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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Body Parts Found on Train

Borderland Beat

Crime Scene From Guadalajara
 In less than a week more human remains appeared on a road near Guadalajara-Piedras Negras train platforms, between the Irapuato and Silao stations.

The victims most likely were murdered and dismembered in Jalisco and their remains placed in plastic bags, on the train, according to the investigator working under the Attorney General of Justice of Guanajuato.

On Thursday three bodies all dismembered were placed into eight plastic bags found around some of the platforms of the trains between the community of San José Villalobos, at the Irapuato and Silao station.

Yesterday afternoon authorities were alerted to the discovery two bags, the incident was reported to the Municipal police of Silao, rather than from the community of San José Villalobos, in Irapuato, however authorities were also alerted to suspicious packages on another part of the train.

Upon arrival in Silao around noon, train security confirmed the existence of the bags and notified the public prosecutor's Office and ministerial police, who found an arm, part of the forearm and the left hand of a male body inside one the train’s compartments.

The second bag had a torso also male, said the Director of preliminary inquiries of the Attorney of the region, Laura Edith Ortega.

"We conducted a search along the route of the train of Irapuato to San José de Villalobos, no more remains or bags was found," she said.

She explained that the main line of research is pointing to the victims, both found on July 12 as related to those found yesterday, and are not believed to have been killed in Guanajuato territory.

"Both trains come from Guadalajara;" one theory is that they were killed in that State. "We are asking collaboration in Jalisco to know if they have any record of disappeared that match the descriptions," he explained.

Such information shall be compared with the results of DNA tests practiced each of body parts, as well as a fingerprint that was recovered from one of the hands of the victims.

She also added that the bodies also showed signs of rot.


  1. Unfortunate situation all together....

  2. What happens if the drug war "ends"are the Peaple that are chopping up all the bodies just gonna stop and that's that?i think a certain ammount just like to do it and will never is a person ever going to feel safe in Mexico ever again?

  3. whoever is doing that is taking some risks or works in some capacity for the rail.

  4. social decay at it's best.
    "Two of the suspects were local police officers and another had served in the military"
    17 held in Mexico church camp attack, rapes
    2012-07-19 12:06
    Toluca - Police arrested 17 men on Wednesday on suspicion of attacking youths and raping five women and girls who were on a church camping trip outside Mexico City, a brutal assault that shocked much of the country.

    The attorney general for the State of Mexico, Alfredo Castillo, said 11 of the gang members were identified by some of the victims. In interrogation videos played for reporters, three of the suspects confessed that they sexually abused the women and girls because fellow attackers told them to.

    Two of the suspects were local police officers and another had served in the military, Castillo said, speaking two days after authorities announced the arrest of a man who was described as not directly involved in the assault on the camp-out but who allegedly provided information to the assailants.

    President Felipe Calderon met with parents and lawyers of the victims on Wednesday to discuss the crime, which highlighted the increasing dangers of outdoors activities around the capital.

  5. @6:26 AM Fortunately for Mexico, these assholes have a very short lifespan.

  6. how many serial killers are around in mexico and people think these murders are all drug related... most are but it gets you thinking... the u.s. has 50 serial killers in any given time

  7. @8:36am. Yes that's a good thing

  8. "how many serial killers are around in mexico and people think these murders are all drug related... most are but it gets you thinking... the u.s. has 50 serial killers in any given time"


  9. So they can solve crimes when they put their minds to it.

  10. Do you have any disappearances that match the descriptions?

    Uh, well, yes, thirty seven disappeared this weekend and a few look like the rotting remains, uh, I mean, no, we officially have one disappearance and the family who reported the disappearance has disappeared though not officially,,,so, uh, no.

    Any news on the DNA results?

    Oh, yeah....well, no, I'm sure we'll find out something but look the morgue van just got back from the dump.

    You BB dudes have been posting a lot lately. I appreciate the good work and interest so don't think I'm being rude when I say reading articles like this one has a surreal twang to it. It almost looks like someone is really investigating and the body count is correctly tallied and so forth but its really just the hamburger grinder pumping out purple patties.


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