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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Los Zetas to Priest: "So You Don't Think We Can Kill you"?

Borderland Beat
“They thought that they were going to find information that will demolish my moral authority, but they will not find anything else than the word of Jesus. Hope it is useful”….Stated  by Fr. Solalinde after Zetas stole his laptop
o  Zetas prefer that the shelter of Ixtepec stay open
o  PRI Government spread negative images of Central Americans, he points out.
o  He insists that he will not accept a bureaucratic position in the Church
Ixtepec, Oaxaca  “Two members of the Zeta Cartel told me here, inside the shelter: “Do you think that we cannot kill you? We don’t do it because if we do, the shelter will close and then the migrants will go to other places, we will have to look for them everywhere!  We prefer that they stay here” the catholic  priest Alejandro Solalinde Guerra, stated in an interview. Solalinde is responsible for  the shelter Hermanos Del Camino.
“It is different here than in Lecheria (passing point of immigrants in the state of Mexico). One of those responsible for causing us many problems is drug traffickers. We are not perusing them, because we are not police. I am not a policeman; I wasn’t placed here to chase drug traffickers. But, they are the ones that harm the immigrants  and I have had to intervene,” he adds.
The criminalization against the migrants has been very high. However, one positive change is the PRD town city council has changed their attitude.
He notes that the PRI government, spread in the media a very bad image of the immigrants.   Central Americans that are passing by the shelter, are targeted by the government and organized crime groups.

His computer was stolen
After travelling through Europe for about a month he returned  to Mexico,  after receiving 6 death threats on June 9th.  The priest is  the coordinator of the Human Mobility of Social Pastoral of the diocese of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca and founder of the migrants shelter Hermanos Del Camino. He returned to Ixtepec,  Mexico on July 12th, to continue with the defense of the Immigrants.
The day that he returned to that municipality of Oaxaca, as signal of the territory that he is stepping on and despite that being safeguarded by police, his laptop computer was stolen.
“They thought that they were going to find information that will demolish my moral authority, but they will not find anything else than letter of Jesus. Hope it is useful”, Solalinde Guerra highlights. He mentions that the most confidential and critical information is on 60 notebooks that are in a safe place in Mexico City.
The generalized opinion between the people of Ixtepec about Priest Alejandro Solalinde is positive, although some of them don’t know much about his work or know the shelter. He is only questioned about the fact he doesn’t officiate mass.
He will leave the coordination of the pastoral of the diocese of Tehuantepec. Regarding that, he points out that he will not accept any bureaucratic or office position, instead he will continue with his mission, which is  greater dignity for migrants.
He explains that security protocol of the shelter was designed by the United Nations Organization and that he as well as the members of his work team count with precautionary measures.
There are guards with assault rifles are inside and out of the shelter. There is a perimeter wall build with church resources and surveillance cameras. We are still working with the illumination of the train tracks knows as La Bestia (the beast).
“I opened this shelter as a space for freedom. It is no use to just turn it into a plain kitchen. They should have their house here, the house of the migrants, but the security is necessary for now, because if not the maras, zetas or whomever would get in and we wouldn’t be able to control that if it is not coordinated with the authorities”, he expose.
He assures that the behavior of the migrants in the shelter is good; they participate in the cleaning chores and cook, some of them clean the train tracks, others participate in the construction of the walls and dormitories. A female group attends the train arrival.
                               Atop "The Beast"El Norte bound  in search of the American Dream (Source Bartlett)
Going home: depleted resources, 3 Guatemalan brothers give up after being dumped by the US
 at the Mexican POE, for the 3rd time, they decide to go home (source:Chivis-Borderland Beat)
They, he continues, register the people that will stay in the shelter in a data base with photographs, to have a record of the people that pass by. That is how is done in the other shelters in the route north of Mexico. Women separate from men; some that are pregnant decide to stay until the give birth.
The joy of not being "essential"
I am intransigent (inflexible) so the police respect the migrants. But it is also true that we are still in danger; for that reason we need the police. I would say that our shelter is safer today because it is the only place where the police can socialize (with migrants) and become  aware of the situation, Solalinde says.

After being in Europe, I realized that I needed to rest. My nerves were destroyed. I rested, praying comforted me. It is very hard, it is the cross that I have to carry, but there is no Jesus without the cross, he shares.
While I was out, the shelter functioned well. The volunteer team and Medicos sin Fronteras (Doctors with no borders) took charge. That is when I realize that I am not essential and that gave me joy, he concluded.

Source: La Jornada

Two videos below depict the journey of the Central American economic migrant.  In the moving top video I was struck by "Frank", a bit cocky initially, but he melts by emotion when describing the journey migrants make, "porque es duro, es duro" (its hard) says Frank, as he dissolves into tears....Paz, Chivis



  1. It's a thin line between having balls and having faith.

  2. The USA (until Obama) was the bastion of freedom and hope around the world. It became that way because men were willing to fight and die to free oppressed people around the world. Not to conquer but to fight dictators and despotism. Now these so called migrants want to come to the US (illegally) and bring their 3 rd world lifestyle with them. They do not want to assimilate or become a part of the US but be whatever they were and where'ver they came from here.

    They won't fight for their freedom but hide in the kitchen of those who do fight and die. They must return home and change the destiny of their homelands. This is the home of the free and the brave, no room for cowards here. The padre needs to tell them to go home. The journey is frought with evil and dangerous men. He is facilitating their demise.

    1. So your saying we were a bastion of freedom and hope under bush? Tell that to the Iraqis of afghans Lol

    2. They won't fight for their freedom. Let me ask you: Have you fight for Our Freedom? I have! Judge yourself before you judge the other people.

  3. Zetas that threat a man of God now that's what I call a tough Guy but in the eyes of the lord ill pray for your poor souls that he don't show you no mercy

  4. The Zetas are the Devils Spawn...

    and sacrifice them brutality to sun gods?
    AS A SWEATER. Don't get me started on El Chapo He's a Satanic Idol
    Like mal Verde and Santisima muerte cult no one. Safe in Mexico
    When you got satanic murders walking the streets.

  6. @8:58 who's cool aid are you drinking? Fighting for freedom? Last time I checked we went into iraq for other reasons than freedom. By the way, central america wouldn't be such a mess if it wasn't for american interest intervening with its affairs. Have you heard of school of the americas?

  7. To 1:15 am.

    Iraq is free of Sadam Hussein today because of us. Better off than before. And the war was fought to deny terrorists a base to operate and fly passenger planes into our cities. Central america mexico and south america are in the state they are in because of unchecked and rampant corruption that only the citizens of those countries can fix, not the USA.

    1. I want what this guy is on. Ignorance is bliss.

  8. july 28, 2012 5:26pm

    "They won't fight for their freedom but hide in the kitchen of those who do fight and die. They must return home and change the destiny of their homelands. This is the home of the free and the brave, no room for cowards here." big talk from a man that posts anonymously! jajajajaja

  9. "Iraq is free of Sadam Hissein today because of us".. US sounds like a lot of people to me, if ur not in the army, marines or navy u should say US... Don't take credit for something u didn't do... People who actually went to fight deserve the credit... The only reason they went to Iraq in the first place was cause papa Bush was s bitch and couldn't finish the job... So he puppetier his baby boy to do it.. thaat war was a waste of TAX PAYERS MONEYS and not to mention all the soldiers killed for one thing OIL.. IRAQ had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks... And jackass Mexico is north America... Iraq wasn't fought for freedom , that was just propaganda to have everybody inlist... Iraq and Afghanistan are still the same messed up countries they were before/after the deaths of Hussein and Osama.. I bet ur some country boy with a lot of Coors Light in ur system, rocking a conferate flag?

  10. BB admins not sure where to put this but here is
    an anti gun state story and probable police corruption. let us the citizens be responsible for our own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
    Kidnapping victim found tied up in NYPD detective's garage, sources say
    By Shimon Prokupecz and Gus Rosendale,

    NEW YORK -- An NYPD detective has been suspended without pay after a kidnapping victim was found tied up in his Queens garage, sources tell NBC 4 New York.

    Sources say Ondre Johnson, a 17-year veteran of the Brooklyn North gang unit, was being questioned by internal affairs about his involvement in the kidnapping of a 25-year-old victim off the street early Friday morning.

    Sources say a demand for a $75,000 ransom was made.

    Police tracked the victim to the house in St. Albans off the victim's cell phone pings.

    1. Suspended without pay? Are u kidding me thats it. Don't u think he should b arrested

  11. The U.S. has very different policies at home and abroad this goes back to Vietnam it's nothing new

  12. saddam did not fly our planes into our towers. we went to iraq bc of its rich mass oil supply. not freedom for USA.

  13. "Iraq is free of Sadam Hussein today because of us. Better off than before. And the war was fought to deny terrorists a base to operate and fly passenger planes into our cities. Central america mexico and south america are in the state they are in because of unchecked and rampant corruption that only the citizens of those countries can fix, not the USA."

    I used to work with Iraqi refugees. Iraq is now a hell hole of ethnic cleansing and misery. Turn off idiotic FOX news and pull your head out of your ass.

  14. Right wing idiots and their robotically spoken talking points.

  15. Well, hell hasnt break loose just yet.

  16. Supposably, the u.s. Is scare that Z will actually overthrow the MEX govt.

  17. To the idiot blaming school of Americas for Latin America, you are an idiot drinking the koolaid. I worked sog soa early 90 and all it was doctrine. It is the same greedy lazy bastards within these countries That doom themselves not the US. Go hug obama and lick his balls but shut the fuck up if you don't know anything about what it takes to give you the freedom to post anything you wish.

  18. 911 was an inside job. Follow the money. The man who rented the two towers for 15 million dollars was paid 4 billion in insurance when they rigged in a controlled collapse.

    Look at footage of the buildings collapsing and you will see systematic explosions causing a controlled implosion. Before they fell a man came out of the BASEMENT and said there was an explosion in the basement and helped a man out. That same man "committed suicide".

    Iraq had nothing to do with it, but unfortunately for them, they had oil.

    Don't be so naive.

    1. My theory on September 11 2001 is this.
      Early 1990s Saddam invades Kuwait
      Usama bin laden asks his Saudi
      Prince brothers if he could send his
      Troops to take down Saddam
      but his Saudi brother said he
      Would rather ask the Americans/
      Bushes.Usama bin laden wasn't
      A happy camper.I think gorge bush
      Sienior knew that some pissed off
      Saudi would eventually attack
      America. Usama felt betrayed
      By the Saudi so for the next few
      Years he would plan his revenge.
      in 1996 Usama declare war on
      America. Who was president at that
      time you might ask Bill Clinton.
      But he was to busy bombing Bosnia
      I think bill knew Usama was planning an attack against us he was
      President he had to have known
      But did nothing I wonder why
      Was it because he wanted the next
      President to deal with it.
      I'm not saying 9.11.01 was an inside
      Job. because I wasn't there when it
      Happened. But what I'm saying is
      That it all seems to be planed. remember
      There just theories. GOD BLESS

  19. Nobody asked you to fight. That was your choice.

  20. The Lord God knows the name of every man who has chocen to become a Zeta - and every one who has committed a heinous crime. They will all be called to judgment for what they have done ... not a single soul will go unpunished.

  21. @July 29, 2012 11:32 AM

    You're right, I have Kurd friends from Irak and even they say everything was better when Saddam was in charge. And Saddam was not very nice to Kurdis.

  22. There is no God. This is a story made up to control populations through fear. The US has no business in any other country when it refuses to take care of its own people. The US is an empire and nothing less and it will also fall and the people will become slaves. Conservatism lead the way to this happening by shoving religion and legislated morality down the throats of all humans. I personally will be happy to see the US fall.

  23. In1970s Iraq the Land were a Dictator/Saddam was in charge
    Were sunis shias and Kurds don't like
    each other.Now today's IRAQ SUNIS

    1. Reagan White House Middle East Special Envoy. Donald Rumsfeld
      Shakes hands with Iraqi dictator
      Saddam Hussein. During his vist
      On December 19-20.1983.
      Rumsfeld would visit on March 24.1984.The day U.N. released a report Mustard Gas and Tabun nerve
      Gas had been used by Iraq against
      Iranian Troops.the NYTIMES Reported
      From Bagdhdad on March 29. 1984.
      AMERICAN Diplomats pronounce themselves satisfied with relations
      between Iraq and the united states
      And suggest that normal diplomatic
      ties have been restored in all but
      Name.- Al Quds God bless


  25. @7/29 2:52PM,
    Lol...your comment is the stupidest and most ridiculous thing I've read on here! 9/11 inside job? Yea, okay...use that peanut brain of yours...there would have to be literally hundreds of people in on it..the coordination and logistics would be impossible, beside the fact...the main perpertraitors would have to be willing to sacrifice their own lives, so some other dude could benefit from the money? Instead of following the money...try following common sense!

  26. Fighting for your country doesn't necessarily mean going to war. Helping out the poor man who lost his job. Helping the poor child that lost his parents. Being the difference and making in impact in your community is what counts. I'm not knocking the soldiers because I lost a great friend to war, and I really miss him, but how can we tell someone to go back to your country and figure it out? We have a obligation as humans to help others that are in need. We have all the politicians getting free living whe everyone else has to suffer. For people to say to go back to your country and figure it out is terrible! Instead why don't you help that man with 1 of the 50 shirts you own. Give him one of the 3 cars you own!

  27. According to some statements in this link Mexico is safe.

  28. I was in Idaho Falls yesterday and saw a guy with a dumb look on his face with a Santa Muerte T-shirt get into a car with a big sticker on the back that said "100% Michoacan." (with Idaho plates of course). The Cancer has spread.

    1. Excuse me but Santamuerte is its portrayed. It is a cult ,its complex to understand as i am a believer. But i always keep god in mind first, i do not do no satanic cult do not pray to thwart devil but ask my santa for protection n god for guidance. But since she is a.neutral power in earth, does not know good or bad. It is up to yoh how she is . YOU BELIEVE N DO BAD ,BAD WILL HAPPEN..YOU DO GOOD N BEHAVE GOOD TO OTHERS SHE WILL REWARD YOU WITH PIECE N KNOWLEDGE OF LIFE. HARD TO BELIEVE PEOPLE WILL SAY im crazy. Because it.does sound crazy but its reality.
      She is the realist thing in this world you a whole live ahead before she gets you .but to walk you for god to judge you . Hopefully this changes the view towards my santisima muerte. Like my father said
      I believe in her because i had n have a hard life. I live in the ghetto half my life n half in Mexico. Trust me shit here could get ur mind fucjked up .u think Mexico is bad ,well the ghettos in the us is the same basically as.Mexico or probably worst trust me. Living in 1 for 11 years I've been victimized since i was 11 lol in 22 now. I had to defend my self to prove i wasn't weak . Constantly jumped for being.Mexican. n now m grown over stupidity. N im going to become a law enforcement officer hopefully once i finish my associates degree in criminal justice.
      So maybe rethink,not everyone who embraces la santa muerte is a criminal .

    2. if your saying that La
      SANTA MUERTE is a criminal religion
      Your fucking retarded sure there are
      Some criminals that worship Her
      But look at what happens to them
      They die. Because they probably
      Did wrong and doing wrong only
      Gets you in to wrong situations I believe
      In God/Allah &La Santa muerte because
      In my opinion As a human we all must die/Death
      And when we do we our spirit will go
      On a journey to Return to God
      And on the journey I pray to La Santa Muerte to safeguard me from Evil
      Trying to entrap me on my journey to
      God. So your saying my religion
      Is a cancer.the way I see it gangs/Mafia
      are the Cancer.not my religion.
      Since you offended me on my religion
      Let me tell you about your religion
      You sound like a Jesus nut.the
      Christian religion is just about a
      A super natural Jewish man nailed to a cross. People to day ware a Jesus piece
      Around there necks. And not realize
      That they are warring a mini execution
      device.look at it this way if Jesus died
      By hanging then would people ware
      A lynched Jesus around there necks.
      I think we should remember how Jesus
      Lived not how he died. Because if
      we only remember how he died like
      Wareing a cross /execution device
      Then Jesus wouldn't have any peace.
      Don't get me wrong I love Jesus
      I just have a different view of him
      AL-Quds God bless.

  29. "and teach heartless fools to be more compasionate."

    Mexico. The dog with the dumb look that craps on your lawn and bites you when you try to feed it.

    Compassion is one thing. Taking an iona of responsibility to clean your own mess is another. Paz.

  30. People mistake helping economic migrants with the undocumented migrant issue. This is not about that, this is not a legal argument, this is an issue of humanity.

    I hope that a few of you will view one of the videos with an open mind and heart. The photo of the 3 brothers is mine taken at the Casa Migrante Shelter in Piedras. Yes I give supplies, and I also encourage their return to their country because of the danger. We offer to pay transportation, and did so for the brothers.

    One cannot dismiss humane responsibilty with the excuse of legality.

    I am a conservative, I feel the need to tighten our borders because of narcos, but as for economic migrants we are at a net zero. I am in favor of a temp worker program as we had in the 60s.

    All that said...this is about people being tortured, killed, extorted, kidnapped forced into slave labor into conducting work such as the sex industry.

    The CA migrants are hated in Mexico, and are prey for cartels. and the US dumps them at the Mexican POE knowing they are about to enter into a country in which they are also undocumented and in extreme danger...

    I know I am about to get criticized by some of you, and that is fine. I begin my work with migrants 2 years ago after the San Fernando slaughter of 72 migrants. I call it "Project 72"

    How anyone can see the photos of the slaughter and dsimiss it as just another issue about "illegals" is beyond me....Paz, Chivis

  31. Wow, that priest sure has guts! I admire him.

  32. Hi Chivis,

    Your photo of the 3 Guatemalan brothers has been haunting me. (One of the brothers resembles my father, so I guess the photo touched me on a deep level.) I'm happy to hear that they got transportation home. I would like to believe that they made it home safely.

    I think you are doing the right thing by helping the shelters and encouraging the migrants to return to their country. I agree with you about the temp worker program, but until it is safe and legal for migrants to cross, it is best that they stay home.

  33. "Constantly jumped for being.Mexican. n now m grown over stupidity. N im going to become a law enforcement officer hopefully once i finish my associates degree in criminal justice.
    So maybe rethink,not everyone who embraces la santa muerte is a criminal"
    Brother imma a white boy,and i hope you all the luck in the world.I dont believe in anything,i believe its all up to us as individuals. Anyway,i hope you have a long,safe happy life in your career.Saludos to you senore.
    Good luck man.

  34. @11:47 AM what a load of superstitious crap.

    1. What do you believe in
      probably nothing huh
      That's Your Right to believe in nothing
      just like how I have the right to believe in my God/superstition .now Im not
      Telling people that you have to
      Believe what I believe. Because
      You can believe what ever you want
      Actually I have a few Friends that
      worship Satan but that dosent mean
      I support Satanism.what I'm trying
      To say is its better to believe in
      Some thing
      Than To Believe in Nothing at all.
      God bless.AL-Quds


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