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Monday, May 14, 2012

Were the Cadereyta 49 migrants? Plus Chronology of mass killings in Mexico since 2010

Chronology of mass killings in Mexico since 2010

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

As the days roll by it is looking more like the 49 killed in Cadereyta  were in fact migrants.  Additional information is slowly leaking to the public such as the facial features of the dead were those similar to Central Americans and people in the south of Mexico. 

Contrary to early reports, not all victims were decapitated or dismembered, and not all were in black garbage bags, while victims were in bags others were tossed onto the highway without a bag or cover.
Milenio reports that a couple of victims bore tattoos of  Santa Muerte , however that has not been confirmed, officially, it is  confirmed  a few bore tattoos. 
There were persistent rumors that the dead included women and children.  Since Saturday night it is rumored that 2 of the six women were pregnant.
On Sunday morning I was sent photos that I did nothing with them as the victims were not in bags and although decapitated their limbs were for the most part intact. One of those photos is above. 
Also persistent was a reported fact  there were two messages left at the scene.  In any case, cartulinas  (cards) have not been made public or its text.  Perhaps that should be the course of action, not to publicize the full message and text, thwarting the main objective of cartels in conducting these mass killings.
This Borderland Beat reporter has long retained the belief that the mass murder displays were constructed, either by majority or entirety, with innocent people unrelated to organized crime.  That position was reinforced after the Boca del Rio mass killings of 35.
Boca del Rio
 One story that has been impossible to forget.  A mothers account of the last day she saw her 15 year old son, a high school student.  He raised chickens and on foot went to purchase feed.  Eye witnesses account declared that the child was placed in a municipal poilce car.  He was among the carnage in Boca del Rio. 
A short time subsequent to the gruesome event, 100% of all the municipal force was fired due to corruption.  Many refused to take a polygraph and those who did failed.  This is not an isolated circumstance.  Cartels control municipalities in the cities and regions they conduct their criminal activities.
        (Foto-Salinas Martínez)
Interviewed by Joaquín López Dóriga Radio formula, at the time he was the Deputy Regional of the PGR, José Cuitláhuac Salinas Martínez, said that such information emerged from the investigation, and in the dossier that was sent to the PGJE (State Attorney General), with respect to criminal background or links to organized crime, nothing more had been identified. He further stated he remember 6 people with a prior history.  All but one was for offenses such as stealing, or fighting. 
The respected Salinas Martinez is no longer with the PGR he is now the head of the Federal Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (OFDI)
Though hard to imagine the cruelty of cartels to gather large groups of innocents for shock and attention thereby highlighting messages or a perception of power, another perspective is it is far easier, and efficient in their viewpoint. 
By targeting a bus load of migrants, or giving corrupt police the task to collect innocent victims off the streets.  Compliant and respectful of authorities, they are easy prey, no bullets, no fighting, no bloodshed sustained on the part of the criminals.
Effectively, like lambs to the slaughter.

The entire Boca del Rio police force fired and disbanned

The victims were dumped on the free highway to Reynosa, Tamaulipas authorities investigate whether they were migrants

Translated from Spanish article published 5/14/12 in Milenio
Nuevo Leon – Authorities of Nuevo Leon found in the early hours of Sunday morning mutilated bodies ( headless, no arms and legs, in many cases) of 49 people at the edge of the highway of Reynosa, Tamaulipas.
The remains were thrown, some in black plastic bags, at the point of Kilometer 47 of the mentioned road in the municipality of Cadereyta.

Spokesman, Jorge Domene, affirmed that the victims had at least 48 hours deceased and he didn’t discard the possibility of being murdered in a different location to where they were found.
In fact, he sustained, they could’ve been killed in another town and thrown, yesterday, early morning in the vicinity of the town San Juan, which reinforces the hypothesis that none of them were residents of Nuevo Leon.
He also linked the multiple homicide with similar events occurred in other states.
“It’s a reflection that the acts that have occurred throughout the country, as the one that recently occurred in Nuevo Laredo, the one that occurred weeks ago in Jalisco and months ago in Veracruz.
In September of 2011, 35 bodies were abandoned in the road Boca del Rio – Veracruz, while in November of the same year, authorities of Jalisco found 26 bodies abandoned in two trucks in Guadalajara.
The event of Nuevo Leon is the third killing in two weeks. So far these days of May, 23 bodies were discarded in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, while last week 18 more bodies were found in a road of Guadalajara.
Domene also informed that in the place where the corpses were found there was a blanket signed by presumably Zetas, although the message was not released.
On their behalf, PGR of Nuevo Leon warned that the mutilation will make difficult the identification of the victims, so they will turn to DNA tests and an analysis of tattoos (some of the Santa Muerte: Saint of Death) to complement the process.
Adrian de la Garza, head chief of that dependency, informed that there is no report of massive disappearance in Nuevo Leon or in other entities.    
“We think that probably could be people from another town of the Republic; they could be migrants, we don’t discard any possibilities at this moment”, he referred.
He précised that the bodies were taken in a dump truck out in the open, some were in bags. It is known that the victims were 43 male and 6 female, all of them older than 25 years old.
Few minutes after the discovery of the bodies were confirmed, there was a wide deployment of military and federal, ministerial and state police. The zone was cordoned off by police forces and the circulation of vehicles to the border to Tamaulipas was closed for seven hours.
The bodies were located near an empty lot and a Sanitary Inspection booth located 20 meters from the arc that symbolizes the foundation of the town, birthplace of the national baseball.
The investigations point that the bodies might belong to migrants, since some of them had features similar to those of central America and in the south of Mexico.
 Authorities pointed out that the message found was a blanket abandoned three meters away from the bodies. On the west beam of the arc was as well, engrave the legend of the criminal group that presumably was the author of the multiple homicide.
At the crime scene, the experts found stroke cartridges and revealed that some bodies were found in putrefaction state, which reinforces the hypothesis that the victims were killed outside of Nuevo Leon.
The remains of the 43 men and six women were sent to units of forensic and the installations of the amphitheater of the University Hospital.
The Secretary of Public Security of the State, Javier Magallanes, informed that the surveillance in Cadereyta was reinforced with 50 elements of Civil Force, which will also coordinate with another similar group of Juarez and Allende to execute regional operations.
He indicated that the point where the bodies were found is part of the route that is being patrolled every day, so the people that transported the remains took the opportunity while it was dark and there wasn’t much traffic to disturb them. 
“I have no doubt that that is a measure of media character taken by organized crime (meaning that they wanted to cause a media frenzy), they had the objective of gaining attention of the people, and primarily, the rival group.
“They did not obtain the result they wanted, since we are noticing that the media is waiting to learn details  about the events that occurred, the objective has not been achieved”, he finalized.
Authorities  blamed the violence to Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, Ismael El Mayo Zambada, Heriberto Lazcano and Miguel Trevino, Z-40. He also reiterated his offer of 30 million pesos to anyone who gives  information of the location of those criminals.

 The following was translated from Spanish and published in El Universal

The struggle between organized crime groups has been marked by mass murder.  Finding the bodies on roads, bridges and streets in several states.
A Chronological Review:
May 13 - Authorities in Nuevo Leon reported so far, lifting 49 bodies in the town of Cadereyta.
May 4- In Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, the city experienced one of their most violent days, by the bloody struggle between rival drug cartels, with the murder of 23 people, nine were hung from a bridge and 14 beheaded.

April 29 - The confrontation between army and police against armed men in the town of Choix, Sinaloa, on Saturday, left a toll of 13 dead and six wounded.
The Sinaloa Attorney's Office reported that 11 suspected criminals were killed, while the co-pilot of a military helicopter and a policeman were killed.
April 12 - Michoacán recorded the violent deaths of 11 people attributed to the struggle between criminal groups operating in the state, as they vie for control of territory, for the transfer of narcotics and rivalry between them.
Earlier it was reported the discovery of seven bodies in the town of Lazaro Cardenas, but in the course of the day the police authorities of the state government reported the deaths of four people in the municipalities of Jungapeo, Tuxpan and Benito Juarez.
February 29 - A total of eight deaths and one injury was the outcome of violence that occurred  in the state, following a police chase, near the intersection of Agua Caliente, on the Pihuamo road to Colima.
January 29 - In a violent day from activities related to organized crime, the authorities of Jalisco reported 20 people killed, seven of them buried in mass graves discovered on a ranch in the municipality of Ejutla and three police officers gunned down in Lakes Moreno.
January 9 - Michoacán reported a new escalation of violence by the struggle between organized crime groups, with the death of 19 people, in Zitacuaro 15 bodies were found, of which three were minors, in Peribán was found a corpse and three high school students were killed gunned down in a park Yurécuaro.
November 24 - In Guadalajara discover three trucks with 23 bodies inside, in one of the main avenues of the capital of Jalisco.
November 23 - Sinaloa recorded an intense day of violence that left 26 murders in three municipalities. The Attorney General of the State reported that 16 of the victims were burned and the rest were killed with high-powered weapons.
September 20 - A total of 35 bodies bearing signs of torture were left in two vans  on the bridge that links the tourist area of ​​Veracruz-Boca del Rio, the busiest area in the state.
August 25 - In Monterrey killed 52 people after Los Zetas burned the facilities of Casino Royale.
July 8 - More than 15 armed men attacked  Sabino Gordo bar, located in downtown Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, which left 21 dead and five wounded.
February 27 - A balance of 10 people killed and nine injured was the result of three separate attacks in bars located in the area Alliance of Torreon, Coahuila. The first occurs at the Bar 3-2, which left four dead, then in the colony on May 5 reported the killing of a person and finally at the bar The Viceroys, Colonia Centro, killed four civilians.
October 23 - There was a slaughter in two houses in the colony of South Horizons, a populous area of ​​Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua. 14 people killed and 15 are wounded after a group of young men burst into a birthday party.
August 24 - In San Fernando, Tamaulipas, elements of the army found the bodies of 72 undocumented immigrants. The only survivor statements attributed the act to Los Zetas.
July 18 - Gunmen aboard five trucks burst into a party being held at the Fifth Italy Inn in San Luis, Torreon, Coahuila, opened fire on the participants, the celebration ended with 17 dead and 18 wounded .
June 10 - A command entered a drug rehabilitation center in Ciudad Juarez and killed 19 clients  and injuring four others, according to reports from the director of the Police Intelligence Corps (Cipol), Saul Hernandez.
March 12 - Gunmen opened fire on those attending the funeral of a young man, leaving 8 people killed in the Colonia Parajes del Sur  in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.
January 31 - A command broke into a student party in the division Villas Salvarcar Villas in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, where 16 young people were slaughtered.



  1. The dismembered bodies of Jalisco were innocents

    The 14 persons who were deprived of freedom in a house in the town of Tala, where of 12 of them escaped last Tuesday, have no links with organized crime groups, said Juan Carlos Antonio Mercado aka El Chato, a member of Millennium-Zetas Cartel, was arrested on Saturday by state police.

    The suspect stated that the intention was to torture their victims, killing them and throwing them on May 10 near The Millennium Arches ( Arcos del Milenio).

    "People were being tortured to take them to The Millennium Arches , we could not just because it was full of state police, and were right on our footsteps", he said.

    Chato said working for the criminal group for three weeks, said he was paid seven thousand 500 pesos per week, and that his supervisor was a man named Fernando, who nicknamed him “El R2”.

    He said that Fernando was in charge of the selection and torture of victims, while he was engaged in abducting people.

    " Fernando, hired me whom tortured them, I would abduct them and Fernando tortured them. Fernando was with me, he would choose the victims at random, he would just say 'this person' "he said.

    The cell which Chato is a part of consisted of seven people . Chato confessed to abducting up to six of the 14 people, one of them he took a bank card with which he withdrew three thousand dollars in cash from an ATM acompanied by another man nicknamed “El Moco” (booger).

    He said Fernando was who shot and killed the two men that were found at Rancho La Nobleza, in the municipality of El Arenal, on Wednesday afternoon.

    State Police arrested Juan Carlos Antonio Mercado El Chato in the streets of Tala, aboard a pickup truck reported as stolen and confiscated a .45 caliber pistol.

    The commissioner of the State Public Security, Fernando Andrade said: “He was identified through photographs of him that were released by the investigating authorities, this was Chato, which is involved in this gang of organized crime."

  2. These Zeta sons of bitches need to be eradicated. there is not santa muerte or sant clause or santo diablo that will repay this,
    Z-40 ojala te pudras pinche meco!

  3. Like always mexico trying to cover the killings. If it was made by the zetas government helping them and saying they didnt have heads nore hands because they know almost all the bodies are from inocent people

  4. Cartels are declaring war on the innocent people of Mexico. What are you going to do? Now, you know why in American we have the right to bear arms.

  5. There's a lot we don't know going on here. Hard to say what cartel is responsible for what killings.

    However this massacre seems irrational. What benefit was it? I doubt most of these people were even weakly associated with any cartel. If any were they were low level halcones.

    Los Zetas has been known in the past for seeming irrational violence.

  6. People of Mexico: do you have a problem with American Special Forces to search and destroy the cartels. They have plenty of experience in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Don't forget most of America's war heroes are indeed Mexicans.

  7. Its offical that most of the dead had tattoos and a lot of them had la santa muerte inked on them.I dont like people saying they were almost all innocent would u bet your life on it i sure wouldnt.The fact is most were unarmed cartel hired halcones which for the most part arent wanted or have criminal records.I will admit if the zetas saw some stoned guy on the street corner just looking around they might pick him up and add him to the body dumping even though he was innocent .The zetas make mistakes there human they pick up people thinking there rivals and kill them.I would say out of 50 people they kill 5 to 10 might be real innocent people that looked like they were working for rivals.I guess the zetas also deal with collateral damage just like the u.s armed forces enough said.

  8. THEY WERE CDG low level earners and some were their girlfriends, this was covered up and made too look like a migrant killings when the narcotext suggests otherwise, since they won't release the text, it makes this seem way more fishy that they suggest that this was Zs action vs Migrants....
    atte: El Patrick Swayze

  9. Whether or not they were dismembered doesn't change the fact that there has been a mass murder of innocents. These people act like they are so powerful, but yet they show how weak they are with acts of ignorant violence such as these. You haven't earned my respect at all, hell anyone could have dont that shit if the had no value for human life. All that money and all you can do is play hide and seek in the shadows. What a life, not.

  10. I just think this is all wrong! I hope these fools get just what they deserve sooner than later. Its sad what these animals have done to this beautiful country of México and their people.

  11. It used to be just the big stories,the casino fire,boca del Rio,fast n furious if you happen to catch CNN if you live in new York,but now the killing of journalists and innocent migrants its headline news everyone with their head up their ass for the last six years can see what is going on in Mexico....

  12. In a civilized country dis type of murder wouldnt go unpunished by gov, but mexico is shit its so corrupt and lawless, but da mex people are too proud to ask for help, listen mexicans need to get rid of their machista attitude and ask for help, becuz da mexican gov is shit,shit shit, so until mexicans take a stand and either ask for help from a foreign source or overthrow mex system nothin will get fixed, its sad when drug dealers can do as they want and kill at will without any punishment, im speaking of heads of cartels cds,cdg,cdj,ct,cdtj,zetas,cdjng etc,!!!!

  13. Dejen que el gobierno deje de recibir dinero de los americanos (merida)y veran que pronto caen las cabezas de los jefes Mayores de todos los carteles sin dinero no hay ganancia y todos pierden cuando los de arriba no cooperan con la cuota a poco nadien sabe eso? y si quieren terminar con los Z`s primero maten persigan y ejecuten a los que les venden las armas si asi lo hicieran asunto acabado pero no nadien piensa que aplastando la cabeza de la serpiente se acaba el veneno!

  14. To those of you saying that the government is covering up the fact that most if not all of the victims were innocent, your idea makes no sense. It would be to the contrary, the government of Calderon as well as any state government in half its politically thinking mind would want to claim exactly the opposite; that all the killing is going on between criminals, conducted by criminals against criminals. No politician likes his constituents being terrified of being kidnapped for the sake of sadistic "Narco Art" displays. He'd rather lie and make it look like all the victims were criminals.

  15. There is a new video out on YouTube from commandante diablo in response to the.cadeyreta killings hurry n post it here it is absolutely gruesome samw guys who made.the.other video but.this time they decapitate and one while he is still alive keyword commandante.diablo swe how long YouTube leaves it!!

  16. Why is the fucking Nuevo Leon Media is giving a false image on saying "Zetas killed Immigrants" They seemed like they are saying that the Immigrants are Innocent people I Bet most of those immigrants where going to Reynosa to support the CDG as Sicarios and the Zetas caught them slipping around The Reynosa Highway.......

    Jorge Domene already said that around 20 people had the Santa Muerte Tattoo The Santa Muerte is know used by Cartel Members and Maras.

    Man Fucking Mexican Government always hiding the REAL Info!!!!!

  17. Whether they were innocent migrants, or innocent Mexican citizens, or if they were cartel affiliates it doesn't matter. Mexico is rotting, and needs help. Start somewhere, maybe by taking the fame away from the cartels. How, by eliminating any music that is affiliated with any cartel; cano y blunt, chit quintanilla, gerardo ortiz, kommander etc. Get that crap away from society. I'm just sayin, try something different to try and save the young people from becoming scum.

  18. Coming soon to YOUR city. Everyone who backs prohibition, take a bow; this is your doing.

  19. This could be a trick by Chapo. Bringing heat on the Zetas. Either way, Chap, Lazcano, Coss, and Trevino need to be eradicated.

  20. May 15, 2012 12:50 AM .
    These are the kind of Mexicans sane thinking people are up against.Clowns like this,who want to discuss the ills of the US,rather than realize that something deeply wrong is going on in Mexico.
    You see this same attitude all over in comments,it is pathetic to believe that there is a comparison with any other country,with the crazy brutality going on in Mexico.But a huge percent of Mexicans still cant get past the pathetic need to apportion blame,rather than see themselves that something is wrong with Mexican society and government.How many other countries have experienced madness like this for so long?The idiotic nationalism gets you know-where.The people of a country got to do something.

  21. The Demise of the Mexican Republic a Theory of Big fish and little fish !

    The fact is that Mexico is destabilizing so fast and the Mexican Government is so blind, so corrupted, so uncapable of doing anything to mitigate the violence that is turning the whole mexican flag to red full shot blood. The president is a delusional pathetic mooron. Our Obama guy looks like a genius compared to him and he is bad, one of the worst presidents in our history. The whole thing is that Mexico is just been prepared, Everything is slowly been prepped for just one main purpouse and it is NOT the survival and predominance of a Cartel. But for the sake of the Biggest and most powerfull nation in the world. Behind this mayhem and violence the real reason is up north. Mexico as country is dying. Soon the situation will be uncontrollable and then the recalled, hardened, experienced and efficient american military machine will set its croshairs on the southern neighbor. The M1A1's will reach Mexico City within 5 or 6 days at the most. Followed by at least 500,000 strong army combatants. The Mexican Army most probably will desert and be assimilated into the Us forces. The civilian population will not offer resistance at all. Tired of been robbed, missmanaged, used for the glory of a few corrupt and degrading leaders will give themselves up to the conqueror turned savior. In this case both nations will profit and come better as USA will increase its size by a third and will have access to the riches of an undeveloped country full of oportunities as a mismanaged, corrupted Mexico will be absorbed into the US its people and resources will get a taste of fredom and also of real development. Mexico is rich on land, minerals, oil, talent and many things, America is tired and depleted of resources after a century of development. It is the only chance Mexican people have and it is the only chance we have to overcome the Chinese and keep world dominance. So get ready. Because the 50 state union will becaome an 82 state Mega nation. It is just so clear of the direction both countries are heading. Too bad so many people has to die to get it done. Long live The USA and long live the mexican people soon to be american citizens too.
    Inside every mexican there is an american trying to get out !

  22. @12:46


    That's a good one. So Mexicans are being duped into the psychopathic things they're doing to EACH OTHER by some sinister Dick Cheneyish plot? All so one day the US can take them over and we can get a nice job to move the family on down to Gomez Palacio? LMAO !!! Thanks for the laugh.

  23. Well my fellow paisanos joining the american union wouldnt be such a bad idea for mexico, becuz like another guy said and i agree mexican leadership has run amuck with corruption on all levels, killings no jobs fraud all dis is prevailing in mexico and u would have no immigrants coming from mexico anymore!! Plus america would develop mexico into something it can be which is a devoloped prosperous country!!! Both da usa and mexico would benefit from such a union!!!

  24. I am Mexican-American, traveled in Mexico, and know a bit about its people, history, and culture.

    The idea of the US taking over Mexico (as suggested here) is dangerous, simplistic and highly impractical.

    Mexicans come in many classes ranging from poor oppressed Indians up to the very rich ruling classes: the Catholic Church,and the military. The ruling classes would not permit the US taking over unless their own welfare were threatened. This is unlikely to happen.

    The best thing ifs for the US to stir far far away from involvements in Mexico, CA,and SA. I also recommend shutting off the Borders, deporting illegals, and ending chain yesterday.

    I say this because it is better for Mexico to have its own internal revolution (which in a way has already started). Let Mexicans take matters into their own hands... it will be very horrific but after a few years of internal strife "something" new will emerge... maybe better or maybe worse.

    Mexico is Satan's country and Santa Muerte is His handmaiden. We in the US are just barely waking up to the dangers that Mexico poses for us.

  25. For " May 15, 2012 2:51 PM
    Anonymous said...

    I am Mexican-American, traveled in Mexico, and know a bit about its people, history, and culture. ... "
    . . . . .

    Great writing for the most part but I differ in opinion. I say that IF we do not want Mexico's curse to spread into other parts of the world we had better do what we can to help Mexico without delay. Military from other country is going to be needed to storm Mexico to cut off as completely as possible whatever has made it possible for criminals to thrive and gain more and more control. Those who plan military strategy are surely looking at Mexico's situation though such entities have kept silent on the matter. With the planned amalgamation of USA, Canada & Mexico (the North American Union, same type amalgamation as the DISASTROUS European Union) the health of all 3 countries is very important and necessary therefore there's going to be serious involvement in assisting Mexico in taking down the devils who have infested the country making it a more and more dysfunctional country to try to run.

  26. "I am Mexican-American, traveled in Mexico, and know a bit about its people, history, and culture"
    Dude,that is some scary scenario you painting,but i would not argue the point with you.
    The evidence of today,is more than enough proof that something is going seriously wrong.

  27. "DISASTROUS European Union"
    Dude,to a point you are very correct.
    In theory it seems like a good idea,we have a single currency that we can use to buoy each other up,we can help with GDP/GDO,all good in theory.But look what happens in practice,they never took into consideration the petty rivalries of individual countries and their culture and identity,the natural greed of countries,and the natural feelings of superiority of the countries who put the most $ into the pot."We contribute the most,we should have more say"and now we have a knock on effect throughout all these different identities.I hate to say it,but can you imagine the enmity the Mexicans would feel about the US trying to exert influence even if it was for their own good?All good in theory,but sadly we do not all love one another,and we have very different cultures that politicians try to force on other cultures creating feelings of resentment.

  28. It amazes me that americans that live or visir Mexico regularly still say it's safe as long as you; don't take a cab, and go home right after a night out,don't get too drunk,dress like your poor,be nice too the locals, tip them but don't over tip,stay off of public transportation,etc. And then say it's safer in mexico than any city in the U.S..! Are you Fucking Kidding..? God forbid your an illegal imigrant passing through Mexico while some fucken cartels looking for a body count.!

  29. What the hell has happened to what was a beautifull country corruption and death rules,maybe it's because you're conceived as a nobody unless you got plenty of dollars in your skyrocket capitalism has a lot to answer for.

  30. What has happened to what was a beautiful country is it because their neighbours ie capitalism you only matter if your sky rocket is full of dollars to the detrement of everything else like human life and everything that goes with it ?maybe its time to call time on greed that only benefits the top tier and try something different.


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