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Saturday, September 29, 2012

5 Sicarios Die in Fight with Marines, 2 Federal Police Dead, Tortured in Zacatecas

Borderland Beat

Zacatecas, Zac.  - Yesterday in the ongoing struggle against organized crime in Zacatecas, two Federal Ministerial Police officers were found dead with signs of torture.  Also,  five alleged gunmen were killed in a shoot-out with Marines. In addition, authorities seized automatic weapons and explosives from students in a home located in the municipality of Enrique Estrada. The students reportedly attended Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ).

The bodies of the Federal Police were abandoned early Friday morning on Hidalgo street in Fresnillo. According to the testimonies collected by authorities, several vehicles entered this road and threw the bodies out on the the pavement. After the office of the State  Attorney General had the bodies transported to the Forensic Service, they were identified as members of the Federal Police. The two bodies had signs of torture.

In Fresnillo, Marines arrested five members of the municipal police, after making an operational check of weapons in the  facilities management of Municipal Public Security.
The preventative police were transferred to Mexico City, presumed to have links to organized crime, and were to be filed with the PGR 

In Valparaíso, a Marine convoy patrolling the area faced shots with alleged members of organized crime, when they met them head-on the state highway. The Marines ordered the crew in the suspicious vehicles to stop, but they ignored the Marines and started shooting instead. Thus, the confrontation began, and there were five dead alleged killers as a result of the shooting.

In other events, elements of the Marines and Federal Police agents secured weapons, thousands of rounds of ammo, radio equipment, drugs at a checkpoint and they got an address for a search.

At a checkpoint on Ramón López Velarde Avenue, Marines stopped a luxury SUV Escalade carrying five young people identified by their credentials as attending UAZ and the Autonomous University of Durango.

A source at the Ministry of Public Security reported that they checked inside the car and found four rifles, cartridges, shortwave radios, several Nextel cellular devices, and drugs in an amount  which was not specified.

In the municipality of Enrique Estrada,  federal authorities secured over 10,000 cartridges and 14 finger explosives which made them perform a search of a house on Gladiolas Street in neighborhood of Jardines. 

In the property they found also found eight AK 47 rifles and at least 700 chargers for various calibers.


  1. mexico should of have a v8

  2. I am from Valparaiso Zac. and in this case the death toll was over 5 people reaching a minimum of 15 including 1 marine. The two 'Z' bosses of our town were amongst the dead. apparently they were halted for a routine search by the marines and tried to get away. one of the fleeing vehicles ran the marine over causing a shoot to kill pursuit.


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