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Friday, September 14, 2012

Video: El Molca Interview and Translation

From Borderland Beat Forum, translated and posted by 777

El Molca: My name is Ramiro Pozos González I was born April 7, 1970. I'm originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Official: What's your nickname?

El Molca: El Molca or El 7

Official: What organization do you belong to?

El Molca: Milenio

Official: When did you enter into that organization?

El Molca: I always worked with my compadre. Milenio started like in 2000 after the capture of Armando Valencia. That's when they took the name Milenio. And I was always part of these people. Later there was an alliance with El Lobo's compadre Luis Naranjo and we started working on a larger scale. We started sending like 2 or 3 tons working our way up to 35 or 40.

Official: How often?

El Molca: We would do 4 "jobs" per year.

Official: 4 "jobs" and the amount?

El Molca: From 15 on up. Minimum 15 tons.

Official: Did your status in the organization change because of these activities?

El Molca: I was always a trusted man of El Lobo and I never gave a fuck about ranks. I would only worry about mine and I didn't give a fuck about the rest. My compadre Lobo was detained and I left to Manzanillo, Colima that's when my compadre Tigre was detained and the war starts vs. Los Menchos or Torcidos.

Official: That's how the Cartel del Milenio was divided?

El Molca: That's how the Milenio was divided around May 2010.

Official: Why?

El Molca: Tigre was captured and the way things go is Tigre's and Lobo's trusted man was Pilo. Eric wanted to put Mencho. Mencho wanted to be leader and we say no because the only one who knew how to run things for Lobo and Tigre was Pilo. They asked us to turn in Gerardo Mendoza "El Tecato" or "Cochi". We didn't want to. Gerardo kills some of Mencho's people in Tecoman and that's how the war started.

Official: That's the separation?

El Molca: We didn't hang out anymore. After Tigre was captured they never showed their face because they were the ones that turned him in.

Official: What groups were created?

El Molca: The fight starts for the Milenio name. They wanted to call themselves Milenio. We're Milenio. People begin getting arrested in San Cristobal. There was like 40 of them and they were saying they were Milenio but really they're Eric and Mencho's people. The killings start. They start picking up our people and killing family members and friends. We left Jalisco and Colima. Then the Familia Michoacana sent help and a group was created named La Resistencia. It is made up people from Los Altos, Colima, and people from Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Official: You're the leader?

El Molca: Right now, yes.

Official: Who is fighting in Guadalajara?

El Molca: Right now the war is between Sinaloa and people from CJNG. CJNG is Mencho's people.

Official: What was the agreement with La Familia? How where they going to help you?

El Molca: Well you know there was two leaders in Michoacan. There was El Chango, who was the only one that helped. He's a real friend that even helped with money. And the idea was to regain what was ours and hit Mencho. El Loco came in and wanted us to fight with the PFP and the Negros. We've never fought with the police. We didn't agree, so we went with Don Chuy (Chango) and that's how the problems started. There was a meeting and then they got Papirrin then Don Chuy.

Official: At this moment, who were you trying to align yourself with?

El Molca: I wasn't looking for help. I was waiting for Mencho to get arrested because I think their gonna get him soon. It's a fucking war with no end and no point.

Official: What is left of La Resistencia? How is the Resistencia?

El Molca: La Resistencia doesn't exist anymore. The only one left is Lupe Vega. But he left with the Torcidos (Mencho's people).

Official: Since 2009 how did you move around? How did you protect yourself? How many people did you have with you?

El Molca: The best protection is one's self and I didn't move around with other people. I was always alone. I would go into a plaza and ask for help from the person in charge. He would help me with Don Jesus. I had a good friendship with Don Chuy.

Official: What did they help you with? What did you ask for?

El Molca: I would just let them know I was on my way or I was going to pass by. They would accompany me or I would just hang out with them. I would try to spend my time in the sierra because of how heated things were. I would come down to Uraupan or Zamora to spend a day or two with my family then head back to the sierra.

Official: Were you armed?

El Molca: Yes.

Official: What kinds of weapons?

El Molca: A matapolicias (cop killer) and a 6.8

Official: Were you still using drugs?

El Molca: No. Only marijuana.

Official: How often?

El Molca: Everyday. It's the first thing I do when I wake up.

Official: How long have you been moving around from place to place?

El Molca: Since 2009. First Manzanillo then Colima then Villa Victoria. I lived in La Ruana, Uruapan, Zamorra, etc….

Official: You spoke of some mantas you put up. How did all this start in Guadalajara with the kidnappings and killings. Why is this going on?

El Molca: Sinaloa is pissed because Mencho finished off the people in Jalisco. Everyone that was in Jalisco was kidnapped and murdered.

Official: Who did he kidnap and kill?

El Molca: Everyone that would push dope. If you had a bar he would take it away. He would rob you and if you were "working" you would work for him. If not, you "go". He finished off with the people from Jalisco and then he started picking up Sinaloas. Sinaloa jumped and starting putting mantas and killing people. Then I see that Sinaloa wasn't taking them out so I put up some mantas with pictures of Mencho's people signed by Sinaloa. But the problem with Sinaloa and Mencho is already there. That's the next war.

Official: What's going to happen then?

El Molca: The Z's are going to come in with force. Soon as they (Sinaloa and CJNG) start fighting each other they're going to come in from Michoacan and Zacatecas and Jalisco is going to be finshed.


  1. It's interesting reading this. On one hand it shows all these guys are on the run and in hiding, can't trust anyone and are being either killed or rounded up by authorities which leads me to believe maybe at some point the government will get more control, but on the other hand it's a freaking cancer that spreads so I'm not sure.
    I get this bad gut feeling that the same violence we've seen in and around Acapulco could soon be at Puerto Vallarta's door step if the Zetas really aggressively move in. I'm already reading a story or 2 here and there. What's everyone's opinion of that?

  2. X20 Was captured today in reynosa!!!

    CDG Exists no more...

  3. Remember these people have nothing to inspire them to go the straight life.Mexico is poor
    and there are no decent paying jobs so in all reality there is "Good Money" being msde, if not weekly, as he say's 4 times a year! Now if it's worth getting tortured and murdered over thats a matter for the indivigual to decide.But if I was a middle aged Mexican without any real income I too would probably be in "Pot" business
    as he was. The difference is, is it worth being murdered over and having to watchout for your family's welfare so they too are not killed. It would seem that it's better than starving to death.

  4. I think sinaloa knows that a war with cjng will really heat things up and if they start fighting and los.zetas come in they will surely take out cjng and once they get jalisco then they will position themselves more strategically in mexico and if the people allow the fraud of pena nieto to get to the presidency sinaloa might not have the same military support that has weakened all of his rivals.

  5. September 14, 2012 8:01 AM

    One thing is for sure, nothing last forever. Mexican corruption has giving the Narcos to much power but I believe things are changing just a little bit, calderon was not perfect fighting this war but he has done to much damaged to the cartels.
    If Pena Nieto continues this fight whit the same intensity as Calderon the Narcos will have to moved out of the country to other places down in south America.

    1. Peña Nieto brought the Colombian General, because the General and his younger brother (who was caught in Europe with a load of cocaine) are very well connected with the Colombian drug cartels, and Peña Nieto wants to meet with those big time cocaine traffickers so they can start working and pushing cocaine up north asap.

  6. "777" Really appreciate the translation man.
    Much appreciated from your non Spanish speaking bros on here.
    There is one thing to say about some of these guys,is that they do have balls.They runnin around and can get killed at any moment.Whatever the rights and wrongs of what they do,they know they gonna get caught sooner or later.It is a bit scary if you believe what this guy is saying about the Z.Are they this big now"they gonna come in force"what does that mean beyond the obvious?He knows the score,maybe as he runnin around,he see's different crews and they tell him whats up?
    Who knows for sure except the people on the inside.

  7. This is the time for the zetas to invade jalisco.while CJNG and CDS fight.each other. Zetas asked the.knights templar for peace thats how the zetas will enter jalisco.thru michoacan. Jalisco will be.destroyed. my home town

    1. Man I miss goin to Jalisco, these lowlifes are destroying my beutiful state of Jalisco, the whole country for that matter

  8. So at the end its gonna be everyone against Sinaloa?? Seems like this cartels people are all snitches.. what happend, I though the corridos say otherwise?? This cartel war is ridicules.... It needs to stop

  9. @11:30 You're welcome!

    When he was presented they mentioned all the people this guy knew like Chayo, Chango, The Valencias, Osiel, El Azul, Arturo Beltran, Nacho Coronel and so on... So yeah I think this guy knows what he's talking about. I wish the interrogator would have asked more about his relationship with all the other capos.


  10. How do you translate EL MOLCA into English? Oh yeah, it means CHIEF WIGGUM !! Looks exactly like him.

  11. so lets think about that CDG is extinct duz that mean the military is going to clean up there territory or are they going to let convoys of zetas run it??? and if CT lets zetas pass thru to invade Jalisco while CDS and CJNG fight wont they go back and slaughter CT??? than they will finish off CDS in Sinaloa with the help of BL...than zetas will push towards tijuana...zetas are already allies with the cartels that remain would be Zetas after they stab BL and Juarez in the back...what wiuld the Mexican Military do fighting its own military trained cartel??? and by the looks i dont think Z3, Z40, and Talivan split it looks like they made it seem like that so they can "ally" themselves with rivals and stab them in the back cuz thats what happened to CDG in a matter if days, imagine a smaller cartel like CT...

  12. All this cartel guys look stupid... But don't let there looks fool you.. there very dangerous people.. that's why there bosses.... The way this man speaks its so freaking arrogant.. I hope the marina slapped him around

  13. how bout paying off to government officials that ino will be silenced all corruption association etc mexican govt will never allow public to know

  14. I think "Molca" is short for "Molcajete" Just like "Chapo" is short for "Chaparro" (shorty)

  15. i dont think that the temp;arios would have a truce with the zetas . there getting to close to their turf

    1. Stop this !!!'getting your facts from what the governments tell you. The Templars are not a cartel they would get nothing out of a truce except throwing away all they believe on spitting on the graves of their fallen brothers and shame. This is just as likely as al quida and Taliban joining obamas cabinet. Damn I'm glad people Are coming on here and setting things straight. That soilder dude is right he has facts but no one wants to research they are lazy and just rather read what's put in front of them lol.

  16. If this cartel bosses exercise from time to time they wouldn't get caught so easy.. fat f***s... And all there workers are starving and been cut up into pieces, while this fat asses stuff there faces.. Marina kill all narcos on sight !!! What's the point of putting them in jail....

  17. Just for the record "Los Sinaloas" and "cartel de Sinaloa" are not the same group. Los sinaloas are a new group fighting CDJNG in jalisco now. Chatter on the street points to Los sinaloas being a cell of LCT's and a few defected ex Mencho people. No one really knows the truth as of now. We'll have to see and what happens.


  18. I don't find this type of life very satisfying....moving over 15 tons of marijuana for what, running around the sierras and mexico asking for help (hand outs)and being the proud owner of 2 handguns. What a vagabond life. Pura vida de vagabundo.

  19. interesting, are they all this loose with the info??

  20. things have changed since the early 90's.Being in the game at that time,we used to take trips from Zacatecas to Jalisco about 4-6 times a year to buy 4-5 tons of weed,bring them back to Zac.then ship them up north(at that time it was going for about $20 a kg) was pretty much peaceful,as long as u payed the right people off,only thing you really had to worry about was an occasional jacker,here and there..we never got too greedy,made a few bucks and got out the we just legit...moral of the story is,sooner or later you go down( either dead or busted) gotta know when to get out.

  21. I think they were moving 15 tons of methemphetamine, but I agree with the rest, should have put up his money, and moved him and his family out of the country. Not carrying on a losing war with no resources.

  22. Zetas wont backstab BLO....they have never backstabbed any other allied cartel,why would they start now.
    just as long as they wipe out the enemy(CDS)and there shit allies....plenty of territory for everyone on the winning team.

    1. You're wrong, z40 backstabbed: Los Texas, CDG, z50, z3, el Mamito, el Hummer, el Chacho,etc.etc.etc.

  23. @ 777, dude thanks so much for the translation, this bloke i really wanted to know what he was saying,being from the resistencia.

  24. You all think he got millions stashed away?
    You know how much he gotta use for operating costs.Oh fuck it,never know

  25. If PV heats up it will be the end to the MX tourism industry for sure

  26. el chacho lol, he was working for chapo, mayo, azul and arturo in nuevo laredo, lazcano and decena kidnapped, tortured and killed him in 2002 you got the story twisted about 40

  27. "That soilder dude is right he has facts but no one wants to research they are lazy and just
    rather read what's put in front of them lol"
    "The Templars are not a cartel"
    Yup,he has given some righteous information about some dogs,but people just want to run their mouths about Zetaz,BLO,CDS,Chaps,Lazca,blah,blah,blah.And which is their favorite jefe?


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