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Friday, September 14, 2012

PGJE: Mass Takedown of 37 Knights Templar Sicarios

Borderland Beat

15 of the detained were presented in Guanajuato-the operation continues

Irapuato, Guanajuato. - GERI agents and PME police ,supported by preventive police from Irapuato and San Miguel de Allende, achieved in fast operational surprise, capturing at least 25 gunmen, belonging to the Knights Templar cartel. They secured vehicles, safe houses, drugs, heavy weapons, sophisticated communications equipment, extending the operations to other nearby towns in search for more "narcoasesinos". It was the same State Attorney of Guanajuato, who briefly announced "the big blow" that between Wednesday night and all day yesterday, dealt in the appointed cities coordinately with other nearby towns. Indicating that until 20 hours, they had just over 25 subjects captured presumably they were related to killings, kidnappings, extortion, drug trafficking and other serious crimes.

Ministry officials, specifically of Irapuato signaled they had captured 2 criminals Wednesday night, had them in their "dens" and that after questioning, they were " singing" and giving up people and details of their accomplices. So overnight Wednesday and Thursday morning, several farms were searched, where they captured another 9 subjects, who also indicated they were members of organized crime. At least seven of the gunmen were located and captured in Irapuato neighborhoods, where they were hiding, after kidnapping and murdering their victims or rivals. Being in areas where gangs and criminals abound, they went unnoticed. But with the data supplied from their accomplices, GERI group , the ministerial officials, supported by the local preventive, could cordon off the area and "burst" the two houses, capturing them with relative ease.

Along with the 9-10 "narcoasesinos", officials secured long, high caliber rifles used both to threaten their victims, and to cruelly kill more of them. They also confiscated vehicles that were used for traveling to watch potential future victims who were on their lists to kidnap. Carlos Zamarripa, Prosecuting States attorney, who up until last night accredited group of gunmen but later added that besides drugs and various communications equipment, at least five assassins and kidnappers, captured in the Irapuato area , but for reasons of prudence would not elaborate or give out any information of citizens victimized by them. He said that they also operated Silao and León, and agents are working to clarify just how many felonies involved. Although neither deny nor were they narcoasesinos said, who executed the latest crimes in Irapuato, but in the course of today will release it officially.
The Update, 12 additional KT sicarios:
A dozen suspects, members of the "The Knights Templar", were captured in the operation led by the State Attorney's Office, which also confiscated an arsenal of weapons, tens of kilos drugs and seven safe houses.  
Detainees, including the leader of the cell, are responsible for killings and kidnappings in this state. The operation began at dawn in several municipalities, including the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, where it is presumed that most were captured.  The operation continues at this time, meanwhile officials have not released complete information about the results and nor when the operation is expected to conclude. .
The state's attorney general, Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre, through his Twitter account reported that the arrest had been  achieved , resulting in almost a dozen members of the cartel of the "Templar", who operated in the northern region of the state, and that these were responsible for drug distribution, multiple murders and kidnappings in that region. . Hours later, In an interview, the attorney without specifying figures, said that most of the alleged kidnappers were arrested in this city.  Apparently among the dozen detainees are those responsible for burning the gas station in San Miguel de Allende a little over a month ago.
Sources: El Sol Irapuata
Thank you Havana


  1. Bad boys bad boys watcha gonna do,watcha gonna do when they come for you?

  2. Ahi sta mendigos cebolleros tangarios pedorros

  3. Wait since when do assassins allow them self to be captured ware were there cyanide pills

  4. For all you fools who don't think players post on here.Dude mentioned these arrests before they were publicized,he also said they are not members of CT"When police give deals to these scum that rape and steal and kill innocents""4 of these so called brothers were in prison at the time of there "arrest""Whatever the rights and wrongs,he knows more than at least 90 percent of people posting on here.Don't ride his ass,cause he not in your favorite cartel...
    He probably gone already?

  5. Thery better call a truce wit zetas

  6. Thats alot of trash

  7. Leon is where much real action is.

  8. And here the Knights Templar would have us believe that they don't indulge in any of those bad things that groups like the Zetas do? What a crock.

  9. They shouldn't have given them those good looking outfits to wear. You know how the Knights are all over pomp and circumstance. They should have let them wear their plastic helmets and dirty,ugly, badly loose fitted red sweatsuits. They deserve no better.

  10. 100% Creeps! Good riddance. I hope they put some of them away and not just slap their wrists with probation. That just is a waste of everyone's time because then they'll just have to catch them again later on.

  11. @9:43 Oh I know! It is like a revolving perdida de tiempo!

    It is hard to say "Viva Mexico!" with gusto when the government keep screwing up all the time on the really easy and logical things.

    1. the only way it is ok for any Mexican to yell "Viva Mexico" is when they are unloading an AK-47 on any cartel killing them!

  12. Man i bet 7guero and siskyou kid are grinning from ear to ear. The sinaloas haven't even been on the radar. I just don't understand why alot of you are so supportive of these criminal organizations. These people are killing your friends and family. Do i need to remind you about the 250,000 dead or missing. One has to be a complete idiot to support anybody that is totally against you and your way of life.

  13. "And here the Knights Templar would have us believe that they don't indulge in any of those bad things that groups like the Zetas do? What a crock"?
    Do you people read posts?A member of CT has already said they were not members,they were using the name to scare people into submission.
    You know,the way every motherfucker and his aunt say they are Z but are not.Some of these clowns were locked up,when they were supposed to have been"arrested"they were already inside the walls.But who gives a fuck if you been thrown into the hat,it looks good.

  14. No real damage to the structure , the CT are growing while it's enemy's are falling. Z's,CJNG , and any other! Bring it! Not even Los Federales can fuck with Los Templarios! Guardia Michoacana Rifa!!!! No truce,Señor Chayo ......

  15. Gracias to the few that have taken the time and evaluated the facts that I have tried to show. As soon as I was alerted of this I had to put forth the truth. These trash think only of them selves they do not care that they are killing the only true friend to the people that has given many lives to help stop the filth, the rightful order of the caballeros Templarios. As a caballero you are made into a certain type of person, we receive identifying marks weather it be on the body or something worn. You have no idea how joyful it makes me to have accomplished even the few people on here that Los caballeros Templarios are not what most are made to think. I am working with a few brothers to do something to prove my authenticity more than I already have. People call me fake or trash because of what they are taught so I do not have anger against them. But I wish they would see that if I was fake I would try to fake being something hard right?? I'd get much more out of being a mafioso instead of defending the honor of my brothers and dealing with the hate and disrespect. I've admitted that we have done bad things both intentionally and accidentally and apologized as much as possible I'm not here to lie about anything I am here to show the truth and give the brothers hope that we are making a difference it is hard to give your life for good when everyone is being taught that your the same filth you've endured so much pain to not be a part of. With much thanks to those who have me their time
    El Soldado
    Defender of the Order

  16. The Soldier
    "I am working with a few brothers to do something to prove my authenticity more than I already have"
    Don't go to far man,in proving your credentials,remember this is just a blog.You don't have to worry about anything that happens from this end,just your own end.The internet can be useful to engage with people from all over this planet,as you see,what you wrote was picked up.It may help to diseminate this kind of information,because it doe's reflect on you and yours.Just watch who sees you typing away,you know more than me about your situation.
    I can't condemn anyone for using violence in the right place,i know right from wrong and violence is a useful and legitimate tool and emotion,provided it is used for the right reasons.
    So take care senore.

  17. just a tidbit, those " knight " helmets you display. they arent crusader helmets, they are centurion helmet halloween replicas

  18. totally mexican..everytime mexicans rip something off, they always rip off the wrong things.

  19. Thanks for making Mexico an un-visitable war zone. And nice job picking costume roman helmets to somehow represent christian crusader helmets... I guess you figured that any old-looking helmet would do, right? And all this stupidity in the name of pushing drugs.

  20. So these are what hired killers look like. Sad, I bed these idiots have no clue to the art. In Mexico these days these ? are called assassins when really all they know how to do is use a gun. They are just murderer's they are assassins and it is a disgrace to call them assassins. Tell it like it is. Plus, no professional would work for the chump change these fools do.


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