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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mexican Marines Captures a Gulf Cartel Boss

Mexico’s navy on Wednesday announced the capture of the reputed head of the Gulf cartel in an area of the northeastern state of Tamaulipas.

The arrest occurred Tuesday in Guadalajara, capital of the western state of Jalisco, that institution said in a statement.

The detainee, Juan Gabriel Montes Sermeño, said he was the Gulf cartel’s boss in the southern part of the drug violence-wracked state of Tamaulipas and worked for Mario Cardenas Guillen, who was recently detained by navy personnel.

Cardenas Guillen, thought to have headed one of that cartel’s two main branches, was captured last week by navy personnel in Tamaulipas.

Montes told authorities his role with the Gulf mob was to launder narcotics proceeds, transport drugs and manage ranches in Tamaulipas under the false identity of Jesus Angel Almaraz Guzman.

The arrest occurred after marines on patrol in Guadalajara spotted three people stepping out of an SUV, one of whom was carrying a backpack with a gun barrel sticking out of it.

The marines searched the men and found that one of them – Eusebio Horta, Montes’ bodyguard – had two rifles, ammunition and 100 small bags of marijuana in his possession.

In another bag, Montes was carrying a rifle, ammo, a grenade, 100 packets containing a white, powdery substance resembling cocaine and communications gear, as well as a briefcase with various documents.

The Gulf cartel, one of Mexico’s oldest, mainly operates in the northern part of the country and the Gulf coast region.

It has been weakened in recent years due in large part to a turf war with its former armed wing, Los Zetas, which went into the drug business on its own account in 2010.

News of Montes’ arrest followed an announcement that Mexican Federal Police captured the suspected leader of the La Resistencia criminal organization, which operates in Jalisco.

Ramiro Pozos Gonzalez, aka "El Molca" or "El 7," was arrested on Tuesday in Metepec, a city in the central state of Mexico, Federal Police drug enforcement unit chief Ramon Eduardo Pequeño said in a press conference.

The 42-year-old Pozos Gonzalez was the subject of a reward of 1 million pesos (nearly $76,350) being offered by Mexican authorities.

Pozos Gonzalez was wanted on drug, kidnapping, extortion and murder charges, Pequeño said.

The suspect was a member of the Milenio drug cartel, which was put out of business in 2010 by the arrests of brothers Oscar Orlando and Juan Carlos Nava Valencia.

The break-up of the Milenio organization led to the rise of La Resistencia, which had “the support of the leaders of La Familia (Michoacana) and the Gulf cartel,” and another gang, the Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartel, Pequeño said.

La Resistencia formed an alliance in September 2011 with Los Zetas “to increase its operational power and maintain a strong front against the Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartel,” the Federal Police official said.

The war between La Resistencia and Jalisco Nueva Generacion has left scores of people dead in western Mexico, especially Jalisco state, since last year.

Source: EFE


  1. They captured el COSS from CDG!!!

  2. They caught el COSS in Tampico!!! Confirmed


  3. Why so many CDG heads been apprehended lately? anyone notice that,i dont believe CDG would be giving each other up...strange.

    1. Yea in matamoros theres many marines but its peaceful i believe a broken truce or sinaloa mght be turining on them or keeping them weak also Zs proposed truce to CT in guerrero - twister you never know

  4. The EMPTY HEADED JERK seen in the Second foto is someone who I'd like to spit on--¿does he deserve better treatment? He's another RAT FROM HELL and Traitor To Mexico / traitor to the Mexican people. He's a PROGRAMED MACHINE and Such Machines are WORTHLESS on Planet earth!!

    My message to that U.N.C.O.N.S.C.I.O.U.S. E.G.O. is "SHOVE YOUR TWO Happy Thumbs INTO YOUR HAPPY FACE as they transport you to y.o.u.r. New HOME, a 2 by 4 foot C.A.G.E., now HOW Does That feel T.R.A.I.T.O.R. -->> 'Ramiro Pozos Gonzale'? !!!! <<--

  5. que le paso a su nariz compa? ya bajele a los narizazos

  6. I so hate CJNG.....lying dogs they are,putrid like there master CHAPUTOS from snitchaloa.

  7. So that guy being interviewed seemed to know alot. He said Sinaloa is fighting cjng and that eventually the zetas will come in and Jalisco will be done. Alot of other interesting stuff I didn't know he mentioned

  8. Sinaloa needs to watch out, they have power now.. but they keep snitching then eventually cartels are gonna come together and take them out.. el Chapo needs to change his name to El Chismoso Guzman

  9. Keep thinking CDG is weak and small time controlling only small areas. This guy was in Guadalajara don't see that on your cartel territories maps do you?

  10. Seems like lots of high profilers are getting caught lately.

  11. Look at those losers. They look like shit. So much for becoming wealthy drug kingpins. Theses guys are bosses and their dealing twenty sacks. Smucks are corner hustlers with big guns and stolen cars. No one will miss you or even follow up on you. Take those thumbs and shove em.

  12. Was I interpreting that wrong? Or did this guy in the video just snitch on everybody in mexico? Why do these guys always snitch right away after being arrested? Do the mexican cops torture them, or do they just do it out of free will?

    1. This video is taken right after he sees a video of what happened to mos of those Taliban folks , and most likely he already went thru either a session of electric shocks or a 10 minute waterboarding sneak peak

  13. can someone translate what the guy is saying in the
    video.would really apprciate if someone translate it for me what is ironic is im mexican but i was adopted by a white family so thats why i cant speak spanish

  14. i dont believe this guy saying CDS and CJNG are fighting, if they were jalisco would have more violence and that we would see CJNG leave mantas against sinaloa, n the CJNG leader R1 said it was fake.

    and for the CDG boss he can be in jalisco kuz CDS controls jalisco n we know their allies

  15. Good news for los zetas

  16. if you guys havent realized its obvious that intelligence agencys from both US and Mex are working together. do you think the two Americans that were ambushed a couple weeks ago are the only ones in Mex?? they are getting rid of the bosses little by little. traveling in large convoys is very detectable in Mex plus a witness may have snitched and said there is a high profile crime boss in the area and with smart phones they can take pix n get caught up. corridos are fake these bosses aint shit without there dogs.

  17. If u can't beat em join em... then snitch em out

  18. I've noticed that since "El Junior" Cardenas took that Fall and played ball with the DEA
    that the Mexican Feds,Army and Marines have taken down almost all the remaining (Jeffe's)
    in the CDG. Do you think that's coincidence..?
    I know for a fact that Jr/El Rolex or whatever
    he wants to be called has and had pertinent info
    on El Coss and his uncles especially El Coss since they were both trying to take over each others positions and was petrified that Coss was gonna take him out like he did to Sammy Flores (Metro 3). Remember supposedly Metro 3 was a big reason why the Z's split with CDG
    cuz Tony Tormenta and Coss told Lazca to pound sand when they demanded Flores be handed over for killing their main man in Reynosa. I think
    CDG is all but through as far as a organisation.

  19. "these bosses aint shit without there dogs"
    You got that right.Fat and out of shape,but with a crew of idiots willing to kill their own at the drop of a hat.At least kill for a good reason,not for some bullshit.

  20. The guy with the pink shirt has horrible fasion sense.

  21. why is it that all other cartel main bosses have interviews when they get caught but none are done when cds bosses get caught???

  22. this guy el molca pretty much saying that cds is fighting cjng cuz mencho was extorting from the people of jalisco then turned onto the sinaloans and that they have started a war against each other but that will only let the Z come in from zacatecas and michocan to finish off cjng for good

  23. This is the beginning of more drug terrorist to be caught and handled over to the US Feds. keep watching this website and u will see a big surprise.
    El 6

  24. Esta pendejo este vato molca diciendo que los pinches zetas se van a quedar con jalisco tal o temprano


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