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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Death in Durango: 7 die

By Chris Covert

A total of seven individuals were killed in ongoing drug and gang related violence in Durango state since July 3rd, including two Durango state police agents, according to news reports posted on the website of El Siglo de Durango news daily.
  • Two unidentified men were found executed near a remote village in Santiago Papsquiaros municipality Wednesday.  A third victim was found at the site but who was still alive. The site was on the road from Santiago Papasquiaros to Tepehuanes near the village of Sandia.  All three victims were in their 30s. A Mexican Army unit was later dispatched to set up a protective cordon around a hospital where the third victim was taken for medical treatment.
  • A man in his 40os was found shot to death in Durango municipality Tuesday.  Miguel Mercado Luna, 45 was found near the village of El Pino shot four times.
  • Two unidentified Durango Policia Estatal Preventiva (PEP) police agents and two presumed criminal elements were killed in a firefight in Tepehuanes municipality Thursday morning.  The two PEP agents were on road patrol near Quebrada de Capulines when they were attacked by small arms fire.  The news report also said others were wounded in the exchange of gunfire. The report also said the confrontation may be related to detentions which took place earlier in Santiago Papasquiaros municipality.

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