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Friday, September 14, 2012

Another voice in Mexico silenced? Where is Ruy 5algado "El 5anto"?

**UPDATE:  Since posting this story there have been many new events, particularly a series of VERY ambiguous statements by the admins of El 5antuario.  Shortly after El 5antuario's initial press release regarding the disappearance of Ruy, reports began surfacing that his murdered body was found in Neza and confirmed via a DNA test performed on his sister and/or mother.  This story was quickly dispelled by the other admins of the blog mainly because it stated that Ruy had stepped out of his domicile at 10pm making a run to the store, when in fact he was broadcasting at that very moment up until the transmission fell around 11:02pm.  After the 48 hour window given to Ruy to come forward or else his personal information would be leaked passed, El 5antuario released yet another statement saying that they had made contact with his family and would be releasing ONLY information authorized by them, particularly asking the community and their readers not to point fingers/blame any particular individual or political entity.  A timeline was given of the events with no real clear answers as to what had occurred, nor more importantly where Ruy was or his state of being.  The question still remained, where is El 5anto???  As is the case with uncertainty, rumors began to fly that he had chosen to exile himself, there was infighting within his blog, he was ill and battling cancer, someone posting on another channel claiming he was well and was handling affairs in another state to the very disappointing claim that this had all been a publicity stunt gone wrong.  Which of these scenarios are true, nothing has been cleared by either family, the admins of El 5antuario, let alone Ruy himself.  To further complicate matters, today El 5antuario has chosen to suspend ALL activity on their blog and YouTube channel until Ruy's whereabouts are cleared up.  Strangely at the very end of their statement they made it clear that they were not being threatened by anyone or any political figure.  This is truly turning into one huge 5antodrama!  Stayed tuned...**

Although many of our readers do not live in Mexico nor experience the day to day happenings, it is safe to say that we do empathize, if not at the very least sympathize on a basic human level with what occurs.  Ruy 5algado also known as El 5anto is the founder of the blog and a staunch critic of the current and incoming political administrations.

Via his daily vlogs on YouTube, he also informs regarding the ongoing drug war and has openly challenged this past July 1st election results, which according to him were marred with corruption and are in direct violation of the democratic process.  Ruy was scheduled to join many of his followers this past Sunday at the AMLO manifestation in Mexico City, but failed to appear. 

His last vlog was posted on Saturday, September 8th and was mysteriously cut off mid transmission, he has not been heard from since.  Below is the official press release made by the other admins of his blog regarding his disappearance. 

I will be translating it in a few minutes for our English only audience.  I wanted to make our readers aware of the many rumblings which are gaining force via Twitter and the internet.

**Translated video:
"Esteemed 5antuarista Community,
This is an official press release on behalf of el5anturio for all of you.  We wish to inform you that on Saturday, September 8th of the current year around 11:02pm, with one hour left on his vlog, we stopped having contact with our friend, Ruy 5algado.  Ruy was scheduled to attend the massive AMLO manifestation the very next day being held at El Zocalo in Mexico City, unfortunately he never showed up. 

It is for this reason that if in the next 48 hours, from the time this is published, we do not have any news regarding his whereabouts and physical condition, we will begin a massive information campaign via the various (news) outlets, beginning with ours.  We will be publishing his picture and personal information as is, full name, address, vehicle he drives and anything else related to his person. 

It is very important to mention that we here at El 5anturario have taken measures in order to locate him in the shortest time possible.  We make a strong call asking our community for their support  in spreading the news and if at this moment you find yourself listening to us, Ruy 5algado, we ask that you please contact us immediately because on the contrary we will make your personal information known, with the understanding that by not communicating with us it means that your integrity has been violated. 

As to the prior, we insist that we have initiated denunciations and preliminary research regarding this situation.

El 5antuario

I am joined by (other bloggers), they introduce themselves.  This is the press release and we hope to hear news on behalf of someone, on behalf of Ruy 5algado.  Thank you."

The blog is
and his vlog channel on YouTube can be found under el5anto


  1. That address for the vlog will not open, can you post a link?

  2. ?

  3. just added the link to the blog as well as the YouTube channel for those interested!

  4. Wow, the rumors are flying on some sites.
    I hope he is safe.

  5. why would anyone abduct this guy does anyone know?

  6. Por Esto:


    * Report that appears tortured and executed by two bullets in the head, "El5anto" or "Ruy Salgado" sympathizer young blogger Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

    * He had been threatened / is one of the founders of the movement "YoSoy132" and one of the country's leading tweeters

    He had been threatened

  7. When u say the truth,it bothers some people, especially if its about the piece of shit mexican government, i hope he is safe,god be with u santo!!!

  8. Anyone who Supports AMLO is not really too intelligent.
    The election is over.
    Deal with it and work for a Safer Mexico together.

  9. It appears that his tortured body has been found and the death blow was 2 bullets from a M16. Authorities are not confirming nor denying the reports.

    His real name and info was revealed over social networks and he has received threats prior to vanishing. On Sept 8 at 10PM he left to the market, and the co-founder of yosoy132 was never seen again.

    Here is one of the reports.

  10. So sad to hear of this young man’s demise, but I hope his group remains active and continue to speak against injustice.

  11. Social Networks = double edged sword

  12. This is horrible. I hope this turns out to not be true. I am a big fan of his and a big fan of borderland beat.

    In solidarity,



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