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Sunday, August 19, 2012

NARCO HOMICIDES: "The Real" Number 100-200+ Thousand

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

"Assuming that a similar rate of murder continues through the remaining months of this year, the homicide toll at the end of Calderón's presidency will add up to 110,061 victims” ..Molly Molloy

Molly Molloy has written an analysis of the narco death toll in Mexico.  The above quote  is what she states with respect to the total in Calderon’s presidency.
I admire and respect Molloy, however I think her totals are a bit conservative.

My estimation is double Molloys number at 200 thousand+
Below is an explanation on how I arrive at that number.
In her post she states that only four Mexican states do not report homicides. I read a report 2 years ago that stated Tamaulipas had no agency tracking narco related deaths. Further, there previously was a non-profit tracking the murders, however, they had disappeared from working in the state. Therefore I am suspicious of the newly found Tamps counts. Two years ago there were 7 states that lacked any official count, and now magically counts have appeared for four.
In a move that is an amazingly blatant misrepresentation of numbers and woefully disrespectful towards victims, The NHRC, (it is directed by a PAN Representative), recognizes only 111 deaths of civilians in 2010 and 43 in 2011.  Perhaps the government perceives that citizens can erase from their memory such atrocities as the  2010 San Fernando Ranch Massacre in Tamps of 72 Central American migrants, or the 2011Boca Del Rio Veracruz mass killing of 35, subsequently deemed as having no connection to organized crime. This according to its own PGR agency.
This year the PGR at their National Conference estimated that at least 25k bodies were in clandestine fosas (graves) between the years of 2006-2011. This is the same government   that stated there were 111 deaths of civilians in 2010. The truth of the matter is, as stunning as 25k  may seem to the majority of people, in truth even 25k is in all probability doesn't come close.
2011 Durango City Fosas
A portion of the slaughter in Veracruz killing of 35
In "hot" states such as Durango, Zacatecas, Coahuila and Chihuahua, in the vast mountains and the massive  barren  terrain there must be a higher number of dead buried in undiscovered graves.  The aforementioned Mexican states are not only violent but Coahuila and Durango has been without  any “official” death counts during the drugwar.  It would be safe to assume that in the hills and land of the four states highlighted in this paragraph, there are at least  6K per year, which brings one to the government figure of  25k.  25 thousand bodies in undiscovered graves in four states alone.

To grasp the magnitude in which the graves add to the homicide tally, one year later and near the abandoned ranch where the slaughter of the 72 occurred, clandestine graves were discovered containing hundreds of bodies in a small geographical area. During the exhumation of the Tamps graves, in Durango City, another discovery of graves were found in various places of the city, the number of bodies found in Durango surpassed the number of those discovered in Tamps.
In looking at the geographical whole of Mexico, in two cities,  relatively speaking, in two  small pockets of land hundreds of "missing" victims, some missing for years, were in reality murdered, not  "missing".
"Missing" Economic Migrants

Anyone viewing the photos of the San Fernando (Tamaulipas) ranch in the aftermath of the slaughter of 72 Central Americans migrants, will never forget the gruesome, shocking horror captured on film. 
In the aftermath of the San Fernando slaughter, there were two survivors.  The plight of one survivor was highly publicized around the globe.  Credit his escape with the world knowing of what happened to 72 economic migrants in August 2010.  There is no doubt those bodies would have been buried in clandestine graves. Had there been no survivors, and the executed buried perhaps the fate of the migrants would have been forever unknown and 72 dead people would have been listed as “missing”
72 executed Central American economic migrants in San Fernando, Tamaulipas

Luis Garcia, an investigator with the National Human Rights Commission, said the number of unidentified bodies continues to grow, as has the number of missing persons.  There is a proposal for a national data base with information of missing persons, but to date the government is still trying to get it up and running.
No one knows exactly how many of those unidentified bodies were killed in drug-related violence or how many people are missing at the hands of cartels because such a study has never been done, Garcia said
The“missing” must be factored into any reliable narco death tally. “Missing” economic migrants are known to be the prey of cartels, in particular the Zetas. From Chiapas to Tamps, they are kidnapped, extorted, raped, forced into working in the sex trade, criminal activities, and are killed. Then there are those that vanish, vanished to the tune of 50k in 6 years. At some point they must be declared dead and placed in the drugwar dead column.

Contributing incalculable factors:
The number of omissions or misreported homicides is unknown; however it is known that cities and states that deaths will intentionally misidentify deaths as natural “accidental” or even “suicide”. 

Then there is the counting in of itself.  I frustratingly  refer to this as “Messican” math.  3 agencies are at the same crime scene and one will report 8 bodies, another 5, and yet another 12. 
States lacking "official" must  be taken into account. 4-7 states are without official counts.  Hot spots such as Coahuila, Durango and  Tamps. 

Molloy mentions the many articles from respected sources that are now beating the drum of the hidden figures.  One recent article being from Reforma, an extraction below:

“La falta de investigacion de los homicidios por parte de autoridades estatales y federales, la ausencia de coordinacion para determinar cuales estan vinculados al crimen organizado y cuales no, ademas de una metodologia endeble, son factores que impiden conocer la cifra real de ejecutados, opinan especialistas en seguridad publica. “

"The lack of investigation of  homicides on the part of federal and state authorities, the absence of coordination to determine which  are linked to  organized crime and  which not, and weak methodology, are factors that impede knowing the real figure of executed, reports security specialists." Reforma
Building on Molloy's "count" of 101K

Add the 50K for "missing migrants", 25K for undiscovered fosas, and a very conservative number for 6 years of 6k total in the 4 states with no counts, one can see how a number of 200K can be reached, quickly and conservatively without consideration of other factors.
Below is the analysis from Molly Molloy of the narco death toll in Mexico. Her calculation totals 101,203 murders during Calderon's term.  She also hits on the issue of the number of innocents.  In a recent report of hers she stated:
Mexican government along with some media outlets state that 90 percent of those killed in the violence involved in the drug trade, Molloy argues that out of the 10,800-plus victims killed in the border city of Ciudad Juárez since 2007 the vast majority of them had no involvement in the cartels. With a population of only 1.2 million residents, Ciudad Juárez accounts for 10 percent of all of Mexico's murder victims since 2007.”

We may never know the official tallies, as the Mexican Government  ceased publishing their official counts.
The Following is Molloy's post:
This article by Luz del Carmen Sosa appeared yesterday in EL DIARIO…I have not found a link to the original yet, but this one from seems to be complete. There is also a  translation from Borderland Beat. If anyone has the full original version of the article from El Diario, please post or send me the link.
Highlights: government data from the Public Ministries of 28 states on homicides (specifically homicidios dolosos or intentional homicides) were provided through the Mexican transparency law (similar to the US Freedom of Information Act). The data reveal that from Dec 1 2006 when Calderon took office up through December 2011, there have been at least 83,541 homicides. The four states that DID NOT report homicides are: Coahuila, Durango, Morelos and Tlaxcala. I know from following media reports and in looking at the previous releases from different government agencies that Coahuila and Durango have been very violent during the years of Calderon’s administration. Some of the most violent mass killings have been reported from the Lagunera area that includes parts of both Coahuila and Durango state. The investigation is continuing with the effort to obtain data from these states as well. The officials are legally obligated to provide the information.
At least 8.4 percent of the victims nationally are women, though state authorities cannot determine the sex of 184 of the bodies counted. Most of the homicide victims are between the ages of 21 and 30.
The states with the most homicides are Chihuahua (16,592) and Estado de México (8,602). Though not in the article, it should be noted that the Estado de Mexico (essentially includes all the population in the central area around the capital city minus the population of the Distrito Federal) and it is the largest in population of all the states of Mexico with more than 15 million inhabitants.  Chihuahua with twice as many homicide homicide victims has a population of 3.4 million
 The article reports 1,304 of the 16,592 homicide victims in Chihuahua state were women–the highest number of “feminicidios” in the country. This statement is relatively meaningless in terms of the statistics because Chihuahua also had by far the highest number of homicides overall. The percentage of female victims in Chihuahua is actually about 7.8 percent, slightly lower than the overall percentage of female victims in all of the states reporting (8.4 percent). So in relation to the TOTAL victims, there were relatively fewer female homicide victims in the state of Chihuahua compared to those in the other states. In other words, yes, there are more murders of women in Chihuahua than in any other state. But that is because there are so many more murders total in Chihuahua… And, the percentage of female victims is actually slightly LOWER than in other states.
The article does not give the exact figure reported for Ciudad Juarez, but says that the city had the highest number of homicides in the state, followed by the capital, Chihuahua City. The border city of Juarez had nearly 11,000 murders from Dec 2006 through December 2011 and accounted for 13.4 percent of all the murders in Mexico.
In terms of the quality of the data, the article indicates serious omissions. Chiapas (for example) reported only 77 murders in the time period (dec 2006-dec 2011) but the official reporting for the public ministry there says:
“From 2006-2009 no record was found of any homicidios dolosos.” Chiapas appears only to have started counting in 2010.
Extrapolating from these data provided by the public ministries of the 28 states reporting, we have a base number of 83,541 homicides from Dec 2006-Dec 2011, we can use the number reported nationally by the Sistema Nacional de Seguridad Publica (SNSP) of 8,622 homicides between January-May 2012.
That is an average of 1,732 homicides per month. [see: Insight Crime for this number from SNSP] … Considering that the murders have been reported to be decreasing slightly in 2012, let’s estimate an average of 1,500 homicides per month for June-November 2012 (Pen~a Nieto will take office Dec 1 2012) for an estimate of 9,000 more homicides for the remainder of Calderon’s term. Added to the 92,203 as of the end of May we get an estimate of 101,203 homicides. Keep in mind that the data obtained through the transparency law and reported in this article does not include ANY numbers from 4 states, including two very violent states: Durango and Coahuila.
Dec 2006-Dec 2011 = 83,541
Jan-May 2012 (SNSP data) = 8,662
TOTAL as of end of May 2012 = 92,203
Estimate June-Nov 2012 = 9,000
Est. TOTAL Calderon’s term = 101,203
For a person who was always bad at math, I am polishing up at least my arithmetic. I have looked at the numbers reported by INEGI for 2005-2010. From those numbers we can at least get 4 years of data quickly for the states that did not report homicide numbers and this gives us another estimate of at least 106,392. Considering the missing data and state entities that seem not to have counted homicides at all for several years, I believe it is very reasonable to estimate that by the end of Calderon’s administration more than 110,000 Mexicans will have been victims of homicide.
For a shorter version of my "Killing of Innocents" article follow the hyperlink to the one published in Insight Crime

UPDATE 8.29.12
In todays sinembargo there is an post about this subject
Here is an extraction:

The Government has the obligation to provide true figures. Never did. When they tried to count the number of children killed during the war, they then refused to give the number. We knew over the network for the rights of children in Mexico  in October of last year that its accounting provided the figure of 1,400 children executed. They are tiny "collateral damage” hidden by the Government under the mat .
Calderón prefers to hide thousands of deaths under the carpet. The US State  Department said last March that the figure was 150,000 dead.
Calderón prefers to hide thousands of deaths under the carpet. He thinks we will forget.
He is mistaken. Every person, every human being, every woman, every man, every child, every elder, every mother, each parent; grandfather or brother, uncle, nephew, friend, known, neighbor... have full name. And someday them we will have one by one, although we take years, decades.. The Government does not want  to talk about another reality: those displaced by the violence. Entire villages have been emptied. .In November of last year we learned that 1 million 600 thousand people left their homes in Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Durango, Baja California, new León, Michoacán, Guerrero and Veracruz, according to a study of Fidel Lopez Garcia, academic of the Instituto Jose Maria Luis Mora and consultant to the United Nations for displaced people.


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  2. The "drug war" shall continue, no matter how many Mexicans are murdered.

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    1. Ur seriously retarded

    2. years ago the Mexican Military went through every town with a device that can detect guns and completely stripped the Mexican people of there protection. now the bad guys have better guns than the military and the goid people dont have shit to defend themselves with. plus there fucked up government hasnt created jobs so millions are unemployed. so therefore cartels see that and take advantage of the poor and hungry and pay them to do the cartels dirty work. so thats why 200k dead is most likely going to be millions in a few years. it wont stop. the only way to stop it is to 1. close the border and put US troops all across to kill anyone trying to go through. 2. Young Mexicans need to join the Mexican Military and be millions strong. 3. the Mex Military needs to be in the wirst citys/towns and be there everyday fighting cartels kicking doors down and just kill any gang or cartel member 4. they should allow the US seals to kill ir capture the main bosses of each cartel. 5. drones need to fly through the sierras and find there narco camps and drug labs and blow them up. and last but not least mexico needs to close its southern border and really watch the oceans surrounding them for boat drug smugglers. Mexico would have to look like europe during WW2.

  7. Whenever i see photo's like these up top,i am always awestruck.My mind tries too tell me it aint real but deep inside i know it is,and its been played out on the other side of the world daily. im so greatful the country that i live in is paradise compared to these daily atrocities. I just hope the Mexican people can somehow turn this bullshit around...dont know how just hope they do because its depressing,my heart goes out to the innocents.

  8. Why the killing of immigrants from Central/South America? Were they "forced" to work for the cartels and in turn executed by their rivals? I know human trafficking is all about money and profits but why kill the poor and innocents trying to find a better life in a new land.
    I was an immigrant once - we escaped from Vietnam via the "Boat People" route in the early 80's but the only danger we faced was the ocean and Thai pirates.

    The cartels can do what ever they want in that lawless country called Mexico but please leave the innocents, women, children and hopeless immigrants trying for a better life . . .

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  10. Hello 7:39 PM on August 19.

    WE are with you in every way. We hope that your emotional message brings Healing to Mexico, your energy inspires us.

  11. Chivis Chivis, I like reading your news articles, and I also like the way you do your research, but sometimes you exaggerate to much, and sometimes the things you write are ridiculous.

    There is no way for anyone who doesn't work for the government to know how many people have died, and ex-peculating in not knowing the truth.

    This is ridiculous " REAL NUMBERS 100-200+ Thousand

  12. Honestly I think many more people need to die on this war on drugs, unfortunately Mexico doesn't have capital punishment.

  13. ive got 3 cousins 4 nieghbors all dissappeared before calderon took i consider them murderedand a countless friends of friends who have disappesred .i say they were murdered too. i wonder whn things will change here.


  14. Anonymous, Anonymous...jajaja

    That fair. But if you carefully read the entire article you will see ALL numbers were those from the government agencies.

    These are THERE published official numbers. I kept it conservatively as I knew those out of Mexico would need to see a break down of numbers because unless you know what is truly happening it is hard to believe.

    Molloys figures are on the official websites, if you care look them up, also the 50K Missing is an official number, it is actually higher now, it is apx 10k per year. the 25K in clandestine graves IS also Government numbers.

    add them up...Paz, Chivis

    1. Chivis, some day you'll be rewarded for your work. Integrity is dying in the world but you have it friend

  15. Well written, nice job. I can`t belive how big those numbers are, 25K here and 50K there, 200K dead, its unbelivebal but I belive it. Here we have 0,7 murders a year. On average, 0,7 people are killed every year so we have no idea how bad it can be, one murder makes everyone notice it and you guys have hundreds of thousands.

  16. in all the world..BB is the ONLY english language news source that concentrates on the tragic events in Mexico

    99% of Americans have no idea what is going on with our neighbor Mexico

    we are force fed IRAN ,SYRIA,ISRAILL...24/7..

    just imagine how it would be if the same attention was paid to Mexico...why is Mexico ignored?

    who controls the American media?.....what is their agenda?...

    1. MSM is clearly controlled by the zionist. The news is concentrating only on the middle east for the sake of Israel. USA is the puppet to Israel and Mexico is nothing but a profit to the USA.

  17. For those who see this as hard to get your mind around, wait until it's in full swing on our side of the U.S./Mex. Border. We are slowly boiling the frog up here. Corruption in government is getting worse and they will not stop it. Why do you suppose they refuse to close the border? To much money being made by government officials. We are becoming a third world nation like the others. Legalizing will not stop it will only increase quantity and competition. With increased access they will increase supply and potency. Example bath salts and K12. Our people have become morally and culturaly corrupt. This is coming to a town near you. So lets let the goverment take our weapons so we can't hurt ourselves and enjoy the drugs.

  18. "I help those who help themselves" you say?

    I'm not sure how to apply that in practice.

    How many hard working people in Mexico don't get paid very well and so they are forced to take on other work to try to make ends meet and so we're talking about a daily life of slavery if it means working up to 16 hours a day and nothing to look forward to tomorrow if it means another long seemingly never work day. So how does your slogan "I help those who help themselves" apply here? IN WHICH WAY DO YOU HELP? and how many do you help? I DON'T GET WHAT YOU MEAN, ¿do you?

  19. Great article and great work Chivis! You are to be commended.

    4:38 AM - I totally agree. It's a question that mystifies me too. If I talk to people about what going on in Mexico, they look at me like I'm some crazy conspiracy theorist instead like we are talking about real news. I don't get it either. Where is the coverage in the MSM?

  20. “Messican math"

    Hahahaa! So true!

    Que: Cuantos cuerpos?
    Ans: Pues, quien sabe, unos diez o viente. Por ay...

    Gotta love their food, but Mexicans and math is like pickles and salsa, lol.

  21. I wonder why Borderland Beat can not take criticism?

    You people don't always post my comments, I don't use profanity or insults but when I send a negative comment about your news articles you don't post the comment.

  22. Chivis, misinformation is not the truth.

    go to molloy's article and follow links to agencies.

    the government came out with the fosas number within the last 90 days look in Mexican news source, if I have time later I will search I will be gone all day. The 50K missing migrants in the number given by mex government based on 10K per year.

    You can bury your head in the sand and do nothing, but you could not possibly be in Mexico and think these numbers are off. If you do not respect my work, they surely you must respect Molloys...and that is almost double the official government number. You are not gettting how Mexico operates, I tried to explain and lay it out, take it or leave it does not matter, I will continue writing about Mexico an its truth.....Paz, Chivis

    PS...We can not possibly post all the comments...they are increasing in huge numbers. SOmetimes it has nothing to do with what you say or how you say it.

    Posted on this page:

    We do not publish all comments, and we do not publish comments immediately. View policy on comments for more information.

    BUT>>>so many vile, racist, sexist, personal attacking comments, it is getting out of hand. Say what you want just don't MF, or C of F_ _
    etc every other word. Go to BDN for those comments. please. I was letting too many in and the Boss rec complaints, so I leave anything questionable for him, which is about half.....paz, chivis

  24. @August 19, 2012 8:55 PM
    August 20, 2012 6:15 AM
    August 20, 2012 6:36 AM
    August 20, 2012 9:00 AM

    i love it when people get it right...keep spreading the word...more people are catching on everyday

  25. another great article appeared today

    In part:
    The Government has the obligation to provide true figures. They never have. When they tried to count the number of children killed during the war, they then refused to give the number. We knew over the network for the rights of children in Mexico in October of last year that its accounting provided the figure of 1,400 children executed. They are tiny "collateral damage” hidden by the Government under the mat .

    Calderón prefers to hide thousands of deaths under the carpet. The US Defense Department said last March that the figure was 150,000 dead.

    Calderón prefers to hide thousands of deaths under the carpet. He thinks we will forget.
    He is mistaken.

    Every person, every human being, every woman, every man, every child, every elder, every mother, each parent; grandfather or brother, uncle, nephew, friend, known, neighbor... have full name.

    And someday them they will be counted one by one, although we take years, decades...

    The Government does not want to talk about another reality: those displaced by the violence. Entire villages have been emptied. .

    In November of last year we learned that 1 million 600 thousand people left their homes in Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Durango, Baja California, new León, Michoacán, Guerrero and Veracruz, according to a study of Fidel Lopez Garcia, academic of the Instituto Jose Maria Luis Mora and consultant to the United Nations for displaced people.

  26. The US defence dept told who??? Not the media not the newspapers. I didn't get a phone call it top secret? Maybe a conspiracy?I live in ny and I read the ny times,bloomberg , I watch o'reilly ,CNN,BBC, and one of my favorites bb. And i dont hear anyone reporting numbers like I agree with you chivis that the numbers are probably a lot higher if you include the missing persons.but If the US defense dept. Was reporting this, why hasn't the media picked up on it???

  27. chivis before i found this blog i did all my own searching for narco news and sometimes it was hard to find accurate info. then one day i found BDN and i thought "this has everything i searched for on my own x10". not long after i found BB and it was easy to leave BDN due to the lack of anything intelligent being said in comments.
    I have been happy here ever since.

    on the us side we still have rule of law and just one little phone call gets law enforcement rolling in the direction of criminals. please join the cell phone movement and report, report, report. do not give the vermin a place to hide or rest.

    with tons of respect thank you Borderlandbeat thank you admins. a special thanks to chivis and especially Buggs.

  28. To 3:51...thank you ery much.

    To 3:40...It was big in the news for two days and then like everything else,,,POOF>>]

    Specifically, it was US Sec of Defense Leon Panetta that issued the 150K figure. FOr anyone closely watching what agencies say on both sides the border it is frustrating the attention span is to these things. 150K that number should have caused a sensation. It fizzled i a couple of days. No one seems to grasp the issue. That was mar or april in this year...

    It would seem no one has a calulator nor pays attention to what other agencies report...Paz, Chivis

  29. @3:51 "cell phone movement and report" report too whom? the local police have high tailed it dude, there's nobody to pick up the phone.If somebody does it may well be a cartel member!! what do you do when something like this happens? honestly what? You dont know who is who in Mexico.

  30. PS..I did not factor in the 150 of panetta. in fact I did not even think about it. he has he got it from Mexico BTW..

    I just included the extraction of the news article of today which spoke about Panetta's remark as an example of what Mexican press is writing in many publications for the past couple of weeks.

  31. to august 713 pm. i will be more clear . the cell phone movement is only for the USA side that still has rule of law. little phone calls are busting criminal enterprises all over.
    Mexico, Mexico will need something much more than calling corrupt police. what will be the spark that starts the fire? Until they stand up for themselves this will continue unabated.

  32. to August 19, 2012 7:07 PM

    It seems so obvious but it's the dead honest truth. It's like the elephant in the room that everyone wants to ignore.

  33. Molly's number gives me an average anual rate of less than 16 homicides X 100,000 people for a nation of 115 million people (acording to UN, and CIA_Factbook).... Most nations in L.A. including Puerto Rico(US) have great rates of homicides, and for the same reason - drug/organized crimen.

  34. chivis, i do believe your heart is in the right place, and you care about the people in mexico. In a world that is self-serving, hateful, and destructive,, it's inspiring to me that their are people out in the world that care about others instead of their own personal agenda. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

    ...And to "brito", I like the way you think about the "ZIONISTS" AND you can read about them in the bible, ....REv 2:9 and i know the blasphemy of them which say they are JEWS AND ARE NOT, BUT ARE OF THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN..JESUS CALLED THEM THE "TARES" "BAD WHEAT" IN the new testament..

    ....PEOPLE HERE IN THE U.S. LIVE IN A FAIRY-TALE WORLD, wanting to believe the ZIONISTS LIES, MY COUNTLESS conversations about 401Ks and retirement. The US AND THE WORLD IS RUINED, AND still, people still want to believe in fairy-tales....if and when the ZIONISTS DECIDE TO PULL THE PLUG, WE ARE ALL SCREWED, AND STILL, people just don't get it!!!! some people have no eyes to see and ears to hear. the evidence is in our face, and it's no wonder why the ZIONISTS CALL US SPEEPLE!!!!

  35. I also believe the numbers of dead and missing are greatly higher.The government does not know how many this"war"has claimed,it cannot know for sure.But,the number of 50.000 is grossly underestimated.I think it could be as high as 200.000.And for anyone blaming Calderon for this"war"is being pedantic.We all know its being going on for a lot longer.Calderon had the balls to say enough is enough.And look,he is criticized for trying to bring order out of chaos?What is the alternative?

  36. All those dead people for nothing.Now they are a picture on the web.And for what?Some motherfuckers seein how tough they are?Can you kill someone,chop someone up?Sometimes used as training?What the fuck does that mean?How fucked up is that.Practice beheadin some one,to see if you got the balls and stomach to do it?But all these were some ones relative.Thats why i hope Lazca ends up in his own video,getting beheaded,or chopped up.But,it wont happen,cause you can run around killin 1000s and aint shit gonna happen to you in Mexico if you got the power and money.God aint gonna do shit,cause there aint no such thing as god,just mans law,and if you live somewhere where law aint enforced like Mexico.Look what happens,here is the proof of what we can still do to each other when there are no repercussions for your actions and deeds.This is why we need law and order in our countries.Quite simple really aint it.

  37. ...Satan controls the politicians, the politicians control the LAWS IN WHAT=EVER COUNTRY...

    ...Jesus said, i change not one "jot" of the law, but, He came to full-fill the law...

    ...Gods law. execution for a pre-meditated murderer. That's Gods law, and it's the citizens fault for not voting in God law abiding politicans who will enforce these laws, and to find ones who will follow Gods law, well!! that's another story!!!...

    ....If you read in the old-testament that execution existed for murderers, rapist and the like, we would not have the mentality that its okay to PREMEDITATE MURDER PEOPLE. Killing to protect your self, family, property, country is one thing, but, PRE-MEDITIATED MURDER IS ANOTHER!!!

  38. "Killing to protect your self, family, property, country is one thing, but, PRE-MEDITIATED MURDER IS ANOTHER"
    Your statement makes no sense at all.Is there a slide rule of murder and punishment.Im sorry,but to believe in"gods law"is beyond ridiculous.
    Nearly every race on this planet has differing versions of their own imaginary god.Human beings are obviously susceptible to a certain spirituality,which in itself isn't bad.But,believing in some sort of court of afterlife where all your sins will be expunged or punished,really is wish-full thinking.This life is the most basic and and in your face proof that there is no god in whatever form.
    This story right here is another instance,starving babies is the ultimate proof.
    Oh i know,god has taken them because they are innocent?That makes sense..Because we don't vote in god fearing politicians we have this mess?I beg to differ,religion causes the most heinous chapters in our times and history.And it is still going on in 2012?Human nature is our problem,face it,it is our nature.That is why we need law and order,it needs to be imposed and enforced.Without order and consequences we would all be running around killing the person who annoys us,god does not enforce,humans do.

  39. Thanks for taking time in clarify things '11:36 PM (August 20)', I understand now. I also appreciate your calm and kind delivery in communicating.

    Have a great day!!

  40. You people want to talk about honesty, watch this video and you tell me if the U.S police department is honest about crime statistics.

  41. "You people want to talk about honesty, watch this video and you tell me if the U.S police department is honest about crime statistics"
    Are you for real?Who said they were honest?
    Man,the nonces you get on here.


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