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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mexico Arrests Drug Boss for Slaying of Activist’s Son

The suspect was the reputed boss of the Beltran Leyva cartel’s operations in Morelos state, where the son of anti-violence activist Javier Sicilia was slain, the Mexican defense department said.
Army troops apprehended a drug kingpin in connection with last year’s murder of the son of anti-violence activist Javier Sicilia, the Mexican defense department said Friday.

Raul Diaz Roman was captured Thursday in Tecamac, a town in the central state of Mexico, the department said in a statement.

The suspect was the reputed boss of the Beltran Leyva cartel’s operations in Morelos state, where Sicilia’s son was slain, and it was people under Diaz’s command who carried out the murder, the department said.

Diaz worked for the cartel while still an active-duty member of the Morelos police, overseeing drug trafficking in the cities of Cuernavaca, Xochitepec and Jiutepec, according to the statement.
It was March 2011 when Juan Francisco Sicilia and six other men were found dead inside a vehicle in Temixco, Morelos.

His son’s death prompted Javier Sicilia, a prominent poet and commentator, to abandon literature and create the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity to press for an end to the Mexican government’s militarized approach to crime-fighting.

A multi-front conflict pitting rival drug cartels against each other and the security forces has claimed more than 50,000 lives in Mexico since December 2006, when newly inaugurated President Felipe Calderon gave the armed forces the leading role in the struggle with organized crime.

Source: EFE


  1. I thought it was established that El Negro Radilla, and his gunmen were partying, and got into a petty conflict with the son and his friends, there was something to do with corrupted cops too, they didn't want anyone to tell, so they smothered them, and left the bodies in the trunk of a car. And then blamed CDG for the murders. Lord knows what CDG was doing in Morelos, haven't been heard from since. Why would this man, arrested a year later have ordered the death of Javier Sicilla's son? I do not doubt the article, and I am not being critical, just curious.

    1. @J: that's a very good question. The answer lies in the center.

  2. suddenly walking down the street is this kingqueenpin and authorities recognize him arrest is made and wooolha 1 under arrest for killings. is this a joke mexico is the govt in charge not able to catch the cartels im laughing here with buddies who served in the military calderon wake up and stop taking bribes and come out and slaughter the cartels it was done in colombia with help of united states of america proud to be mexican american or american mexican either way mexico get rid of corrupt govt

    1. Your an idiot.Did the us stop drug trafficking in Colombia?No so what makes you think some brainwashed u.s. Military punks are gonna change Mexico.Fix Iraq first.Dumb ass.

  3. I looked up the article, which says some cops on the CPS payroll tried to extort or rob the kids, when the kids said they would report them, the cops called CPS enforcers, led by Radilla, and El Pelon, who tortured and murdered the kids. It was in Time magazine, but BB posted it too, last summer. So, if this guy was the Beltran plaza boss at the time, I guess he is guilty by default.

  4. Yup, they can always seem to catch some "big bad ones" in the high profile cases.
    Truly shows the doggidness and dedication of the the Mexican homocide squads.
    Wonder what their department "motto" is ?

  5. "proud to be mexican american or american mexican either way mexico get rid of corrupt govt"
    Saludos senore,thats what i,m talkin about.
    There is nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage,just as there is nothing wrong being proud to be in a great nation.
    Right on hermano.

  6. That is a US Marine in the picture. It doesn't look like a mexican soldier. LOL.

    1. Hey tard,Marines covers are'nt shaped that way.

    2. Lol he's a Mexican soldier! dumb ass.You must been living under a rock

  7. 1;20 pm with the help of usa i didnt say usa lonsome solo putzzzz

  8. Ok not a US marine but maybe a UK soldier? Or anything but mexican.

  9. A UK soldier,man fuck are you talkin about?
    Mexican Marines,was a time when they had to be at least 5,10 or 11 ?A Mexican bro might correct me,i don't think they still enforce it,could be wrong.But a UK soldier?Is is fuck.Why would it be.
    I don't get your point.


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