered several items of clothing: coats, jackets, dresses and several pairs of shoes for men, women and even children.

    The ashes will be reviewed by staff of the Institute of Criminology Zacatecano announced PGJE holder.

    Identified remains of Ernesto Cordero Anguiano, the hunter originally from Leon who was abducted by municipal police in Joaquín Amaro, along with five other family and friends, and later delivered to an armed group who then allegedly killed them.

    One of the victims is Cordero Anguiano, one of eight hunters from León, Guanajuato, who were abducted in Zacatecas in late 2010, as well as "a woman and her two children," Urquizo surname, originally from the town of Zacatecas Villanueva who had been reported missing.

    Attorney Nahle, incidentally, told local reporters that he was surprised that the Navy did not require the presence of prosecutors and experts of the PGJE to document all of the findings.

  4. why is it always 3, 7, 9, 11, 21, 33, or number that equal that. For example like the 72 migrants. 7 plus 2 equals 9. It is unusual to me. Masonic numerology. Are they really the drug traffickers and behind the carnage?

    1. Get out of here with that conspiracy... You also forgot the other thousands of deaths that has happen in mexico..unusual not! There is a war going on in Mexico bunch a numbers will pop up.

  5. It would be nice if you posted your damn comments!

  6. So what are the reason for these mass killings?
    o Training/Entrance rituals for cartels ?
    o Paranoid schizophrenic paranoid drug addicts running amok ?
    o Sadism ?
    o Messages/Retributions to other cartels ?
    o Establishing some hardcore personality, meaning business for extortions to work ?
    o People who saw/knew something they shouldn't have ?
    o Collateral damage of the police/military ?
    o Families paying the cartel to get rid of business enemies or neighbors they don't like ?
    o People which were approached by some cartel to work for them but declined ?
    o Illegal immigrants a cartel people want to get rid off or some police didn't like in their area ?

    Anything more ?

  7. who would be responsible for this,CJNG? zetas? CT?

  8. @ 6.10

    My guess is that it was drug dealers.

  9. 1:57 PM
    "So what are the reason for these mass killings"?
    I think you got most of the viable reasons in your list.Some of these dogs said it was just that "Training/Entrance rituals for cartels"Have you got what it takes?Another was,taking potential opponents out of circulation(SMS messages on phones)It just sounds crazy to do this kind of thing,and the heat and attention it inevitably brings down?Plus they must be dogs to kill innocent migrants?People who did this are no good at all to anyone.


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