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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mexico Arrests Suspect Linked to La Barbie

Mexican police have arrested a suspect linked to notorious American-born drug kingpin Edgar Valdez Villarreal, alias “La Barbie,” who was captured in 2010, the federal Public Safety Secretariat said.

Jose Ubaldo Montemayor Gonzalez, who is the subject of a U.S extradition request, was arrested Thursday in the central state of Queretaro.

The suspect is the brother of Valdez Villarreal’s father-in-law and successor, Carlos Montemayor, who was detained in November 2010, the secretariat said Friday.

According to police investigations, the 48-year-old Montemayor Gonzalez, who also went by the name Jesus Jose de la Garza Garza, worked at a trucking firm owned by his brother in Laredo, Texas.

Both brothers are charged by a court in Atlanta with criminal conspiracy and possession of cocaine for intended distribution, as well as criminal conspiracy to launder and transport money from drug trafficking.

Montemayor Gonzalez is being jailed in the western state of Nayarit while Mexican authorities decide on the United States’ November 2010 request for his extradition.

Authorities say the 39-year-old Valdez Villarreal, a native of Laredo whose nickname refers to his leading-man good looks, was responsible for smuggling a ton of cocaine per month into the United States and also was behind dozens of homicides as chief enforcer for the Beltran Leyva drug mob.
At the time of his capture in August 2010, Valdez Villarreal was fighting for control of the Beltran Leyva outfit, which had been broken apart by the death of cartel boss Arturo Beltran Leyva in late 2009.

Drug-related violence in Mexico has left some 60,000 dead nationwide since December 2006, when President Felipe Calderon took office and militarized the struggle against the nation’s well-funded cartels.

Source: The Associated Press


  1. they should put all these blo, cds, z, cdg, jc,tc, bosses in the same cells.

  2. This losers retirement plan was either gruesome death or prison.... So he got door number

    1. Ohhh your so perfect youve never made a mistake have you?? 90% sure your Christian or catholic and god sees all sons as the same so your better than god huh?? You'd like to act like this is nothing to you when you've never experienced the pain and fear of these assholes easy to talk hard in safety

    2. Wtf. Are you blabbin about woman?

  3. I think its bullshit that he gets free food and all the sex he could ever want living rent free in prison. All at taxpayers expense.

  4. Damn,now who's gonna look after the business?

  5. A bunch of rat bitches! La barbie more like la bitch!

  6. I wonder what trucking firm it was i know all of them worked in 20 of them they all seem pretty shady and dont forget they also nabbed la barbies mother in law nora aguiar in atlanta with millions boarding a private jet not to mention 300000 in cash in her purse la barbie supplied all the southwest and some of the midwest with cocaine in a drug ring with d.jpaul of 36 mafia he had a black gang as his dealers and killers he was banking francis ford coppola shoukd make a movie on this guy aka the new age billy the kid jaja!!

  7. I wonder if La Barbies kids play together since he has kids from Two wives and both live in Laredo and all of them were born is the U.S. of
    Mexican decent. As far as for Carlos Montemyer; this guy sold his daughter to further his criminal career for both him and his son (El J.J.) so I could care less about him and his..! I am though very interested in Senoir Valdez; is this guy gonna get murdered in his Mexican Prison when the New Administration takes Office
    in Mexico like everybody says? Since Mexico will not extradite him to the states as requested by both him and the U.S. AG's Ofc. I think that when the New President takes Office
    they will put "La Barbie" in General Population
    so that he get's killed and cannot testify in Court against all the Government Officials he and The B.L.O. Paid Off! It just makes Good Political Sence that he gets taken out asap.

  8. Idiots they all are. All for a small and temporary taste of their so called good life. Only to be captured, imprisoned, or tortured and killed in the end. Fools. There are many ways to make a million the legal way. Just have to think and work your ass off. Losers they all Winner! Blessed I am.

  9. Good looks? WTF, so is JJ the brother in law of Barbie?

  10. Why do they keep saying he has good looks? He looks
    like an ape...

  11. does anybody have pics of la barbies wife? *carlos montemayors daughter. curious to see what she looks like*

  12. Big pony i see you dog lol


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