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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mexico suspends, probes judges of key drug cases

Absolvi? a Iv?n Archivaldo Guzm?n Salazar, hijo de Joaqu?n
Judge Jesus Guadalupe Luna

Mexican court authorities have suspended two judges while investigators look into possible irregularities.
The Federal Judiciary Council says it is temporarily suspending appellate Judge Jesus Guadalupe Luna and district Judge Efrain Cazares.
It did not describe the allegations being investigated.
But Luna acquitted the son of Sinaloa drug cartel chief Joaquin Guzman of money laundering. And he also upheld a lower court ruling that cleared Sandra Avila Beltran of organized-crime charges despite efforts by Mexico and the U.S. to prosecute the woman nicknamed "Queen of the Pacific."
Federal authorities say Cazares ignored credible evidence when he released some of mayors detained in a mass arrest of officials in the western state of Michoacan in 2009
The council said in a Friday statement that a separate agency is conducting the investigation.

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  1. If you have open public trials where evidence is seen by all, then these Judges can not be effective in turning Narcos loose?

  2. What??? That's not possible a corrupt government official. No way not in Mexico.

  3. Where the photo would go in this report, I get "Missing Plug-In". What does that mean BB? Can I fix it? Thanks

  4. "Where the photo would go in this report, I get "Missing Plug-In". What does that mean BB? Can I fix it? Thanks"
    Man,"plugin"is usually to do with the video?
    Can you run the video?You don't need a plugin to see a jpg picture,i think it is usually filters and such.If you can view jpg on your pc,it gotta be the site or where you access from or some shit.

  5. @2:19 PM Thanks. You're right it's for a video.

    It seems that Adobe had major security problems with Flash Player so they issued a fix update which changed things for many people. Also, I have a Mac and Apple has been in a feud with Adobe for years.

  6. @ June 4, 2012 10:07 AM .
    Ok bro,as long as your sorted.
    You can usually get to the bottom of almost anything with a bit of patience and help from forums and such.For instance bro,i didn't know about the feud between Apple and Adobe.
    By the way bro,if you use PDF,Adobe is a resource hog,you can get much lighter readers.
    Jus sayin bro.


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