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Monday, September 10, 2012

Police find 16 dead in Guererro state

By Chris Covert

A total of 16 unidentified men were found dead inside a truck in Guerrero state Monday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

A story posted on the Animal Politico new website said that police in Coyuca de Catalan municipality were dispatched to the location based on an anonymous phone tip at around 1000 hrs.

According to a document uploaded by the Guerrero state Procuraduria General de Justicia Estado (PGJE), the victims had been tortured and then shot to death.  They were found aboard a Ford F-350 one ton truck.

According to the Animal Politico article, Guerrero governor Angel Aguirre Rivera remarked that the victims were all from neighboring Michoacan state, and the victims were killed as a result of a intergang dispute.

Since last year and the destruction of La Familia Michoacana drug cartel, the vacuum created has allowed three competing criminal gangs, Los Zetas, Jalisco Nueva Generacion and Caballeros Templarios to fight for control of Michoacan state.

The last, the Caballeros Templarios, comprises many former leaders of La Familia Michoacan.  One of the leaders, Servando Gomez Martinez AKA La Tuta, recently released a video essentially declaring war on Los Zetas and promising to kills its leader, Miguel Angel Trevino AKA Z40.

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  1. One thing i find most bizarre,im sure these guys dead on the back of the truck were killed by LA FAMILIA....almost everyone says they have been wiped out,but every so many days we find more killings being done by them..they aint done yet.

    1. no theyre still around they just control some small areas. i say 95% of La Familia Michoacana left and formed Los Caballeros Templarios. but rumors in Michoacan is that the rest of La Familia(since they are desperate and control a couple towns) are letting Zetas come in to Michoacan while Los Caballeros are fighting CJNG. Thats what i hear. right now the Zetas are everywhere fighting everyone.

  2. So funny that the latest CJNG narco-banner states they wanna fuck the Zetas and Knights templaros up bad but LA TUTA wants to unite and exterminate the Zetas.
    CJNG are just as bad as them when it comes too harming innocents and extorting them and kidnappings,who the fuck do they think we are? retards,CJNG are wolfs in sheeps clothing.

  3. fuckem let the bodies hit the floor!

  4. Is this more Zeta crap? They have a thing for cramming vehicles with dead bodies and parking them in public.

  5. Guerrero governor Angel Aguirre Rivera remarked that the victims were all from neighboring Michoacan state, and the victims were killed as a result of a intergang dispute.

    So, the powers that be DO investigate these things very very quickly, but very very quickly! Without hours, all these murdered people have been precisely identified (that means by name, in each case), their origin has been determined (Michoacan)and the definitive motive for their killing has been established. I'm impressed! Police forces all over the world need such speed and efficiency! Or might it just be that "the people in charge", such as the Guerrero state governor, a bunch of lying, self-seeking, self-serving, bloody corrupot bastards masquerading as state officials?

  6. Y ea CJNG os just as bad, I have family that went to a funeral from California to a small town in Colima and as soon as they got there CJNG started messing with my cousins and uncles, asking who theyvwere and what were they doing there. They kept followingbthem even tovthe funeral. It was sad because they felt threatened and left for Cali asap. We still havevrelativesvthere who own business and they get extorted by them. They all extort, kidnap and kill.

  7. word is that when those 2 CJNG bosses got killed in that small town in Colons a few months ago, it wasn't CT, it was people with money that got fed up with paying protection money to them. I have family there and up the main street there is a big military post. Anyone leaving colima to michoacan and vice versa has to get through that military post and just about every vehicle is searched. If they go north they got other police road blocks and it's tecoman where CJNG controls also. CT could not come by vehicle pass a military post and no one see them specially when those soldiers work for CJNG. I hope more people have the guts to take them out.

  8. All bussiness owners should do, hire underground militia and sweep the extorcionistas away, diggin a 6 FTs hole, and throw them there, I will vote and support them, let's join and support them

  9. Chinguen a su madre los Purus de los Zzz

  10. Im from michoacan and i hope los caballeros join in with el chapo and kill all them gay ass zetas!
    I go evry year and the rumer is that el chapo is sending people to michoacan
    To help out with the plaza of sahuayo mich
    Al 100% con todos los que quieran matar a todos los zetas!


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