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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Cover Up of the Cadereyt 49

By ACI for Borderland Beat

On May 13, 2012, 49 mutilated bodies turned up, outside the small village of San Juan.  The bodies were piled up on the side of the highway leading to Reynosa.  But before we delve deeper into how this massacre was covered up, let’s lay out some ground work.  

 A Sleepy Little Town
San Juan is very small village close to the town of Cadereyt, just outside of the city of Monterrey.  Cadereyt was a lazy town, best known for its churches and heat.  It is also home to some amazing grottos.  But in the war that has engulfed Mexico it will be known for something else entirely.
The town's historical Plaza
The Emergence El Loko
Cadereyt along with Allende were placed under the control of El Loko, or Daniel Elizondo sometime around July 2011.  He was the considered the Zetas boss for the rural area surrounding these two cities as well.  He wasted very little time making a name for himself, by leaving several mutilated bodies strewn through out the streets of both Allende and Cadereryt.  He is held reasonable for the killing of two young sisters from the town of Allende.  The two were picked up by the local police while walking home one night.  The local police apparently were ordered to deliver the girls to El Loko. He then raped, killed, then dismember their bodies, once again displaying the parts at the entrances to the town.  This case ended with the dismissal of 14 police officers who were reportedly involved.  El Loko, the man responsible was mysteriously was no where to be found.

A Mexican Cover Up
The Location of Loko's assumed death

Not long after the police were arrested, the military claimed one of two men shot in Cadereyt was none other than El Loko himself.  They announced his death saying only that they had killed a man who reportedly fit the description of El Loko, at this time no one even knew his real name.  What follows is the description the military released. 

Excerpt from Buggs
There have been preliminary reports that one of the sicarios killed was no other than El Loko. He was described as heavy set, about 200 pounds and was wearing a green shirt and Bermuda shorts. The military believes that it might be El Loko and the Attorney General's Office did confirm that the man killed was in fact El Loko.

The military had intitially suspected the man to be El Loko based on the fact that his name was written on the sun visor and the trunk of one of the vehicles. On the walls of the ranch military observed the letter "Z" written in yellow paint. The military believe that the ranch was used by the sicarios as a safe house.

El Loko is plaza boss in Allende and Cadereyta for Los Zetas. He is known to be a brutally violent sicario that has participated or has been linked to some gruesome executions.

El Loko
 El Loko was obviously a man who wielded significant power within los zetas.  He commanded enough power to have the Police bring him two innocent girls.  He survived an intense manhunt, which could have only been accomplished with the help of those higher up in the leadership of los zetas.  His death which was falsely claimed by the military, was promoted by the media and government and then quickly forgotten about.  The description given by the military did not resembled the true El Loko, it was generic and simple, it could have described almost anyone.  This by itself was troubling enough but as this terror unfolded the true depth of government complicity began to unravel.

The Menace Returns
September 2011, quiet returned to the area and silence took hold.  Not much was heard, some were frightened it was going to become another Mier.  The silence which plagues Nuevo Leon continued until May 13, 2012.  The day 49 torsos were discovered wrapped in plastic.  What followed was a bizarre chain of events, all of which deserving of a closer look.  

A Mothers Day to Remember
Several days before the massacre 12 people were found alive in Jalisco.  The victims lead police to a man called El Chato.  He was working for a cartel aligned with los zetas, he explained los zetas plan to display numerous corpses on Mother’s Day, even though he was unaware of the extent of the diabolic plan.  This portion of his interview was dismissed while the public focused on his confession that the victims were picked at random and had no ties to criminal organization.  It has long be suspected that many of the victims of these body dumps have been innocent.  No one paid much thought to this so called plan, that was until Sunday May 13, the day the 49 were found.  
Here is an except of that interview.  
Police: When were you going to kill the 12 people that were found alive, or what was the plan?
El Chato: Supposedly May 10 [Mothers Day in Mexico].
Police: Why?
El Chato: I don't know.

El Chato 
This leads us to the conclusion that the zetas had planned this massacre to take place on Mother’s Day, and that it was not a rouge cell leader who had gone off the reservation.  The plan it seems was to have several body dumps through out Mexico, utilizing not only los zetas but their allies as well.  This amount of coordination that would have had to taken place would have needed the cooperation of the highest levels of leadership, due to the compartmentalization of the los zetas organization and their allies.      

The Banners
The first to arrive on the seen were the Federal Police.  These officers closed off the scene, no one was allowed close enough to see.  We know the Police removed a narcobanner which was left which implicated Los Zetas Leadership.  They refused to let anyone know what was said on these banners.  This in and of itself is not uncommon in Mexico but what followed was.  

The First Public Declaration
Within days of the discovery los zetas put several narcobanners up all over the state claiming they had nothing to do with the massacre.  They instead laid blame on their rivals.  They asked for the public to notice some grammatical errors in the first banners.  This was strange thing to say about banners which the public never saw.  But these new banners had no problems garnishing the attention of the media.  The rouse seemed to be working.  

Here is an excerpt from Chivis:
While reading a statement on the premises of the SIEDO, the military said that "El Loco" also stated that this action was endorsed by the head of the Zetas in Nuevo Leon, known as "El Morro" they had to coordinate with a guy nicknamed "El Camaron" (the shrimp) because he was going to deliver the bodies to be dumped on the main square along with a manta.

"This was part of a strategy to blame for such acts antagonistic to criminal organizations, so it could be augmented by placing mantas around the country, disputing of such facts to cause confusion towards the authorities and public opinion.

"Likewise a representative said of "Camaron" "known as" El Bocinas" as quoted as living in the village of Los Herreras, he was hired to attain 30 to 49 bodies, which were transported by several trucks.

 What Does it Mean?
 It means Loko didn’t even kill these people.  Nor did he want them to be dumped in his area.  He knew it would bring too much heat.  So he left the bodies outside of town, far enough away he thought he would be safe.  The amount of people involved to move 49 torsos undetected shows how powerful los zetas have become in Nuevo Leon.  Los Zetas used their influence in the local government to stall, confuse and block the investigation.  This is apparent by the way they were able to so quickly blame this on their rivals.  Even then it was too big; someone had to be held accountable.  Los Zetas gave them El Loko.  The deception was so great that even SIEDO got it wrong at first, by claiming Loko was part of CDG a rival of los Z.  This is a story of a pawn being sacrificed so that those who are truly responsible for this heinous act may continue their reign of terror.


  1. scoop aka mushbrain per anonymousJune 15, 2012 at 12:10 PM

    So who wants to sign up to become a member? You get paid chump change, have to look over your shoulder every minute, obey orders or die. Oh yeah and when your boss has to give someone up to the authorities it might be you rotting in prison waiting to get shanked. Mean while, the big dog is funneling $20 million thru a horse farm in America. Let it be known i think all you murdering, raping, extorting, pieces of shit are useless. No one respects you and you wont be missed. Youve done nothing with your life.

  2. In reality this massacre made international headlines, but was soon forgotten and mexico is back to its 7 to 14 regular mass murders and dismemberments.
    Absolutely no anger from the rulers in Mexico city...absolutely no vow to crush the cartel responsible for this sick, demented act...absolutely no promise to protect the people of mexico.
    The only response from the rulers in Mexico city is how quick can this be covered up and forgotten!!!!

    1. Very true! This is why the war on drugs will never end. It was sure a lot more peaceful back in the old days. If these cartels had any brain's they would call a truce, combine there man power and just flood USA with drugs. The Mexican government started a war that nobody can win. Kind of like the war on terrorism. America is such a contradiction. We start war's that are a lost cause and the only people allowed to make money are bank's and gun manufactures, pharmaceutical companies and oil companys. It is ok to sale prescription drugs that are just as dangerous or even more dangerous to people then pot.

  3. Lazcano and trevino regularly give up their stooges to the authorities--el loko and the zetas who killed the ICE agent and many others.
    Waiting to hear the zeta who turns in trevino hermanas and lazcano for the millions of pesos! That will be a funny day!

  4. Zetas are so entrenched within the Govt. both Local and Federal levels that they will never
    get to the bottom of this fiasco..! As far as the Trevino hermanos go; who knows whats going to happen but I can guarentee you Miquel won't go before Omar or for that matter Lazca..! He will end up either On Top or Last Man running.

  5. Nice work Dude..
    welcome to San Diego (private joke amigos)
    Paz, Chivis

  6. This is so sad its unreal, mexico has become the most dirtiest and dangerous place on earth. A catholic religious country with such a nice culture could become so empty and cold because their government is corrupted by the flow of money and blood. This is never going to ever end, but only get worse, more people have died then in most wars. This is sadistic, satan controlled and faul encouragement of these people. Your all fucking dead walking just dont know it yet. May god have mercy on you.....


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