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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

7 die in Tamaulipas state

By Chris Covert

A total of seven armed suspects were killed in a gunfight with a Mexican Army road patrol in Ciudad Victoria in Tamaulipas state Monday evening, according to Mexican news accounts.

In a news item posted on the website of Vanguardia news daily, the gun battle took place near the intersection of calles 16th and Olivia Ramirez, where gunfire between armed suspects travelling aboard four vehicles an an army unit took place at around 1730 hrs.

The dead were all males between the ages of 25 and 35.  A number of weapons were also seized in the aftermath as well as the four vehicles.

Tamaulipas is very much in the midst of violent Mexican gang turmoil where the Los Zetas criminal gang has been undergoing a split.  The criminal group has also been under considerable pressure since last spring from the Sinaloa cartel, now aligned with the Gulf Cartel, in its very front yard in Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas.

Last month leaders with Los Caballeros Templarios drug cartel also declared war on Los Zetas in western Mexico.

In a related development, Animal Politico reported on its website Tuesday afternoon that a number of roadblocks have been put up by criminal gangs in the border city of Reynosa in Tamaulipas.

Among the roads affected include Bulevar Morelos , Avenida Colosio, the Puente de la Muerte and Calle Rodhe. Policia Federal units are said to be involved in road clearing operations.

Criminal gangs hijack heavy vehicles such as buses and tractor trailer rigs, and disable the vehicles to use them to block roads.  The tactic is meant to slow reaction times and block intervention by local security forces, and sometimes are used to punish the local population for a sharp reverse at the hands of Mexican security forces.

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  1. Viva Los caballeros templarios , glory to the shield, glory to the code, honor to the brotherhood, and death to the filth. We are a necessary evil, we do not prey on the people, we honor our code given directly by the chosen one. I know we are seen as scum, but people sooner than later you will see why we have to fight. We have done more for our beautiful motherland michoacán, and more do in the temple (apatzingan) why no speak of how people love us how we give to the poor and provide legitimate work? Why our people are more safe, we are the true protectors of the code and the family, we can't be bought. We know we are not good people but right now we can't be, but a mans destiny changes often but what we do is what we have to do. We could no longer let the filth destroy our home. And lastly I will not say we are not guilty of crimes, that the brotherhood has caused pain in our home, and for that we have and if necessary will continue to apologize AND make it right with actions. Something noone else will do. Only our enemies fear the shield, and those enemies are not only ours they are same to the family to the people and to the nation and honestly to the continent. Much respect to you and comfort of life. And once again we are truly sorry for the things we have done either intentionally or accidentally it is very hard to control every single brother such as with any other large force. Thank you for your time my beautiful sons and daughters of our great nation. Long live the nation long live the code long live the brotherhood
    El soldado

    1. What have you been smoking their the problem.

    2. Sort your head out and give it a wobble lad, viva E-Zeta

  2. Daaaaaaammmmn that was awesome ..

  3. knights templar can lick my culo

  4. @12:16 AM "Glory to the shield"? You mean the plastic shield that goes with the plastic CT helmets? You gotta be kidding me, right?


  5. Fuck ct they soft along wit cds and sinaloa mutheafuckas been huntin zetas longer then the military and they aint killed nothin but halcones I hate ignorance when they wake the z back up thats when the fun stop and everyone on the blog site cry about all the killin zeta too strong for mexico there in guatemala tryin too get stronger so be ready for the impact you cant go against the zetas they kill for fun so fuck all dat honor and respect zetas dont give a fuck and everybody knows and it is currently 100 000 zetas that is too many people for a fake ass sunday church group ct not a fan of any cartel but look at the facts if sinaloa and cds could not hurt them wat the hell is these dudes gonna do try and kill all the footsoldiers doin drive bys jajaja vote for obama he will kill the z why you think guns was sold to the sinaloa federation so the could atleast defend themselves form zetas

  6. We, the hardworking citizens honor the code of the family. We are a necessary force for good. We contribute to society; not destroy it. We do what is necessary by participating in the community and keeping our public servants honest by being so ourselves. If we sold meth to devils and used the money to by mobile homes for the homeless, we would still be Worthless P's of Sht like ALL of the cartels. There are a few good community groups in Mexico but, CT is not one of them. Them: oopps!, one of our over zealous junior associates went a little too far and now your family has been skinned alive before being dissolved in acid. Sorry!! We're gonna write him up! :-o

  7. For the KT pendejo.... U my good sr r a freaking tool. Ive never even heard of a stupider thing then u

  8. September 12, 2012 12:16 AM
    El soldado
    At least you took the time to write and let us hear your side of this madness.For that Senore we thank you,we would like to hear more,but obviously that is not possible for various reasons.I do not choose any side in any of this,all i know is,that it is morally wrong to tax innocent working people if they do not wish to be taxed.They do this out of fear and not out of necessity.In this time in Mexico,there may be a place for a group to try to stay honorable and punish transgressors against people who are not involved in any kind of violence.Saludos senore and thank you for posting.We want to hear from you,take no notice of idiots who talk all tough from the safety of their armchairs.Cuidate Snr.

  9. "Sort your head out and give it a wobble lad, viva E-Zeta" ?
    Nothing needs to be said.What an asshole you are.
    English Z ? You embarrassment,you gotta be 14.

  10. Please dont talk tough to people who really know whats going on.We want them to post on here.
    Try and remember what this site is about?
    It is about finding out what is actually going on in all this turmoil.99 percent of people on here have no connection whatsoever to any cartel or group,so when someone sounds as if they know what they are talking about,dont be an internet hard case and shout for your favorite cartel at them,and dont be insulting,all you will do is chase them away.

  11. The kt sponser is in da hoyse talk that honor shit when blo or zetas retaliate because its coming why would ct start shit now mexico dont need no fuckin fake as security force if the mexican army cant over throw the z I doubt kt will last a year fightin the z they go too war wit kavelar helments not fuckin bob the builder hard hats like ktjajaja z40 vs la tuta school teacher vs sicario real funny all this attackin zeta is only gonna last so long until mass graves appear like the ones found in may dis year seems like kt wants too keep the killing going why try too kill the z and you know you are no match I say let the z be cause everyone in mexico knows they are killing machines

  12. Brothers, i am sorry that the actions of some of our family have destroyed what we have worked so hard to create. I and my commanders are sorry for not being as tight on our brothers as we should have been in the beginning. All I ask you to understand is we had to take over the drugs in our motherland to keep out the filth that was extorting our civilians raping our daughters and purchasing our public servants. WE the order of the Caballeros Templarios We are the public servants. We have true brothers who's life is committed to guarding the homeland and removing filth. We do not drink, we do not do drugs, we do not rape. We don't murder or imprison drinks, rapists, and theives. We discipline them and have them repay the mother by acts of charity and repayment of any kind to right a wrong. Our reputation has been tarnished tremendously by traitors of the code and our enemies who see us as a threat to their existence. No one speaks of even our highest ranking fathers doing physical works of charity in our community. We are not La Familia Michoacana we are not that joke that lie that filth. We live with honor, and we are in a civil war and to fight we are forced to do things our people do not like but as we grow in strength we will bring peace to our nation at any cost. I and my brothers will die for this, drugs will sooner than later not rule our nation, but honor and love and unity will prevail and when this happens every brother will surrender to this true government and pay whatever debt our people require for our necessary actions. I see your thoughts of anger towards the order, and I understand I do not ask for supporters all I ask is for unbiased understanding and the true goals and fuel to our brotherhood to be understood. One more thing alot of crimes linked back to us are of filth who use our name to intimidate and control Both home and abroad, trash that has never once been part of the order and for that I can not apologize.
    Good health and happiness to you all
    El Soldado
    Protector of the order

  13. El Soldado
    Keep posting what you can hermano,we want to hear what you have to say.If you can keep your word as an honorable man you will help your Mexican brothers.They need help at this time,some of the violence has undoubtedly taken innocent lives.What is more,the people who took their lives knew they were innocent.That is absolutely unacceptable.Who can someone go to for help when they are afraid?We all need someone,sometimes.

  14. I dont think catholics are innoccent at all...just like the muslims.. they worship false prophets.


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