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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Homicides break out in Torreon as a result of capture

El 07-12-2012.

Torreon. The capture in Coahuila of Alberto Jose Gonzalez Xalate, "El Paisa", considered the Zetas' number three man,  has triggered a bloody dispute among criminals over the La Laguna zone, that has resulted in 61 executions during the first eleven days in July, and a total of 425 homicides so far this year, 2012, just in Torreon alone.

The 425 homicides reported in Torreon this year are more than the 362 deaths reported in 2010; last year the number reached 745 in this Laguna city. Meanwhile, this year in Gomez Palacio there have been 93 executions and in Lerdo, a total of 22; both are cities in Durango, located in the Comarca Lagunera (the Lagunera province).

The incident that apparently marked a watershed in the increase in violent deaths was the capture of "El Paisa" or "El Paisano", the leader of the Zetas who was in control of criminal activities in Coahuila and enjoyed an institutionalized protection network in all three levels of government.

The Federal Police detained Gonzalez Xalate on April 29 in Saltillo, when he was going into a movie theater, and his arrest triggered a series of shootouts that same day that left one dead and eight persons wounded.

According to the statistics, homicides related to organized crime peaked in May when 237 murders were reported, while during the first four months of the year, the number was 188.

The growing criminal activity is reflected in the 30 attacks against elements of the Torreon Municipal Public Safety agency that left six policemen and 19 aggressors dead.

This crime wave is manifesting itself despite the implementation of Operation Laguna Segura, a strategy whose strength was diminished by the deployment of military personnel to other areas of the country due to the federal elections.

El Paisa's capture was made possible after the federal government dismantled his institutional protection network, which had among its members the Coahuila Deputy Attorney General, Claudia Gonzalez; the former chief of State police, Manuel Cicero Salazar; a brother of the former state attorney general, Humberto Torres Charles, and several members of the military.

The dismantling of his network of collaborators and the subsequent arrest of El Paisa allowed the Pacific Cartel, led by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, and the Gulf cartel, led by Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sanchez, "El Coss," to increase pressure in this area of the country, in an alliance against the Zetas.

Ruben Moreira, Governor of Coahuila, mentions that these are the criminal groups fighting for control in Torreon and Saltillo: "The situation we have here is between two crime groups, the Zetas and the Pacifico. What we see in Saltillo is  a dispute between the Zetas and the Gulf (cartels)."

"Torreon is a great city," he adds, "it has a great deal of purchasing power, and thus attracts very good people, a lot of good people, but it also attracts criminals."

If the trend continues with respect to homicides, at the end of July the number will exceed the 113 crimes committed in June, the most violent month in the city's history.

Last Sunday afternoon, ten persons were murdered in this city, five were found dismembered and two were decapitated. The next day, in separate incidents, the city reported 13 violent homicides, including six in a mechanic's shop.

Laguneros feel threatened by the crime wave.

The wave of violence that has intensified during the last few days in Torreon has had an impact on the morale of the area residents, who are living with the fear that they will be targets for the criminal groups operating in the city. Antonio Gutierrez, president of Canaco-Torreon (a pro-business organization), said that the latest criminal incidents have not taken place in the Torreon downtown area, but even so, the effect is felt by the general population. Unlike last year, when the majority of the shootouts took place in the Central sector, today the focal points of the confrontations have been in the east and the southwest (parts of the city). These confrontations left 61 dead during the first 10 days in July.

"But this situation affects us all," he states, "for example, people are uneasy going out on the streets at night. Well, there are those that are afraid to go out even during the day, for example, to buy groceries, and they look for alternative ways to make purchases, such as using the Internet or sending another person. Clearly, the insecurity affects the area's development."

After pointing out that the Lagunera society has been affected by the increase in crime in Torreon, Cesar Villareal, President of the Citizen Council on Public Safety, says that the Operation Laguna Segura needs to be strengthened. He says that in order for the anti-crime strategy to develop well, it needs a sufficient number of personnel at all three levels of government, even though this is not being attained at the federal level. They are hoping that any day now, the federals' offer of additional federal police and military aid will arrive to the Laguna area.

"If there's a strategy to fight organized crime, what we need are more personnel to complement the operations," he says, "we know there are other parts of the country going through difficult public safety situations, but all we ask is for the Laguna area not to be left unprotected."


  1. It is a sad state of affairs when criminals drive the pace of life in any way. The answer begins with rooting out official corruption and may include citizens groups protecting their own nieborhoods.

  2. There is no god!

    1. I am not a super religious person but I am catholic, and I do believe in God, barely go to church though (being honest). But when people say '' there is no god'' its like what does God have to prove to you he exists, its up to you to believe in him. I don't believe any of this wars will stop soon many, many more innocent people will die. And that's just part of the end of times. I don't believe the end of the world will be 2012 either just saying there is more to come for us then just violent wars.

  3. Seems like gente nueva doing what they do best!! All cartels are SHIT. Here in mexico we have one group of assholes doing whatever they choose. Rape ,kill,extort. And we hope another group comes in to clean. Then we realize we let the fox in the chicken coup. Ya vasta. A las armas mis hermanos mexicanos. Ahorren i comprense algo con que defenderse. Lo que se requiere es valor y armas unidos si podemos con estas basuras. Viva mexico libre de carteles

  4. Thats alot of people killed in 10days

  5. I don't think 40 is going to last for very much longer. I would not be surprised if Lazca got rid of 40 himself. After 40's brother/family went down it doesn't seem like it will be too long before they round up 40. Lazca is a very smart man, and I think he knows that the law is closing in on 40. If he were to get rid of him himself it would further insulate him from the law. With the #3 guy of the Zetas being taken down it seems like the law is closing in on the rest of the Zeta leadership. This of course is pure speculation on my part, but I think Lazca knows this is chess not checkers, and sometimes you have to sacrifice a knight to save the king.

    1. Why would he take out is main troop? He runs a whole sector for him , his value is to high to just get rid of. Do you actually think he cares that some minions down the food chain fell. O' well change phones and relocate. They do it everyday. Thats why they are murdering drug pushers and you work in a cubicle.

  6. An excelent and tremendously appreciated 'report by' B B without the need to communicate more explicitely by means of videos. Thank you so very much.

    Hoping for a joyful experience for all of creation,

    S.B., (blogger)


  7. What about la Tota?

  8. This is a little off-topic, but there`s this thing thats hard to ignore. I wonder if Mexico, or parts of Mexico, now is known as Disneyland for serial killers? I mean, all this mayhem and death in the open, people get dumped in the streets. And once in a while I see these cases that seem to not `fit` with the rest. A savage person can live out his dark dreams and he doesn`t even need to hide the corpses. Scary thought.

  9. Is there not one brave man in all of Mexico who will start a citizens army to start the revolution Mexico needs to clean up all these assholes.

    Just one real man...surely they can get guns for the people. I am sure somewhere in the USA or overseas some will give them funding to buy the equipment they need.

    It will never happen unless there is a revolution. Mexicans officials are corrupt pandejos.

    1. heyy primo gett ppl and shitt n letss do algo bout it im down 4 it i hav lik 3ak47 n my primos hav more 2 protect r pueblo n all r pueblo hav weaponez n hav da ballz fuck it letts do algo n gett a army of ppl sick if fuken ppk tryin 2 control demm my name is horacio gomez soy de guerrero

  10. I do agree with off topic person. I too have noticed and realized that a small percent of the homocides taken place could be that of a discruntled husband,employee,serial killer or any other type of murder happy thug wanting a kill thrill. Remember the women of Juarez disaperance a few years ago that no one knew who the killer killers were or are. Know that has become a thing of long past because now its open season on all mexico and if you like killing looks like all you have to do is make it look like a cartel hit/message and your scott free.

  11. "ajulio
    Jul 12, 2012; 10:12pm
    Re: Chivis article on ONE TRILLION DOLLARS
    1333 posts
    In reply to this post by DD
    I always find these articles fascinating. Havana actually posted this a while ago.

    It's almost impossible to think how 11 trillion dollars was squandered during the Bush administration and how 6 trillion was spent during the Obama administration.

    and counting......."

    your bias "prejudice" shows through with bright neon lights. if obama has spent 6 trillion in 4 years why can't bush "spend" 11 trillion in 8 years? bush squandered, obama spent, looks like anything you say or type is of no value based on your bi·as/ˈbīəs/
    Prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.
    Show prejudice for or against (someone or something) unfairly: "the tests were biased against women"; "a biased view of the world".

    1. Its called " media" , thats the only difference. The media leans left and the sheeple follow. " if your not for obama your racist". At all levels the race card is played.

  12. S.B.Sensiblero-The bleeding heart
    "without the need to communicate more explicitely by means of videos. Thank you so very much"
    Must you try to force your opinions on everyone else?
    If you don't like the content go elsewhere,simple as that.This site is about letting an audience know as quickly as possible the things that other media outlets are to cowardly or politically correct to show.We all know where you sit,the straw poll was done,it spoke for itself,democracy wins.
    July 12, 2012 9:42 PM .
    I think people may underestimate the importance of Trevino Morales,he is there for a reason,and is a lot closer to Lazca than people may think.

  13. @5:22am

    It definitely is a haven for serial killers. Go research Juarez and all the women that have been savagely kidnapped, raped,tortured, and killed there over the last 2 decades. I have come across rumors of high level sadism on this and other narco blogs.

  14. @5:22 AM: There is evidence that this was the case in Juarez a few years ago with the murder of literally hundreds of women and young girls. Although not as publicized, the D.F. actually led the country in the number of women killed per year. But in both places the murders were largely unsolved. There was even a theory that the killers in Juarez were U.S. serial killers on a working holiday, so to speak, going over there to have some fun. This is not that unbelievable since the Aztecas, a U.S. prison gang, routinely carried out murders in Juarez for one of the cartels (Sinaloa. They went over, picked up weapons from a cartel arsenal, did the killing then simply went back to El Paso, which appears to be a neutral zone for the cartels. (A lot of narcos have homes and families there, but El Paso has probably the lowest murder rate per capita of any U.S. city. The cops actually made some arrests in Juarez, but there was widespread belief that the suspects were simply goats. The number of murders is growing again.

  15. @ 9:42 PM This guy wasn't #3 in Los Zetas, maybe #3 of Los Zetas in Torreon or Coahuila, but definitely not the third guy from the top.
    In my opinion, as far as Z40 goes, Z40 is only who he is because of he runs Nuevo Laredo, and has a following there. Lazcano better have a hell of a plan B if he wants to kill Z40, because doing so would probably cause more harm than good to Los Zetas.

  16. How is a large country that borders the worlds superpower ran by gangsters? Think of the magnitude of this question.

    1. There's gansters, banksters and wanksters on both sides of the border. The drug game makes $ for everyone it seems and keeps gov agencies employed. Lets not talk about people like dick cheney, our covert searches for oil or dropping missles on arab weddings, cause then you would really have to agree theres similarities, one is just "more official" than the other

  17. BB admin please get rid of that drug spammer going by the name of drleo.

  18. The zombie apocalypse is the reason that the Mayan Calendar ends this year.

  19. el paisa, isnt that dude guatemalan?


  20. "There was even a theory that the killers in Juarez were U.S. serial killers on a working holiday, so to speak, going over there to have some fun"
    Are you for real?Is that intelligent thought to you?
    How can a shitload of US serial killers run around Juarez killing women?Are you fuckin high?Use your head pendejo,it is well known now who the killers are.Police,sicarios,husbands,rapists,gangs,boyfriend,there has been that many young women murdered.And to this day it is still not being investigated properly,doe's that tell you anything Einstein?Do you think Mexican authorities would allow gringos to kill their women?Its all right for them to kill them,but no one else.Use your brain before you believe the media,its an absolute disgrace to your women to allow these murders to continue.Yes,we all have a general idea who is killing Mexican women.Mexican men.Proud of yourselves?

    1. Wow your dumb. Of course gringos arent running around killing women in juarez its gangbangers from the U.S. of the border who are allied to either Juarez Cartel or CDS and come to Juarez when a hit is ordered.

  21. In 10 days 61 killings. Nice. It's a good start but there need to be a lot more killings. The solution is not less killings - it's more killings. We need a couple of thousand in Torreon alone for some cleanup.

  22. yup, it is easy to say that it only takes one REAL man to start to fight the cartels so the other ppl can do the same thing...but as soon as that man starts organizing himself NO FALTARA EL CHISMOSO so the cartel can bring him down waaaayyyy antes que la batalla comience...

  23. What a shame. It's a beautiful country.I dont see a good reason to go to any part of Mexico as a tourist, though I would like to. Hope it ends in my lifetime.

  24. del lunes a la fecha han sido 70 muertos en varias balaceras, ejecuciones, etc.
    letra contra chapos, se estan dando hasta con el sarten.
    se dice ke llegaron refuerzoZ de saltillo para torreon porke se les estaban metiendo gashio los chapos.
    al parecer hay renuncia masiva de municipales, entre semana mataron a la madre y un hija de 6 años de una muejr municipal.pues el chapo quiere coahuila

  25. July 14, 2012 1:52 PM
    "heyy primo gett ppl and shitt n letss do algo bout it im down 4 it i hav lik 3ak47 n my primos hav more 2 protect r pueblo n all r pueblo hav weaponez n hav da ballz fuck it letts do algo n gett a army of ppl sick if fuken ppk tryin 2 control demm my name is horacio gomez soy de guerrero"
    Fuckin tellin ye guey,don't fool around with that shit.Take it serious,like an army training,its the only way.No foolin with any clowns who don't wanna get down.You got to be in shape and fire properly.Copy army tactics and training hermano.Don't go looking for shit to pop off.Just know that you can handle yours.
    Saludos hermano.


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