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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sicarios Storm a Wake Killing a Woman and Burning Kids in Juarez

Posted on Borderland Beat Forum by Havana

A group of heavily armed gunmen stormed the funeral chapel of St. Martin in the neighborhood of El Garnjero Monday.

A young gunman murdered (executed) with a coup de grace the wife of the deceased (who the service was for), then used Molotov cocktails to burn three adults and six minors who are frail in delicate health.

According to data provided by the state prosecutor, northern zone, the woman, identified as Gabriela Manriquez, 25, was shot in the forehead and also burned by fifty percent of his body.

In the raid,  three adults were injured  as well as five children, plus a baby of seven months, apparently the daughter of the unfortunate woman, all suffering burns consideration in much of their bodies .

The person who was veiled in the local funeral home, was a young man who was shot dead last Friday after taking 6 gunshots in the streets of Zacatecas and Parral in Colinas de Juarez.

Yesterday morning, several people were in the funeral services at San Martin Funeral Home, including the woman who just had been married to the veiled, several adults and children of all ages. The funeral home is located on Granjero and Mora streets in the neighborhood of Granjero.

So far  various types heavily armed men entered, without any consideration, approached the woman and shot her in the forehead, then emptying several containers of gasoline, to proceed to set fire to the building.

Following, the individuals fled in an unknown direction, leaving total chaos and confusion among the participants, several adults and children suffered burns on their bodies after the attack.

Three ambulances arrived from the Red Cross who provided first aid to the injured, while others were brought in trucks and cars to nearby private clinics.

The cries of pain, despair and helplessness are not left waiting, children and adults wept and begged for medical attention. Others sought their parents, the youngest crying so desperately, plainly demanding the arms of their parents.

They were treated on the sidewalk, into the seats of cars , on the floor. They tended to burns on their hands, their bodies , others had to be literally stripped bare in order to attend to their injuries.

Personal firefighters, rescuers, Civil Protection and others, among whom were municipal and ministerial police, ran in all directions, trying to collaborate on something to prevent more tragedies.

The official indicated that the only fatality was identified as Gabriela Manriquez, 25 years old.

The female was shot by a firearm of undetermined caliber in the front, note that the experts found no shell casings at the crime scene.

The woman's body was found inside the business, at the wake, face down, shot in her forehead with 50 percent of her body burned.

The other eight people, including the girl about seven months old, are hospitalized in local where the health of the wounded was registered.

The door of the room, made of wrought iron, was destroyed after the attack, while the coffin in which she watched the young man recently killed, was intact after the event, because it was placed in the bottom of the building, and several pieces of furniture such as chairs and part of the chapel, wer apparently were affected.

Of the suspects nothing is known, despite the movement of dispatched patrols in the vicinity with the intention to establish the perpetrators whereabouts.


  1. And they say they don't kill innocents. At least the asshole zetas admit it. Fuck them all. Contra todos is right.. When the call comes we'll be ready.

  2. I saaid it before civilians vs all of them!! Were more and I pretty sure we can get financed by good empresarios to take the country back little by little, town by town, state by state.


    1. G(-)057,,u all over the damn place!!

  3. C'Mon mx you know who these guys are,put together a crew and take them out,.

  4. the people (monsters) who did this are sick bastards...may they all rot in hell!!

  5. not this cartel or cartel, revenge or not......they all need to die. period.

  6. Headlines should read; "Spineless scum attack daycare with weapons". A monkey can be trained to do the same. Loser city, Eck. They are not even worthy of these pathetic, "sicarios", "assassin " titles. Start holding all parents & guardians of these criminals just as responsible. Same should be done in u.s.a. for all crimes.

  7. Let's start chastising these crack heads here in America. They are everywhere. Start screaming in they're loser face, what scum they are! Report them.

    They are so easy to spot.

  8. These kinds of actions made by "sicarios" killing women and children makes me look forward to more videos where a "sicario" is being beheaded or tortured to death with a baseball bat which is what they ALL deserve !!!

  9. " Let's start chastising these crack heads here in America. They are everywhere. Start screaming in they're loser face, what scum they are! Report them.

    They are so easy to spot.
    June 14, 2012 9:34 PM "
    You are a complete racist piece of shit, I wish I would walk up on your screaming in someones face, you would be having teeth for lunch...

  10. You can make pacts or truces with these scum, the only thing they understand is force,These animals aren't even human, they dont even deserve a trial they should immediatly be put to death like the cockroaches they are,

    1. Why put them to death right away and give them the easy, painless way out? I say torture the hell out of every single one of these sick bastards that kill or torture innocent people...

  11. they wrong hope we do in fact one day get the chance to take our mexico back. these dudes have violated so many codes .


  12. Mexico whont go back to the beautiful country it was until the people fight back. They are killing your mother country , and spitting in your blood line. Fight back or die as a coward. Bale más murir siendo valiente por tu sangre azteca y familia que vivir en miedo.


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