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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bomb Explodes in Nuevo Laredo Days Before Election

From Borderland Beat Forum by jlopez, Athena and Milo

Reporting by Lizbeth Diaz and Ioan Grillo; Editing by Sandra Maler

An explosive device blew up inside a truck parked outside the town hall of Mexico's northern city of Nuevo Laredo on Friday, injuring seven people but causing no casualties, officials said.

The blast comes two days before Mexico votes for a new president to replace Felipe Calderon, who has waged a 5-1/2-year battle against drug traffickers.

Police did not immediately confirm whether the attack was drug-related but Mexican cartels have been increasingly using improvised explosive devices in cars. Most are relatively small compared to the car bombs used in conflict zones such as Iraq.

The explosion went off mid-morning, tearing apart the vehicle and damaging 11 other cars as well as a wall of the town hall, the Tamaulipas state attorney general's office said in a statement.

Soldiers, marines and police sealed off the scene and were taking evidence to determine the type of explosive material used, the release said.

Staff from the town hall immediately evacuated the building and the emergency services were on alert for other blasts.

Nuevo Laredo, across the Rio Grande from Laredo Texas, has been a hotpot for drug related violence as the Zetas cartel battles rivals for control of billion dollar narcotics trafficking routes to the United States.

More than 55,000 people have died in drug-related violence since Calderon took office in late 2006.

Mexican presidents are barred by the constitution from running for a second term, but the candidate from Calderon's ruling National Action Party (PAN) is in third place, according to most polls.

Enrique Pena Nieto, of the opposition Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), is expected to win the election by a wide margin according to the polls.


  1. nobody wants the pri to win .but i feel that any of these canidates are in for a treat. its out of control and pulling out the military is the wrong move. i was a sleep went it went off but u could feel it in the air . it was to quiet in nuevo laredo


  2. This is not exclusive of election times, it happens often.


  3. El pueblo está cansado de ti Lavacarros. Te aseguramos que no nos venceras.

  4. Pinches vascas de personas, el nuevo presidente deveria implementar el castigo de muerte y la misma ciudadania tiene que apollarla porque lla basta..

  5. Terrorism 101....and the gov is worried about what's happening a million miles away. Guess we can thank big oil and Mr. Bush, you guys really know how to move our existence forward!!!

  6. I came through NL and it took 8 hours to cross the driving bridge because of this.

  7. Fuckin nice isn't it.Proud of yourselves little men.Look who you hurt.Women and children.
    And all you motherfuckers who talk shit about no innocents getting hurt?Who got hurt here?
    Shits going to far when you leavin bombs to heat up the little square,and injuring women and kids.
    Here is your big bad sicarios at work,you wanna look up to these cowardly little skanks,just like the big bad IRA leavin bombs to go off with innocent people around.KILL THESE MOTHERFUCKERS ON SIGHT,YOU AINT GOT HUMAN RIGHTS IF YOU CHOOSE TO BEHAVE LIKE THIS,YOU FORFEIGHT YOUR RIGHTS AS A HUMAN BEING IF YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE LIKE THIS.End of fuckin story.

  8. ''NarcoTerrorism'' Wonder why the media has not coined it that yet?

  9. Terrorimo weather Mexican Authorities won`t accept this kind of acts,there is no other way to call it!!! this an act of terrorism!!!

  10. I was a quarter of a mile away from that location 2 weeks ago. This is a crazy thing to see.

  11. .
    You see the child and the mother in the second foto you've posted? Ok, here's what one blogger wrote yesterday:

    "A La Señora Le Tumbaron La Quijada Con
    Todo Y Dientes Con Las Esquirlas De Los Autos, Y A la Niña Le Reventaron Los Tímpanos Del oído, Y Están Muy Graves En Un Hospital De Monterrey,
    ..... ".

    The little girls ear drum were blow when the bomb exploded. Now I have a few questions:

    1.a) Though it's difficult to know exactly what the ear drums of that little girl look like, is there any possibility that ear specialists can repair the drums? I had two operations on my left ear, the hammers were replaced and the doctor had to go past the ear drum. Obviously, there's a way to handle the ear drums with the return of normal hearing but with the girl we're not dealing with a controlled operation performed by a doctor;

    1.b) Are the doctors in Nuevo Laredo well equipped & as professional as in say USA and Canada who can give the girl the best possible chance in helping recover her ear drums?

    2. Is MoneyGram a dangerous place to send money into Mexico these days? About two years ago I had sent hundreds of dollars to a woman in Sonora and there was not risk of theft or attack in anyway but now the danger is everywhere and one would think that MoneyGram outlets are also on The Hit List: anybody have give information on this theme?

    I'm also very concerned with the little girl's mental and emotional state & the foto says it all, she is in complete shock as well as the mother freaking out. When such shock occurs nervous breakdowns can manifest and go on for decades as is seen with soldiers who return from war. I've been heart-broken for days, I wish I could give them the emotional support they need, IT'S HIGH IMPACT ASSAULT THEY RECEIVED FROM UNKNOWN EVIL STRANGERS & the victims surely are experiencing TRAUMA.

    Thanks folks.


  12. Once an orginazation sets off a bomb in front of government buliding, wether it's local or federal and hurt civilians. It's time we label them terriost, and go after them. They are not any different the Al-Qaeda,Hamas, Taliban, etc...

  13. The military told us it was a hand grenade that caused this. Must have been made for a damned big hand.

  14. .Sensiblero.
    There is not a lot you can do.You feeling what a lot of us do,when we see women and children being hurt.I wrote that shit about human rights,cause it made me so angry.The little girl in school uniform with her mother?Man,how can they do this.I have no problem with guys killing each other,seriously i don't.But innocent women and children?Something basic is going wrong when you can hurt them.
    You sound like a good person,who is horrified by this,as any decent person with morality should be,but,as i said,there really isn't much you can do.If it is getting to you this much,you are hurting yourself,maybe you should not think to deeply on this type of issue.Saludos,,, Sensiblero.

  15. .
    Thanks for your message -->> July 2, 6:09 PM <<--

    You'll find it odd that one of those in Mexico who I helped financially will not answer the questions I've asked her which might help me help the mother and child seen in the foto above and that is why I came here asking questions, I had no other option. If I had relatives living in Nuevo Laredo I could get answers and arrange things. One of the problems is that we only get the initial online story of an event that happened, who was hurt, who was killed, where it happened, and after that there is no FOLLOW-UP, we don't get details on how the living victims are progressing. The young girl's ear drums were burst and the mothers jaw was displaced by means of flying shrapnel which also broke her teeth. I want to know how they are doing.

    Some of the other victims received severe burns. As you know, if the burns cover too much area of the body & are third degree a person can die.


  16. Terrible Situations

  17. I wonder why this wasnt Front page news in the LA Times of NY Times.

    NARCO-TERRORISM! Is what it is, and Pinche CHAPuto de Mierda and Company as well as all the Piche Zetas are MEXICAN DOMESTIC TERRORISTS.

    Piche PERROS! TODOS!

    Viva Mexico Libre Sin Narcos!

  18. .Sensiblero.
    You are a good person.
    Helping financially is one way of helping people less fortunate than ourselves.
    But i say again,make sure you don't go to deep on this,or you may start to hurt yourself.I hope you are never taken advantage of,i mean that sincerely.
    God knows we need more people like you,and less like me.Try as you might,you cannot help everybody,it is simply impossible,but at least you are trying brother.At least you are doing that.
    You remember the displaced people who had to leave Choix,and it had a picture of a family?Someone posted on here about trying to set up a way in which we could help them financially?The logistics of it were to much,it would be nice if we could press a button,and moneys from our accounts could go where it was needed,but if only it was that easy.
    Good luck to you.Sensiblero.

  19. .
    Mensajito para ->> 7:19 PM June 3 <<-

    Once again, big thanks for your very kind words of your cautions. I would have written sooner but I've been occupied.

    I had also given un muy GRAN cantidad de dinero to a family in La Romana a few years ago (mother, one daughter, 3 boys living in a hut with rats entering la casita) and as you know on the other side of la Romana is Haiti where things have really been BAD poverty-wise.

    I did do some searching to find out what Hospitals exists in Nuevo Ladero:

    - Centro de Salud SSA and
    - Clínica y Hospital de Especialidades

    but there are no e-mail addresses to send them a message and I think "Clínica y Hospital de Especialidades" is likely where mother & daughter would have gone to. Like other hospitals you would not be given information if you called. To get the mother MY Contact Info is what I had in mind along with a short message as intro for her to understand the nature of my asking her to feel comfortable in contacting me. The above mentioned hospital also has a Facebook page, haven't checked that out yet.

    The young girl in the foto is in shock, she has just her hearing after having been startled by the exploding bomb. I CAN NOT FIND UPDATES ON THEIR CONDITION, I want to know that she will regain hearing function & that the mother's injuries will be very well repaired. My online search gave me fotos of the hospital & it is a relief to see that the hospital technology is As Seen in Canada & USA, very up to date so, the victims are getting the best chances of recovery repairs.

    Tengo que irme. Que tengan un super día!, B Beat.


  20. .
    Missing word in item posted at 1:03 PM, June 4:

    "The young girl in the foto is in shock, she has just her LOST hearing after having been startled by the exploding bomb."

    Regarding the young girl's terrifying experience, I was thinking some more about that after posting the entire message today. Even an older person exposed to a detonated car bomb would flip. Throughout our lives things come to us or happen slowly: even before we get a heavy rain & lightning & thunder, we saw it all coming, this power force of nature; when we travel, it is a slow process, nothing SUDDEN, LOUD, nothing SUDDENLY FLIES IN THE AIR BEFORE OUR VERY EYES threatening us. And now one day you're A Victim Of an exploding car bomb and when you hearing suddenly goes from 'Hearing' to 'A DEAD SILENCE. you wonder "¿WHAT IS GOING ON!, HAVE I LOST MY MIND!!, AM I IMAGINING THINGS?", and in additional, ALL THE SECURITY & SAFETY YOU'VE EVER HAD & KNOWN is 'GONE', it is all a Mind Blowing Intensely EMOTIONAL Experience. In the little girl's case, she had always believed that her mother and father were protecting her from harm & this new experience shatters that previous sense of having protectors, and she also sees that even her mother has no protection, you are a young girl and MANY Chocks all coming at you At Once from a multitude of directions! We human being need time to make changes in order not to damage our system with Highly Charged Events / happenings because our system cannot take TOO MUCH in at once.

    Such were this afternoon's depth of view of human experience.

    Thanks for posting my writing guys

  21. Apparently, I'm the only one still interested in this news story, the place is deserted now!

    Still looking for most recent information regarding the injured victims I found the following details:

    Agencia de Noticias ->> El Universal <<-(source of coverage)

    ... siete civiles lesionados, entre ellos dos mujeres, además de 11 vehículos completamente destrozados por la onda expansiva y daños en la estructura del edificio de gobierno.

    ... Elementos de la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (Sedena), Policía Federal y Protección Civil del estado apoyaron en el auxilio necesario a las víctimas, tanto en lo físico como en lo emocional.

    Secuelas del ataque:

    El impacto emocional de la explosión fue evidente en los ciudadanos que en esos momentos estaban en las cafeterías y restaurantes, ya que se trata de un sector densamente poblado por comercios y oficinas públicas y privadas.

    Luego del estallido, cientos de personas salieron apresurados de esos lugares, debido a que la onda expansiva reventó los vidrios de las ventanas y puertas, lo que ocasionó algunas escenas de pánico.

    Vidrios rotos, pedazos de metal esparcidos en un radio de hasta 50 metros del lugar de la explosión, algunas antenas de radiocomunicación dobladas por la onda expansiva y mucho temor, fue la secuela inmediata de este atentado.

    In other words, it has to have been a very potent bomb!

  22. Today I went online to see what if any support receive in Nuevo Laredo as victims of criminal violence and victims are well covered medically. If they also need psychological counseling that too is free. However, I doubt that damaged clothing is covered. That is one spot where a person can donate money to help encourage the victim regain good feelings within again & perhaps feel loved as a human being.

    But it would be great to meet the victims in the foto above in this new article, to be a dedicated friend.

    As far as the family from La Croix that you spoke of the other day I had not forgotten them. I just believed that it would be difficult to make anything happen as suggested but a blogger, to contact Red Cross. But I haven't ruled anything out as something to follow up on.


  23. The evil that men do

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