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Monday, August 20, 2012

Ghosts from the Past

By ACI for Borderland Beat
Jorge Miguel Aldana Ibarra, a man who is currently wanted by the DEA for his alleged participation in the torture and murder of Kiki Camarena is a free man in Mexico. Aldana Ibarra was linked to the crime by several witnesses that were also convicted in Kiki's death. But before we reveal what he has been up recently, a little history.

The story of Kiki Camarena has been told many times. It has been regarded as a major escalation in the war on drugs.
This is an excerpt from a piece I wrote some time ago that gives some background on Kiki.
Enrique Camarena, an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency began working in Guadalajara in 1981. His goal was to find out how powerful the Guadalajara Cartel had become. At the time he was only one of a handful of agents working within Mexico. He spent years infiltrating the Guadalajara Cartel for the DEA and had built close ties to El Padrino. Everything was going according to plan until the betrayal.
Miguel reacted and had Enrique kidnapped, tortured then killed, to serve as a warning to any who might want to disrupt cartel business. The blow back was historic; the United States began the largest murder investigation in its history. It did not take long before Miguel was identified as a target of interest. The United States put an enormous amount of pressure on the Mexican Government to apprehend Miguel. It would take the authorities 5 more years before they would be able to secure his arrest in 1989.
While this tells of how Kiki betrayed the powers that be, there is much more to this story. BB has received numerous documents detailing the kidnapping and torture of Kiki. The people who were present might surprise most who are not familiar with the story. One of those involved was Jorge Miguel Aldana Ibarra.

Jorge Miguel Aldana Ibarra has a long history with drug traffickers, dating all the way back to the Guadalajara Cartel. He once held the coveted position as the head of INTERPOL in Mexico. He led the greatly promoted “Operation Pacific,” which targeted 114 gangs and six thousand suspects. Authorities seized over 11 tons of narcotics and an arsenal of thousands of high-powered weapons. It was promoted as one of the greatest blows against organized crime at the time. He was thought to be incorruptible; it’s amazing how wrong this assumption was.

This is an actual memo by Special Agent Arthur Werge detailing the kidnapping, torture and murder of Kiki:
On September 9, 1992, (XXXXXXX) provided the following information:
The DEA agent Camarena, was kidnapped for his relationship with Sarah Cossio, a mistress of Rafael Caro Quintero, with the initial intention simply to "heat him up" and teach him a lesson. Camarena was, indeed, severely beaten and tortured. As a result, Javier Garcia, also known as the little chief, gave the order to kill him. Camarena was taken in a gray van to the ranch of Emilio Caro Quintero, current located on the grounds of La Primavera, where he was buried in one of the animal pens on the ranch. The special pen was on the left side of the entrance to the ranch. He was buried there by RAMON COSSIO OF MORA, "El Guero" Velasco, and (first name unknown) RIVERA RODRIGUEZ. After he was buried alive in Caro Emilio's ranch Quintero, the body was moved to another ranch, El Mareno, a helicopter owned by the Attorney General transported the body. All recordings of the interrogation and torture of Camarena were recorded by MAGDALENA SANTILLAN. Statements were given to Miguel Aldana Ibarra. According to source, NDP Alcaraz, a Mexican man who runs gambling operations in Guadalajara, Mexico has the actual possession of these recordings.(XXXXXXXXXXXXXX) AVW: bbb
In March 1985 Newsweek accused Jorge Miguel Aldana Ibarra, then director of Interpol-Mexico, of protecting a Honduran drug trafficker who was being pursued for Camarena’s death. Aldana Ibarra is said to have delayed his detention while the man stayed in a hotel in Mexico City. The PRG also reported that Aldana Ibarra protected Caro Quintero, Jaime Figueroa Soto and other traffickers. They also reported that Aldana Ibarra was there during a meeting of both government and cartel heavy hitters who were discussing options for dealing with the DEA. It was at this meeting which they decided that they had to send the DEA a message.
What make this even worse is that there have been several claims that he was an actual participant in Kiki's death. He has been charged with this offense in the United States. There have been several witness accounts which not only implicate Aldana Ibarra in covering up the torture and killing but also place him at the scene, some going as far as to say he participated in the torture.

He was arrested in Mexico in 1990 at his home in Cuernavaca, 51 miles southeast of Mexico City. Agents confiscated 2.2 pounds of pure cocaine, six automatic rifles and several rounds of ammunition. His extradition to the United States never happened. He was later released and has been walking around Mexico a free man, our source claims he is untouchable.

The indictment of both Aldana Ibarra and his cousin Ibarra Herrera caused quite a strain on US Mexican relations. There was an enormous amount of pressure from the United States to extradite these people. It seems however that wasn’t enough; neither lives in fear of extradition to the United States. Mexican authorities have even released a statement saying that they will not pursue criminal charges against the two.

The crimes he is charged with in the United States are as follows:
· Violent Crimes in Aid of Racketeering
· Conspiracy to Commit Violent Crimes in Aid of Racketeering
· Conspiracy To Kidnap a Federal Agent
· Kidnapping of a Federal Agent
· Felony Murder of a Federal Agent
· Aiding and Abetting
· Accessory After the Fact
Here is a link to his indictment:

Aldana Ibarra has been quite busy since becoming a free man. He has started his own law firm called Corporativo J.M. Aldana I & Asociados. It represents many people connected with organized crime. He also purchased the newspaper Excelsior which reportedly cost 150 million dollars to acquire.
As if to add insult to injury, Aldana Ibarra started a NGO named Confederación Nacional de Seguridad y Justicia (CONASEJU), or National Confederation of Security and Justice of Mexico. This organization has held several marches with the association of famed poet Javier Sicily. Aldana Ibarra has also held many talks with government officials regarding the strategies of Garcia Luna and Calderon. This is quite striking considering he is wanted in the US for murder and kidnapping.

And for those who may think Aldana Ibarra has changed his life for the better, he was recently involved in a violent incident in 2011 while at a strip club. Armed men burst through the front door assaulting many patrons. He and his son were both injured and the culprits were arrested.

The DEA has been notified of his home address, personal telephone numbers as well as the vehicles he drives, their license plates numbers and the names of his security team.  There is even information on the guns they use, which are illegal I might add.

The DEA upon being notified of this information responded to this new information saying, “He is untouchable for reasons which cannot be discussed.” They would not elaborate further on this.

What chance is there for Mexico when people like Aldana Ibarra are allowed to not only walk free, but to play the role of savior and defender of innocents? We cannot verify why law enforcement are unable to act on the information presented.  It is clear however from the information we have received that there is great reluctance on the part of the DEA to pursue the information further. We leave the rest up to speculation.    


  1. If I were DEA, and instructed not to go after this person I would exit the dirty place that is called MEXICO... seek other employment....why risk your life for an agency/government that doesn't care or you.

    1. Dirty place?? Have you ever been to NYC? South side Chicago? Detroit? Philly? Watts? Compton? Does it make u feel like a beter man when u talk down to another country u probably have never set foot on? You sound naïve and ignorant my friend.

  2. Law enforcement is only understood in terms of who they work for in Mexico

    Your articles are usually better ACI but what a mess this one is. What is really obnoxious is all the talk about the "anonymous source". Sounds like it was made up. You should have worked on this a little longer. I mean after all what is the rush?

  3. que se pudra a la verga camarena el era un corrupto , me pela la verga mis repetos para el señor caro quintero... i know where you all are going with your coments but he couldnt afford a 5 million dollar manssion here in rio grande valley with a cop salary btw quintero had a house heree too in sharyland :). -rojito vallejo

  4. things like this make feel that there are more important things on the table then going after chapo guzman.


  5. I don't think adding Ibarra's addresses and other personal information would have helped the story, besides its not my place. As I stated all the information provided to us was also provided to the DEA, also not quite sure how to proove an anonymous source without compromising the source. I am however open to suggestion as long as the source remains anonymous. As always you can email me at, toodles

  6. Exactly a chingar con ese pendejo ya son ano's y toda via con eso a que precuparce de lo que esta pasanda en esto's momentos nomas porque era dea no viera aprobechado metiendose la naris en donde no cupieras

  7. James Kuykendall wrote a great book detailing the Shit that went down with kiki. el Plato el plumo.
    Brown beaver

  8. Another killer on the Lose..>•<!

  9. It scares me to think that we have to break the law in an effort for the law to serve its usefull purpose of protecting its citizens. When compromise becomes more powerful than the law itself, it's time to re-examine our strategy against the war on drugs.

  10. after reading this article certain things dont make sense perp that kiled kiki is wanted by usa as is illustrated in the article the other part he is loose in mexico am i the only 1 not understanding this

  11. I am surprised that there is not at least one DEA agent who would take this matter into his or her own hands....

  12. @10:59 PM and @ mexico-you can take your soberania and shove it up your ass.

    @ACI Exactly what is your place?

  13. Well kiki was working with another cartel n that's why he got.killed. he worked for he us,as a dea agent but worked in Mexico for other people. This man is first time i heard his name but also i find interesting how he is related to kiki ,yet barely is unknown and when the us wants some one they get him specially a drug traffickers.but i find weird that the us simply abandoned the case. What if he was a threat to national security not because of what he did,does. But because of what he knows

  14. 8/21 11:10AM,
    perhaps the commentor was referring to the level of corruption found in the top tiers of the Mexican gov't...when they used the word "dirty." Meaning everybody in Mexico knows Aldana-Ibarra is "dirty" corrupt and up to no good yet he is a "freeman!" Despite the fact he is wanted in the US, and lives a lavish lifestyle (wealthy) in Mexico! Try not to take some words, so friend. But there are parts of Mexico that are absolutely dirty..littered with trash.

  15. i do know some dea that is really angered in regards to kikis death but too bad he has no back up

  16. Nice work ACI. As usual. And using information sources that are available to everyone.

  17. Government should just make an undercover mission to kill him. Eye for an eye.

  18. DEA cooperates with the Mexicans which is evident in how it refuses to release the information as to why he is untouchable ... both sides are equally corrupt there is just more violence on the south side

  19. Javier Garcia Morales who gave the order to kill Camarena was assasinated one year ago today in Guadalajara. A relatively obscure but very significant person in this story.

  20. those claims were made by false "witnesses" who were hired and paid to slander the names of top mexican officials. the dea was angry that kiki who was corrupt, was killed and his so called killers would go unpunished so they went after everybody (even ruben zuno arce, who had been owner of 881 lope d vega where kiki was supposedly killed). had nothing to do with it but paid for it in a fl jail...aldana ibarra was a mousy pencil pusher who had to take caro fonseca and felix gallardos money or else he would be killed (busting el bufalo almost cost him his life, and felix paid 200 million pesos to get his out of the PGR and lured to GDL for an assassination). eventually aldana ibarra resigned and laid low as to not incur the wrath of the GDL cartel. he had nothing to do with kikis death. why no mention that kiki was "compadre" with caro quintero? he knew felix, fonseca, caro and salcido uzeta since like 1982... he took money from the GDL boys, demanded more, they told him he busted Zacatecas and El Bufalo...before trying to make a clean getaway back to S.D...but of course, he got whacked. "if you take money from us, why do u fuck us?" a voice was heard to say in the interrogation tapes (of course this was conveniently left out of the transcripts). get your facts straight people. Wait, no disregard everything I said... the DEA are squeaky clean "heroes".


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