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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mexico City Airport Shooting: Photos of The Traitors

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

For details please refer to Vato's comprehensive coverage found below this post


Luis Cardenas, chief of regional security division of the federal police of Mexico, walks behind a poster showing pictures of wanted federal police officers Daniel Cruz Garcia, right, and Zeferino Morales Franco, center, who are accused of allegedly murdering three other officers at Mexico City's international airport, and a third alleged accomplice, federal police officer Bogard Felipe Lugo de Leon, left, at a press conference in Mexico City, Thursday, June 28, 2012. The two federal police officers are suspected of working for drug traffickers and opening fire and killing three policemen in a crowded food court on Monday, June, 25, 2012. All three remain at large. Photo: Esteban Felix / AP
Facebook Photos of Lugo de Leon

                                      Video Reconstruction of the shootout

At the onset of the shooting and resulting panic

Some of the photos are found on Borderland Beat Forum by JLopez and Chivo


  1. WTF that video from the subway station is old and has absolutely nothing to do with what happened on the airport.

  2. Mexico has went past the line of coming back I was speaking to a guy from morello Mx and he says that the criminals have infiltrated to far and it is impossible to combat on their own. The cartels have too much firepower cuz money talks. Mexico is doomed by our addiction fucking sad.

  3. "Facebook Photos of Lugo de Leon"

    Oh my god, his behavior is so juvenile.
    So not professional.
    He looks like a 15 years old showing his toys (in this case pistols) to girls.

  4. @June 29, 2012 1:33 AM

    True that.

  5. All three of them look crooked as hell. Drugs or not the people who carry on lifestyles of violence and murder are individuals with no morals and a fucked up look at life. Stop blaming the USA or the people with addictions. Drugs are consumed world wide not just in America. Raise your kids better and dont accept their drug profits like so many families do. Stop blaming everyone else and accept fault for your defects. Life doesn't have to be this way. Broke or rich is no excuse to do anything wrong to anyone. Get your mind off the Tony Montana dream, which no respectable person admires anyway.

  6. Mexico is doomed by their greed coupled with our addiction. Just because you can make lots of $$$ doing something doesn't mean it's ok. There's still right and wrong. If I could have a billion dollars producing child porn I wouldn't, quit blaming the US drug users for Mexican citizens putting $$$ above God. If drugs were legal, the narcos would extort and kill for $$$ still, then who would you blame ?

  7. Car bomb exploded today @ 11:00 AM outside the Nuevo Laredo Mayor's Office leaving several persons badly wounded. June 29 2012.

  8. yes @ 1:33AM I thought the same thing, the video is totally unrelated I saw it over a year ago.

    @ 2:23AM yes I agree. I have come to accept that Mexico is finished. The cartels are simply too powerful to fight and they wield too much power over the Mexican government. I am just hoping it won't spread into the whole of America like it is doing! I have heard parts of Texas have been taken over by cartels so I just hope they can cut the root off before it buds.

  9. That 1911 in his left hand looks like an STI (higher end 1911).


  10. Mexico needs to give this criminals capital punishment.

    1. Their idea of capital punishment is a nicely furnished cell with work release , hookers, and chauffeur service by the police.

  11. Mexico should allow the US to invade them like Afghanistan and whatever money the US is able to confiscate from the narcos should be ours to pay down our national debt. Problem solved

    1. It will be more expensive to invade, than collecting the cartels money.

    2. Yeah sure with agenta like the DEA pleading a to say he is the son of a.drug lord just to cover their fuck ups . I don't think so.
      The is is supplying the money n weapons + addicts.Mexico is the middle man. Did you know this was a actual plan to actually invade Mexico. Mexico couldbe of.thwarting richest countries in.thwarting world or probably thwart richest. But tnx to countries with hidden agendas like the us Mexico has become a nightmare n trust me its coming over to.the usa is. .matter of.time before it.explodes in big cities as well ..inform your self don't over give prestige to criminals hiding behind politics.

    3. just dont shoot inocent ppl lik in irak n afganistan and dont start shooting urselves when u start seeing the horrors here

  12. ....................THE DIRECTOR OF THE AIRPORT WORKS FOR THE CARTELS!....................

    El Universal. 6-28-2012. Three federal officers shot to death and information from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), obtained by El Universal reporter, Doris Gomora, uncovered the drug drainage system in the Mexico City International Airport (AICM). El Gran Diario de Mexico (newspaper) revealed the presumed responsibility of Hector Velasquez Corona, director of the AICM, in the trafficking of drugs on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel and the Zetas, human trafficking, piracy in the loading areas and black market of jet fuel.

    Vasquez Corona has managed the capital's airport terminal since Jaunuary, 2005. In other words, he was appointed during the Fox administration and has stayed in place because of a close friendship with President Felipe Calderon. According to U.S. DOJ reports the general manager of AICM has links with several drug cartel employees and has only taken part arrests of "independents drug traffickers" or when shipments were destined for adversarial groups. As a result, he has received threats for raising the costs of "rights of way."

    Reporter Doris Gomora pointed out that DEA agents and other U.S. agencies identify Velasquez as the principal suspect in AICM drug trafficking , but the Mexican government "lacks any intention" of investigating him. Information obtained from the U.S., reveals that, according to protected witnesses, Velasquez has collected right of way fees for transshipment of drugs beteen Colombia and Mexico, and between here and the Caribbean, the U.S. and Europe. This would explain why some shipments reached Spain, shipped out of AICM, and information media could not understand how that could happen without "anybody noticing anything." Now we know who authorized the shipments, but the PGR denied having any information that Velasquez had ties to the narcos.

    In short, the PGR knows nothing. In the case of the three Army generals under arraignment (custody), [the PGR] tells us that Angeles Dauahare has been under investigation since 2010 and the PGR has just extended his arraignment (custody) due to its inability to substantiate the current charges.

    When Felipe Calderon convened PAN congressional representatives in San Lazaro, Velasquez was Secretary of Administrative Services and, together with Patricia Flores, awarded themselves bonuses of 200,000 pesos each. In Banobras (organization), this individual negotiated a 3,000,000 peso loan for the president to buy a house. In Washington, Velasquez Corona is listed as a "member of the Felipe Calderon inner circle." This tells you why this person has been considered untouchable for more than seven years and why he has been kept at the AICM.

    Perhaps Velasquez's actions will be made clear after the murders of three federal officers by fellow agents in Terminal 2 of the metropolitan airport. There has been a deep silence over the motives for the murders and they're trying to give the matter a money laundering slant, because they are conducting audits of the Podrira currency exchange business in the DF and two of its branches. According to official reports, the suspects have been identified, but their names have not been released, and it is expected that this case will be cleared properly, that it will be disclosed if drugs are involved and whether Mr. Velasquez is involved. The day of the murders, President Calderon declared that "we have advanced to a trustworthy Federal Police that likewise looks for trustworthiness in all of its members."

    Day before yesterday, the president continued on the same theme. He asked that the next administration not throw overboard everything that has been done against crime and demanded that it "truly commit itself to fighting (crime)!"

  13. What a joto that guy is! Who posts pictures of themselves on Facebook like that!

  14. "Mexico is doomed by our addiction"

    Do you mean because Mexico is addicted to kidnapping, extorting, torturing, raping and murdering its own people the entire country is doomed?

    The thing that I feel really bad about is the the border is not secure enough! Mexico needs to stop smuggling its poison over to the U.S. we dont want your poison so please just give it to your own people... Then kill yourself... Thanks...

    1. Obviously the gringos love the "poison" who you think made chapo a billionare?

  15. "Mexico is doomed by our addiction fuckin sad"
    Fuckin grow up,maybe if Mexico wasn't growing and sending all the drugs north,then there wouldn't be as many people taking drugs?Blame Mexico?How about that argument?Sad,just as sad as blaming the US?
    You sound just like any other cowardly apologist,it is Mexicos problem because it is Mexicos people,in the country of Mexico,you fuckin coward.Why do people always want to drag the US into this?

  16. June 29, 2012 2:23 AM .
    Mexico is doomed by our addiction fucking sad ?
    Stop with your tired old argument,if there wasn't a market in the US,they would sell to Mexicans,as is
    already happening.You go where the money is,you idiot.
    Every country that consumes drugs,should blame the country of the drugs origin,by your logic?
    That makes a lot of sense.

    1. Not entirely true. As long as there is demand.there will always be suppliers. Thank you usa for demanding so much drugs thank you for making.Mexico what is today . You people should be proud of.your self, each sniff each puff you take your helping a Mexican die think about it. Hypocrites.

  17. For all the dumbasses that are attacking the guy that said "Mexico is doomed." You guys do know that America's drug consumption started way before Mexico started moving drugs? It was America's appetite that started the Cartel mess in Mexico. Anyways, this is like beating a dead horse. Unless someone has a Delorean that can time travel this is useless. We need to see what we need to do with these assholes. I say Mexico needs to make an example out of these assholes and execute them. This is treason at its worst.

  18. krgc news has a ton of info.
    Anonymous Tip Leads To Drug Load
    Posted: Jun 29, 2012 10:28 PM

    Updated: Jun 29, 2012 10:43 PM

    MISSION - Undercover police officers raided a home in the Cimmaron are and found several hundred pounds of narcotics.
    The home was located on San Jacinto Street not far from the country club.
    Investigators say it was a anonymous tip that led investigators to the home.
    Inside they found 114 packages of narcotics, they believe it was all cocaine.
    Each package weighed about a kilogram each.
    Police say the investigation is ongoing.

  19. krgv
    Families Vow to Battle Feds in Search for Answers

    Posted: Jun 29, 2012 6:04 PM

    Updated: Jun 29, 2012 6:13 PM

    BROWNSVILLE - The families of Jaime Zapata and Victor Avila want answers.

    The ICE special agents were ambushed by members of the Zeta Cartel in Mexico in February 2011. Zapata was killed in the attack and Avila was injured.

    Their families said the government has not been forthcoming about the incident or what led to it. Now, they have taken their search for answers to court and vow to battle the federal government to get the answers they seek.

    Magdalena Villalobos, Avila's twin sister, filed a lawsuit in federal court on her brother's behalf.

    "It's difficult. I represent so many clients. And I always have a lot of passion for them, but this one I'm obviously passionate about," she said.

    For Zapata's family, the pain of his loss has not faded.

    "It feels like the wind got knocked out of me. I thought I was going to die," said Amador Zapata, Jaime Zapata's father.

    Zapata's Parents and Victor Avila's sister want closure.
    "Early on I expected a report on what happened and who was responsible, we don't have that," said Mary Zapata, Jaime Zapata's mother.

    Villalobos said the ordeal has left her brother emotionally scarred.

    "He went through a very difficult period when the initial event occurred. He is still recovering," she said.

    "It's very painful to see a loved one go through such a horrible time. You can see it in his face, you can hear it in his voice," Villalobos said. "The pain he is going though. No sleeping, nightmares, there's not a lot you can do about it ... it's something he will have to work through."

    She said her brother was disheartened when they got no answers from the government.

    "There is a moment that he realized there are unanswered questions. It's so disheartening for him. You don't want to realize, when you work for the government and you're passionate about it," she said "He didn't want it. He refused to believe it. I think that moment has hit him where he says maybe they didn't do everything they could have done to not put us agents in harm's way."

  20. Fuck it! Open the borders as Texas does have the death penalty. Sometimes you don't need to be arrested to receive it.

  21. If Mexico didn't sell drugs trust me somebody else would have taken over... somebody is gonna do it regardless. Like you say money talks (the favorite language of the U.S. government) if it wasn't for dollars the cartels wouldn't exist... this a no brainer. Blame the number #1 consumer (drug users of USA)

  22. You people are so blind. The US is the main source of drug money. If all these coked up white girls didn't like to party Mexico wouldn't make a dime. And its meth addicted white trash not meth addicted wetbacks. The sole income for cartels is in the drugs they ship here to the US. so saying that if the US didn't buy the drugs we should just sell to ourselves is ignorant. I don't know many people jumping the border to go live the Mexican dream. The money is here and until the US fixes itself and is drug addicted residents there is no future for both our countries... please post this

  23. 100% of all politicians, police, military, marines, public servants, bankers, government institutions, etc,etc are corrupt in Mexico. Corruption is the "rule of law". It is accepted. Past administrations are never audited or investigated by new administrations. Until that changes, Mexican people are doomed.

  24. It is very sad to read these comments. Especially since it seems that most of the people here lack a bit history knowledge and express opinions without investigating a little bit. Most of the drug trafficking in Mexico has origins on the American government and the CIA promoting this activities in different stages of the last century, especially during WWII to supply morphine needed in the war and in the 70's and 80's as a way to finance guerillas in central america. Please read some history and a couple of good books on this subject before opening your dumb mouth. So if you wanna find people responsible for the origin of this mess, it is mainly the unscrupulous American government and the insatiable American crave for drugs. It is true that Mexico suffers from corruption, but all the money used in bribes and GUNS comes from the pockets of US junkies. It is laughable that if you are underage, it is easier to get drugs than alcohol in the US. This tells a lot about the complicity of the American government of allowing drugs to fill the US streets and poison its own citizens. If any of you bigots has a piece of education, you know that if there is demand, there will always be a supply... it is really stupid to suggest that Mexico is guilty of poisoning young Americans and sending dope to the US, when American drug addicts are the ones who pay lot of money to have meth, weed and coke available to add some meaning to their pathetic lives.

  25. Oh dear oh dear it's so sad so very sad so very very sad so pathetic because everybody knows or at least if they had a brain they should know that it's all the fault of the gringos of course if you weren't so stupid you would know that it's always been a CIA FBI US Gvt conspiracy to kill everyone in the world yes it's really all the fault of the gringos and the US govt and it is so sad and so pathetic and people are so dumb they should read a book before opening their sad pathetic dumb mouths

    That is my opinion of you 9:26 AM and how you sound you sad pathetic stupid dumb condescending asshole look in the fucking mirror

  26. The US drug problem has been here before Mexico.. Colombia used to be the number one supplier.. yes it is mexicos fault that there's no law there... But its also the US fault for all the addicts they have... If Mexico doesn't supply the drugs... Someone else will... And that cop holding that gun on his Facebook picture is a dumbass lil kid... Who does that shit...

  27. @7:15AM

    Wow, it's Americas fault that Mexico is the way it is? Really? It would seem to me that the cartels are not being forced against their will to smuggle the drugs into America.

    This is some of the most backwards thinking I think I have ever seen. Since Mexico is the supplier of the drugs wouldn't it be easier to shut the supply off? Obviously the demand is never going to go away (and please do not try and tell me that Mexico doesn't have any kind of drug problem either. There are plenty of people there who use as well), but if it wasn't supplied via Mexico, America would have to find other ways to meet the demand.

    Those who just want to blame America for all the problems in Mexico look over the fact it is in fact Mexican Cartels that supply our country with the drugs. In the same breath they will turn around and blame America for the guns in Mexico. This would make America the supplier of the guns to the cartels. It is a classic case of having your cake and eating it too. Nevermind we supply you the drugs, it is your demand that is the problem, AND you supply Mexicans with guns, nevermind the Cartels demand for them.

    I wish America would just legalize drugs and undercut all the cartels essentially running them out of business.


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