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Friday, July 27, 2012

Narcos Stealing Millions in Texas Oil Field Equipment

Borderland Beat
Narcos buy or trade drugs for stolen oil field equipment  used to cap PEMEX pipelines, subsequently, trucking the PEMEX stolen oil back into the U.S. and selling it to American oil brokers....Chivis

KRGV - Investigators say Mexican cartels are stealing millions of dollars in equipment from oil companies along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Officials said the equipment is behind used to steal fuel from Mexico's state-owned oil company Pemex.
"The cartels (are) buying, or trading narcotics for stolen oil field equipment so they could put taps on Pemex's pipelines," said Midland County Chief Sheriff Deputy Ed Krevit.
Many of the thefts are happening at oil fields in the Permian Basin.
"There's more oil field theft in this area than any place I've ever worked," said Dustin Brown, with Savanna Drilling.
Krevit estimates that Pemex may be losing up to $350 million a year from illegal taps on their pipelines.
He said cartels often truck the oil back to the U.S. where they sell it to oil brokers.
"Some of the cartels have been shouldered out of their traditional smuggling paths, so they've had to turn to other ways of generating revenue," Krevit said.
The cartels use the money to buy weapons and ammunition, he said.
"If they are doing it in West Texas, they're doing it in South Texas," said Phil Jordan, former DEA supervisor.
Jordan said there is intelligence that cartels are stealing equipment in South Texas.
More than a dozen companies drilled more than 3,000 wells in South Texas last year.
"If I'm losing equipment, losing parts, losing pieces, it's passed on to the operator and the operator has to pass it on to the consumer," Brown said.
Task force investigators said they are trying to stop the cartels in their tracks. They will start training law enforcement to spot oil field thefts.


  1. Look shit really going to hit the Fan in REYNOSA Tamps... There is Confirmed Z in this area..they are beieng let in by current X-20... This is not goin to set good with the faction allianed with Coss..CDS...they w9ill come in an clean this prepare for WAR!!!


    1. Is this the same x20 thT made a video cussing out the zetas and decapitating one its still on YouTube they were sayin y arriba el golfo

  2. That just shows u that Mexico will regain Texas back el chapo and the zetas will own it pretty soon I wish that they would join and kick USA's ass lmol!!!!

    1. Stop smoking that stuff. Chapo and Zetas with the assistance of the Mexican Government couldn't take Texas. Here in Texas we have the right toccarry guns and those ignorant dumb ass know it. Texans are not coward who hide in a nut shell . Just remember the Alamo... lol..

  3. Believe me they're not doing this in South Texas

  4. In case you have not noticed,Texas is crawling with law enforcement people,fueled by Fed grans city,county and State officers have every BS gimmic from armored personell carriers,Fll night vision,boats,dwi command vehicles(intoxilizers on wheels) you name it SO. Point is Oilfield security is a no brainer kick the hell out of the Mexican bandits,send a message.

  5. Oil companies have been stealing billions from America for years. Like Robin Hood Mexicans are taking it back. Cuz they can. Cuz Texas law enforcement sure do love drugs, like all Americans. This is actually funny.

  6. Sounds more like Mexicans are stealing from Mexicans and Americans are benefitting from it. What else is new.

  7. No they're stealing from companies that jus happen to do work in Texas.... using that equipment to give Texas a hook up on some oil....

  8. I'm from south texas and I don't give a shit :)

  9. Hey idiots, these are the same people responsible for all the atrocities going on in Mexico right now... Mr I live in South Texas and I don't give a shit, when it is your headless corpse they find I hope others give a shit... Fucktard...

  10. Yea I'm from ST as well.! The day these leaders Of the cartel clubs come out, nOthing will be done. Either it's a war or just a game to get attention something needs to change. If you gonna push shit push it and quit it with the ect. It's stupid as fuck and cheerleaders suck get over it your words online are like saying everything you hear or see online is real.

    1. I guarantee you with the exception of maybe a few actual narcos who post here, those who cheer lead for their favorite 'team' only do so because they are so far away from the war, so they have the leeway to fantasize about how badass they think they are. Even with a loaded weapon in their hand, I would bet most would be meek as mice if they got within smelling distance of an actual combatant's cologne.

  11. I knew it there just turning in that movie
    Mad Max just smuggler's killing eachother for

  12. Fuck these narco terrorist stealing from
    America.that just show you how CARTELS

    I heard same thing hermano,but say it and you get bitches talkin shit.I dont give a fuck for none of these scrubs,just postin things bein said.But bitches get hyped up and shout cheerleader an all that sad shit.
    July 29, 2012 1:59 AM .Vato took over from m3 is
    Mario Treviño,El X-20 and Pelón,and everyone knows.Been in charge of Reynosa since then,but some on here know more than all of us,and wont or cant say more,cant blame them,it can get people killed.Loose lips an all that.
    AMIGO DEL AMIGO,you believe that this is bein let happen,and they already talked to each other.Some of these dudes got to be huntin El diablo and whoever else they can touch.

  14. As soon as it starts costing the U.S $money$ they gon get involved and say they have to get involved because of all the innocent people being killed by ruthless cartels while the real reason is trying to control Mexicos oil. But hey better late than never, Que no?

  15. I work in the oilfield, I haven't seen or heard of these thefts happening. Not like they are mentioning it on here like it's all the time and all over the place. And my position is in safety and security!

  16. They have guns in Mexico too.
    July 31, 2012 9:04 PM

    But remember, unlike the regular Mexican citizens we will shoot back if it comes to that. We did it once and will do it again.

  17. How about Dale Fisher of Big Lake, Texas that has been stealing oil from other companies ever since he was released from prison back in the early 80's. Everyone knows that he has been stealing oil all over West Texas and he continues to get away with it. His neighbor is a vetran of the Sheriff's department and he takes up for him. Good Luck Dale Fisher, I hope you go to prison some day. You are more deserving than anyone to get to live the rest of your life in prison from stealing oil. I hope someone takes you down for what you have done to others. You are a crook and people have seen you take oil from other companies' tank batteries and move the oil to you and your partner's. I hope you get what you deserve and the sooner the better. WATCH OUT FOR THE BIGGEST THEIF IN WEST TEXAS AND DON'T FORGET HIS NAME, DALE FISHER AND HE IS FROM BIG LAKE, TEXAS. IF YOU HAVE HAD OIL MISSING FROM ONE OF YOUR BATTERIES IN THE WEST TEXAS AREA, THIS GUY COULD BE THE ONE THAT HAULED IT OFF TO HIS OWN. HE IS A PROFESSIONAL AT IT AND HE HAS PEOPLE TO DO HIS DIRTY WORK AT NIGHT.

  18. you come into the US and pull this bullsh-t, we hunt you down like Hussien and bin Laden, and then you have to run like cowards the rest of your life, then we find you, then you die. God bless America!


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