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Monday, June 25, 2012

Drug trafficking enforcement action in Mexico city's international airport leaves three dead

The shootout that took place in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) was triggered when suspected drug traffickers were about to be apprehended by Federal Police officers; a third officer dies in hospital.

Universal. 6-25-2012.

The shootout that took place in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City international airport (AICM) was triggered when Federal Police agents tried to detain suspected drug traffickers, according to the an official report on the incident issued by the Federal Department of Public Safety (SSP).

In the report, they indicated that Federal agents were performing investigative duties and "proceeded to take into custody suspects linked with drug trafficking."

The suspects (number unknown) were in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City International Airport and, "when the saw themselves surrounded by Federal Police, began shooting their firearms at the federal agents."

Authorities within the agency indicated to El Universal that apparently the suspects were also Federal Police officers, which is why they were carrying weapons inside the terminal area, and they managed to fire their weapons to prevent being apprehended, although the investigation will continue to try to determine the aggressors' identities.

The SSP confirmed that two Federal Police officers lost their lives in the incident and another was transferred to a hospital, where he later died.

The (SSP) also reports that in anti-drug trafficking actions they have conducted in the AICM, in 2011 Federal Police seized a total of 90 kilos of cocaine and more than 200 kilos in 2012.   



  1. Wow that is just insane. When did this happen?

  2. Damn what are we gonna snort now?......El Chapo should be President!!!.....he already has experience sending naive souls to combat for his purpose and plus he's great no matter what he does or whoever's life he ruins...He's as Great as George Bush if you ask me.

  3. Wow that's pretty sad when the cops are actually the drug dealers who shoot at the real cops who themselves might also be drug dealers.
    Why don't they do us all a favor and shoot themselves? Free Mexico!!! Send in the Marina!!!

  4. so the suspects escaped? Was this article finished because you would think the reader would like to know the outcome.

  5. How do scum bags get inside of an airport with firearms?

    Oh ya, its Mexico...

  6. "when the saw themselves surrounded by Federal Police, began shooting their firearms at the federal agents."

    Someone should proof read these articles.

  7. The firsy four paragraphs were almost the same

  8. "apparently the suspects were also Federal Police officers"

    wow, I'm sure glad the Bush administration gave 1.4 Billion dollars to the Mexican Federal Government. Policia Federal against Policia Federal, it's corruption at it's most evident, but not it's worst. Who knows who was in the right in a situation like this? Maybe the officers shot were just as corrupt as the officers smuggling the drugs, but on the payroll of another cartel. These guys clearly were more interested in not losing a load of drugs than they were in their duties as Federal Police. Corruption is the real problem in Mexico, not Guns purchased in the U.S. or drug consumption. The United States has been snorting coke and smoking Mexican weed for decades before the violence, there is another explanation, LOOK!

    1. Totally agree. That's the real problem in Mexico. Corruption.

  9. Mexico City Airport is a first class international airport. It's hard to believe this happened, but obviously it did. I always found the Federales to be a cut above other levels of police in Mexico and there are many honest Federales. It's hard to believe they got away being this was "an operation". It's apparent these guys need better training.

  10. Mexico equals corruption. Ja ja ja.

  11. The Mexicans are not the only ones being paid off.

  12. This was not good cops arresting bad cops. This was an ajuste de cuentas between bad cops. The PF runs the airport for the narcos. The PF is and always has been crooked. What else is new in Mexico?

  13. yet another reason why the USA needs to invade Mexico take down there government n send the navy seals to take out all them cartel PUSSYS!
    N yea i said PUSSYS any one that kills innocent men women n children. and gets there jollys by intimidating innocent people are nothing but PUSSYS....

  14. Cartels are known to make or buy police and military uniforms, usually worn to confuse the real police. You guys should consider that before jumping to conclusions.


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