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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Battle for Monterrey Zetas Vs Zetas

Posted and translated in Borderland Beat by Milo


All the writing is exactly what it is said on the video

Besides the battle between the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, the presence of the Beltran Leyva and Sinaloa Cartel, is now a part of this explosive cocktail.

 There is an extra ingredient to this explosive cocktail of organized crime in this city.

 In addition to the war between the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, the presence of the Beltran Leyva and Sinaloa Cartel, now the infighting of "the zetas" is a threat to Monterrey.

 Unofficial sources indicate that Monterrey is conceived as one of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales plazas, and it is presumed that he moves between Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo, Piedras Negras Coahuila and Tamaulipas.

 Because of this, all the people loyal to Miguel Trevino will be targets to all the Zeta renegades who follow Ivan Velazquez Caballero alias "Taliban" or "Z-50".

 It will be Zetas vs Zetas.

  Velazquez Caballero "Taliban" is conducting a cell separation of the Zetas in San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Coahuila and parts of Guanajuato.

 This are the plazas where "Taliban" used to run directly under "Z-40" and "The Lazca", but due to several differences, including a dispute over a woman, he now became independent of the organization.

 Velazquez Caballero "Taliban" accused Treviño Morales of treason and accused him of trying to take complete control of the organization while Heriberto Lazcano "The Lazca" has ceased to operate directly in the organization.

 El Taliban claims, that "Z-40" is giving away all original leader that can compete against him, as he would have done recently with Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar "El Mamito", among others.

 "El Taliban," says that "Z-40" provided information to the Federal Police to arrest " El Mamito."

 So, from San Luis and Zacatecas to Coahuila and Nuevo Leon, Velazquez Caballero and his followers will seek to eliminate Zetas loyal to "Z-40".

 On June this year, "El Taliban" hang blankets talking about the betrayal of "Z-40".

 The same day blankets where placed in Monterrey, one on a footbridge on Félix U. Gómez avenue in front of the IMSS Clinic, and another one on the Historic Park of Independence in Zacatecas.

 The blanket had a photograph of "El Lazca" in the center and next to him the photographs of Zetas who were arrested or killed.

 Among them was  Efraín Teodoro Torres "Z-14", Jesus Enrique Aguilar Rejon El Mamito, Jaime González Durán El Hummer, Arturo Guzmán Decena "Z-1" and Raul Lucio Hernandez Lechuga "El Lucky".

 And according to the blanket they had all been betrayed or killed by "Z-40".
 El Taliban also complained that "El Lazca" left the organization in the hands of Treviño Morales and therefore Trevino has done what he wanted, mainly for his ambition.

 He said "Z-40" is a man who had worked washing cars in Nuevo Laredo and his ambition is so big that he will betrayed anyone in his way.

 On June 7, the same narcomensaje appeared in front of the Mayor's office in Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas.

 But this time it was placed at the door of a truck that had inside 14 mutilated bodies.

 Coincidentally the same number that were killed in San Luis Potosi in revenge for Mante, these were attributed to "Z-40".

 And the fight will continue.
 "Taliban" put up the blanket in Ciudad Mante, Zacatecas and in Monterrey center, now it's up to him to avenge the death his 14 followers who were killed by Zetas loyal to Treviño Morales.

 The streets of Monterrey will be the center of executions like when 32 people were killed in three days, between the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas.

 Now the division of this criminal group is a new ingredient that will generate violence.

 In this fracture the organization's top leader Heriberto Lazcano "The Lazca" will have to take sides, an action that will surely divide the organization even further.

 The war in Monterrey is crucial for these enemies that used to be partners, it is crucial because this city is under the control of "Z-40".

 Followers of "Taliban" will surely try to attack those who are loyal to Treviño Morales, in revenge of the 14 killed in San Luis Potosi.

 All were employees of "Taliban", who swore revenge.
 In fact, Attorney of San Luis Potosi, Miguel Angel García Covarrubias said that it was a clash between two sides of Los Zetas.

 García Covarrubias confirmed that this is the war between Treviño Morales and Ivan Velazquez.

Old grudges
 The break up of the Zetas began with allegations within the organization against Miguel Angel Trevino Morales "Z-40" "Lazca's" right hand.

 Zetas in Veracruz, Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi accuse him of having betrayed other leaders of that group.

 Since October 2011, Report Indigo has published some of the Zetas accusations against Treviño Morales.

 The first complain about him was in Veracruz, he was identified as the mastermind of the death of Efraín Teodoro Torres "Z-14".

 He was accused of the murder Torres in 2007.
 "Z-14" was a hit man one of the first 14 former soldiers who formed the Zeta group in times of Osiel Cardenas Guillen, now arrested and extradited to the United States.

 According to the indictment, on that year, when the Zetas were still an armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, "Z-40" ordered to kill "Z-14" at a horse race.

 On August 2011, Zetas protesters uploaded on youtube a ballad (narco corrido)in which they accuse Treviño Morales of betrayal.

 Now some Zetas not only blame him for ordering the murder of "Z-14", they also accused him of killing other leaders and submit information to the Federal Police to arrest others.

 On the ballad it is said that "Z-40" is looking to further up in the hierarchy and that the only left over him will be "El Lazca".

 Therefore, these Zeta cells think that eventually Treviño Morales will seek to kill or deliver "El Lazca" to the police.

 Treviño Morales a "Judas".
 In the video, they ask their leader, "Lazcano", to analyze how so many high-ranking Zetas have been arrested by the federal Public Security Secretariat without firing a single shot.

 They assure that Jaime González Durán "The Hummer", arrested in November 2008 and Rejon Enrique Aguilar "El Mamito", arrested in August 2011, were delivered by "Z-40".

 They also say that he gave these Zetas because they were an obstacle for him to continue climbing in the organization.

 The ballad indicates that Treviño Morales was approach by Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, alias "El Chango Méndez", leader of La Familia Michoacana.

 But once the Michoacan drug trafficker traveled to the town of Cosio, in Aguascalientes, "Z-40" betrayed his location to the federal Public Security Secretariat.

 In fact, they said Treviño Morales is a faithful friend of "The Smurfs", as they call the federal police.

 Then came another video: which narrates the alleged betrayals committed by the "New Judas," Treviño Morales, against members of that organization.

 And we still need to know what determination Heriberto Lazcano "The Lazca": will take, if he will support "Taliban", or continues to support Treviño Morales "Z-40".

 Some say that the top leader of Los Zetas Lazcano gave up people loyal to Treviño Morales in Quintana Roo, because he thinks on supporting "Taliban".

 For now, it is a fact that Miguel Angel Trevino Morales aka "Z-40" seems to have taken full control of the group, even above the leader.

 This fracture is the missing ingredient to Monterrey, already decimated by war between Zetas and the Gulf Cartel, a war that broke out in January 2010 and still continues.

 Still a quarter to finish the year, but the city is shaping up to be, once again, the most violent year in its history.

 Every 12 months exceeds the crime in Monterrey and the authority is convinced that all is well.



  1. As long they slaughter each other, Im all for it.

  2. hahaha! I love it! the Zeta's are slowlllyyy fragmenting! you can only run an organization for so long with egomaniacal psychopaths before one of them will want a bigger slice of the pie or will want to takeover the Organization completely!! he is treading on Lazca's toes and pissing him off!

    Trevino is good at betraying those who trusted him and putting more and more heat on himself!

    Lazca is probably angry knowing Trevino is fucking around with something he founded. I think its only a matter of time before he sends guys after Trevino too if he hasn't already.

  3. So what about el comandante morro he was loyal to Lazcano but killed by CDG found by so call Talibans help the media doesn't even know what's going on so how should we know better

    1. El morro was killed by talivan. He asked z40 to send people and to send them without weapons because he had everything ready for them and when they got their they were all killed

  4. Let them exterminate themselves

  5. I hope one of them changes name because it's very hard to keep who is who. One can use the name car washer n the other Los talivanes

  6. Ya se le esta llegando el fin al z40 n pasa d este año que lo maten o el ejercito se lo chinge orita es el hombre mas buscado en todo mexico se rumura q el lazca ya esta haciend alliansa con los del cartel d sinaloa para q juntks controlen todo el narcotraffico en mexico y se van estar preguntando como se todo esto haha att cds fierro con el chapito y el mayo

    1. Chapito y mayo? No mames pinche tajuaro, el chapo es peor traicionero q el z40

    2. You really think el chapo is going to negotiate with him, you are crazy he will get rid of him

    3. No more coronas y corridos for u my friends.. el Chapo no va negociar nada con nadie.. por Que los de Sinaloa son una bola de traisoneros... Y chismosos... Arrival la marina.. esos Si son chingones... Fuck all cartels ..

  7. Puros pinche snitches. Whatever happened to real gangsters that kept their mouth shut?

  8. I have seen, heard and read that Z-40 passed out some high tech cell phones to those he wanted taken down, those devices had GPS trackers in them... Great post...-CHIVO

  9. What a Bunch of childish Bullshit. The Mexican Goverment OWES it to its Citizens to Go after these dumb asshole gangbangers and nutrulize them and put an imediate stop to this ridiculous Crap. Kill them and thier associates and take everything that was thiers and give it back to the people. This is a Bunch of uneducated Nonsense.
    People of Mexico, Wake up from your nightmare and take control or just sit there and get shit on by everyone. You hold the Answer. Wake up and smell the fucking Roses before someone throws them on your Coffin!!!!!!

    1. dear sir the correct expression is wake up and smell the horse's ass...

  10. it's surprising that Z-40 is still alive. He must not be getting much sleep these days. Once you start biting on the bones of your own organization - your future are short.

  11. No one seems to know where Lazca stands.

  12. So where is Lazcano in all of this? Does anyone know anything about the rumor that he left the group or even left the country?

  13. What's the deal with el Taliban I mean some stories are saying Lazcano & Treviño Morales are both against el Taliban, others are saying it's Lazcano & el Taliban vs Treviño Morales, anyone know which is true.#####plus other stories seem to be saying Lazcano &/or el Taliban will join sides with the CDG against Treviño Morales, any substance to these rumours.

  14. I find this article as "Strictly" hearsay at best. The Only ones that know what's really going on is this Taliban character,Lazca and
    and Trevino Morales. Trevino might have been
    a Car Detailer at one time but by his rise in the Zeta Cartel he's proved that now he knows how to "Take Care of Details" he definately knows how to get the "Fish Eyes" out of the
    paint in other words; he's a Brutal Enforcer
    who has no I oda about Killing human Beings in the most hideous ways that gets other homicidal
    maniacs attention to the point that they think he's a loose cannon and they might get offed because he's having a Bad Day. This is why Lazcano give's him his reign and plenty of room to play dirty. Remember this is a guy who cuts
    innocent peoples heads off as well as his enemies while their still alive in front of people to make everyone petrified of him. I think at first lazca was happy to have Trevino doing the dirty work but now it's like he raised a Doberman and can't control him..!

    1. That is exactly what a zeta is, a rabid dog that cannot be controlled, CDG created them I think they should be the ones to put them down

  15. I don't understand much spanish, but it doesn't sound good. Looks like the bay area is about to go off big time. You hear all the talk about Los Angeles, but a lot of people forget that there's also a lot of these cats up north in Monterey, San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, etc.

    1. Hahaha!! Bay area? LoL

    2. ya.disneyland is heating up

  16. i still think Heriberto Lazcano is the top leader of zetas,... everthing starts to crumble when you have in house fighting.. other cartels are just sittin back waiting for zetas to fall

  17. .
    This is a link to Part one of three parts on a Hearing regarding The Walking of Guns from USA into Mexico. At some point later in the video (position time pointer at 1:10 to be able to follow that upcoming question / answer interaction; I suggest the entire video be watched when you have time to view it all, it's quite lenghty) a question is asked regarding the origin of most gun guns found and examined in Mexico and guess what answer is given? See the video here:


  18. @ September 5, 2012 4:28 PM

    " Trevino might have been
    a Car Detailer at one time" Yo chill don't give him that much credit. He washed car windows , you like the ones that hit you up at local gas stations??

  19. Trips me out. What if media was recorded from a long time but only showing it now??????????????

    H O G W A S H . . . . . . H O G W A S H . . .

  21. Come on out lazca its time for you to show ur people what your made of and take out Trevino once and for all its true all those leaders that have fallen or been arrested were leaders that were loyal to lazcano Trevino your done.

  22. I'm beginning to think Lazcano is with his compadres Efra, Erotico, Winnie the Pooh, Guerrero etc. I wonder if this is a ploy by both sides to manipulate the gofers by claiming Lazcano is on their side while in fact he is dead. Narcos are relatively good at remaining quiet for a while, but this guy has been a ghost. Maybe that church that was built with the plaque stating "hear my prayer" was an epitaph rather than a statement from a living man. Than again, maybe he is on some island somewhere sipping mojitos with his girlfriend/wife. The man is pragmatic and cold blooded a leader as any we've ever seen and perhaps he lacks the character flaw that kills so many in his profession- a massive ego

  23. & 8:23

    lol yeh narco's would be proud to be in a cell or plaza lead by someone called "car washer" lmao!

  24. So if Lazcano join with Taliban against 40 why have his own trusty comandante charro killed by CDG if Taliban is allied with los metros CDG this is just rumors we have no knowledge of who's against who and no ones mention Z42 but its I still think its Z3,Z40 vs El Taliban 1) because Lazcano is not gonna ally himself with CDG again 2)They killed his comandantes staring with Concord 3 killed by M3 and all those Zetas ending with El Charro no way Lazcano could join with CDG but in the other news MX officials are saying CDJNG is gonna be crippled or even out of any power because there going for them cause Chapo told then too haha I'm just joking Chapo didn't tell them but you know his compadre Calderon has to please him

  25. Where the FUCK is Lazcano? That guy is a bigger mystery than chapo. He just doesn't show up, anywhere. You hear about Taliban and Z-40, but Lazcano is just a ghost. I wonder if he's dead... I'd hope not, I think he is a MUCH better choice for the Zetas than Z-40. Z-40 has put too much heat on The Zetas. Lazca is smart, he keeps the lowest possible profile. I wouldn't doubt that he left Mexico and is doing work in Europe.. But, according to this, he's still in it. I hope Taliban and Lazca take that fuckstick Z-40 down.

  26. talivan did not join up with anyone he is starting his own group in zacatacas and other states. him being an x-zetas will not be trusted and he cannot trust others for being an x-zeta.

  27. someone wrote in spanish that theres a rumor going around in mexico that lazcano is trying to make an alliance with cds to control all of the drug trafficking in mexico

  28. who gives a fuck the fucking military just needs to go in and fucking crush the cartels. they have thousands of soldiers and thousands of bullets. they got helicopters tanks snipers i mean cmon go in and destroy these fuckers already. its hella obvious wen u see suvs and trucks rolling deep, have someone follow them gettem in there hideouts.

  29. It says on blog del narco that 4 men were found hung on a bridge in San Luis Potosi, anybody know if these were zetas from el Taliban or Treviño Morales? Also guys murdered in Monterrey & Santa Catarina because they didn't pay their " cobre de piso" or protection money. How can ppl just kill someone for nothing pinches zetas i seriously hope this infighting in the zetas brings them down once and for all.

  30. Everyone thinks Lazca is a saint...he made 40 who he is today. Lazca is a huge scumbag worse than 40, dont get it twisted.

  31. "This is a link to Part one of three parts on a Hearing regarding The Walking of Guns from USA"
    MP ? Mach Prieto,,,,
    Is anyone interested in any of this?FAST AND FURIOUS,GUNS FROM THE USA.Big scandal.
    Ok everyone gets it,now you can stop boring everyone to death with your links and shit.
    Relax,breathe,and let it go,oooooooo.
    Practice feng shui,or Origami,fold some paper.

  32. They said that in Nuevo Laredo they killed the Ortiz family and burn their houses. They said it was the cdg

    1. And who is the Ortiz family related too is this the 2 adults and 6 yr old found shot and then burned????

  33. well I don't think anyone with a sane mind thinks Lazca is a saint it does not take an expert to look at his picture and see the guy is clearly straight jacket material. In other words he is psychotically insane!!!

  34. I heard Lazca is feared, I remember seeing a interview with a sicario who worked under Lazca. The sicario said, for you kids that want to join just to get money, women and luxury things, its not worth it, you need to have balls of steal to handle everything that goes on there. Anyway, he said that Lazca takes people he wants eliminated, he gives them a hug, and when he hugs them, he shoots them in the head. The same thing happened to this sicario, they went out to the middle of no where, they talked, and Lazca thanked him for everything the sicario has done, hugged him (while Lazca was getting closer, the sicario got his gun ready) and Lazca just thanked him. Ever since that sicario disbanded and left the group. He too is a snake, the only difference with Z-40, Z-40 likes to make noise, Lazca doesnt.

  35. September 8, 2012 6:19 AM

    where can I see this interview?

  36. "So did the sicario die or not"
    Errr,no,he communicated this about Lazca from the grave.Lazca is supposed to be packin fudge on the down low?That pretty lil mouth of his,been on many a white boy.He likes the white boys like me.
    I know cause i used to sell my ass,i used to cut raw all over his gay ass.I became legendary cause i stood to attention so easy,always hard as a rock.Lazca likes to catch,and i pitch like a motherfucker,all nasty and shit.Lazca likes his gay ass to get all nasty,,hes a naughty boy aint you Lazca.

  37. Miguel is Lazcano's right hand, end of story.

  38. that sicario story lol i read that story while ago, which was a mid-level comandante who did that not Lazcano u bitchass niggas, its that "Zeta recalls his life or Confession of a sicario or a zeta right here on borderland beat.

  39. It was an interview that was displayed by KRGV channel 5 in the Rio Grande Valley, it was some good stuff, but they aired it about a year or two ago. It was really good stuff, I have tried looking for it but I cant find it.

  40. Are there white boys working for the Zetas. Heard about one real looker that was as slick as dust


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