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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mexican Army bags 10 armed suspects in Guerrero state

By Chris Covert
Foto: Telesur

One unidentified Mexican soldier and total of 10 unidentified armed suspects, including one female were killed in a gunfight in northern Guerrero state Wednesday morning, according to Mexican news accounts.

An article which appeared on the website of Milenio news daily said that a Mexican Army road patrol, identified as an element of the Mexican 27th Infantry Battalion, encountered armed suspects who were travelling aboard two vehicles in Tepecpacuilco municipality, which opened fire on the patrol after being signalled to stop.  The gunfight took place in La Moneda colony near the village of Rincon de la Cocina.

A separate wire service dispatch posted on news website said the gunfight took place in Santiago Apostol chapel near Cerro de Jumil, where the suspects had apparently abandoned their vehicles to seek refuge.

Another report from the Reuters wire service posted on said that two unidentified civilians who had been abducted by the armed group were wounded in the firefight.  The report adds that La Familia Michoacana and Los Pelones criminal gangs  operate in the area.

Following the end of the firefight, soldiers seized two vehicles, five AK-47 rifles, five AR-15 rifles, two .380 caliber pistols and 65 bags of marijuana.

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  1. Take no prisoners!Good job.

  2. For all you Gavas. They just Announced that they caught el Z50 El Taliban in San Luis Potosi. Since u guys Cant understan shit on Mundonarco.

  3. yeah 10 scum down 1000 more to go rip to that soldier

  4. Tag em an bag em!!!

  5. U see narcos not so tuff. When its gunz ablazing balls to the wallz, narcos get their asses kicked almost everytime!! Good job army!!


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